Candy of Eye, Not Woman of God

You’ve heard of the Pimps of the Houston Beltway right? I’m talking about I. V. and Bridgette Hilliard. They run a scam, dressed up like a church, down in Houston Texas. Several years ago they had a most excellent idea: throw a birthday party for First Lady/Co-pastor/Whatever-She-Is Bridgette and rake in a whole lot of money from the sycophants. She even provided a list of preferred gifts.

From the photos and some of the first-hand accounts of the shindig, things went rather well. A lot of people paid to see them and be seen with them. To add to the value, the now-Apostle Fred Price was there and available for souvenir photos.

Not one to let a good idea go to waste, Dr. Medina Pullings, operating out of Richmond Virginia, has announced a birthday celebration. Take a look at a screen shot of the “invite”. She even gives the sheeple the opportunity to, how does she phrase it? give an on-line love offering or even bring a present.

First, just a couple of questions.

1. What has she done that we should celebrate her life? Have you heard her…Holy Ghost Powered…preaching? Click here and give it a listen.

2. Why not celebrate Elizabeth Elliot’s life? Don’t know Elizabeth Eliott? Click on her name. Why not celebrate the life of Stephen, you know, one of the deacons who was stoned for presenting the Gospel to a bunch of stiff-necked religionists.

There are tons of women out there who are women of God, whose lives have made a difference in the Kingdom. Some we know of, some we don’t. We could start with Phoebe (Romans 16) and move all the way forward to Edith Schaeffer and others. But Medina? Again, what has she done?

Rather than a woman of God, she is quite simply candy of Eye.

Her preaching is, at best, vacuous. She gives more attention to her appearance than she apparently does to the word of God. And let’s face it, she got her doctorate from Pimp U. The following photo shows you some of the fine pimps preachers who have graduated from that fine institution for the mere price of $3600 dollars. A good pimp can collect that much during high praise with no problem. And yes, the banner is virtually a who’s who of pimps and pimpettes.

Bottom line, she is a pimpette out to get as much as she can from the foolish sheeple as possible.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If any of you want to bless me with a love offering, say a 2012 Cessna with a glass panel or even a used SR-20, be my guest. My Vastly Overpriced Webmaster hasn’t quite figured out the on-line giving thing, but that’s fine. You can send all love offerings to:

Melvin Jones

12456 Anathema Lane

Bowie, MD 20876

None of the gifts are tax deductible (yet). But I promise you you’ll get a powerful blessing from Gawd if you give to the Mand of Gawd (i.e. me).

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70 Responses to “Candy of Eye, Not Woman of God”

  1. Stacey Says:

    Interesting! I have never heard of her before this post. I just looked at her website, on the main page, the background pic or art is drawn in such a way to make her look like an angel (angel wings)…I find that a bit scary. She is pretty glammed up…
    Not sure what to make of her but I dont get a holy/spiritual vibe about her…she seems very common and hoodish (she has so many fashion pics up of herself and even pair of shoes…huh?).

    (MN: She and her husband, Bishop Pulling, have been around for at least the last four years or so. I suspect they are in the process of trying to go big time. She and her husband almost have the “I’m anointed” schtick down. She is able to preach nonsense and people will listen and mistake it for insight. They’ve moved to the next stage – convincing people to give them money just because because they’re them. I see great things for them. They should be functioning at the level of I. V. and Bridgette Hilliard within the next couple of years. I’m assuming the “hood glam” look will be growing less noticeable. )

  2. bloggsf29 Says:

    looked at their sites and came to the conclusion that they certainly would not be out of place in show time at one of the glitzy casinos in Vegas. The poses and poutings of their lips, their sartorial elegance reeks $$$$$$$$$…. I wonder if the sanctuary is the same. Maybe their webmaster is on commission of the overall take.

  3. kevyj67 Says:

    I was wondering when you’d put something out on “Funky-Cold ” Medina Pullings. Her and her knock-off “Baby Phat-Farm” clothing lines are truly something…

  4. Not Weary Says:

    I had never heard of this woman either. So I started checking out the You Tube videos of her on TBN. She’s an attractive woman and charismatic so it would be easy for someone who doesn’t know the Word to be swayed. What really bothers me is their church’s website. When you go to the section on their “mission” statement and scroll down to Agreement, they actually quote Genesis 11:6 in reference to their building the International Harvest Dome. As I’m reading it, I’m like wait a minute isn’t that about the Tower of Babel? Sure enough I open my Bible and it is. So are they saying the mission of their church is to rebuild Babel (Babylon)? I can’t help but wonder if they’re that stupid or truly evil or both (MN: Good catch. Probably both. ). SMH…my people perish for lack of knowledge.

  5. tima Says:

    Oh my Goodness, I just read the mission statement with Gen 11:6 God was not proud of their accomplishment the next verse clearly states that The Lord confused the people because of what they were doing. If you read the entire chapter there is no way that this should be applied to anything that should glorify God. I pray this was an error.


    We are called to do the will of the father like Jesus said,I came to do my Father’s will! Let the political position,Theology and scams be what they are! I came to seek and to save that which is lost not to expose.This is distracting from the business of theb true church!

    (MN Interesting. We are called to do the will of the Father. The Father tells us we are to call out the pimps [Romans 16:17]. That is the will of the Father. We are told to identify the wolves. That is the will of the Father. I suggest you try to base your statements on what Scripture [all of Scripture] says. Of course, that means you have to actually study the Bible. Oh, and that gets back to theology. Tough break there dude. )


    They are men and women capable of human error and lack of sound judgment at times. Keep your eyes on Christ the Savior and he will reveal those things that are untrue in his time. We are call to do work and to bear fruits .To bring those that are lost to Christ. Not to hate on ministers!

