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A World View Conduit

March 21, 2012


So I decided to take my wife out to a movie the other day. In doing so, I got slapped in the face with the continued deterioration of the culture, this time aimed at Black folks who apparently play at Christianity.

Before I go much further, here is what Tyler Perry says about himself at

It (his faith) is extremely important. I am a Christian, I am a believer, and I know had I not been a person of faith, I couldn’t be here in this place, and I wouldn’t be walking the path that I’m on now. And I think the greater good of the path I’m on now is to teach people to learn to forgive and move on, in a way that’s done through the healing power of humor.

So as you read on, don’t tell me that Perry does not claim to be a Christian. He does, very clearly and unambiguously.

Understand that movies are world view conduits, either delivering a world view consistent with Scripture or a world view that is hostile to Christianity. “Good Deeds” has proven to be a conduit of a secular world view and delivering that world view directly into the culture, generally the religious Black culture.

Tyler Perry has made a fortune writing and producing plays, TV comedies and movies that mock the Black church.   Hey – it’s not that hard to do. He has made a fortune pointing out the hypocrisies and the emotionalism rampant within the church.   Sometimes he has even made these the ideals within the church. And now, in “Good Deeds” we get to watch Mr. Tyler promote a lifestyle that is even more clearly inconsistent with his claimed Christianity.  The following has a spoiler. But it is necessary. So decide now if you want to finish this article.

Mr. Deeds is living a life that someone else wants him to live.  He works a job (president of a company) someone else wants him to work.  He drives a car and attended the school someone else wanted him to. He’s engaged to a woman others approve of.  And then he meets a woman who encourages him to live the life he has always wanted to live. She encourages him to live his dream.

By the way, did I mention that Mr. Deeds lives with his fiancé? And did I mention that they indeed engage in sex with each other? Yeah. We are given a mercifully brief and “tastefully” executed scene of their…uh…act.

A question: Why would a man who claims to be a Christian set up an environment in which the main character is living with a woman? Was it really a requirement for the story? No. And why would a man who claims to be a Christian insert a scene that virtually rubs our noses in the fornication? Yeah, yeah, it was “artfully” done. But was it really an essential element of the story? Did it move the plot along? No.

Near the end of the story, Mr. Deeds decides to quit as the president of the software company and pursue his dream of drilling wells for drinking water in Africa. He buys a motorcycle to replace his BMW. And he dumps his live-in fiancé and replaces her with what will be his live-in travel companion and her daughter.

Mr. Perry has created a character promoted as a “good” man. Yet this man, created by a professing Christian, proudly participates in some of the most egregious behavior.

According to the movie, Mr. Deeds is a good man despite his willingness to be in open rebellion to some of God’s most basic standards. He is a good man despite the fact that he is willing to ignore those standards in order to satisfy his own lusts (literally).

No one in the entire Deeds universe objects to what he is doing (the serial fornication). No one complains about the fact that he is going to be traveling with a child while he and his new girlfriend are in an immoral relationship. It’s not even presented as immoral. It is all presented as a good thing, as a happy ending.

Imagine that. We’re told that living with your fiancé, coming to your senses and dumping her, and living with the woman you REALLY love are good deeds.

Why Are Christ Professers So Foolish?

March 13, 2012

ZOMBIESNTHECHURCH, an interesting site, has posted an article on a pastor by the name of Daryl Gilyard (sp?). Nothing unusual about that. However, the brouhaha that has been generated over the pastor/teacher is of some interest. As I ask in the posting title: Why are people who profess to be Christians so incredibly foolish?  Take a look at the following video.  But gird your loins.  Unbridled cluelessness is flying about and could hit you.

More specifically, why do people who claim to read their bibles seem to be incapable of exercising even the most basic of discernment?

Darrell Gilyard, the former pastor of Christ Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church (TMBC), went to jail for three years.  While he was the pastor of TMBC he molested at least one child.  I don’t know if the child was a family member of a church member.  I’m not at all convinced this little detail is essential to the story.

Please note – it wasn’t rumored that Mr. Gilyard molested a child.  He was simply accused of molesting a child.  Mr. Gilyard was convicted of the crime and was the state’s guest for three years as punishment.  And if you listen to Mr. Doofus who talks about people throwing stones, and Mrs. Doofus who admonishes protesters objecting to Mr. Gilyard’s return  to read their bibles, they believe he is guilty of the crime as well.

