Designerz Has Been Banned (From the Hip Hop Posting)

Unfortunately, as the comments are added to a post, some people will be banished from that posting. I, as the Benevolent Dictator always hold that right. But I exercise it in order to protect you, the readers, from men and women who will natter on endlessly unless some one stops them.

Though I am a dictator, I try to be as caring and compassionate as I can (not that I want to be all that caring and compassionate). So to save you pain of reading Designerz last couple of comments, I have converted his comment to a PDF. Click here and down load it if you wish. But I warn you ahead of time, it’s simply a repeat of the awful use of Scripture and terms in general.

Read if you wish. But read at your own peril.

2 Responses to “Designerz Has Been Banned (From the Hip Hop Posting)”

  1. Pastor Betty McGee Says:

    Do you question wheather or not women should be Pastors? What doies the Bibile state?

    (MN: Do you really want to have this discussion? For starters, it says an elder should be the husband of one wife. Can a woman be the husband of one wife? the elder is to manage his household? Are you a “he”? So, then tell me, what does the Bible say about a pastor? Since you are married [I assume], and [I assume] a pastor, who is the head in your household? )

  2. thewordreader Says:

    Good morning, long time reader, first time posting.

    I wonder why she never responded?

    Glad to have you and p.p back! Keep up the good work.

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