The Usual Suspects – A Line-up

So let me make sure I understand. First Baptist Church of Glenarden on the Kettering (FBCGotK) is showing an “award-winning film” in two weeks. The “award-winning film” will feature what FBCGotK describes as “some of the most influential pastors, bishops and ministers in the United States.” Remember, nothing appears on that web site without the approval of John Kenneth Jenkins, the senior pastor of FBCGotK. Stated another way, if something appears on the site, there is the direct implication that he approves of it.

Take a look at who is appearing in “The Scroll”. More exactly, get a load of who your pastor, John K. Jenkins, is appearing with.

  1. T. Dexter Jakes (a Oneness and Word of faith shill who makes a living selling products to hurt and damaged women.)
  2. Jeremiah (G. D. America) Wright (a Liberation Theology proponent who thinks Jesus was a community organizer and Che Guevara was his disciple)
  3. Shirley Caesar – Pastor. Tell me again what the Bible says about women pastors?

The list of folks in the announcement is bad enough. Look at some of the folks included there.  This is from the FBCGotK site.

Why would your pastor want to appear in the same film (supposedly promoting great faith) with Jeremiah Wright. Wright promotes a Social Gospel that doesn’t even come close to that which the Bible teaches. Rather than seeking to bring folks to Christ, he seeks to drag us into socialism and life that mirrors the miserable lives of those trapped in Cuba. He would make us all be equally miserable with state controlled medicine and a state controlled economy. What does this mean? Try to imagine the State Motor Vehicles Department running every aspect of your life.  And it’s not as though John K. Jenkins doesn’t know the fellow is in the film.  It’s right there on the web page.

T. Dexter, who by the way is your pastor’s mentor, is a Oneness fellow who doesn’t have the guts to stand on his beliefs and instead stands on his popularity, and his ability to draw a crowd stupid enough to throw money in his direction, over and over again.

The others on the list – certainly not consistent with Baptist doctrine (You know First BAPTIST Church of Glenarden). However, compared to some of the folks not mentioned in the Church announcement they are the epitome of orthodoxy. Even T. Dexter.

What the announcement at FBCGotK doesn’t tell you is that the following people will also be included in the “award-winning film.”

  1. Eddie (I’m rather fond of younger men) Long
  2. Frederick(Jesus Committed Suicide) Price
  3. Tudor (Yes, my wife is a prophet) Bismark
  4. Donald (I Got John Started) Hilliard
  5. Vashti (Yes, I’m a woman, but I’m going to be a bishop anyway) McKenzie
  6. Al (Forget About Tawana Brawley, Please) Sharpton
  7. Noel (The Weasel) Jones
  8. Kenneth (New Thing but Nothing in the Bible) Ulmer

As if this is something to be proud of, John K. Jenkins, the senior pastor of First Baptist Church of Glenarden on the Kettering, has allowed himself to included in the Bizzaro version of the Hall of Faith – the Hall of Fakes.

Let’s go with the low hanging fruit here.

What has Al Sharpton to do with faith, Jesus Christ, and Holiness? Nothing. It’s generally apparent he worships the CNBC hosts, not the Lord of Hosts. He is what one might call a poverty pimp who occasionally presents himself as a pulpit pimp. But clearly he makes more money keeping the general Black population dependent on Government charity.

Then we have Eddie Long. Eddie Long!?!? Do we even need to say anything here? The man was accused of pressuring several young men into a sexual relationship with him. At least Fast Eddie had the good sense to make sure the young men were at least 18 years of age. How can you say this guy is an inspiration? An inspiration for what?

The rest of the list is, in fact, a list of the usual suspects. It’s the usual list of men and women who seek to deceive the body of Christ, taking advantage of those who don’t know their Bibles well enough to know they should avoid these characters.

You would think that John would know that bad company creates poor morals (1 Cor 15:33). In other words, if you lay down with dogs you’re going to get up with fleas. Of course if you already have fleas it really doesn’t make any difference if you lay down with the dogs.

And John appears to be more than willing to associate himself with these people. T. Dexter is his mentor. Noel Jones spoke at the grand opening of the Monument, Museum and Mausoleum they call a church building over near Kettering MD. And other theologically questionable people have been involved in activities at the church.

