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The Usual Suspects – A Line-up

April 7, 2012

So let me make sure I understand. First Baptist Church of Glenarden on the Kettering (FBCGotK) is showing an “award-winning film” in two weeks. The “award-winning film” will feature what FBCGotK describes as “some of the most influential pastors, bishops and ministers in the United States.” Remember, nothing appears on that web site without the approval of John Kenneth Jenkins, the senior pastor of FBCGotK. Stated another way, if something appears on the site, there is the direct implication that he approves of it.

Take a look at who is appearing in “The Scroll”. More exactly, get a load of who your pastor, John K. Jenkins, is appearing with.

  1. T. Dexter Jakes (a Oneness and Word of faith shill who makes a living selling products to hurt and damaged women.)
  2. Jeremiah (G. D. America) Wright (a Liberation Theology proponent who thinks Jesus was a community organizer and Che Guevara was his disciple)
  3. Shirley Caesar – Pastor. Tell me again what the Bible says about women pastors?

The list of folks in the announcement is bad enough. Look at some of the folks included there.  This is from the FBCGotK site.

Why would your pastor want to appear in the same film (supposedly promoting great faith) with Jeremiah Wright. Wright promotes a Social Gospel that doesn’t even come close to that which the Bible teaches. Rather than seeking to bring folks to Christ, he seeks to drag us into socialism and life that mirrors the miserable lives of those trapped in Cuba. He would make us all be equally miserable with state controlled medicine and a state controlled economy. What does this mean? Try to imagine the State Motor Vehicles Department running every aspect of your life.  And it’s not as though John K. Jenkins doesn’t know the fellow is in the film.  It’s right there on the web page.

T. Dexter, who by the way is your pastor’s mentor, is a Oneness fellow who doesn’t have the guts to stand on his beliefs and instead stands on his popularity, and his ability to draw a crowd stupid enough to throw money in his direction, over and over again.

The others on the list – certainly not consistent with Baptist doctrine (You know First BAPTIST Church of Glenarden). However, compared to some of the folks not mentioned in the Church announcement they are the epitome of orthodoxy. Even T. Dexter.

What the announcement at FBCGotK doesn’t tell you is that the following people will also be included in the “award-winning film.”

  1. Eddie (I’m rather fond of younger men) Long
  2. Frederick(Jesus Committed Suicide) Price
  3. Tudor (Yes, my wife is a prophet) Bismark
  4. Donald (I Got John Started) Hilliard
  5. Vashti (Yes, I’m a woman, but I’m going to be a bishop anyway) McKenzie
  6. Al (Forget About Tawana Brawley, Please) Sharpton
  7. Noel (The Weasel) Jones
  8. Kenneth (New Thing but Nothing in the Bible) Ulmer

As if this is something to be proud of, John K. Jenkins, the senior pastor of First Baptist Church of Glenarden on the Kettering, has allowed himself to included in the Bizzaro version of the Hall of Faith – the Hall of Fakes.

Let’s go with the low hanging fruit here.

What has Al Sharpton to do with faith, Jesus Christ, and Holiness? Nothing. It’s generally apparent he worships the CNBC hosts, not the Lord of Hosts. He is what one might call a poverty pimp who occasionally presents himself as a pulpit pimp. But clearly he makes more money keeping the general Black population dependent on Government charity.

Then we have Eddie Long. Eddie Long!?!? Do we even need to say anything here? The man was accused of pressuring several young men into a sexual relationship with him. At least Fast Eddie had the good sense to make sure the young men were at least 18 years of age. How can you say this guy is an inspiration? An inspiration for what?

The rest of the list is, in fact, a list of the usual suspects. It’s the usual list of men and women who seek to deceive the body of Christ, taking advantage of those who don’t know their Bibles well enough to know they should avoid these characters.

You would think that John would know that bad company creates poor morals (1 Cor 15:33). In other words, if you lay down with dogs you’re going to get up with fleas. Of course if you already have fleas it really doesn’t make any difference if you lay down with the dogs.

