God Bless Abortion

April 26, 2013

So let’s see.  You religious Black people out there who insist Obama is a Christian need to help me understand something.  But before I try to get this measure of understanding, take a listen to this video  clip from Mr. Obama when he was addressing Planned Genocide…er…Parenthood. 

Now, it could be that he uses phrases without actually thinking about them. That would, at best, make him a man who gives no real thought to what he says. And that would be bad enough. There would be no indication that he believes that words mean things – even after he stole a speech in which the phrase “Just words?” was a central part. Check here for the speech.

Either he thinks words matter, or he was lying.  Of course we know the president has no problem lying to us.  He just doesn’t want to get caught doing it.  And thanks to a cooperative press, he doesn’t have to worry about getting caught. 

If he beleives that words do mean something, then the man just asked God to bless the goings on of abortion clinics.

No, Planned Parenthood is not an abortion clinic. Rather, Planned Parenthood provides access to abortions. During the 2011-2012 period, they “provided” 333,964 abortions.  And this is from their own annual report, here.  That’s almost 30,000 deaths a month. Almost a thousand dead babies a day.  A thousand people who are the very personification of innocent.  Murdered.

And to this our president says “God Bless Planned Parenthood.”

Tell me again, you religious Black people, how is it that you can sit here and say “Mr. Obama is a Christian man”? How is this man any different than Touree, that fount of wisdom who explained to us why he thanked God that abortion is legal?

The United States is definitely in a post-Christian era. Our president is helping to accelerate the loss of Christian, or just Godly, traditions and culture in our country. And as I told you before, the further we get from Christianity (and God) the more difficult it will become for the practicing Christian.

God bless Planned Parenthood? I think not.

See, I Told You So

January 28, 2013


The Navy

Not to quote one of my favorite conservative commentators, but: “See, I told you so.”

I told you Mr. Obama, our president, is anti-Christian. I told you that Mr. Obama, our president, is the most aggressively pro-abortion president we have ever had. I told you that Mr. Obama is the most aggressively pro-LGBT president we have ever had. But you sheeple out there, the ones who claim to be obedient and mature Christians pooh-poohed the idea. You said “No Melvin. Mr. Obama is a Christian. He’s a man of God. He is going to work for us (“us” being Black people)”. I’ll save the litany of his actions that have done just the opposite for a later article.

I warned you that Mr. Obama and his fellow progressives are going to make it very difficult for the Christian to exercise his or her conscience. You pooh-poohed that as well. But a week ago (21 January 2013), Mr. Obama, our president, on an international stage, put the force of the Presidency behind the idea that they way you choose to have sex is as immutable as skin color and gender. Homosexual practices, according to Mr. Obama, our president, should have the full protection of the law.

The citizens of Maryland (dumbed down by the education system and easily duped by the proponents of equating homosexual liaisons with marriage) have already placed homosexuality on the same footing as heterosexuality. It’s not going to be too long before parents will be accused of teaching bigotry and hate if the parents teach their children that homosexuality is a sin, just like adultery, stealing, and lying. Attempts to shame the parents and the children will increase. They will be treated like people who make racist comments.

Get ready for the pressure to start against orthodox churches. Your pastor preaches that homosexuality is a sin? Expect the government to pay them a visit and discuss their tax exempt standing. Your church gets funding from outside sources? Expect them to go away as homosexual activists protest against the companies contributing money. Remember, the Susan Kommen organization got hot oil poured on them just for contributing to a pro-life organization. And who could ignore the attempt at filleting Chick-Fil-A? You think your contributors will be any less a target to these ideological Terminators?

You professing Christians who have been exercising what at best could be called “easy believism” are about to experience at least a taste of what Christians have been experiencing outside the border of the United States. More and more often, you are going to have to decide which is more important: dull, boring doctrine and all that goes with it, or skin color, tradition, and cheap theatrics.