Here’s a challenge for you. Ask John why he is allowing himself to be associated with the likes of Jeremiah Wright, Al Sharpton, and T. Dexter Jakes. And see if he actually gives you an answer or if he tries to blow smoke by trying to cast doubt on my character. If he tries to call my motives into question, you’ll know he has no sufficient response to your question. If you have the ‘nads, press for an answer to the question.

But wait a minute. You probably can’t get to him (except maybe at the end of one of his milktoast sermons). So tell you what, ask one of the Elders or Deacons (try Stan Featherstone or Deacon Grant for starters) to answer the question. What do THEY think about the fact that the pastor is associating with the like of the men and women in the film? Why is he allowing his name to be associated with them? And why does he bring some of them in to speak to the congregation?

30 Responses to “The Usual Suspects – A Line-up”

  1. Lady Jaye Says:

    What is wrong with women prophets? didn’t the daughters of Zelophedad (or whoever) prophesy? We do have Biblical precedent for that. (MN:the issue isn’t a woman prophesying. It’ the very claim of prophecy. )

    Did you mean Tudor Bismark? (MN: Yes. I spotted the typo right after I published the article. My apologies for the mistake. It has been corrected. )

    Well, anyway – rel influential men and women of God are characterized by humility and seek to point the way to Jesus, not to speak of their influence.

    Paul started out talking about how he was not less influential than any of the 12 Apostles. Then he began to say that he was the least of the Apostles. Then he began to say that he was the greatest of the sinners.

    These people who are supposed to be so steeped in Christ, if they were, well then, one of the signs would be pointing to God. We talk about HIS influence, not ours. SMH


    Jesus made Judas a disciple.The very man who was consider a devil and would kill him. God’s ways are not ours. he calls whom he will and those will give an account to him.Touch not God’s anointed! (MN: Finally! There it is. My life is now complete!! But I’m still not going to respond. )The bible is full of flawed characters that were lead by the Spirit of God. “If they are for us then why make them turn against us”? These men have both a human and divine side. They are not perfect preachers but neither am I the purfect man. To God I give the Glory and to him he gives the mercy to whomever he will and not always to our understanding!

    Don’t judge men by their theology. (MN: So Mormons are okay as are Jehovah’s witnesses. Right? The only thing separating us is our theology. Right?) Jesus was not accepting of the theology (MN: [Sounding like Inigo Montoya] I do not think that word (theology) means what you think it means.) and religious rules and practices of his day.He too was called a devil and his actions questioned for eating with sinners! He may be under that same condemnation if he were among these brothers today? Rethink your position and pray much!

    • Pearson Says:

      (Face depicting mass confusion) How was Jesus not concerned with theology?! Being as how the word theology LITERALLY means the “study of God”, I would ASSUME that Jesus was more concerned with theology than any human being before or after Him…being as how He was/is/will always be the eternal God.

      Tonne, I am going to TRY to give you the benefit of the doubt and hope against hope you meant something else COMPLETELY.

      • mhjones2001 Says:

        But see – everything you just said revolves around Theology. And like Fred Price, Tonne apparently thinks that doctrine and theology are what screwed everything up in the church to begin with.

      • Pearson Says:

        Oh, is that where I am going wrong. That’s my fault.


    (MN: This one went to the spam bin by accident. I found it as I was cleaning out the bin. )

    Faith is radical and stirring and life changing.It does not fit into the neatly patted pews of our churches today. Men of vision and principal are often thought of as socially unacceptable. Jesus was never accepted in the standard of the organized Churches and theology of his time. We are called to be a light and a driving force for change.That is painful and not some new suit Sunday Morning preaching!

  4. mhjones2001 Says:

    Would anyone care to address the increasingly irrational rantings of this fellow? I think it would be a good exercise in responding to thoughtless error.

    C’mon. Somebody respond. You could start with…well, never mind. I’m sure you can figure out what to start with. It is, after all, such a target rich environment.

  5. Trey Harris Says:

    What’s happenin’ Melvin. I’ve been following PP’s for at least 2 to 3 years now, but have never responded. I admire your labor and hope some will respond to hearing error and falsehood exposed in light of Truth.

