A World View Conduit


So I decided to take my wife out to a movie the other day. In doing so, I got slapped in the face with the continued deterioration of the culture, this time aimed at Black folks who apparently play at Christianity.

Before I go much further, here is what Tyler Perry says about himself at Beliefnet.com:

It (his faith) is extremely important. I am a Christian, I am a believer, and I know had I not been a person of faith, I couldn’t be here in this place, and I wouldn’t be walking the path that I’m on now. And I think the greater good of the path I’m on now is to teach people to learn to forgive and move on, in a way that’s done through the healing power of humor.

So as you read on, don’t tell me that Perry does not claim to be a Christian. He does, very clearly and unambiguously.

Understand that movies are world view conduits, either delivering a world view consistent with Scripture or a world view that is hostile to Christianity. “Good Deeds” has proven to be a conduit of a secular world view and delivering that world view directly into the culture, generally the religious Black culture.

Tyler Perry has made a fortune writing and producing plays, TV comedies and movies that mock the Black church.   Hey – it’s not that hard to do. He has made a fortune pointing out the hypocrisies and the emotionalism rampant within the church.   Sometimes he has even made these the ideals within the church. And now, in “Good Deeds” we get to watch Mr. Tyler promote a lifestyle that is even more clearly inconsistent with his claimed Christianity.  The following has a spoiler. But it is necessary. So decide now if you want to finish this article.

Mr. Deeds is living a life that someone else wants him to live.  He works a job (president of a company) someone else wants him to work.  He drives a car and attended the school someone else wanted him to. He’s engaged to a woman others approve of.  And then he meets a woman who encourages him to live the life he has always wanted to live. She encourages him to live his dream.

By the way, did I mention that Mr. Deeds lives with his fiancé? And did I mention that they indeed engage in sex with each other? Yeah. We are given a mercifully brief and “tastefully” executed scene of their…uh…act.

A question: Why would a man who claims to be a Christian set up an environment in which the main character is living with a woman? Was it really a requirement for the story? No. And why would a man who claims to be a Christian insert a scene that virtually rubs our noses in the fornication? Yeah, yeah, it was “artfully” done. But was it really an essential element of the story? Did it move the plot along? No.

Near the end of the story, Mr. Deeds decides to quit as the president of the software company and pursue his dream of drilling wells for drinking water in Africa. He buys a motorcycle to replace his BMW. And he dumps his live-in fiancé and replaces her with what will be his live-in travel companion and her daughter.

Mr. Perry has created a character promoted as a “good” man. Yet this man, created by a professing Christian, proudly participates in some of the most egregious behavior.

According to the movie, Mr. Deeds is a good man despite his willingness to be in open rebellion to some of God’s most basic standards. He is a good man despite the fact that he is willing to ignore those standards in order to satisfy his own lusts (literally).

No one in the entire Deeds universe objects to what he is doing (the serial fornication). No one complains about the fact that he is going to be traveling with a child while he and his new girlfriend are in an immoral relationship. It’s not even presented as immoral. It is all presented as a good thing, as a happy ending.

Imagine that. We’re told that living with your fiancé, coming to your senses and dumping her, and living with the woman you REALLY love are good deeds.


21 Responses to “A World View Conduit”

  1. peggy w west Says:

    Right on, brother! It is so nice to know I am not the only one out here. Ministers in my former church put a fb on how he was so funny, PTL! I had to comment- isnt he a crossdresser? Isnt that abomination according to the bible? Man, I made an enemy. Gods ways are NOT our ways- HE aint laughing. HE’S not even smiling.. Also look who he hangs with. “Birds of a feather… “

  2. Jade Says:

    The blind leading the blind. TD Fakes, and False Prophetess Oprah made this man famous. That should be a true sign to discerning Christians…smh.

  3. Kevin Shell Says:

    Great post! I wish I could write Tyler Perry’s next movie…It would be called Madea goes to cross…It’s where Madea finally admits shes a man, repents, and becomes born again.

    In my opinion Christians finding a cross dressed black man (Tyler Perry) cussing and misquoting scriptures funny, in the climate of rampant DOWN LOW homosexual men sleeping with women, proposition 8, a killer Aids epidemic here and abroad, don’t ask don’t tell, legislation to teach gay history in school, legislation to create A 3RD PUBLIC RESTROOM, the proliferation of false gay theology, Joel Osteen praying at the inauguration of a lesbian Mayor, and to top it all off a President that’s bold and brazen enoughto tell Christians to their face that two stink men getting married, is JUST AS HOLY and honorable as biblical marriage, strengthens Satans cause to decieve many by making NO DISTICTION BETWEEN THE HOLY AND THE PROFANE.

    • msjaxxee Says:

      I couldn’t have said it any better. That man, Tyler Perry is a DISgrace to all that is holy and I reFUSE to watch his DISgusting movies. He has not put out ANYthing that I feel is good enough to watch. Neither homosexuals nor homosexuality is funny!

