Starving the Ones Who Depend on You

I had to really think about displaying the image you see. It was painful to view and it shows some of the evil men are willing to inflict on creatures that depend on us for care and protection. And you know the owners, the people who have taken responsibility for them, are the source of the misery for these poor creatures.

A couple of days ago, I saw a miserable and emaciated creature on one of the Metro trains (for you outside the DC area, Metro is the subway system that runs throughout the Washington metropolitan area). But this miserable creature was a human. And he was emaciated as a result of being a member of First Baptist Church of Glenarden on the Kettering (FBCGotK) where no one has fed him any real meat of the Word (Heb 5:12-13) and where they have abused him spiritually for about the last 15 years.

John has taught them how to “hear God’s voice.” And I can assure you, none of his advice included memorizing His word, binding it to our frontals, so to speak (Deut 6:8). None of his advice has included the idea of being transformed by the renewing of one’s mind (Romans 12:1,2) with clear biblical advice on how to make that transformation. It all has to do with vision, subjective prompting and circumstance.

So what? you ask. So what if the people get to sit in the congregation fat, dumb, and happy while John K. Jenkins prances around on the stage and brings in other high priced speakers to prance around when he needs a break? So what if he doesn’t train the congregation to exercise discernment, real, Bible-based discernment in their daily lives (Heb 5:14)? So what if they have been taught that John K. Jenkins is God’s mouthpiece for them?

The first thing is they are neither spiritually fat nor happy. As an example, the family of the poor creature I mentioned earlier is being destroyed, and is being destroyed because the lack of care John K. Jenkins and his assistant shepherds have given to their flock.

The poor creature’s wife has been convinced it’s okay to pursue ordination. She feels it in her spirit. And because my friend, the poor miserable creature, has been so negligent in learning the Word and developing wisdom based on the Word, he is not able to tell his wife that she should not pursue ordination. But it gets worse.

Part of the whole licensing/ordaining thing at FBCGotK is establishing yourself in the pecking order. You have to work in one of the 5,738 “ministries” there at FBCGotK. Once you reach a certain status, you then get to sit up on the stage, to the pastor’s left. You can see the band of preacher wannabees in some of the videos.

Unfortunately, the poor creature’s wife couldn’t seem to make it to the stage. And the ordaining thing definitely wasn’t happening. And here’s the tragic part. Since she knows God wants her ordained and off doing reverendy stuff, she left FBCGotK for The Praise Immanuel Mighty Prince (henceforth referred to as the PIMP church) to pursue ordination. The fact that the PIMP church is led by an Apostle wasn’t off-putting to the wife. God wants her there because it’s there she can get her ordination.

The husband doesn’t like the fact that his wife has left FBCGotK. But here’s the sad part, he doesn’t know how to state his case without judging his wife’s decision. After all, who is he to say God didn’t direct her to leave FBCGotK? If God gives you a vision, you don’t judge it by the Word. You pursue it, because it must be from God. Right?

But here is the saddest kicker. He doesn’t like the fact that the bozo at PIMP Church calls himself an apostle. He thinks it’s ridiculous that the man have such a title. But when I reminded him that John K. Jenkins has brought in men who refer to themselves as apostles (specifically Apostle Louis Greenup) he responded with the classic “I don’t remember that.”

As you would expect, some measure of conflict has set up between him and his wife. They are giving money to the pastor of PIMP church, and his wife is off getting involved in a “ministry” run by a charlatan. They are attending two different churches and the poor miserable creature doesn’t understand his responsibilities in the whole thing. His family has been split and he doesn’t have the tools to even begin to repair the split.

I can guarantee you the PIMP apostle isn’t going to ask her to return to FBCGotK (my friend already asked him to counsel her to do so) and his wife, because she has been so badly trained, isn’t going to go back. And there is no end in sight. She is pursuing a goal contrary to Scripture. And he is the first one to say he shouldn’t judge.

As a result, the poor miserable creature is left to try to figure out what happened. And worse, the man has no tools with which to address the problem. He doesn’t know the Word. He has no standards outside of what John K. Jenkins has taught him, and he has no way of discerning the true spirit of God as opposed to the spirit of his own desire (James 4:3). He doesn’t know how to judge righteous judgment. He doesn’t even know that there is such a thing as righteous judgment (John 7:24). His abusive master, John K. Jenkins, has starved him. His wife’s abusive master, Apostle Mo Money, is starving her.

My friend is as spiritually abused and emaciated as the dogs and cats you see in the SPCA commercials. But worse than that, he has become so accustomed to the bad food and mistreatment he has experienced that he is no longer interested in the meat of the Gospel.

5 Responses to “Starving the Ones Who Depend on You”

  1. Phil Says:

    Melvin here’s the Rev Jenkins Hoodie award

  2. Anonymous Says:

    It’s not Billy Staton in charge of MERGE it’s Joseph Lee from Zion

    (MN: Two things: 1. You commented on the wrong post. 2. Does it really matter who is ultimately in charge of administering the poison at Merge?

    By the way, where did I say Staton was “in charge”? Staton was/is one of the youth ministers at FBCOGotK. )

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I stumbled across your site. THANK YOU! I was the woman in this article. I wanted so desperately to serve God and do the right thing. I was married at the time. My husband tried to talk to me about the church I was attending and the shenanigans going on but I was too blind to see. I was exposed to all the language “touch not my anointed…blah blah blah. I thought it was my husband, we went to counseling with the Pastor’s mother and father (they had been married umpteen years so what was there not to trust, right?) I mean when you’re a young couple seeking wisdom like we were. After, 15 plus years I can still remember the moment in that meeting I lost my husband, a truly good man to this non-sense. These pimps destroy families and cause heartache. I have since found Christ for myself and his unique plan for MY life. I began to ask questions and read on my own. Today me and my ex are friends and at peace with each other. I admitted to him how right he was all the years ago about lacing the pastor’s coffers before taking care of our house. Ladies, please beware and AWARE…your husbands maybe more anointed than you think…blessings

  4. Tiffany Dieringer Says:

    I was excited to see that you have used my photo in your post. He’s usually used in animal related things (the one that led me to you is a petition for dog-fighting), but I can see why he was used here. He’s actually a fairly famous guy. His story and his photos have been in a few magazines and featured on tons of websites. Someone used the photo, and used you as the photo credit (even though you don’t own the photo and have used it just as they did, likely from a Google search) and thus I came across your page. If you’re interested, his name is Tad. He has nearly 9k fans on Facebook and even has his own charity/foundation.

    (MN: Readers, please visit Tad’s site. He is a beautiful creature. His owner has done an outstanding job in helping him recover. I only hope people in abusive chruches can recover in like manner.

    Click on this to go straight there: Tad the Abandoned Dog. )

  5. Anonymous Says:


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