So riddle me this Batman:  How many different reasons can we find for why Mr. Gilyard should not be a pastor, visiting pastor, a teacher, or hold any other office within the church?

Should we go for the low-hanging fruit (i.e. the easy ones) first?  Sure.  Why not?

Reason #1:  Scripture says a pastor/elder should be (1 Tim 3:2-7):

  1. Above reproach – do you know who is at the bottom of the pecking order in prison?  That’s right!  The child molester.  Even in prison, this man was not above reproach.  Even in prison.
  2. Sober-minded – The m an was apparently so taken up with sex, he was interested in a minor.
  3. Gentle – I won’t even go there, at all.
  4. Well thought of by outsiders – Do I really have to expand on this?  Even the Panthers didn’t think what was going on was right.
  5. Falling into disgrace – can you fall into much more disgrace than molesting children and having your name added to the local sex offenders registry.

So just from 1 Tim 2-7 it should be clear to even the Christian of AVERAGE intelligence and minimum maturity, that Mr. Gilyard has disqualified himself from further service as an elder/pastor.

But Melvin!  But Melvin!  Didn’t you just post and article about God redeeming the harlot and a bunch of unsavory types?  Yes I did, as far as that goes.

But notice what Scripture says:  Paul disciplined himself so that he would not be disqualified (1 Cor 9:27).  The word translated disqualified apparently mean a lot more than “messed up and need to be forgiven.”  It actually goes to the idea of not being of anymore use for a particular purpose, to be worthless, to be defiled.

It can’t be that hard to figure out.  I mean, goodness gracious, even Malik of the Panthers has figured this out.  Why would you want to bring back a man who molested a child to teach in your church?  Do you think they have experience in suffering the little children?  Granted Malik’s reasons maybe a little bit different than the congregations, but do you see how badly these people are doing?  Do you think maybe, just maybe they are bringing disgrace to the church?  Are they not bringing reproach to the church?  Malik probably doesn’t know the difference between this jack-legged church and the real deal.  He likely has lumped all churches into the exact same pot.

So not only have the church members done themselves a disservice, they have made Christ look really stupid to the rest of the world.  At this point, there is no opportunity to present the Gospel to the Panthers or to much of anyone else in the city.  There is no opportunity to present it to the news casters.  Granted none of them are likely interested to begin with, but TMBC seems to have done a stellar job of making the task of evangelizing even more difficult for the churches that do actually have a clue.

Designerz Has Been Banned (From the Hip Hop Posting)

March 9, 2012

Unfortunately, as the comments are added to a post, some people will be banished from that posting. I, as the Benevolent Dictator always hold that right. But I exercise it in order to protect you, the readers, from men and women who will natter on endlessly unless some one stops them.

Though I am a dictator, I try to be as caring and compassionate as I can (not that I want to be all that caring and compassionate). So to save you pain of reading Designerz last couple of comments, I have converted his comment to a PDF. Click here and down load it if you wish. But I warn you ahead of time, it’s simply a repeat of the awful use of Scripture and terms in general.

Read if you wish. But read at your own peril.

To Hip or Not to Hop – What is the Motive? (Pt 2)

March 6, 2012

Thank you all both for responding to the poll and for your comments. One of the things I most enjoy is reading and participating in the conversations that happen in response to a posting. The hip-hop posting has generated a lot of comments; and a lot of passion.  And some times a lot of talking past each other.

So, to hip or not to hop?

A more focussed question is “Can the genre of hip-hop be redeemed?”

Let me present a few things to you, and ask a few questions before I give my answer.

A man spends his younger years torturing and murdering Christians in the name of his religion. He studies hard to learn all about his religion and uses the power of the state and his religious organization to attain his objectives. He is one of the most accomplished and well known men in his culture and he uses that talent to persecute, imprison, and kill Christians. Can this man be redeemed?

Another man is spiteful, down right hateful. When God gives him a on an errand, he refuses to go, purely because he so hates the people God directed him to. He wants to see his enemies destroyed by God, not brought into a relationship with Him. He doesn’t want to present a message of repentance to them at all. Can this man be redeemed?

A woman is a prostitute among the heathen. She hawks her…um…”wares” every day in the city. She has spent years as a idol worshipper offering sacrifices to false gods. Can she (not her prostitution or the idol worship) be redeemed?