    Being new to post, I feel that it is in order for me to tell a bit about myself: My name is Ulasa “Trey” Harris (I am a third), I’m 28, been married 6 years with a 5 year old son. We have been apart from the fellowship of “charis-mania”/word faith for about 4 years now.

    May I submit a response to the above: certainly you’re right Tonne, with the statement “faith is radical, stirring, and life changing.” This faith however, must be in line with what Jesus actually taught, and in turn with what the Apostles faithfully entrusted to us once for all (Jude 3). I don’t know what to make of the “neatly patted pews” statement. “Men of vision and principal, socially unacceptable?” Are you kidding me?!?! All it takes for a man (or woman for that matter) to be hailed these days as some sort of “visionary” is for him to start up a company and make millions. Steve Jobs of Apple fits that bill I think. I don’t know how many times I heard him called a visionary by the national news anchors, and he was very much socially acceptable.

    Jesus was not accepted in His time because the people of His day had a screwed up theology. I’ll give two brief examples. Matthew 2:3-6 we see Herod calling all the chief priests and teachers before him from hearing of the Magi wanting to worship the newborn King. In that day worship was given to kings in the Roman empire and all it took was for Herod to have some scripture quoted to him from Micah about a ruler to shepherd Israel and he flipped and started infanticide. He understood ruler to be someone who was going to come and topple of the Roman government as did the Jews of that day. His theology was off and so was the chief priests and teachers and thus an untold number of babies were murdered because of it.

    Lastly there’s Luke 5:20-24 Jesus upon seeing the faith of the folks who lowered the paralyzed man through the roof told them their sins were forgiven. The pharisees and teachers of the law; because of their theology mind you; immediately heard blasphemy which we see in the gospel John, they were ready to stone Him for it. Jesus didn’t fit into the theology of His time because the theology of His time did not match the One whom theology was for. They were looking at Homo-ousia (I believe that the correct spelling) or the God-Man right in the face and did not know because they were dead to the Truth.

    Jesus’s theology was one that produced selfless, sacrificial service to vile rebels against the Eternal Righteous God of the universe. These men and women in this article are known for a theology that produces selfish, extravagant, comfort seeking, idolatrous devotion to material and status. Claiming that God stands waiting to give us such “blessings.”

    Grace and Peace

    (MN: Sir, you may comment any time you want. But don’t expect a rational response that addresses the issues from the Ranting One. )

    • Trey Harris Says:

      Point duly taken Melvin.

      It always amazes me that folks approach the bible like no other book I’ve ever seen. No one reads any other book apart from context (at least it seems). Oh but not the bible. Folks just pick it up and start ascribing whatever they want to it.

      It’s depressingly amazing.

  6. Michael H. Says:

    Jesus wasn’t accepted by the organized religious groups of his time because the religious groups of his time were threatened by him because they were in ERROR! The religious groups of his time had become consumed with self not serving the people or have you never read St. Matthew 23 where Jesus called out, in public, with a fairly long diatribe, the religious leaders of his day for being hypocrites, serpents, vipers and blind guides? if Jesus called out spiritually corrupt leaders and we follow him shouldn’t we do the same? Or should we allow our modern day blind guides to lead folks into ditches and pits by the thousands while we stand idly by?

  7. brdavision Says:

    Sadly, I noticed the name of COGIC’s Presiding Bishop Charles Blake, who is notoriously known, although not by anyone in COGIC leadership or laity for that matter, as a money driven, bible out of context preaching, compromising hater of God’s Glorious Gospel, who can’t get enough of rubbing elbows with the theologically “astuped” (I made up my own word which means: lacking a showing or possessing of intelligence and undiscerning, the opposite of astute-shrewd and discerning), himself being biblically and theologically challenged.

    Tonne said: “Men of vision and principal are often thought of as socially unacceptable.”