Our nation has, over the last forty years, killed fifty million (50,000,000) babies. That’s more than the populations of many countries. Currently, we are in the process of killing almost eight hundred thousand (800,000) babies a year. And, just as a note to you Afro-centric Christians, the ones who have pictures of Malcolm X, Mandella, and others on prominent display in your sanctuaries, almost half of those babies are Black. Let me put that in clearer terms – every year, Planned Parenthood facilitates the destruction of four hundred thousand (400,000) Black babies. Mr. Obama, our president, has made sure that Planned Parenthood, the folks who have facilitated the killing of 400,000 Black babies a year, continues to get funding from the federal government. Yet many of you Black Christians, enamored by the idea of a Black president, have voted a second time to put this man in office. Margaret Sanger would be pleased at how well the garden is being weeded by the weeds themselves.

Times are getting tough. They will continue to get tougher. And when the federal or state or local government comes knocking on your door to shut you down and shut you up, you will have only yourselves to blame. And you won’t even have Jesus Christ to comfort you. You kicked Him out of your church a long, long time ago

Livin’ Large, Livin’ Luxury

October 12, 2012

I’m really loving life large these day. As the pastor of the Praise Immanuel Mighty Prince Temple (or PIMP Temple) I have a congregation that is dedicated to me and every word I speak. They are so tied to me that I am able to tell them anything and then encourage them to check out their Bibles to see if what I say isn’t so.
When I do that, when I tell them to go check out the Bible for themselves, I get to make them think I’m preaching the Bible. You see, I know they aren’t going to study Scripture. If they did, well – they’d know I was feeding them bogus information and they wouldn’t still be attending PIMP Temple.
As it is, they listen to me and when they read the Bible they believe it means what I say it means. For instance, I’m continuing to develop my Word of Faith schtick. As a result, I preach from Hebrews 11:3 a lot. I told them over and over again that God used faith to create the universe. In other words, by faith, we know, God created the heavens and the earth.

Now, no matter how many times they read it, they are going to hear it saying what I say it’s saying, that God used faith to create the universe and that they can use faith exactly the same way God did. And when they act on the faith that they speak, God will have to bless them. And they’re showing faith when they give sacrificially to the Mand of Gawd.

And of course there’s my favorite: ”Touch not God’s anointed, and do His prophet no harm.”

You wouldn’t believe how many men I’ve been able to shut down by using this on their wives. Any time these guys say something about me to their wives, the wives, like Pavlov’s canines, rush to my defense, warning their husbands not to speak against the anointed one, me. And of course, most of the men are either too stupid with respect to the Bible or not willing to…um…do without in defense of the Gospel. The results? I can preach whatever I want and not have to worry that what I say might alienate fome of the men. They’re going to stay there because their wives are there. And they’re going to give because their wives tell them to. It’s great!

I’ve got the church folks believing that the size of the congregation is an indication of God’s blessing. When I do altar calls and a bunch of people come forward, the church folk think it means the Holy Spirit was really moving in service that morning. Yes, I know there is no such thing as an altar call in the Bible. But it works. It doesn’t matter that I use every emotional trick in the “Finney the Armian” book to get people to come forward. When I start talking fast, or sound somber and tell them that the Holy Spirit has revealed to me that there are 13 people in the crowd who KNOW they should be coming forward, it always pries five or six people from where they’re standing. It doesn’t even matter that most of the folks who come down to the make-believe altar have no idea of why they are there or what it’s supposed to mean. It impresses the crowd looking at the foot of the stage and that’s really all I care about. As the pastor of PIMP Temple, I’m all about the image. Substance is always secondary – unless it gets in the way of getting large and getting rich.

When I tell them they have to tithe, they believe it. When they read Malachi 3, they only hear what I say it means. When they read about Abraham and Melchizedek in Genesis 14, it doesn’t matter that Abraham gave the tenth to the king of Salem AFTER Abraham’s victory against the kings of the North. When they read that section, they are going to hear it way what I say it says. And that, of course, is give PIMP Temple a tenth of everything you earn, or be ready for God to curse you with a curse.

Oh, we’re halfway to having the purchase price of the new airplane I mentioned a couple of weeks ago. My motto – “If you bless the man of God, then God will bless you” has been working flawlessly. Did I tell you I’m half way to getting the new airplane? I drive a Lexus (a previously owned one because I bought it just after I started preaching the prosperity rigmarole and taking love offerings). Looking at the numbers from collection, if I had waited just a couple of more months, I probably could have driven off the lot with a brand new one and paid with cash. But hey, the used Lexis still better than the hooptified Saturn Vue I used to drive.