    (MN: It’s nice to see the Knee Jerk Reacters are back and commenting. No one is hating on the people. I have accurately presented what they are saying and comparing what they say to Scripture. Please tell me how that is hating. If a man preaches a heresy are we to simply sit back and keep quiet? Can we do that if we are to be obedient to Scripture (oops!!! I guess that goes back to theology. Doesn’t it? )


    Darkness always support darkness because it is to its advantage but the church exposes and weakens it position in the world by those that are to hold it up. Let restore and not tear down!

    (MN: So let me make sure I understand what you are saying. It’s better to keep silent while Copeland, Jakes, and others PUBLICLY preach a false gospel and mislead people than it is to correct Copeland and company PUBLICLY and expose the folks who are listening to the TRUE Gospel. Explain to me how it’s better to leave the listeners in darkness. I’m just not seeing it.

    DO you really think Jakes is looking to be restored? How about Copeland? Do you think he hasn’t been talked to before? Do you really think he and Creflo Dollar are interested in the true Gospel at the cost of their homes, airplanes, and privileges?

    And how do they represent the church with the gross error and heresy they promote? )

    • Conversion Says:

      @MN: 2 thess 2:10-13 “And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. 11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion that they should believe a lie: 12 That they ALL might be damned who believe not the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness. 13 But we are bound to give thanks alway to GOD for you brethren beloved of The Lord because GOD hath from the beginning chosen you to salvation through sanctification of the Spirit and belief of the truth. :)) Jesus told the Pharisees publicly who was their father the devil, and called them vipers… You have been kind in comparison

    • Anonymous Says:

      Wow. I’m feeling a lot of haters in the body of Christ. With all the negativity coming from you guys, all that I see is jealously. The bible said. if you find your brother at fault . You that are the stronger one should!, bear them up in prayer. You people are a disgrace to the body of Christ.

      (MN: Let’s try again. The Bible (Gal 6:1)actually says

      Brothers, if anyone is caught in any transgression, you who are spiritual should restore him in a spirit of gentleness. Keep watch on yourself, lest you too be tempted.

      First and foremost, recognize that you have to recognize that the fellow is a brother. I’m not convinced that some of the men and women we talk about are, in fact, brothers. Some of them present another gospel (for example, they claim that Jesus suffered in hell for our sins, not on the cross). Some of them have a lifestyle of sin and disobedience to the Scripture (we can start with McClendon who dumped his wife of a couple decades and hooked up with a sweet young thing). Some of them are homosexual (Fast Eddie Long of Club New Birth comes to mind almost immediateately). These are not “brothers who have been caught in a transgression.” They are men (and women) who openly flaunt their disobedient activities and have made them a lifestyle.

      With resepct to disgracing the Body of Christ, who is really a disgrace – the man who warns believers about wolves (even as Scripture tell us to do) or the men and women who use the Gospel to gain wealth and who make a mockery of God’s holiness? Which of us does damage to the credibility of the Gospel with the unsaved? Do you think “Preachers of L.A. will enhance the image of the Church? Really? )

      • Danny Says:

        G’day again Anonymous,
        MN laid it on you perfectly, well done that man!

        Me: I STILL await your reply to my input to you about 10 Commandments + tithing–please.

      • Anonymous Says:

        This culture of celebrity Christianity is hard to justify to those persecuted and dying for the faith…no need to be offended…. Many of these hucksters would do better on a Vegas stage………..


    Trying to offer some understanding to those that are closed minded ,is like trying to run into a brick wall to get on the other side of it. (MN: I agree. I offered you Scripture and you ignored it. You come back with subjective condemnations [why you want to call me close minded. Why in the world would you not look to yourself and ask: “If Melvin presents me Scripture, why I do not explain to him how he is mis-using it?”] Instead you talk vaguely about close mindedness and brick walls. If you don’t have something from Scripture, on what do you base your statements? On what basis are you telling me I’m close minded. What am I being close minded about? WHat truth (from Scripture) is the symbolic brick wall keeping me from getting to? )

    If you have an idea about religion and preachers then there is probably no way someone is going to change it. (MN: Are you saying the preachers I discuss are obedient to Scripture? Or are you saying Scripture says we shouldn’t say anything publicly about the actions or teachings of the preachers? Either way, I expect you to support which ever position you hold from Scripture. Otherwise, you should simply admit that your statements are nothing more than your unsupported opinions. )

    Most of our misconceptions are based on bad personal experiences, which is a poor foundation to begin any reasonable argument! (MN: And of course, at this point you get to tell me what the misconceptions are. So far, you have done nothing more than object to what is being done and said. You have given no support [other than some vague touchy-feely sophisms] for your position. Or is your position the right one simply because you hold it? )

  10. TONNE WALKER Says:

    Search your heart and if you find there is any wicked way therein, pray that God will lead you in the way of everlasting truth. We can’t fix or help those that we condemn. Preachers are human and less respected than most! Deserving or not is not for me to say.