A man has spent the last twenty-one years rejecting God, shaking his fist at Him, spitting on the cross His Son died upon. He has committed adultery, – if not physically, then at least in his heart. He has refused to forgive people. He has lied, cheated and stolen. He was selfish, vain, arrogant, petty and more than willing to take advantage of other people. Can this man be redeemed?

Fortunately, the last one could be, and was redeemed. That last man was me.  Did God redeem the vanity, the arrogance, the stealing and the cheating?  No.  Did he redeem the cheater?  Yes.

The woman? That was Rahab, the harlot in Jericho. She was used by God to help the spies escape. And she became the great-grandmother of David. Got her name listed in the Hall of Faith in Hebrews 11:13.  And if she (not her prostitution) had not been redeemed, who would be the great-great-multi-great grandmother of Jesus?

Jonah, the spiteful fellow, was used to turn an entire city to God, saving them from destruction. And even in his anger at God’s display of mercy, was comforted and trained by God. He was redeemed.

And I’m sure by now you have guessed that the young persecutor is none other than Paul, formerly Saul of Tarsus. He, who was steeped in legalism, was redeemed as was his training, and God graciously used him and that which had been used against the church to write such letters as Romans, Galatians, and Ephesians.

Now listen to and read the lyrics from a song by Yolanda Adams.

I would suggest this song, the one by Yolanda, is useless. It serves no purpose other than make people feel good about being religious. And the style, if you will, sounds like something you would hear in a club. But I suggest it’s the lyrics that make the song an insult to God, not the style of the song.  I happen to like club music, just not some of the lyrics (such as they are).

Can God redeem the hip-hop genre? Give a listen and read the lyrics to the following song using the hip-hop style.

What is inherently evil in this song? Is there anything inherently evil in the Adams song?

And just as a bonus for reading this to the end, here is a bonus song by Shai Linne, done in the hip-hop genre.

I Never Heard Him Say That!

March 4, 2012

When speaking to members of First Baptist Church of Glenarden on the Kettering (FBCGotK) about some of the outrageous things John K. Jenkins, the pastor of…(well, you know the rest) has said, their usual response is “I never heard him say that!”

When I was talking to my old friend from FBCGotK, the one who is the subject of this posting, and I told him that Jakes is John Jenkins’ mentor, his response was “I Never heard him say that!”

Here, in John K. Jenkins’ own words is his statement of his relationship with Jakes.

Never, ever fix your mouths to say the words “I never heard him say that!”

Jakes, despite his mealy-mouthed statements at the Elephant Room, is oneness, a modalist.  He is a Word of Faith Prosperity preacher.  And he is John K. Jenkins’ mentor, or pastor, or teacher, or whatever role of training you want to apply to him.

Jesus Put a Gun in His Mouth and Pulled the Trigger

March 4, 2012

Sometimes it’s just so easy to kick up a fuss.  And now that my extra eyes are out again, paying attention to what the pimps are saying, I suspect I will have a lot of material to expose here, to use to warn you against the pimps.  And remember, I’m not relaying rumors, or talking about their personal lives (generally).  Instead, I am relaying to you an analysis of what they have actually said, as ugly and as offensive as their statements may be.

Do you think the image I led this posting with is somewhat offensive?  I thought so.  But how much more offensive is it for a supposed Mand of Gawd, a man who claims to be and APOSTLE, to say the things about our Lord that he says.

And what is it that he said?  He claims, through a rather clumsy twisting and proof-texting of Scriptures, that Jesus committed suicide; that he put the gun, so to speak, to his head and pulled the trigger.

But rather than me continuing, take a look at the video brought to my attention by Steve S.  Let me know what you think.

So what do you think?  Was it’s distortion of Scripture as breath-taking to you as it was to me?

Remember, once you go down the path of error, there is absolutely nothing, save the grace of God, to pull you back from that and worse error.

These people don’t care about you.  They have been in error so long that they no longer can tell the difference between their lies to deceive, and the deceptions that have taken THEM captive.

I’m willing to bet Freddie believes what he’s preaching.  After all of the other lies he has been willing to foist on the congregation, for what ever reason, I suspect he has been consumed with error, no longer able to tell the truth from error.

And remember – this guy hangs with I. V. and Bridgette Hilliard.

To Hip or Not to Hop – What is the Motive?

March 1, 2012

I’m working on a new posting. This one is on the use of Hip Hop in Gospel music.

Before I finish it though, I’d like to get your feedback on the matter.

Should Hip Hop be used to create a Gospel song?