Of course, First Lady Peggy is having her own adventure. But I’ll tell you about that in a little bit. I still haven’t figured out how she got the whole armor bearer thing going on her own. But she definitely knows how to instill the mindless and slavish following. Her armor bearer’s husband left her because the armor bearer was devoting so much time to Peggy. You go girl!

Pretty Peggy Update – 3 October 2012

October 3, 2012


Since many of you have expressed an interest in Peggy’s progress since the fall, every once in a while I publish a PPU, or Pretty Peggy Update.  This is just such a update. 

As most of you know, Peggy fell down the stairs about two and a half years ago, during the snowstorms that are now referred to as Snowmageddon.  We’ve spent the last two years working our way back toward normal.  One of the barriers to that was a malady called Frozen Shoulder, or Adhesive Capsulitus.  Basically, because of inactivity, the joint (in this case the shoulder) freezes up more and more, exhibiting less and less range of motion. 

When she fell, the damage to her neck and just the overall stress on her body, exacerbated the Multiple Sclerosis (MS).  While her left side was already weak, the fall and the brush with Central Cord Syndrome (CCS) further reduced her use of the left arm.  As a result, the joint began freezing.  After a while, she was unable to lift her arm even to the point that it was straight out, or level with the should without experiencing excruciating pain. 

Her orthopedic surgeon, at Kaiser, recommended a “manipulation” of the shoulder.  We agreed, had the procedure done, and have been doing physical therapy since.  The photo shows the progress we have experienced since the surgery.  Notice she is able to move (the muscle are no longer strong enough to lift the are on its own) the arm well past horizontal with only discomfort.  She can raise it all the way above her head if she is willing to endure the previously mentioned excruciating pain. 

By the way, after the fall, when she was doing rehab on some of the equipment, the tech and PT specialists had to literally tie her hands to the handles because she didn’t have the strength to hold them. 

Notice she’s using a wheel chair.  Any time we are going to be walking any great distance, we use the wheelchair rather than the walker.

As a side note, we had ceased the diet (it’s very boring for her) and went back to normal eating.  She had a downturn in MS symptoms.  So we started using Avonex, another MS protocol.  It shut her body down completely and we had to spend six hours in the emergency room.  As a result, we have re-initiated the MS diet – this time with the same strictness we used in the first effort that did so well. 

As a favor, if you know Peggy, encourage her to stay on the diet and to do the exercises, agressively.

No Compromise or No Standards?

September 30, 2012

Twenty years ago, President Clinton was accused of engaging in…uh…not your normal sex acts with a young intern, in the Oval Office. One of the defenses presented for him was “He’s the president, not a pastor.” The thought here seemed to be that he shouldn’t be held to the same standard as a pastor or other person who “does” religion for a living.

Fast forward twenty years and the sitting president makes it clear that he endorses legal liaisons (I refuse to call them marriages) between same-sex individuals. The defense? He’s the president, not the nation’s pastor. While I disagree with the sentiment, I can at least see how the supposed differences can be justified. But you folks are going to have to help me out here. I obviously don’t understand the idea of holiness and uncompromising service to our Lord and Savior by those who profess to follow Jesus Christ as Lord.

We don’t expect the unsaved to live up to our standards. But apparently we give those who ARE pastors the same pass. Again, I probably just don’t understand. After all, I teach in a church that has fewer than twenty families as members. We don’t have a choir to die for, and we rent space from the Lutheran church. And it must be that I’m just too focused to have realistic expectations.

I would expect Jerry Bruckheimer to produce, direct, and otherwise create some movies and television shows that are, at times, vulgar and, shall we call it immodest. And you’d expect Christopher Nolan to direct movies with a fairly worldly point of view. But would you expect the same behavior from a man who insists he is the highly anointed pastor of a church and is the “covering” (whatever that is) for hundreds of other churches?