    (MN: So child molesting preachers shouldn’t be called out? Preachers who say there is no Hell should not be called out? Preachers who claim to speak for God (just like the prophets in the Old Testament) shouldn’t be called out? Are you saying that no matter a preacher does, no one should say anything at all and just “leave it in God’s hands since he belongs to God”? Is that what you are saying? On what do you base such an approach? )

  11. TONNE WALKER Says:

    Were you assigned to correct and to call out all the Preachers that are wrong? (MN: Yes. And so are you. [Romans 16:17, Galatians 2:11; and lots of other places]. )

    Is this your ministry? If so I just can’t see how it serves to help and deliver those that are in need. Meaning ,Jesus call us to attend to the hunger, poor, sick and imprisoned! (MN: No, he doesn’t. He calls us to preach the gospel and to make disciples. He calls us to care for fellow Christians. He calls us to edify each other. He does not call us to feed the generic poor. If you insist that he does, please show me where he does that. And please, don’t go to the section that talks about the least of my brothers. That isn’t telling us we should feed the hungry. )

    Preachers are God’s business! Do ours and let God do his! And throwing scriptures at me won’t help. That’s what preachers do,remember? (MN: Actually, what the pimps do is twist the scriptures to their own advantage. They feed off of us. And it’s folks who don’t know the scriptures, and who insist that we not use the Scripture (like you) who enable the Pimps in their distortions and pimping. )

  12. dunimas61 Says:

    Titus 3:10-11 (KJV)
    A man that is an heretic after the first and second admonition reject;

    Knowing that he that is such is subverted, and sinneth, being condemned of himself.

    keep up exposing the lies of these heretic’s. God Bless.

  13. TONNE WALKER Says:

    You can find a scripture to support any position you want to take in your thinking. That’s what the preachers and all other teachers so cleverly do! It’s an old trick! It’s been used to justify everything from murder to hate. You are putting words together (wordy) .That tells me that you read alot.So what! So do I .I just try to practice and live what I believe not try to prove God to others. You would make a good preacher,really! You say a lot that mean nothing in comparsion to your personal connection to your faith!

    (MN: On what do you base what you believe? How do you support whatever position you hold? Did Jesus suffer in hell for our sins? How do you know He didn’t? Is it important to defend His death on the cross? How do you know it’s important? Who is asking you to “prove God? to others? As for that last sentence – – Huh? Do you understand that doctrinally, you are making no sense whatsoever? Given the things you have been saying, how do you even know you are a Christian? What do you base that belief on? Feelings? )

  14. TONNE WALKER Says:

    Finally I hear at least a real question of faith concerning ones Christianity,the suffering and death of Jesus for our sins and living a life enpowered by the Spirit of Christ. NOT what preachers do or how they go about earning their money! Stay focus and look to Christ as the author and finisher of our faith !
    I am not here to judge another man’s action or motives. And I won’t seek out scriptures to help me do so. We have a lot of praying to do to move beyond what appear to be personal issues and not Christ-centered!

    (MN: You should be here to judge another man’s actions and motives since that is exactly what Scripture (you know, that stuff you don’t want to use to judge another man’s actions) tell us to do. And you still have not addressed the statements I made earlier.

    Talk about talking to a brick wall. Nothing I have said about these men are “personal issues.” They are DOCTRINAL issues. The Trinity is not a personal issue. Consorting with those who promote Oneness is not a personal issue.

    I will continue (for a while) to post your insipid comments. But please don’t expect me to spend any time or effort responding to them. You appear to be one who is more interested in following a feeling and personal version of Christ than you are in following the Christ of the Bible. You bring up Biblical concepts (the author and finisher of our faith) but you don’t have anything approaching the Christian context to use it in.

    I really feel quite sorry for you. You have lots of experience, lots of religious words to say. But you have none of the power of Christ in your life. You apparently have none of the assurance of having the Christ of the Bible in your life.

    I truly do pity you. You are like a rudderless ship in the ocean – you have nothing with which to steer and even worse, no mark to steer toward.

    It’s been interesting (if depressing) to talk to you, but don’t expect anything else from me. If any of the other readers wish to contribute – – knock yourselves out. )

  15. TONNE WALKER Says:

    The word Trinity is NOT in the scripture! The term was derived from the early Roman Catholic church> God never used such term to indentify himself. His the I AM. He is God,period! You are like an ant arguning about an elephant! It serves no purpose.
    We are not here to debate and to show each other who is correct and who is wrong.We are here to apply understanding to our lives that others may be blessed through us.
    By the way,I will not stoop as low as to doubt your power or relationship In Christ. That is where the problems like these start,Theology BS!

    • Pearson Says:

      Tonne, dude, you seem to talk in circles. If I could ask one solid question, it would, I think, help out in the conversation: What is “theology”? Can you give us (or at least me) a definition?

    • Conversion Says:

      Matt 12:34 You brood of vipers how can you who are evil say anything good? For out of the overflow of the mouth the heart speaks. That’s how Melvin can doubt your power and relationship!

  16. TONNE WALKER Says:

    My definition is simple.Jesus died for our sins. Except a man be born again he can not see the kingdom of God. God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son. He lives in me through the Holy Spirit! All other debates and religious preaching pointing,you can have! I serve a risen Christ! Ifollow him as I minister to the needs and healing of others! NOT TOO THEOLOGICAL OR RELIGIOUS OR INTELLECTUAL but it works and its real!

    • mhjones2001 Says:

      Yes, you’re right. He didn’t define theology. He simply gave you some of the doctrines he holds to.

    • Pearson Says:

      Okay, going back to your theology comment (which, again, simply means “study of God…just so we are clear): How are those things not matters of theology? Let us look at them:

      “Jesus died for our sins”– Agreed, which is plainly listed in Scripture. Now, would you disagree with someone who said that Jesus did not die for our sins, or that Jesus did not physically die for our sins? Would you say that his theology was bad? Would you rebuke him and call him out for being unbiblical?

      “Except a man be born again he cannot see the Kingdom of God”–Agreed, once again, plainly listed in Scripture (John 3, I believe). Would you call someone unbiblical if they said that a man can enter the Kingdom without being born again?

