Jesus Put a Gun in His Mouth and Pulled the Trigger

Sometimes it’s just so easy to kick up a fuss.  And now that my extra eyes are out again, paying attention to what the pimps are saying, I suspect I will have a lot of material to expose here, to use to warn you against the pimps.  And remember, I’m not relaying rumors, or talking about their personal lives (generally).  Instead, I am relaying to you an analysis of what they have actually said, as ugly and as offensive as their statements may be.

Do you think the image I led this posting with is somewhat offensive?  I thought so.  But how much more offensive is it for a supposed Mand of Gawd, a man who claims to be and APOSTLE, to say the things about our Lord that he says.

And what is it that he said?  He claims, through a rather clumsy twisting and proof-texting of Scriptures, that Jesus committed suicide; that he put the gun, so to speak, to his head and pulled the trigger.

But rather than me continuing, take a look at the video brought to my attention by Steve S.  Let me know what you think.

So what do you think?  Was it’s distortion of Scripture as breath-taking to you as it was to me?

Remember, once you go down the path of error, there is absolutely nothing, save the grace of God, to pull you back from that and worse error.

These people don’t care about you.  They have been in error so long that they no longer can tell the difference between their lies to deceive, and the deceptions that have taken THEM captive.

I’m willing to bet Freddie believes what he’s preaching.  After all of the other lies he has been willing to foist on the congregation, for what ever reason, I suspect he has been consumed with error, no longer able to tell the truth from error.

And remember – this guy hangs with I. V. and Bridgette Hilliard.

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8 Responses to “Jesus Put a Gun in His Mouth and Pulled the Trigger”

  1. Ex-WoFer Says:

    This is ridiculous! ‘Nuff said!

  2. Cop Says:

    I believe the APOSTLE needs to join my kids in kiddie Sunday school.

  3. gee Says:

    I heard this a while back and asked another site (EX TIMES) what he thought since he was about to record one of his famous series on Hip Hop at this church and his son is a contributor on his site and my question was never published. I never went back to that site agian because he can expose everyone else but is silent to his “friend”. That told me alot about his ministry and the type of person he was. Shouldn’t the truth be exposed no matter who it is….if your “friend” errors shouldn’t you go to him and help him see th errors of his ways or just ignore it and continue to blast the obvious pimps…Eddie Long and TD Jakes? Just curious of what your take on G. Craig Lewis is?

    • zombiesnthechurch Says:

      To your comment—-they “pimp” together……they pledge a sick allegience to each other as “brothers”…..and they know that they have “PLANKS” in their own eyes so they can not offer to expose their brother when they doing the same thing…..PIMPING THE PEOPLE! Check out the book ZOMBIES IN THE CHURCH…. it takes you on a journey with a preacher and paints a perfect picture of the sexual exploitation, hypocrisy, neopatism and PIMPING that goes on behind the scenes in the church and because it is written by a minister who has seen it first hand in their pulpits it allows people to see just what their beloved ‘passahs’ really think of them…..

    • Jerome Says:

      G craige has becom a hypocrite and a Pharisee. He has been $educed by the Prices.

  4. zombiesnthechurch Says:

    PIMPING at its best….when that statement came out of his mouth people should have been gathering their things and walking out! BUT they are ZOMBIES IN THE CHURCH…he has them under his power and there is no other name for them except ZOMBIES….we have an interview with his son trying to ‘clarify’ his father s statement check it out on —IT IS WHAT IT IS —-PIMPING AT ITS BEST!

  5. Unashamed One Says:

    I have been reading your blog for years (God used you and a few other brothers to help remove the scales from my eyes back when I was a member of Jakes’ stable), yet somehow I still find myself shocked and appalled by stuff like this.

    I don’t know whether to be angry or weep. (MN: Nothing wrong with doing both. ) Just when I think it’s not possible, these people go & find new ways to defame the Lord & pervert the Gospel. I mean, the acrobatics they can do w/a passage of scripture… astounding.

  6. Cheryl Brown Says:


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