Several weeks ago, I took the wife to see “Sparkle.” Though going to movies isn’t the easiest thing in the world for us, I figured it would be good for us to get out and see a movie. She wanted to see “Sparkle” so I worked it out for us. It was a mistake.

After watching the previews for coming attractions, I settled down into my stadium seating chair with a big bucket of popcorn (no butter), set to watch the movie. And it opened with that foul-mouthed performer Cee Lo Green. While he was relatively clean in the movie, I wouldn’t have picked him as the first thing the audience sees. And I certainly would have looked for a less foul-mouthed performer to put on the pay roll.

The movie has four-lettered expletives sprinkled throughout. And I’m not just talking about theological terms like “hell.” I’m talking about scatological ones.

The only thing some of the shots of the performers were missing was a little bump-and-grind music (I would direct to some sites that explain that reference, but the sites’ contents were worse than the movie I’m complaining about).

The clothing was way past suggestive. While I don’t want to be a prude, I did have to look away several times. Here’s one of the milder wardrobe choices made by the director. I felt somewhat obliged to do a little editing on this very mild example.

So, any guesses as to who produced the movie? Bruckheimer? No. Nolan? No. Or maybe the Broccoli brothers? Okay, okay! The Broccoli brothers are dead, but you get the idea.

No, “Sparkle” was produced by none other than (drum roll), T. Dexter Jakes.

What’s my point in all of this? Simple. Is T. Dexter a Christian and a church leader, or is he an entrepreneur willing to do whatever it takes to make a profit?

I’m becoming more and more certain of the latter, with respect to both theology and economy.

Make no mistake about it: I think it is outstanding for Christians to be involved in the arts, to mirror creation, and to be creative in giving glory to God. I don’t have a problem with Christians writing books (heck, I’m trying to sell one right now), with Christians painting, or with Christians’ involvement in any and all of the arts. Why leave that area of culture to the unsaved? All they will generally do with it is corrupt it through the glorification of man or the promotion of rebellion against God.

Does a movie have to have an explicitly Christian theme? Certainly not. Should a movie producer, one who professes not just to be a Christian, but a leader, produce a work that glorifies ungodly behavior? Certainly not.

Of course, I don’t limit this to “Christian Leaders.” It’s applicable to all Christians. Paul told us in 1 Cor 10:31 to do whatever we do to the glory of God. Granted, he was speaking primarily about the observation of the Law and its strictures on what a person could eat or drink. But I don’t think it’s much of a stretch to follow this out to the arts. Do you really think a Hip Hop artist is “giving glory to God” when they receive some award wearing pasties?

When God told the artisans to embroider the hems of the robes with pomegranates (Exodus 28:33, 34) do you think He wanted it to look just any kind of way? No. It’s a pretty safe bet he wanted them to look like the fruit. And while I’m sure God had a reason for a pomegranate and not a kumquat, the point is, this artistic representation of the physical world seemed not only alright with God, but it was approved.

Then there’s music. DO you really think music has to be explicitly tied to God to be acceptable to Him? I suggest not. But I would also say the music should not promote ungodliness. The list of songs that are in rebellion to God are the norm rather than the exception. Theater and cinema are the same way. I would even go so far as to say literature is the very same way. The books need not be explicitly Christian, but they should reflect a Christian world view rather than a secular world view.

T. Dexter failed in all of this in the production of “Sparkle.” But then, should we expect anything different? He also produced “Jumping the Broom.” The actors were quite skilled. And the story line was substantial, more substantial than most of his movies and most of the modern, less violent and sex soaked Blaxploitation movies. But again we come back to why he would produce a movie with some very questionable scenes (the opening scene for starters). And why would he include at least one character who seemed to go out of its way to make Christianity look like an exercise in self-righteousness.

T. Dexter not only is too dishonest to openly admit that he is a Oneness proponent, or to stop promoting Word of Faith doctrine even while he preaches it, but he is willing to create and profit from blatantly ungodly movies. And unfortunately a lot of you professing Christians line up and give him your money to he can put ungodly philosophies and images into your heads.

So, am I missing something here?



P.I.M.P. Ministry Update – Going on Six Years!!!