      “For God so loved the World He gave His only begotten Son”–Man, right, once again…but what if someone said that Jesus was not God’s Son, but rather just a really good man and a great teacher? Would you consider their theology as being wrong?

      I will stop right there. Again, here is my ORIGINAL question: Without simply using examples (which is really all you did), could you DEFINE theology for us? If you hate something you should, at least, know what you hate.

      • TONNE WALKER Says:

        Nothing in the point you are making gives evidence to your attack on preachers and their method of biblical pratices in the church.These men all teach the death burial and resurrection of Christ which is the central message of Christianity. Everything else is argumentative theology! Which is no more than religious dogma,which cause wars and division throughout history!

        • Pearson Says:

          Oh.For.The.Love! WHAT is theology?? You say you do not like theology…I give you what theology is–THE ACTUAL MEANING OF THE WORD–and you still cannot tell me what theology is.

          So…everything else is simply argumentative? What about the Trinity? Is that argumentative? You say that the life, death and resurrection of Christ are the only things that matter. But that informs everything else in the Christian life. Anyway, once again, WHAT IS THEOLOGY?

          (MN: CJ, CJ! Don’t bust a gut. My man is somewhere out near Pluto on this, and, I suspect, most thoelogical issues. He likely is a “I just want to know Jesus, and Him crucified” kind of guy. As long as you say the same words and don’t insist he say anything that can be tied to living (e.g. does he oppose living together without the benefit of marriage? Does he think homosexuality is acceptable? On what basis does he reject or accept either of these?) I doubt he can address these or even more difficult questions at all. Because he just wants to know Jesus. )

        • TONNE WALKER Says:

          You are going around in circles with your “theo” stuff. It is no more than an interpetation of the scripture based on one’s denomination and religion. It is not found as a biblical word in scripture. Neither is Trinity as I told you before. God never called himself a trinity, man did!

          The word is what the word said on issues regarding homosexuality and Gay marriage (MN: And what does it say about those things? Specifically? ). So there is no need to argue the point, is there? If you want to use the word to beat up on people and justify your own position then go ahead. (MN: How else do you determine your position? ) But that was never Jesus intent nor is it the will of God. I came to seek and to save that which is lost! The Christian life is about restoring and making whole that which is broken. And from personal experience that’s a far better way to live than to wear a crown of one’s own ego!

        • mhjones2001 Says:

          By the way folks. Please notice that Tonne indeed did not address the more difficult issues. He just brushed them aside with an “it says what it says…” Very clever that Tonne.

        • TONNE WALKER Says:

          More difficult issues? Difficult for you or God? The word is clear on what is written concering all issues.There are no difficult issues with God.You break one commandment as it was once said ,then you are guilty of the whole! Who can call one sin more difficult than the other but men! God see things differently.
          The only difficulities we have is the debate and in-house fighting we do because we wish to enforce our teachings on others. God can deal with each of us as he will. Mine is just to follow Christ and be an example that others may come to know it. (MN: See? I told you he has a “I Just Want to Know Jesus” theology. ) It’s simple. Religion and chruch dogma make it DIFFICULT!

          (MN: After this plum of a response, I do believe we have enough material here for the posting I said I would do. I tell you people, I can’t make this kind of stuff up. This man is about as clueless as my two-year old grandson. Of course, he has an excuse – he’s only two years old. )

        • TONNE WALKER Says:

          ANd then they resort to name calling1 The same pattern of organized religious behavior.It have not changed!

        • Pearson Says:

          I do not think a comment will nest any more under your last one. You are correct when you say the Bible does not use the word “trinity” specifically. There is a reason for that:

          Everyone (every Christian, at least) knew that God the Father was God; they knew that Jesus was God; they knew the Spirit was God. They also knew, however, that there was only one God. They knew that all 3 were simultaneously God. They did not argue the point. However, step into the future a few centuries, people started to throw several unbiblical ideas into the ring, so they (biblical Christians) needed to go through Scripture, show that all three were God equally, but there was only one God. In doing so they created a new word: Trinity. So, no, the WORD ITSELF is not found in Scripture…HOWEVER, the truth behind the word is seen from Genesis to Revelation.

  17. TONNE WALKER Says:

    (MN: I know I said I wouldn’t say anything, but Tonne is absolutely fascinating in the depth to which he is deceived. I don’t think I’ve run across someone this far afield in the almost six years I’ve been doing the site. In fact, I’ve decided to make this exchange and the implications it has for inattention to doctrine a post in and of itself. It should be out in a couple of days. Stand by. But until then, read the following and weep for the men and women who have zeal but no knowledge Romans 10:2 – For I testify about them that they have a zeal for God, but not in accordance with knowledge )

    The organized Black church has not changed much from Slavery when it comes to the “Big House” mentality. Those that are closer to Master always want to point fingers and tell on the field workers! And don’t let one achieve more than the other or do something that represent progress. Then he is seen as crooks, suspictious and uppidity-acting!

    (MN: So who is the boss that I’m closer to? This seems like something of a non sequitur. )

    It has been the way of White America to castrate the black man.First from his mate then through his education ,pride and dignity.There is no better way to kill a black man and his dream than through the church and his God.

    This has always been the foundation of his strength. And thus we have women filling the churches and men are leaving ! The black preacher is being assaulted among his race and people! We claim to do good but the shadows of evil paints the motives of our heart. We are victims of our own success!

    (MN: So you say people like Noel Jones, T. D. Jakes, Creflo Dollar and those of their ilk are actually doing Blacks good? In what way are they a benefit to Blacks? )

    • mhjones2001 Says:

      See, CJ. I told you it was your fault.