    Tonne you are correct, men of vision (maybe like a Hugh Hefner) and principal (those who always think only of themselves, who see themselves and their desires as first in importance and/or rank) are, and always will be biblically unacceptable. Since Christians don’t go by, nor do we love the standards of this world (1 John 2:15) then we must judge according to the pages of Scripture, which by the way are completely holy (Romans 1:2). Paul spoke about these “men” of vision and principle:

    “If anyone teaches a different doctrine and does not agree with the sound words of our Lord Jesus Christ and the teaching that accords with godliness, he is puffed up with conceit and understands nothing. He has an unhealthy craving for controversy and for quarrels about words, which produce envy, dissension, slander, evil suspicions, and constant friction among people who are depraved in mind and deprived of the truth, imagining that godliness is a means of gain. But godliness with contentment is great gain, for we brought nothing into the world, and we cannot take anything out of the world. But if we have food and clothing, with these we will be content. But those who desire to be rich fall into temptation, into a snare, into many senseless and harmful desires that plunge people into ruin and destruction. For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evils. It is through this craving that some have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many pangs.” 1 Timothy 6:3-10 ESV

    Great article Brother Jones….

    (MN: And more fun to right than a person has a right to expect. )

    • TONNE WALKER Says:

      We have all read the bible and know what it said. Of course for some that is their way of life. Full of words(wordy), without pratical application. Used to attack and defend their egos rather than enlighten and uplift.And you say some preachers are deceptive. Even truth used without valid appreciation for its use and meaning is just as deceptive as a lie! Keep talking, you are making me fully aware of yourself!

      (MN: I’m afraid I not sure I understand. Are you saying the Bible has no practical application or that people read the Bible and don’t apply it in their lives (being practical)? The rest of the stuff you said was, apparently, just incoherent talk. What are you trying to say? Where have we used the truth without a valid appreciation for its use and meaning? Be specific. Most of your comments are nothing more than high-sounding pontifications with no real (PRACTICAL) connection to living the Christian life. I should warn you, since I have enough material for the promised posting, this is likely to be your last comment posted, unless folks find you a sufficient enough example to continue to post them. )

      • Conversion Says:

        MN: You should leave the Ranting One on your post it will help others see how the devil deceives people…. This is the year 2013… I’m just see this now. I am so happy there are others that BELIEVE GOD and the whole WORD (JESUS) of GOD!!!

  8. Ex-WoFer Says:

    Hey Melvin Do you know anything about “Dr.” Bill Winston? He is to appear at Mark T. Barclay’s church on May 12th. Barclay has had Copeland to his church a couple of times as well. Winston I suspect is another false teacher.

    (MN: I haven’t done a lot of postings on him, but yes, he is a word of faith kind of pimp. In fact, one of the articles my Vastly Overpriced Webmaster (VOPW) is one that points out he and John Kenneth Jenkins, the pastor of First Baptist Church of Glenarden on the Kettering are so similar that my concern is that John will end up being a younger version of the Winston. )

  9. Jaxxee Says:

    I’m sick of all these pulpit pimps and female pastor wannabees!

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Pastor Jenkins is a great pastor. If I were you, I would be very careful of ascribing to the enemy what is of God. That my friend, can result in death. God is real!!!!

    (MN: Jenkins is, at best, a questionable pastor. He associates with a heretic (T. D. Jakes is a oneness heretic as is Noel Jones). My own personal experience with him is that he will tell the sheeple anything, knowing they are not goin to pursue any actions to verify what he said.

    I have found him to be arrogant and quite ignorant of what Scripture actually says. I know for a fact that one series of lessons he did on The Revelation of Jesus Christ was lifted DIRECTLY from a Marilyn Hickey book.

    You are not being well-served by this man and you should get out of there as quickly as possible.)

  11. strawgert Says:

    Rogue’s Gallery!

  12. James Says:

    Al Sharpton? Sounds to me like Pimp Jenkins is getting himself involved in politics quite a bit lately. Last year when President Obama came out in support of same-sex marriage, Jenkins had a press conference with a crew of his “shephards” denouncing the President’s opinion. Wouldn’t be surprised if old Jenkins tries to make a run for office — I’d love to hear your thoughts on pastors and public office.

    Interesting note–Jenkins’ nephew was the Nevada Field Director for the Obama campaign and close to Team Obama. He’s a political hack for the guy.

  13. bankalchemist Says:

    …a new and significant member for your gang of pulpit-pimps would be Bill Winston in Chicago. He recently directed the loss of some 3000 congregationalist shareholders in his failed Covenant Bank. (now closed by the FDIC) New sermons are bound to include “Fleecing The Flock” and “When is My Willie Slick”. If you can’t wait then rent the 80ties sleeper movie staring Steve Martin, Leap of Faith its a true likeness and there is the ever popular American Greed on CNBC TV. oh by the way this was truly a situation of “We Drank the Kool-Aid”.