September 12, 2012

As most of you probably don’t realize, we will be starting our sixth year of powerfully anointed ministry this coming January. Along the way we have really been able to see the lord (we won’t say which lord) at work, promoting and prospering the ministry.

We’ve been blessed to start a church – the Praise Immanuel Mighty Prince (P.I.M.P.) Church.

And we’ve gone from five members (my wife and my four children), to over 20,000 members. This is obvious proof of one of two things. Either God has greatly favored us and prospered us, or we were very fortunate to be able to find 20,000 dolts foolish enough to follow after us. God, of course, revealed to me that the growth is a demonstration of the former item.

I’ve included a picture of our new building. Since size equates to God’s blessing, I measured the volume of this beasty and compared it to the building First Baptist Church of Glenarden owns, the church Bishop Thomas up in Baltimore owns, and the church Joel (aka Willow Boy) Osteen owns in Houston. This baby tops them all. It weighs more, it has more volume, and it’s just plain old way more impressive. And no, that is not a statue of Moroni at the top of the pinnacle. It only looks like him. And it only looks like he’s blowing a trumpet of some kind.

We’ve named the structure the Praise Immanuel Mighty Prince Temple, or the P.I.M.P Temple. Sad to say, I’ve already had to let six or seven people go from the ministry because they kept calling the building the Pemple. They just didn’t have the vision for the ministry.

Even as the membership has grown, the staff has been able to grow.

We have gone from six armor bearers three years ago, headed by Nails Callahan, to over 70 armor bearers. And as a special blessing, Nails was able to get a pardon for the felony assault conviction that has been hanging over his head for the last six years. Who says we don’t serve a God of second chances? Either that, or the compromising photos of the governor, the ones we keep in the office safe, did their job.

The praise team has really been growing. Vikki “Boom-Boom” Parker has been greatly anointed by the lord. And most of those videos of her have been removed from the internet. For the ones we couldn’t get removed we just denied it was her. They were mostly cheap and grainy anyway.

Attendance at P.I.M.P. Temple usually runs around eight thousand a week. But for some reason, when Boom-Boom ministers through her dance ministry, the place is packed out for all three services. And I swear I see most of the men attending all three services. We had her minister at Men’s Breakfast a couple of times, but the wives kicked up such a fuss that we had to stop. Besides, there were usually so many men there that we kept running out of food. And we had to pat everybody down for video cameras, phone cameras and other stuff. I mean really, how we can make any money off the videos if everybody already has a copy on their iPhone? You’d think people would recognize that bootlegging videos of one of Boom Boom’s ministry performances is stealing from God, just like when you don’t tithe.

According to the Chief Financial Officer, my brother-in-law Jody, we haven’t been pulling in a lot of money. He says we’re getting about seven thousand dollars a week in offerings. Actually, I may have that number wrong. I’ll check with him when he gets back from his weekly trip to the Bahamas this Saturday. I think it’s the Bahamas. Sometimes he takes cruises as well.

I have to admit though, that you have been really faithful in maintaining the defense fund for “Keys” MacMillan. Keys, of course, is responsible for our transportation ministry and…uh…acquiring vans for the transportation ministry. A couple of times in the last several months, city and state law enforcement took some exception to the way he has been supplying the needs of the saints. The devil has pulled Keys into court at least twice to try to subject him to persecution under trumped-up charges of car theft and racketeering. The last time he had a Slim Jim on him was what? Four years ago?

It’s been over two years since we started the “Buy the P.I.M.P. a Plane” project. We’ve supplied all of you with a list of general aviation (GA) airplanes. While I’m rather fond of the Mooney, I just can’t ask you, the sheep at P.I.M.P. Temple to endure that much hardship. So I’m letting you know that I would be more than happy to make do with the SR22. But that’s really the minimum you should ask me to do for. Once I get the airplane, I’ll be able to spread my gospel all over the United States, Canada and the Bahamas. I would, of course, focus on such godless places as Las Vegas, Miami, The Atlantis Casino in the Bahamas, and Los Angeles. Wouldn’t you like to be a part of making that ministry happen? We’ve already collected five hundred thousand for the fund. But we need more. Whichever plane your generosity gets us is going to have to be insured and maintained. And don’t forget the training I’ll need so I can fly it. Both are Instrument certified so I’ll have to get my Instrument rating along the way.