      • TONNE WALKER Says:

        Thank You! All Christ said is when I stand before hi he will ask did I feed the poor,clothe the naked and visit the imprisoned! I will replay yes! For as much as you done it unto the least of mine,youve done it unto me. Any other religiousity and debate and finger pointing will not matter! Get over it brother,seriously!

        (MN: I do so want to comment. But I said I wouldn’t. So I won’t. )

    • TONNE WALKER Says:

      These people and human being Preachers offer hope ,though imperfect or shady the motives may be.There are many that has risen above the depression and ignorant and come back to the church and come to strengthen their faith through the message of the word of these men.Don’t kill the message of hope because you do not like the messager! David was a whoremonger,killer,adulter and incest ran through his family .But yet a man after God’s own heart ! God’s way are not ours! Sometime he chose the imperfect and the insignificant and outcast to profound those that THINK they are wise and know his ways! We serve a good God and the message today is one of Hope and not destruction of black preachers! We will answer in Judgment for the things we say and those we offend,even the least of His chosen ones! Be very careful!

  18. Michael H. Says:

    I don’t understand how anyone could categorize the LIES and DECEPTIONS perpetrated by these folks as “mistakes”. Forgetting to take out the trash is a mistake, leaving the house without your cell phone charger is a mistake but purposefully and willfully LYING about subjects such as who God is, what God has said and what God expects of us in order to enrich yourself is not a mistake, it’s fraud. More importantly, the Bible explicitly tells us that false teachers and prophets would arise and there is no support for the notion that we should just let them because they hold a certain office or because they are doing good work in some other areas. They are to be called out loudly and repeatedly.

    As to Medina Pullings, the best thing one can say about her is that she is vain and self absorbed. What else can you say about a pastor who would post 7 glamor shots of themselves on a website or charge money to go to their birthday celebration? Melvin, your reference to her a candy is apt, candy looks good, it tastes good but ultimately candy has no nutritional value, it’s just flesh pleasing empty calories…so is Medina Pullings.

    • TONNE WALKER Says:

      Brother, all you have revealed to me is the fate of human error and imperfection among men of God ,which we know aee there! The works that do not glorify or uplift Christ will be burn but let’s not destroy the entire message of hope for others,who have found a clear direction through these men/women works! The bible is full of flaw character.They were among the Apostles,Moses, David and the list goes one.From drunkeness,adultery to murder. Jesus ate with sinners. The stories and examples you gave indicate a place where Jesus assembled.You fail to say that he was among the outcast,thieves,murderers when he sat down in the “Untraditional Church” setting. The problem with today’s church is we are powerless because we fight the soldiers in our own army! Even the weakest linc in a chain is far greater than a linc that is broken!
      We know what the bible said,at least I do.I grew up eating it but I also know the practicality side of it that has become far more greater than fighting pointless fights. Those are just Theology wars and Jesus refuse to deal with misconception and fault finding by the establish higher ups of the church of his day! If you are with him then follow him and the path will be made clear to help others that want to go the way of Jesus!
      I know Preachers have failure ,both moral, ethical and socially! But I have too.I have come many times to the foot of the cross and been inspired by God’s grace and Mercy! Why not them too?

      • Michael H. Says:

        If you honestly believe spreading false teaching, misrepresenting God and the like are a result of human error and imperfection and should therefore be overlooked then you are truly deluded.

        You say that Jesus was among the outcasts, thieves and murderers when he sat down in an “untraditional church” setting (whatever that means). Really? So you just totally ignore Matthew 26:55 where Jesus states that he was in the temple DAILY? Based on your rationale wouldn’t the temple be the “traditional church” setting?

        You say the Bible is full of people of God who had character flaws. And that proves what? Give me an example of one of this folks teaching, preaching or prophesying FALSELY.

        Will all due respect your posts are nonsensical ramblings that have no Biblical basis at all, I can point to scripture after scripture that suppports my position specifically that when we as Christians hear false doctrine, we have a duty to call it out or do you believe that Jesus was wrong to refer to false prophets as ravenous wolves? Did Paul waste him time in 1 Timothy and 2 Timothy with the dozen plus exhortations to preach and teach only sound doctrine? Why does the Bible place such emphasis on sound doctrine and teaching if it something we should regard as only mildly important? Simple questions which I’m sure you will answer with more nonsense.

        No one here is expecting preachers to be perfect we all know that is impossible but there is a huge difference between a preacher falling prey to the usual suspects (sex, money and other sins of the flesh) and claiming that Jesus committed suicide or that God is the biggest failure in the Bible. What exactly is the point of being a minister if you are going to misrepresent God? When a minister lies and says God will do thus and so but is blatantly misreprenting scripture what hope are they spreading? Hope based on a lie is not hope, it’s deception.

        Melvin, I have almost reached the place where you are with this fellow. His reasoning is beyond twisted.

        (MN: Don’t fret it. Tonne is one of the reasons the site is here. First, it is to expose pimps and strip them of their dignitas through humor and parody. But it is also intended to provide you kind readers with a bit of insight into the minds of the people who often make it possible for the pimps to continue to make money off of the sheep. It can be frustrating, but only if you expect to be able to win them over with the power of your logic. Only God can change the hearts of the men and women who rail against the site, against the people who support the site, and against the truth in general. But don’t give up on him. Pray for him. Pray for the folks who attend the pimps’ churches. And if that’s too general, pray for a person you know who attends a pimp’s church. )

  19. Cop Says:

    Tonne, You are interesting

    So if the pastor lies, steals and cheats people out of their money so they can buy a jet and travel the world, it’s ok with you as long as they follow Jesus?

    If the preacher said that all people born in October are going to hell You wouldn’t be concerned with it because the Man is following Jesus?