    (MN: We have discussed him back before my site got hacked and I lost the posts. I actually point to him as a possible older version of John Kenneth Jenkins, senior pastor of First Baptist Church of Glenarden on the Kettering. Their messages are similar, their mannerisms are similar, and they even kind of look alike. I feel sorry for the both of them. They are going to have so much to answer for when they close their eyes for the last time. )

    • Anonymous Says:

      If the servants of God has to answer for their actions then I wonder how much greater will be those that point fingers and

      (MN: I tell you what, if you can tell me where Scripture tells us to refrain from warning the body about the wolves and pimps, maybe we can have a conversation about it. Unfortunately for you, Scripture (Jesus) say we are to judge righteous judgment [point righteous fingers]. Paul said we should warn the body about the men who would take advantage of the sheeple. So, unless you can show me where it says we are not to do that (and not twisted applications of “touch not my anointed”, I think you are on the hook to be held accountable for NOT pointing a finger. )

  14. Danny Says:

    Melvin. You said well: T. Walker. TW –mate: Jesus Christ is the model for Christians applies to preachers too! Unless you’re just “pontificating” for intellectual stimulation and or vanity. Surely you’ll be aware that these ‘pimps’ aren’t TRUE shepherds for God, using Christ’s words and examples as your guide? Maybe you’re ignoring postings from TW?

  15. Rev. Antoine L. Mason Says:

    Why are you against Black Liberation Theology?

    (MN: See your next comment. )

  16. Rev. Antoine L. Mason Says:

    You said:

    “Why would your pastor want to appear in the same film (supposedly promoting great faith) with Jeremiah Wright. Wright promotes a Social Gospel that doesn’t even come close to that which the Bible teaches. Rather than seeking to bring folks to Christ, he seeks to drag us into socialism and life that mirrors the miserable lives of those trapped in Cuba. He would make us all be equally miserable with state controlled medicine and a state controlled economy.”

    My rebuttal:

    So Jesus didn’t go against Money Changers (Matt. 21:12), and didn’t challenge the government and the government leaders (Matt. 22:21, Matt. 27, Luke 3, etc.). Him going against the Money Changers suggest his fight against economic inequality. His going against Theocratic Clerics and the Roman Government is going against, well the government!

    As I told my co-worker you (and him now) do not understand Black Liberation Theology. Have you read any of James H. Cone, Dwight Hopkins, Diana Hale, and or Howard Thurman’s books?

    Now I do not understand why Dr. Wright would hang out with the other guys who are clearly prosperity preachers however if there is a common cause going on we can come together and agree do disagree for the cause of social justice and deal with theological error during and after what ever event takes place.

    I would debate you theologically in different posts on your error in suggesting this theology is wrong and a heresy. As a seminary student I am being taught how to properly articulate my theological stance(s). So I am not going to be using satire as you do. I am serious about Black Liberation Theology and will (if need be) fight for it and defend it for the rest of my life.

    (MN: Antoine!!! Good to see you back. And good to see you are still as far out in left field as the last time you deigned to post a comment on Pulpit-Pimps. It’s nice to know that some things just never change – including your totally jacked view of the Bible, the Gospel, and a host of other things.

    Though I don’t expect this to go anywhere any time soon, I will converse with your for at least a couple of backs-and-forth.

    Believe me, I understand Black Liberation Theology, as well as its more generic cousin “Liberation Theology.” They both paint Jesus as nothing more than a community organizer and a proponent of income redistribution, equal misery, and the destruction of capitalism. And the worst aspect of both sorry philosophies is that they do great violence to the Scriptrues and, as a result, to the very doctrine of salvation.

    Here’s an example for you: According to that which you have learned in seminary – who do you say Jesus Christ is? Is He the very image of the Father (i.e. is He also God) or was he a very moral man? Or was He something in between these two? Did he come to free us from sin or to free the Black man form the oppression of the White man? ).