All in all, it’s been a good six years. God is showing himself powerful in the lives of the saints, especially my life. Keep giving so God can keep the blessings coming. Remember, when you bless the Mand of Gawd, Gawd blesses you.

And Remember the church’s motto: Give ‘til it hurts and watch God work.

(Note: This is a partial re-post. I’m still waiting for my vastly overpriced webmaster to get the rest of my stuff off of the old server.)

Evil or Eviler

September 11, 2012


Yes, I know.  The general argument is that the first person to call the other guy a Nazi loses the argument.  Fortunately, I’m not calling Cashflow Dollar a Nazi.  I am, however, insisting that the Pulpit Pimps are evil; some “more” evil than others.  I don’t believe they are deceived any more than Hitler, Goering,  or Himmler were deceived. 

The Nazis ordered millions of people, civilians, to their deaths.  They knew perfectly well that they were ordering and facilitating the murder of millions of people.  And they ignited a world war that killed multiple millions of people and reduced Germany to rubble.  Here’s a video of Creflo Dollar, one of my favorite pimps.  “Favorite” being a relative term.

Listen to what Creflo and his fellow purveyor of religious porn (and it is as much and as shameful a distortion of Christianity as pornography is of sex) say about tithing.

Creflo starts off saying our salvation is in the blood of Jesus, and that it’s a good thing our salvation is in the blood of Jesus (0:02).

But he then goes on to say:

Getting rid of the non-tithing members lets God come to church.  Then you can have church and have the anointing.  (1:06) 

If you tithe, it’s impossible for you to go to hell.  You’re in the presence of God when you tithe. (1:52)

Tithing is the agreement. (2:10)  Huh?  What in the world does he mean by that?  He goes on to explain that the tithe is the covenant (2:17)

It’s your covenant connection.  (2:20)  Are you perhaps noticing that so far, Jesus Christ seems to be missing big time from this whole thing?  Apparently he supplies the blood and then backs out of the whole thing.

All the promises that God has given us are blocked unless we tithe. (2:26)  The only way you are going to get healed is through the tithe (2:34)

The rest of the video is mostly Leroy, his grammar challenged partner in heresy going on about prosperity.

This man is evil, but not because he is murdering people.  He is evil because he is so grossly misleading people.  Granted he’s using their greed and willful ignorance of what the Bible actually says, but like Judas (who only did what God decreed he would do) he is anathema (accursed in the worst possible way).  He is leading millions of men and women straight into hell with this and other perversions of the Gospel. 

Don’t forget, this is one of the Word of Faith men who claim that Jesus is the first born again man.  He teaches that Jesus suffered in hell for three days in order to win our salvation.  He claims that Jesus became God but he wasn’t God to begin with.

Who is the more evil?  The man who destroyed millions of bodies or the man who is even now in the process of destroying millions of souls with his perversion of the Gospel?

Tell everyone you can about the evil of this man.  Tell them about the evil of Kenneth Copeland and The Apostle Fred Price.  And tell them about the men and women who model themselves after these heretics and others.   

Stay away from these men.  Stay away from the men and women who model themselves after these men.  They preach another gospel and are to be avoided. 

Okay, Hitler isn’t anathema.  He’s just dead.  But if he had been presenting Nazi philosophy as being the Gospel of Jesus Christ, he WOULD have been anathema. 

But I want you to listen to it, closely.  He says some very disturbing things in it.

More on One of the Safe Harbors – Ref Alive

September 7, 2012

I can only assume that God truly does have a sense of humor. Sometimes I think it’s a twisted (in a godly sort of way, or course) sense of humor. I mean think about it. He came up with bright pink birds whose legs bend backwards. He created the platypus – the PLATYPUS. This is a mammalian creature that has a duck bill, hair, webbed feet, and lays eggs. It’s a mammal that can dispense venom. And it has a stupid name. Yeah. God has a sense of humor.