And John appears to be more than willing to associate himself with these people. T. Dexter is his mentor. Noel Jones spoke at the grand opening of the Monument, Museum and Mausoleum they call a church building over near Kettering MD. And other theologically questionable people have been involved in activities at the church.

Here’s a challenge for you. Ask John why he is allowing himself to be associated with the likes of Jeremiah Wright, Al Sharpton, and T. Dexter Jakes. And see if he actually gives you an answer or if he tries to blow smoke by trying to cast doubt on my character. If he tries to call my motives into question, you’ll know he has no sufficient response to your question. If you have the ‘nads, press for an answer to the question.

But wait a minute. You probably can’t get to him (except maybe at the end of one of his milktoast sermons). So tell you what, ask one of the Elders or Deacons (try Stan Featherstone or Deacon Grant for starters) to answer the question. What do THEY think about the fact that the pastor is associating with the like of the men and women in the film? Why is he allowing his name to be associated with them? And why does he bring some of them in to speak to the congregation?

Jesus Put a Gun in His Mouth and Pulled the Trigger

March 4, 2012

Sometimes it’s just so easy to kick up a fuss.  And now that my extra eyes are out again, paying attention to what the pimps are saying, I suspect I will have a lot of material to expose here, to use to warn you against the pimps.  And remember, I’m not relaying rumors, or talking about their personal lives (generally).  Instead, I am relaying to you an analysis of what they have actually said, as ugly and as offensive as their statements may be.

Do you think the image I led this posting with is somewhat offensive?  I thought so.  But how much more offensive is it for a supposed Mand of Gawd, a man who claims to be and APOSTLE, to say the things about our Lord that he says.

And what is it that he said?  He claims, through a rather clumsy twisting and proof-texting of Scriptures, that Jesus committed suicide; that he put the gun, so to speak, to his head and pulled the trigger.

But rather than me continuing, take a look at the video brought to my attention by Steve S.  Let me know what you think.

So what do you think?  Was it’s distortion of Scripture as breath-taking to you as it was to me?

Remember, once you go down the path of error, there is absolutely nothing, save the grace of God, to pull you back from that and worse error.

These people don’t care about you.  They have been in error so long that they no longer can tell the difference between their lies to deceive, and the deceptions that have taken THEM captive.

I’m willing to bet Freddie believes what he’s preaching.  After all of the other lies he has been willing to foist on the congregation, for what ever reason, I suspect he has been consumed with error, no longer able to tell the truth from error.

And remember – this guy hangs with I. V. and Bridgette Hilliard.

The Gospel According to Apostle Fred

February 29, 2012

So I’m sitting there on the couch one Sunday morning, minding my business the way I usually do. I was flipping through the religious channel (not really trying to make trouble, just seeing what was on) and stumbled across Fred K. C. Price, one of the Alpha Pimps. He operates out of California; uses the Ever Increasing Faith Ministries as his main income stream.

As I watch the television, the man says that Jesus died spiritually in the Garden of Gethsemane. He went on to say that our sins were paid for in the Garden and not on the cross since the whole thing is about spiritual stuff not physical stuff.

So let’s see if I understand. Since Jesus’ death on the cross was physical, that only took care of our physical circumstances. You know, it gave us access to physical health. But since sin is a spiritual matter, it took his spiritual death to pay for our sins. Of course Ken Copeland (and John K. Jenkins, the senior pastor at First Baptist Church of Glenarden on the Kettering) says that Jesus suffered in hell for our sins – same reason. Then Copeland and Creflo go on to say that Jesus is the first born again man.

It doesn’t matter that the Bible says that our sins were nailed to the cross, not some rock in Gethsemane (Col 2:14). It doesn’t matter that the Bible says that we were reconciled to God through His broken body (Eph 2:16; Col 1:20). All that matters is people follow him and not Jesus Christ, that they believe what he says and not what the Bible says.

Think about it, if people at the Ever Increasingly False ministries actually believed the truth, they would be able to cast an increasingly discerning eye upon the things he and his son say. Then they would leave.


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