The Gospel According to Apostle Fred

So I’m sitting there on the couch one Sunday morning, minding my business the way I usually do. I was flipping through the religious channel (not really trying to make trouble, just seeing what was on) and stumbled across Fred K. C. Price, one of the Alpha Pimps. He operates out of California; uses the Ever Increasing Faith Ministries as his main income stream.

As I watch the television, the man says that Jesus died spiritually in the Garden of Gethsemane. He went on to say that our sins were paid for in the Garden and not on the cross since the whole thing is about spiritual stuff not physical stuff.

So let’s see if I understand. Since Jesus’ death on the cross was physical, that only took care of our physical circumstances. You know, it gave us access to physical health. But since sin is a spiritual matter, it took his spiritual death to pay for our sins. Of course Ken Copeland (and John K. Jenkins, the senior pastor at First Baptist Church of Glenarden on the Kettering) says that Jesus suffered in hell for our sins – same reason. Then Copeland and Creflo go on to say that Jesus is the first born again man.

It doesn’t matter that the Bible says that our sins were nailed to the cross, not some rock in Gethsemane (Col 2:14). It doesn’t matter that the Bible says that we were reconciled to God through His broken body (Eph 2:16; Col 1:20). All that matters is people follow him and not Jesus Christ, that they believe what he says and not what the Bible says.

Think about it, if people at the Ever Increasingly False ministries actually believed the truth, they would be able to cast an increasingly discerning eye upon the things he and his son say. Then they would leave.

13 Responses to “The Gospel According to Apostle Fred”

  1. Jason Says:

    Melvin – First – good to see you back in the saddle. Second – Why the ignorance? You know “Apostle” Fred probably asked Jesus when he saw him face to face because you know…he is an “Apostle” right?

    (MN: What was I thinking. Of course that’s it! )

  2. Steve Sacman Says:

    Price has been peddling the same WOF trash for years are we surprised, interestingly enough his Son Price Jnr has a new found allegiance with G Craige Lewis that has raised a few eyebrows as Lewis has condemned some of the most prominent alpha pimps like Jakes, Bryant and Osteen on his pages but somehow he’s seemingly bypassed the family Price and omitted them from any assailment… Tut tut!!! Hope all is good though Mel and great to have you back bro…..
    Sola Scriptura….

    • Alfred Hosea Jr. Says:

      Say Steve you are right. I ask Pastor Lewis and his staff on facebook about Fred Price and they told me that Fred is not a False Teacher.. That spoke volumes. They do a good job exposing the other pulpit pimps but they affirm
      Fred. Hmmmmmmm..

  3. Ex-WoFer Says:

    Yeah as Price is fond of saying,”everyone is not ready for Freddy!” So many things I could post about this heretic….yes that’s what I said h-e-r-e-t-i-c. Suffice it say that “Fab Fred” also once bloviated,”God can’t do anything in this earth realm unless we give Him permission.” The typical limited God of the WoF kooks. I recall seeing Freddy at one of Dad Hagin’s campmeetings in Tulsa way back in 1980. I recall how Fred went on and on bragging about his big house and fine cars. This was during the extortion er!, offering time so the inference was give big and God will bless you like he did Freddy! Ugh!!

  4. zombiesndachurch Says:

    Now this ‘pimp’ is one of the worse……he LOST us totally on the Sunday he told his congregation that ‘Jesus committed suicide’…..and yes I thought it in my mind before I said it….#$#….is he talking about?….I definitely repented for that thought and I began to think about the suffering that Jesus did for us to be saved –what would make a person fix their mouth to say such a thing let alone allow it to actually come out of their mouth?…this ‘pimp’ I do believe they need to make sure he takes his meds before he stands before anyone to preach…….there is an interview with his son on trying to ‘MAKE UP” a possible understanding of what the he was talking about and at the end of the interview we all thought the same thing about what he said………ABSOULTELY NOTHING!

  5. gee Says:

    I left you a message regarding G. Craig Lewis on the prvious article before I read this one….I see I am not the only ony one wondering why Fred gets the “free pass” card.

  6. double Says:

    Here we go again. You guys would spend more time witnessing to the lost, think how you could impact the world.

    (MN: Actually, I do witness to the lost. Talked to a couple of young men sitting outside a 7-Eleven in Temple Hills. I regularly witness to a couple of guys on the train on the way into work. But what does that have to do with warning sheeple like you to beware of the wolves that are out there? Isn’t that what Paul and Peter told us to do? Is one mutually exclusive of the other? Can’t we do do both? So what are you doing to warn people about the pimps? Think about how much influence you could have. )

    When is the last time some one has read you ???? and wrote back and said they wanted to get saved.

    (MN: No. But several people have written in thanking me for helping them escape the pimps. And that, dear brother, is what the site is about – warning the sheeple against the wolves and pimps. )

    Don’t be a tool of the enemy. Remember what you sow…. There are far too many people dying and going to hell than need be. Use this great tool to minister to the lost.

    Let’s win SOULS not shoot down our brothers and sisters.

    We can all find something wrong in people but thank God for Jesus.

    How long has God been patient with YOU.

  7. Nigel C Says:

    Witnessing and warning the Sheeple IS witnessing to the lost in my opinion.

  8. Conversion Says:

    An Apostle can only be a witness of Jesus…. Read your bible… O yea a dead man can not understand spiritual matters!

  9. Anonymous Says:

    These people are out Of control flaunting their lavash life stile in our fathers name where did they learn these things it wasn’t in the bible the lord warned us of people and times like this the true believers will not be fooled how about selling some Of those material thing to help the poor and the children the sad thing is that they will be leading a lot of people to hell with them remember Jesus was a simple man not a lavish one he saved souls not money

  10. Tina Says:

    That man is flat out of his mind in love with himself. Did you see when they literally crowned hin and he sat on a throne??? Good lord have mercy! I thought Prince Big Ears from England was there!
    I keep hearing those words, “Depart from me ye workers of iniquity…”. They seek to fulfill their flesh and run after Baal for a reward.
    Found your site and youtube channels tonight….love them! God bless brother, keep shining a light on the darkness. And, praying for you and your wife.

  11. stannj51 Says:

    “who Himself bore our sins in His own body on the tree. . .” (1 Pet. 2:24a – italics mine) proves FP’s heretical stance.

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