Further proof of this propensity is the fact that he moved the hearts of the men and women who worship at Reformation Alive Baptist Church to appoint me as one of their Elders. Yes, you read that correctly. I am an Elder (and I don’t just mean one of the oldest guys there) at Ref Alive Baptist Church.

I have constantly refused to pursue almost any kind of leadership role or title within the church. Operating on the edges is good enough for me. But one day several months ago, while I was minding my own business, I asked the pastor what I could do to help ease the transition that was taking place. If you take a look at one of the earlier articles, you will read about Ref Alive losing its pastor because he lost his day job (the Seminary he teaches at was not able to pay him or the other employees) and we couldn’t afford to make up the difference.

When I asked about what I could do to help, he said something to the effect of “The Elders want to present you for consideration for Elder to the church. Would you support that?” I agreed. Some five weeks later, after getting some questions from the congregation (I don’t think they had a lot to ask since they know pretty much where I stand on most things.) they voted unanimously to appoint me as an elder.

The task is frightening – or maybe humbling is a better word. The task makes watching the pimps devour their flocks on a daily basis even more outrageous, even more heartbreaking, even more infuriating. I study, pray more than I have ever prayed in the past, listen, and work really hard at giving thoughtful, consistent responses to questions and concerns.  And I  don’t even have an armor bearer.

When people in the congregation have problems I am there to listen, to pray with them, and if possible, to present a possible solution. As I said, it’s scary. But through the grace of God, and certainly not my own innate genius, I seem to be filling the role in a satisfactory manner. No one has complained about me yet. And I don’t think the baseball bat I carry around has anything to do with the lack of complaints.

As I said earlier, the original pastor, Eric Redmond, had to leave. His replacement, Billy Womack is a brand new pastor/vocational elder. And I mean brand new. This is his first pastorate; these are some of his first sermons. But like the man he replaced, you walk away from the sermons with the thought “Here’s where I need to change.   This is what I need to pay attention to.” Billy has a full time job – eight hours or more a day, five days a week, week in and week out. Then he has to put ten to twelve hours into his sermon, every week, week in and week out.  And did I tell you his wife just had a kid?

If you want to hear the results of his studying and his understanding of the Word of God, go to http://refalivesermons.wordpress.com.  This is the kind of stuff we were getting when Eric was here.

If you are in the area, and you want to listen in person, come on by. Here’s the church information: www.refalive.com.  We’re Reformed, Baptist, and want to help you to understand the meaning of holiness.  Oh, and we’re really friendly too.   

A Self-Serving Announcement – A Study in Genesis

July 6, 2012


[Warning Will Robinson!  Warning!  Self-serving posting alert!  Self-serving posting alert!  Blatantly self-serving posting follows!  Expect no neutrality.  Warning Will Robinson!]

I’ve written about it maybe a couple of times before, so this shouldn’t be a complete surprise.  We have an interesting series for Thursday Night Bible Study.  We’re covering Genesis – from “In the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth…” to “…and he was embalmed and placed in a coffin in Egypt.”

But we’re not trying to force the Word to talk about generational curses, make you think angels come to Earth and seduce women, or that God approved of polygamy. 

But we are asking questions and trying to work out the answers.  Was the Flood world-wide?  If it was, how in the world did Mt. Everest get covered?  If it was, what happened to a 15,000 foot globe of water covering the entire world?  How did Noah have enough room to carry all the animals? 

Is there a difference between the line of Seth and the line of Cain?  If there is, what is the difference?  How does God show this difference?  Did the men in Genesis really live to be many hundreds of years old?  If they did, why don’t we anymore?

One fellow, who attends another church, asked me if a Christian should read the Old Testament, much less Genesis.  The answer is a resounding YES!  How else can we understand the New Testament without understanding the Old Testament?  Much of the New Testament is solidly rooted in the Old Testament, and more specifically, in Genesis.  For example: 

  • How were people saved in the Old Testament?  Was it any different than today?
  • What is the significance of Enoch and what is his relationship to the Christian?
  • What does Jesus’ quotation from Genesis do to the claim that Jesus never addressed homosexual marriage?
  • How does Genesis help us to understand God’s place in the existence of good and evil, disasters, and human cruelty?
  • Why do we have so many languages and why do people look so different?
  • How dependent are we on science’s interpretation of the fact rather than an effort to align the facts with the facts of Scripture?
  • How does our attitude toward Genesis contribute to the characteristics of our world view?