  4. walksbyf8h Says:

    I’ve never seen one of Tyler’s films. Simply put, I’m not going to watch men dressed as women in a caricature. I don’t understand why folks like that nonsense.

  5. Cop Says:

    Tyler Perry, Proving just because your saved doesn’t mean you have to change your lifestyle.

    So he can still shack up, cross dress, make jokes of the scriptures and make movies that show ungodly behaivor ALL IN THE NAME OF THE LORD.

    Perry fails to realize that he can make a movie that doesnt go into graphic detail by showing them (luring others to possible thoughts of sin)

    • mhjones2001 Says:

      I doubt the man is actually a Christian. But worse, people are foolish enough that they don’t give any consideration to the complete lack of consistency, the lack of any indication of Christ’s lordship or even a desire to submit to His lordship. Between chasing after Oprah, helping to fund Obama, and contributing to the continued coarsening of society, the religious public (read here Blacks) are following him down an awful rat hole.

  6. Not Weary Says:

    Should we be suprised by this? Sadly Tyler is representative of the majority in the church today with its feel good compromise of the gospel. I read an interview he did with Creative Voice where he discussed his lack of interest in marriage. He implied that he is involved with a woman and they thought they were pregnant once but he’s not interested in marriage. He wouldn’t give this mystery woman’s name. During the same interview he talked about being a Christian and how he can’t go to church much because of his fame. So Tyler claims to be a Christian while openly admitting to fornication. Tyler is doing his job by affirming carnal Christians who profess Christ while living like the world. The enemy wants to destroy the church from within by getting it to a point where there is no distinction between the church and the world. Jesus warned us that wide and broad is the way to destruction, narrow is the gate that leads to life and few would be saved. They can follow Tyler to destruction-I will follow Christ as one of the few!

    (MN: Another source: Tyler Perry himself )

    • msjaxxee Says:

      Not surprised! DISGUSTED! I rarely watch stuff on TV, and it has been more than 30 years since I went to a movie theater because there’s nothing but sex, violence, blood & gory, nudity and sex or violence. I watch the old-old movies (black & white) and marvel over and over at how talented movie actresses and actors were before it became “necessary” by those corrupt, spiritually bankrupt folks in Hollywood to feel all movies must be full of adultery, nudity, profanity, and violence.

  7. Tee Says:


    So glad you’re back! I missed your site terribly.

    One thing I have come to accept about my cousins (that is my term for all Black people) is that it does not matter how wrong a person is as long as their skin color is the same as ours. Tyler Perry, Oprah Winfrey, Barack Obama, and many others are saying and doing things in the name of “faith” and my cousins take that to mean that they are saved, hence the fact that Perry is such a successful movie producer, Oprah the richest black woman in the world, and Obama the president of the US. Until we get into God’s Word and begin to love the things that He loves, and hate the things that He hates, we will continue to accept movies such as this and we will continue to make the Tylers of the world rich.

    Great article!

    (MN: Thanks Tee. )

    • Conversion Says:

      Tee Amen… But those ppl are not your family… I’m tired of blacks saying we are the same that is a deception from the devil… That’s what got Obama elected and re-elected. “Blacks” are just ppl with color and “whites” are ppl without color… Thts it. There is only one race and that is the human race. There are only different cultures. In Christ we are a new creation Glory 2 God!!!

  8. Gloria Says:

    Not taking any sides here but a “Christian” and a prayed up Holy Ghost filled Saint endeavoring to be led by the Holy Ghost on a daily basis are two totally different things.

    (MN: Actually, according to the Bible, they are not two totally different things. Members of the Way were first called Christians in Antioch [Acts 26:28] and Peter refers to us explicitly as Christians [1 Peter 4:16] )

    Catholics are considered Christians but they can sin and be forgiven by confessing to the priest.

    (MN: Unfortunately, they are not considered Christians when judged by the Bible. Salvation is through faith, through grace, not works. And to go with anything else makes you anathema, or accursed. [Galatians 1:8]. )

    Anyone that believes in Jesus as the Christ is a Christian.

    (MN: Not really. Anyone who has been born again, who has trusted in the work Christ performed on the cross, is a Christian. Of course as you say it, it depends on what you mean by “belives in”. The danger of your statement is the growth of people like Joel Osteen who gives a Gospel “invitation” at the end of his show. )

    The world is full of Christians.

    (MN: Actually, it’s full of people who claim to be Christians. They are deceiving themselves and, unfortunately, if they die in that state, will find themselves forever separated from God when they die. )

    We took on the world’s label of Christian then get mad when it’s not represented in a way we feel is proper.

