A New Feature on Pulpit Pimps

How the average Christian feels while stuck in a Pimp's Church

I’m going to be starting a new feature on Pulpit-Pimps.org. It’s called “Church of the Week.” The objective will be to provide you with information on a church that offers you orthodox Christianity. Sometimes the recommendation will be Reformed sometimes not. But all the time, the organization will be one that offers Christ, and Him crucified.

You can escape the pimps.  I’m here to help.

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18 Responses to “A New Feature on Pulpit Pimps”

  1. jjbrock Says:

    Hello Melvin welcome back. I think!!

  2. Lyn Bell Says:

    Welcome back 2012!

  3. SidneyW Says:

    Did you see Eddie Long desecrate a Torah Scroll and his crooked Messianic Pimp(Ralph Messer) annoint him as untouchable.

  4. Angela Lee Price Says:

    I am glad you’re doing that! If you’re going to point out the bad, you ought point out the good, too!

  5. Ariel Says:

    Thank you! I found a great Church in my area from a short mention on your blog. Truly am blessed by it. http:www.hiswordhisway.org

  6. renee Says:

    I need help finding a non-pimpish church in the baltimore area, preferably a small congregation. I having been praying and seeking but have not found one yet.

    • Milton Byrd Says:

      First Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ
      443 Gorsuch Ave.
      Baltimore, Maryland 21218
      Description Service Times: Wednesday @7pm Friday @7pm, Sunday 11:30 & again @5pm
      Phone (410) 662-4041

  7. Rev. Eugene Says:

    The sin of America is not abortion or the redefinition of marriage. the crime of America is racism and rebellion against God. from the founding of the nation we have rebelled against what we know to be God’s will and Word. It is ridiculous to pick off the rotten fruit while failing to cut down the rotten tree. I do not agree with a multitude of this administrations decisions but Obama is here by divine mandate.

    America will NEVER be a Christian nation until it addresses and repents of its racism. Racism is hatred of God. How can you say you love God while you hate that which God has created for His purposes. Obama is here to put a mirror in the face of America so that the racial hatred is obvious.

    (MN: The first half of the first sentence in your second paragraph is square on. America will never be a Christian nation. It was never a Christian nation. It is only a nation founded on Scriptural principles and sometimes lead by men who profess Jesus Christ as their savior.

    Your nebulous screed about racism is one of the subject I often will refuse to address on the site. The discussion never goes anywhere and worse, it never ends. But I will say this, I would have thought it would be difficult for you to whine about racism (as a part of the national identity) while in the same breath talking about Obama being president. Just out of curiosity, which of the over fifty percent of White voters who voted for Obama are racists? Or are you saying that any white who did not vote for Obama is a racist? Are conservatives racists because they are opposed to quotas or are Democrats racists because they think Blacks are too stupid to make it in society without their help? Is Minister Farrakhan a racist? Or can only Whites be racists? Be careful how you answer. According to you, your answer will indicate whether you hate God or not.

    I hate to say it, but you sound like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Maxine Waters, or a host of other parasitic poverty pimps and pimpettes out there. I hope you don’t preach this crap from whatever pulpit you stand behind.

    Besides, I think you have it backwards. Racism isn’t a hatred of God. Rather, racism is one of many possible results of hating God. There are lots of non-racist God haters out there. Even Africans who reject Jesus Christ are God haters. Are they racists?

    As a final note, how about you see if you can make comments in the appropriate places. I suspect this comment would have been better suited in the article about Obama. But that’s just my opinion. )

  8. walksbyf8h Says:

    I am so glad that you’re back! Oh my goodness! it is dry out here, Melvin. Please don’t do that again. LOL

    Welcome back Brother Melvin.

    (MN: No problem! Just tell my wife not to fall down the steps again. 🙂 )

  9. walksbyf8h Says:

    What I find a bit amazing is that Gentile Church didn’t rise up about this wickedness. Perhaps I’ve got it backwards but my Bible contains the Torah and while I do not worship it, I do not appreciate it being desecrated and abused. That show was highly offensive to me and our Jewish brothers in the L-rd were outraged, and rightly so. Thank you for posting this video.

    • Cecilia Says:

      I don’t think he is a phony at all. I think he has always been upfonrt about what he believes – which is not Catholic, but certainly not Muslim. He subscribes to the same “Christianity” as the 25,000 people who pack our local “Christian Life Center” every weekend, the new form of Christianity that is non-denominational and based more on the authority of the current pastor/speaker than any historical canon or tradition. Like him or not, he has consistently been clear on the subject of his religion, is married to the woman that he started out being married to, and is upfonrt about the direction he thinks the country should move in. You can take issue with his policies and make every effort to vote him out of office, but these slanders against his character reflect more poorly on you than they do on him. I predict that he will be handily re-elected in November.