    With that type of Non-theology you describe, you may have a hard time accepting Acts 17:11, Jeremiah 23: 9-32 & the entire book of Jude.

    Here is another question for you NOT to answer. If theology means nothing to you when following Jesus, why even read the Bible?

  20. double Says:

    Shame Shame Shame. Since this ministry has such a large following, why not cover them in PRAYER. Stop it.

    (MN: And why is it that we can’t obey the admonition of Scripture AND pray for them? )

  21. Michael H. Says:

    Double, are you suggesting that error should be overlooked based on the “size” of a ministry or that certain ministries are off limits for criticism because of their size?

  22. Dianne Brooks Says:

    MP has a sensual, hypnotizing, memerizing spirit. She accepted my FB friend request and I quickly deleted it once I got wind of her perching…or lack thereof. People gaze upon her beauty more than they are inspired by her preaching. Eye candy is what she is, even to women.

    • TONEE Says:

      Dayum if you do and Dayum if you don’t. We admire and give praises to celebs and other famous people but we put down the women and men of God for success and blessed living. The church is its own worse enemy!

      (MN: Tonee, MP is not displaying “blessed living.” She is exhibiting what at best could be called materialism. Do you really want to use the same standard for someone who claims to be a “woman of God” as you would for other famous people? Entertainers are known for their looks, the way they dress, who they are dating and a bunch of other trivialities. The godly person (man or woman) should be known for their holiness, their spirituality, and their consistency in their understanding and submission to the Word of God. This woman is eye candy. She has a limited understanding of Scripture (thus the reference to the Tower of Babel as a good thing). The site she has promotes her and not God. Take a look at Edith Schaeffer or a lot of other women and see how they compare to Medina, or rather see how Medina compares to them. The woman hasn’t a clue, other than how to dress. And even that, as one person pointed out, is kind of ghetto. But that is a personal shot I need not take. )

  23. Nigel C Says:

    Hi Mel, long time no see, I really missed the site and kept bugging IC for info and stumbled back across it checking to see if it was back up. Uhhhh, do you have a mute button for Tonne?

    (MN: The way it seems to be working out is I let him natter on for a several comments in any one posting. Once he has spewed enough drivel on that topic, he gets cut off from that particular thread and gets to try again in the next one. )

    • TONEE Says:

      Name calling and finger pointing.Typical! If they don’t agree with you then keep quiet,that’s understood.

      (MN: let’s try again. When did I call you a name? And surely you understand your comments have consistently contained examples of finger pointing, including the accusation of finger pointing. )

  24. stannj51 Says:

    It’s hard to decide which predominates Medina Pullings’ appeal – eye candy or ear candy. But, I’m settling on ear candy because people want a God who only opens doors for them and never grieves them through chastening (as He promises to do to his own) or never deprives them of anything and has all kinds of #fold blessings just around the corner (providing they tithe to the anointed prophet). All the better if the prophet rides high off donations and selling anointed products as proof of their anointing. The time will come when people will not listen to the true teaching. But people will find more and more teachers who please them. They will find teachers who say what they want to hear. 4 People will stop listening to the truth. They will begin to follow the teaching in false stories (ERV).

    Just discovered this site was back up. WB.


  25. nehemiahs punch Says:

    As a (single) GUY, why would I pay any attention to anything a woman like this SAYS??

    (MN: As a guy who has an understanding of Scripture, I would think you wouldn’t. Unfortunately, some guys are going to judge what she says by her babeness rather than the idiotic things she says (stuff like quoting the Tower of Bable narrative as a good thing). )

  26. juanita2013 Says:

    Okay…I just read your story…but I said this on another post…it’s sort of the people’s fault as well. Preachers do all of these things because it sells and if it sells somebody is buying. If we want to stop all of this foolishness in the church, stop supporting the foolishness. But we won’t. We will send money, buy tickets to their events, like them on FB or follow them on twitter and even re-post or re-tweet their updates all the while our local Pastor can’t get any love from us….so I put a lot of blame on the people of God for making preachers feel that this is the only way to get your message out there….

  27. Wow Says:

    Wow, I pray that God had mercy on you! Irregardless if they (preachers) are right or wrong you still have a responsibility to obey the word. Touch NOT my anionted and do my prophets no harm. (MN: I want you to do something for me. Go find that verse and read it, in context. Then tell me who “the anointed” is. Aw, never mind. I know you’re not going to. Instead, read the following. It’s from 1 Chronicles 16.

    15 Remember his covenant forever,
    the word that he commanded, for a thousand generations,
    16 the covenant mthat he made with Abraham, his sworn promise to Isaac, 17 which nhe confirmed to Jacob as a statute, to Israel as an everlasting covenant, 18 saying, “To you I will give the land of Canaan, as your portion for an inheritance.” 19 When you were few in number, of little account, and sojourners in it, 20 wandering from nation to nation, from one kingdom to another people, 21 he allowed no one to oppress them; he rebuked kings on their account, 22 saying, “Touch not my anointed ones, do my sprophets no harm!”