    (MN: Again, it’s God’s label [Acts and 1 Peter]<strong>)

    Well, I disagree. Do a word study and see how many times the word christian is mentioned versus how many times Saint is mentioned. I would rather be called what God calls me over what the world says I am. I am not a Christian. I am a Saint of God. (MN: But according to the testimony of Scripture, you are also a Christian. That title isn’t determined by the number of times the word appears. But bottom line, call yourself what you wish. But don’t lay that position off on others. We are, according to Scripture, to behave in a way that does not scandalize the name of Christ. That is the important point to remember. )

  9. Gloria Says:

    MN, you said, “don’t lay that position off on others.” Where did I do that? I was just stating what I call myself. (MN: My statement may have been too strong. I was just looking at the full comment, where you said it was wrong to refer to one’s self as a Christian vs a saint. My apologies for coming across quite so strongly. )

    The word “Christian” is mentioned just 3 times in the entire bible. The 1st time was to show it as the title they were GIVEN in Antioch (Acts 11:26). The 2nd time Peter just says if you suffer as one. That’s what they were being CALLED so that’s why he used the term (I Peter 4:16). (MN: What, within the text, makes you interpret it that way? He was saying if, as a Christian, you suffer – as opposed to suffering as a tax collector or a sinner. He referred to believers as Christians. He wasn’t just saying “if someone calls you a Christian.” )

    On the other hand, the word Saint is used 62 times in the new testament and 36 times in the old. Go through and read the scriptures that include the word Saint…all 62 of them and you will get my point. (MN: I do understand your point. But again, if equally clear, the number of times one word or another word is used doesn’t determine the validity or using [or not using] that word. It’s all about context. And if the context gives them equal meaning, then they have equal meaning. Period. ) Why isn’t the word “Christian” used in these scriptures?” (MN: A good question. Or you could ask “Why does Peter refer to the believers as Christians?” ) My original post was just to say that I don’t call myself a Christian and why. If it did not come off that way my apolgies. (MN: Don’t fret it. I had just read [and deleted] a repetitious rant by Seekerman. I wasn’t necessarily in the best of moods when I responded. My apologies. )

  10. Wade Elliott Says:

    According to Dictionary.com the word “Christian” is “A person who has received Christian baptism or is a believer in Jesus Christ and his teachings.” The worlds definition includes BOTH the belief in Jesus Christ AND His teachings. I’m afraid this means many people, including Mr. Tyler Perry, cannot be classified as Christian. The best they can be called is a believer in the existance of God and Satan also falls into that category.

    • Jim Says:

      The Biblical definition of a “Christian,” is someone that has been “Born Again.” That is to say been born from “above” and sanctified (set aside) via receiving the “Holy Spirit.” The Bible tells us in the book of James . . . even the devil and his demons believe, however, they do more than most “believing christians,” they TREMBLE! An indivudial can attend a Protestant Church or a Catholic Church month after month, year after year, be baptised in the church or Synagogue, however, if you have not been “BORN AGAIN” you will not enter the Kingdom of God!

  11. Acacia Says:

    I use to be a huge Tyler Perry fan, and I just seen the movie on dvd lastnight, and questioned the same things, while watching it but figured maybe I was being to judgmental, I don’t understand why Tyler keeps continually promoting so much blatant sin against GOD, not only in “Good Deeds” the character living with his fiancé, or the sex scenes, there was also the cussing, the fighting, the greed, etc. but there is”Daddy’s little girls” which is based on fear, greed, revenge, fornication, lying, etc and these go on in many of his movies, yes some of these things happens in real life, but in none of his movies are there any repentance at the end, then if you look at his t.v shows, it is a direct insult to GOD, mocking scriptures, calling out The Lords name in vain, etc. Many will say it’s just movies, and t.v, and sadly many of these ppl will claim to be from the “christian” community, but as Christians we are suppose to live a life that represents Jesus Christ in our everyday life, on the job and off the job, Tyler Perry doing these kinds of movies, making fun of scriptures in his shows, isn’t funny, isn’t Godly, but it is a direct mockery, insult to GOD, we can’t sit at the table of The LORD and at satan table as well,we have to Pick A Side, when GOD gives us a gift we are to exalt HIM and only HIM with that gift, like so many christians in the entertainment industry the world has become their”god”, and chasing and promoting, money, sex, lies, lust and the”we can live the ungodly lifestyle and still get into heaven because we pray and say”god”is blessing us teachings is influencing so many to do the wrong ungodly things, scriptures warns us about satan coming off as an angel of light, and to constantly be on guard for his deceit, and sadly many professed “christian” entertainers are ignoring this and are to blind to realize it.

  12. Willie Says:

    i wonder how many of you old fools were on your high horse when Flip Wilson wore drag during Prime Time TV?

  13. eutawangel Says:

    @Willie…was Flip Wilson always wearing drag as his persona charachter & regardless…did he profess to be a Christian alongside promoting Fornication, friendship w/ antichrist (Oprah), making fun of misquoting Scriptures & yet selling ‘church’ plays, etc?

  14. Jerod Says:

    Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.

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