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The Pimp is Back on the Net!

January 28, 2012
What might have happened if Fast Eddie had continued his activities (click on the image to enlarge it)

We’re back.

And I have to admit the time away has been “interesting.”

My wife fell down the steps. And though she has made huge progress, she is now at the slow, grinding stage of her recovery. The trauma of falling exacerbated her Multiple Sclerosis.

One of my sons decided he wanted to be a full fledged atheist and was convinced he had the book that would show me the errors of my ways and convince me to dump God as the delusion he believes Him to be. It turns out Dan Barker, the book’s author, is nothing more than a former member of one of the churches I write about.

My Vastly Overpriced webmaster had to quit since his wife had a baby (picture to follow, by the way).

My site got hacked and it had to be shut down. And I now have to depend on my newer and even more Vastly Overpriced Webmaster (he goes by the name Lenny and isn’t much brighter than his namesake in “Of Mice and Men”). You’ll likely be hearing more about Lenny in the coming months. He’s still trying to figure out how to get all the posts and comments off the other site so we can post them here. And we’re going to be making little changes here and there to fine tune the site. And for the time being, you get to be on the ground floor of the re-launch of

I really missed posting. And I really missed hearing from you. So tell everyone you know that the Pimp is back and let the wailing begin anew!

And no, the picture doesn’t have anything to do with the article. I just wanted to set the tone for the site, to make sure there are no misunderstandings of what the site is about.