    So tell me – is he talking about the pimp pastors or is he talking about the members of the nation of Israel? How do you get from this the idea that speaking out on the heresies of some pimp pastor is the same as “doing His prophet harm?” Would a guy who preaches heresies and cheats the sheeple really be a prophet of God? )

    If you feel so oooo strongly that they are fleecing Gods people them you are obligated to pray. (MN: So if you know someone who is abusing a child, you should just pray? Or if a pastor is preaching straight up heresy, you should just pray? Is that what Scripture says we should do? ) But to stand in judgment you are out of order and the word of God is against you (MN: So what did Jesus mean when He said that we should judge righteous judgment? What does that look like? WHen does it happen?<strong>). Please repent and use your God given gift and voice to promote the goodness of the Lord! (MN: Please repent and obey Scripture. Get out from under the pimps and stop letting them run rampant in your neighborhood and community. When society compltely turns against us, do you think the pimps are going to be there to comfort you? )

  28. stannj51 Says:

    The constant drumbeat of touch not mine anointed and do my prophets no harm by the supporters of these modern wolves is the pitiable case of the prey defending the predator. Reasoning alone is not sufficient to persuade these victims of their plight. They must turn from the lusts of their own hearts that led them to believe the lies of these serpents. For it is those who turn from the truth who heap to themselves teachers to scratch their itching ears, little realizing the evil seduction under which they have placed themselves.

    I speak from experience. I converted to Christ in ’75. Although it was wholehearted and I began to receive the cleansing from sins promised through the Gospel, I was also nearly immediately influenced by the multitude of teachings the Charismatics specialize in – how also to get unimaginable temporal benefits by miracle.

    These celebrity teachers have the secrets, proved by their clever handling of Scripture and by the numerous, yet unverified to the reader, testimonies they tout; but it will cost you a tithe or a love gift or seed to find them. When they don’t quite work out for you like they seemingly do for so many others, it’s time to sow another seed or attend their crusades or get their DVDs. The cycle never stops. The wolves get rich off their ministries — That’s the big giveaway that something is seriously wrong, for no prophet or apostle ever gained wealth from theirs – they got persecuted and killed for their service of God.

    It took many years before the Lord broke me free of their grasp. Now I look back at it all in horror and disgust. Horror at how skilled they are at deceiving and disgust with myself for being so willing to seek from the Gospel what it does not explicitly promise.

    When it comes to who is touching and harming God’s anointed, that accusation belongs on the heads of the wolves who prey upon God’s true anointed, the disciples of the Lord, not on those who risk ridicule, misunderstanding and condemnation for exposing them


    • TONEE Says:

      Stan I am sure that those the truly love the Lord and want to serve him wholeheartedly,will arrive at the place of truth where God wants them to be.Most people that are being fooled love to be fooled because they love money and things more than God.So they serve their belly and they get fed what they like to hear.As a Christian I can spot a questionable spirit or teaching a mile off.But I don’t pull up the weed lest I hurt the wheat and those that are trying to find their way to the truth. God can handle his own business .The problem God has is getting us to handle our business and knowing the difference between who is the Father and who are the children.

      • mhjones2001 Says:

        So God doesn’t tell us to warn others About the wolves and the thieves?

        Toner, I see you are still not reading your bible.

      • stannj51 Says:

        Tonee, You’re misapplying the parable. Pulling up the tares means to kill the heretics. People who throw touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm at watchmen make the same mistake about what it means. Let’s be clear: No one who is critical of these wolves is seeking to harm them physically in any way. They are exposing them and their lies as they are commanded. Since Christians too often trust whom they should not trust, they are easy prey for these predators to capture them with their words. They need help from their shepherds and fellow believers who can see these things clearly.


  29. Mrs Reid Says:

    The Pullings have been around at least 6yrs or so on the word network..Why have you not included”The Master Prophet E Bernard Jorden”..Who charges for Prophesies and Charges thousands of dollars just to attend a conference, or to teach you to be a phrophet..for me he is the worst of them all!!

  30. RPurcell Says:

    First time visiting your site. Glad to see another has picked up the work of defending the sheep. As a general comment to this thread, the sheeple (as I believe you call them) defend their wolves because they like the words they preach to them. These false prophets preach words that tickle their sheeples’ ears, and makes no demands on them. I agree, the majority are not saved and are not our brethren.

    Good Christians, like at least one above, forget the roll of the watchman on the wall. They do not wish to enter the fight, because it is hard, they wish to “get along” in this “your ok, I’m ok” world.

    Keep up the good fight, a pastor called by God must carry the scriptures in one had and a sword in the other, to fight off these wolves.

    The Lion of Judea will not come preaching words that tickle our ears. Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus.

  31. Anonymous Says:

    In reference to Medina Pullings webite & the Tower of Babel Scrripture reference, can anyone share link? I entered offical site & it seems to be gone. I did however see lots of photos of her in nice outfits (I believe it says on site she is a fashion designer) incl. beautiful shoes & in the photo gallery. I was expecting at first to see church members or something & other links I clicked seemed to be under construction. The photo gallery was kinda…well…it seemed self-centerish ? Just my impression. Maybe the Babel link is not there anymore? If so…no more proof.

    (MN: Unfortunately, the reference was, I beiieve, a Facebook posting. I didn’t think to get a screen capture of it. )

  32. J M Williams Says:

    Oh my, oh my! It seems that the ones who get upset about these pulpit pimps being called out for their wranglings and twistings of Scripture for their benefit are the ones referred to in Matthew 15:1-13. Their lack of understanding regarding these pulpit pimps will eventually cause them grief–they will fall into a ditch. Brother Melvin, continue to contend earnestly for the faith–there are too few who do so.

  33. logan Says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If any of you want to bless me with a love offering, say a 2012 Cessna with a glass panel or even a used SR-20, be my guest. My Vastly Overpriced Webmaster hasn’t quite figured out the on-line giving thing, but that’s fine. You can send all love offerings to:

    Melvin Jones

    12456 Anathema Lane

    Bowie, MD 20876

    None of the gifts are tax deductible (yet). But I promise you you’ll get a powerful blessing from Gawd if you give to the Mand of Gawd (i.e. me).