The next two Thursdays (12 and 19 July) will be spent examining the Flood, what led up to it and what followed; its character and how it changed the world (physically and spiritually).  Prayer starts at 7:00 and Bible Study is usually going by 7:45.

The lesson plan after that (dates will float somewhat) is shown below:



Google “Reformation Alive Baptist Church” (yes, we’re Baptists) and you should be able to find the address.

Doctrine Matters. Really It Does. And So Does an Understanding of Our History.

June 18, 2012

The speaker in the YouTube clip below is Dr. Frederick Haynes the Third.  He’s the pastor of  Friendship-WestBaptistChurch,DallasTexas.

I want you to listen to what he says.

Notice, later in the clip, he states that we are majoring in what Jesus minored in.  He goes on to say that Jesus never spoke against homosexuality.

It’s easy enough to dismiss this with the observation that Jesus never spoke out against polygamy.  Do a search in the Bible and you will not find the word “polygamy” being used by Jesus.  You won’t find him using the word pedophilia either.  And you won’t find Him using the term “bestiality” or abortion  So does that mean these four practices are acceptable to God?

The fact that Jesus didn’t speak against homosexuality doesn’t make the practice any more right than His not speaking out against (and I emphasize “against”) man-boy love, inter-generational love (children and adults), bestiality, or abortion makes those activities and proclivities morally acceptable.

However, to claim Jesus didn’t say anything about same-sex, or homosexual “marriage” is to silence Scripture where it quite loudly speaks.  At this point you may ask “Melvin, what are you talking about?”  As some of the pimps like to say, “Watch this.”

When Jesus was talking to the Pharisees, Jesus responded to a question about divorce.  He said:

6 “But from the beginning of creation, God made them male and female.

7 “For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother,

8 and the two shall become one flesh; so they are no longer two, but one flesh.

9 “What therefore God has joined together, let no man separate.”

Notice what Jesus does here.  He defines marriage as an act taking place between a man and a woman.  He is very specific.  He didn’t say “And for the reason a person shall leave his parental unit and the person shall cleave to his or her significant other.”  No, he was pretty specific.  The pairing is to be man and woman.  The man and the woman are to become one flesh.  If people who love to quote Jesus are going to be obedient, they need to quote this as well.

In speaking to the Jews (especially the Scribes and Pharisees), Jesus pointed out that He didn’t come to abolish the law, but rather to fulfill it, to be completely obedient to the entire sets of moral, legal, and sacrificial laws.  (Matthew 5:17).  And what was included in those sets of laws?  A prohibition of homosexual acts (right along with adultery, fornication, stealing, and others).  And while the sacrificial laws are no more (Jesus fulfilled all of them) and the legal codes are no more (we are not a theocracy), the moral laws remain – unless you think stealing, murder, lying and adultery are okay now.

The claim that Jesus doesn’t address homosexuality is made either because a person is ignorant (but Dr. Haynes is a PhD right?) or because they are dishonest. But the one thing they are not is accurate.

Aside from the obvious error and failure to handle God’s word accurately, there is also the idea of making people comfortable in their sins.  Here is a clip from “The Young Turks.”  Notice what they say about the Bible, “hate speech”, and sin.

Dr. Haynes should be ashamed of himself.  He is attempting to mislead his congregation.  And from the looks of the audience, he is succeeding in doing that with a large number of them.  And he is lying to the unsaved.  The Turks think he’s great.  And why shouldn’t they?  He just got rid of all judgment, righteous or otherwise.  And he made people who are faithful to the Bible look like a bunch of bigoted hate mongers.  Remember to thank Dr. Haynes when the state tells you to stop preaching against homosexuality and they refer to “men of God” like him as the reason for punishing you.

Of course, this fellow from North Carolina, does an equally effective job of tarnishing the name of Christ and his followers.


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