I Never Heard Him Say That!

When speaking to members of First Baptist Church of Glenarden on the Kettering (FBCGotK) about some of the outrageous things John K. Jenkins, the pastor of…(well, you know the rest) has said, their usual response is “I never heard him say that!”

When I was talking to my old friend from FBCGotK, the one who is the subject of this posting, and I told him that Jakes is John Jenkins’ mentor, his response was “I Never heard him say that!”

Here, in John K. Jenkins’ own words is his statement of his relationship with Jakes.

Never, ever fix your mouths to say the words “I never heard him say that!”

Jakes, despite his mealy-mouthed statements at the Elephant Room, is oneness, a modalist.  He is a Word of Faith Prosperity preacher.  And he is John K. Jenkins’ mentor, or pastor, or teacher, or whatever role of training you want to apply to him.

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2 Responses to “I Never Heard Him Say That!”

  1. james Says:

    Let me say this. I have been a member of fbcg for several years, paid tithes and offerings. Im not known for causing trouble or any strife in the church. But one day I said hello to the man and tried to thank him for a message he preached one day.And he gave me the most strange and wicked face. This became akward because he did this until I left. Eventually, I just walked away. Mind you I dont know this man personally nor does he know any of my family members.Why would a man of God act this way? I understand we all have bad days, but he might as well cussed at me with that look lol. Idk.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    No shock here!

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