    (MN: One word oh Panicked on: SATIRE. Don’t blow a heart valve. )

  34. Anonymous Says:

    (MN: Ladies and gentlemen, here is an example of a person who either has no understanding of who God is and what He requires of us, or…well, there really is no other alternative. Either way, you have to feel kind of sorry for this person. )

    Why are “Christians” so mean? The majority of these comments came from ??Christians?? If she’s doing something wrong, then God will judge her – not you “so called” Christians.

  35. atruebeliever in jesus christ Says:


    (MN: God knows and sees all. He also tells us to speak out against the pimps and fleecers. I guess you must not be God since you didn’t know this.

    And I was wondering how long it would take for the Knee Jerk Reaction to take place. There you are. )

  36. A Biblical Worldview Says:

    I have never heard of this lady before, but the first thing that is wrong is that she is in the pulpit in the first place. Second of all, instead of asking for people to send her money, she should be trying to do something for someone else. That is what gets under my skin about these self-serving heretics. They always have their hand out.

  37. Sister Sharon Says:

    A lot of spiritual leaders grow up in church environments which foster and promote this type behavior. Today it seems to be pretty much the norm. Not making any excuses but just emphasizing that there is a need for correction and anyone who thinks otherwise is in serious denial. Everyday I see people who are homeless and in need wouldn’t it be great to give them a celebration such as this? For once give them the love offerings and the gifts. Every night in our nations capitol at historic Union Station you can find a sea of bodies stretched out around the grand fountains cause they got no where else to lay their heads. Then you have people like this asking for certain gifts and amounts of donations not for the upliftment of God’s people but for their own personal vain enrichment. This is why sites such as this are needed. Somebody got to tell it like it is.

  38. danuelle tucker Says:

    You know people like you give Christians a bad name (MN: Actually, it’s people like Jakes, White, Copeland and Dollar who give Christianity a bad name. And I suspect it’s people like you who give them cover. ) some of those people you got listed that went to the same school is a lie like TD Jakes he went to university of West Virginia (MH: You do understand that a person can go to a thing called “Graduate School” right? all of them didn’t study at same school. I’m going to pray for you because God will judge you for spreading lies on people. Granted their are those who exploit the name of Jesus but everyone in your list that’s not true.

    (MN: Demonstrate to me that I have told an untruth. Otherwise, get away from these folks. )

  39. Vbfly Says:

    Hello Mr. Jones,

    Today is the first time I’ve come across your page. Lol. I actually forgot what I was reading that lead me to your page but it was worth reading the ones I have read thus far. Your articles are a new addition to the very few that I trust to speak the truth in Christ, and not afraid to offend, as you will offend some when speaking the Christ centered truth.

    As a Christian who has made many mistakes, I am finally understanding so much about what it means to be a disciple for Christ and I want to walk in God’s plan for my life.

    Throughout the years I have listened to, and read books by some of the preachers you mentioned in the few articles I have read thus far; TD Jakes being one of them. In all honesty their sermons and writings have helped me much in my walk with Christ and I do believe for some of those people they had good intentions, but got distracted by fame and fortune. But do not do what they do, for they do not practice what they preach.”

    As far as TV sermons I still listen to some as long as they are Christ centered and Bible based. However, my main concentration has moved from the TV preachers to a teacher/ counsellor of the word, by the name Michael W. Smith. Not the singer, but a teacher. If you want to check out a preacher who tell it like it is, in a way I personally have never heard, and in a way that moves me to repentance and action for Christ, you can find his videos on you tube at hardcore Christianity AZ or House of Healing(AZ).

    The above link is one of his over 200 seminars where he differentiate between Christian and Disciples. From the writings I’ve read of yours so far you are a disciple, and I want to learn more so I too can become one, and no better than to learn from people like you, Brother Mike, and a very few others who will lead people to the truth.

    I look forward to reading the rest of your articles old and new alike and learning. I know we will not always agree with everything 100% , but I know the Holy Spirit always lead people to the truth and if I am wrong He will correct me.

    Thank you Mr.Jones for your awesome articles. Keep it coming.

  40. J.J. Says:

    Seems to me that this site is wholly dedicated to and driven by the Spirit of jealously, acrimony, criticism and fault finding. (MN: It seems to me that J.J. is wholly driven by emotions and not the Word of God.) The erroneous delusional misleading intent to deliver from error could be better used if you would be the gospel and the herald of truth that you claim is absent in your so called pulpit pimps. (MN: The primary activity I engage in is the heralding of the truth. And what you call “erroneous and delusional intent” is exactly what Scrip0ture insists we do. Look at my banner. I make reference to an epistle by Peter. And there’s lots more.) Your continual and incessant castigation of others is no better than, and may be worse than the malady that you profess to expose for the sake of the “innocent sheeple” (MN: Actually, the Bible commends those who give attention to the Word and determine if what the teacher/speaker says is true. It condemns the watchman who does not warn of the coming destruction. You seem like one who does not want to warn, but instead to sit piously by with such misquotes as “touch not God’s anointed. You would keep silent and allow the sheeple to be devoured. )
    You truly will not be exempt of God’s judgment either.
    Thank you.

    God had a propitiation for all, because none are/were righteous. (MN: Certainly none are righteous within themselves. But because of the righteousness of Christ, I stand righteous before God, me and those for whom Jesus shed his blood.)

  41. Nunya Bidness Says:

    So because she looks good that makes her a “pimpette”?????

    (MN: No. She’s a pimpette because like the Beltway Pimps she lives off of the congregation and her twisted message rarely has anything to do with salvation or holy living. She’s about style and stuff. That’s why she’s a pimpette.)

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