  10. alice abbott Says:

    I attend Windsor Village UMC , pastored by KirbyJohn Caldwell and I love it !!! Houston,Texas

    • Ricardo Says:

      Whatever he is, he is not a Christian. His actions cllaery indicate that he is not. No real Christian will countenance the killing of a baby after it is born even if it is born in the course of a failed abortion.He has also shown an amazing sensitivity to Islam and an amazing insensitivity to Christian concerns.The only thing you can conclude is that he is a phony.

      • Anonymous Says:


        I am not the biggest BHO fan. I will not defend him on many points. Regardless of race or nationality, if a politician or a pastor is a bigot can he/she be called a good christian? Isn’t the primary Christian directive to loveone another? How can you hate and still claim you are a Christian. Isn’t that person also a phony. I know that people can struggle with their demons but how is one person, we dislike, a phony Christian and another, who we like, a good Christian? I wish this site would begin to list the bigoted Pastors in America as pimps also. Racism is false theology. Racism justifies the rejection of every Christian principle. MN chooses not to address racism in depth, however, racism is woven into the fabric of our society. To whine about WHO is racist rather than the racist culture is to be blind to the state of the society. How childish, or perhaps guilty, to assume that when the topic of racism is brought up it is pointed at a person rather than a system. In fifty years the conversation will not be about segregation, Jim Crow or slavery. Black and white issues will no longer be discussed. The conversation will reflect the new Latino and Asian majorities. Unless racism is addressed with the fervency that abortion or same sex marriage are addressed, the new minorities, including whites, will suffer as the object of racism. The legacy we are handing down is one of denying privilege and opportunity based on ethnicity.
        The BHO presidency brings the hatred of America to the surface. The Bible teaches us to pray for our leaders. Where is the concerted prayer for the president of the United States? The choices he must make go well past issues of Christian faith, affecting millions of people who do not believe in Jesus as savior or Lord. Pray that God will direct his choices. Pray that love for all humankind will abound in this nation. Pray that Americans will stand against the devaluing of any other American. Pray that the potential of every American, regardless of race, will be realized. Pray that we don’t tear ourselves apart with bigotry.
        MN is right in that America was never a Christian nation but rather a nation founded on a Christian consensus. Pray that a truly Christian consensus can be embraced by Christians. As long a Christians tolerate racism we cannot speak with moral authority about the sins of others.

    • Lewis Says:

      How much is the price of admission, or do you have to submit your W-2, and then they take monthly deductions from your check? (MN: The price of admission is the same as the price of salvation – free (Romans 3:23, . No charge. )

      By the way…. Are the people who live closest to the church allowed to attend or, are they just allowed to wash the cars in the parking lot while trying to serve food at the local eattery, all you attend after services? (MN: Actually, we canvassed the neighborhood, passing out New Testaments and left door hangers for folks who didn’t answer. I’m not sure I understand the reference to washing cars and serving dinner. I guess it was a weak-kneed attempt at sarcastic humor. It didn’t work too well. But keep trying.

      Why not check out the church (Reformation Alive Baptist Church) and see what you think. )

      • Lewis Says:

        (MN: After reading the following, and the previous comments from this commenter, I can’t help but think “What are you talking about?” If anyone understands, or if you think maybe it’s a really good piece of spam, please let me know. I’d hate to think someone has developed a context-sensitive spam device that includes words consistent with the postings. Talk about my worst nightmare. )

        Pretty words, but deeds are so much better. Been there, done that. It is extremly difficult to attend a self glossing joint where the people who attend “lord” over the people who really live in the area. I guess the thinking of those who feel safe behind their guarded and gated building is that they are blessing the locals with their heavenly presence. Church should be simple. Preacher in plain black suit with white shirt. People can attend in whatever clothing they have, clean or not. The weekly money given should be the amount needed to pay rent and keep the building up. The preacher should have a real job and work at the church once a week for $200 a sunday and $50 for each hospital, funeral or home visit. I figure the take for the year will be about $25,000 all included. Right now, these thevies are ripping off people for record amounts. By the way, I don’t mind the thevies that are honest theives and tell the members “I am your pimp” now do what you need to do to get me paid…..

  11. Milton Byrd Says:

    I have a question for you. Do you believe in Acts 2:38? Do you believe in living a life of holiness? The web site I have below is an a Pastor (Apostle) called by God. The things you speak of is what God has called him to do. He is hated because he speaks the truth. His name if Pastor Gino Jennings. Check out this video on youtube.com
    Gino Jennings – Office of a Bishop 462 Part 1 to Part 6

    Uploaded on Jul 7, 2007
    In this video Pastor Gino Jennings deals with the office a Bishop. He teaches how a preacher should preach. He also illustrates how the ordaining of a minister should not be based on family connections in the church but according to biblical teachings.

    (MN: Gino should learn to turn away from Oneness doctrine. If I understand correctly, he denies the trinitarian nature of God. As such, I have to reject him as a heretic and one not qualified to teach the body of Christ.)

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