  17. ninaboston Says:

    God is not man(nor exist) why would he discriminate against women, I remember being taught people can’t take one line in scripture and run with it as gospel (MN: I’d be interested in understanding how you came to the conclusion that I took one verse and ran with it as gospel. Wouldn’t you do better to ask me how I came to a particular view? Is it possible that I have a position that is supported from the whole Bible rather than just a single verse? I assume the single verse you mean is the one where Paul says that women should not exercise authority over men. Unlike the apparent trogladytes you have had experience with, I work very hard at using the entire Bible and to have it inform my views, not the other way around. ) , Your sexism and basis for women not preaching is complete bull**** (MN: My, my. Is such potty mouth talk really needed to get your point acorss? I should think not.)and God can use any vessel to get his point across (MN: Sure He can. He used a jackass one time. And heaven knows there are enough jackasses claiming to be preachers. But of course, the question isn’t can He use any means to get his message across. The question is: Is it proper, are we being obedient to the will of God to use women as pastors? God used a woman to lead teh Isaelites to defeat the Phillistines. He used a woman to get rid of a military leader, he used a woman to serve as a Judge in Israel. But are these incidents the same as being a pastor/elder? <strong>) and until you announce yourself as God. Yet many people believe black men are unintelligent so what is the difference between sexism and racism (MN: You are making the presupposition that my position on women as pastors is sexist. I say it’s not. It is simply consistent with Scripture. Does the Bible say Blacks are inferior to Whites? No. It says all men are created in the image of God. Have men sought to twist Scripture to gain an advantage over other men? Certainly. But that doesn’t make the truth of Scripture any less true. It merely shows the fallen and corrupt nature of man.<strong>)? This is one of the main reasons why I have completely denounced the church and it’s people because of this ***. I rather live in a world without a deity (MN: Actually, you can’t live in a world without a diety. God is whether you choose to recognize him or not.) than to live in it with a bunch of ignorant a**h****. Religion is the number one cause of war (MN: Not ture. Man’s fallen nature is the number one cause of war. The Soviets were atheist. Yet they instigated more wars and killed more of their own than just about anyone – except the Communist Chinese – who incidentally are also atheist. World war 2? Hitler, who rejected religion but sure did use evolution to “define” the master race, sure didn’t seem to like Christianity), hate (MN: Christianity doesn’t engender hate. Distortions of Christianity might. But Christianity itself? It would be tough to demonstrate that. Authentic Christianity has started more hospital and schools than any other “religion”. Christianity insists that the persecuted pray for the persecutor. ) One of prime tenets to it needs to be taken out for good! Men and your egos and you wonder why women are lesbians (MN: Women become homosexuals for the same reason men do – the deny God and worship the creation rather than the creator (Romans 1) It has nothing to do with men – stupid or otherwise. )and have to take control of things. Male pastors have not been having a great record in the church from my point of view. Just ignorance. (MN: Men who are disobedient to Christ can certainly make a mess of things. But those people who would call themselves authentic Christians should not have anything to do with these men. )

  18. Devine Says:

    1st things first… How many people are you leading to Christ daily? (MN: First things first: How many people are decieved and end up in hell because of false doctrine? False doctrine which, by the way, we are told to “rant” about. Romans says we are to mark those who teach false doctrine. And when people like Creflo Dollar and company preach that Jesus became God or that He suffered in hell for our sins and not on the cross, that comes under the heading of those how should be “ranted” against.)or should I say: “How many people are you leading away from Christ” with your negative rants about what you don’t like about certain preachers and what goes on in those church’s? (MN: It’s not a matter of what is going on in the churches. It’s a matter of what they are preaching. ) instead of attending church to search for something that does not fit your liking why not try to attend church just once to worship rather than pick a non-perfect environment apart to persecute it??? You are a persecutor of God’s body. (MN: You know, I can almost feel the self-righteous indignation oozing out of you. The trouble is, it’s being put out there in defense of men who either have no idea of what the Gospel is or who are purposefully deceiving in order to enrich themselve. Before you accuse some of of persecuting the Body, I suggest you get a hold of what that means and what it looks like. I cannot harm these heretics. I don’t cost them much of anything when compared to what they make fleecing the sheeple. Persecution looks more like the experience of the people addressed in Hebrews and by Peter. It looks more like that which is taking place against Christians in Iraq, Syria, and other places. You show your absolut foolishness when you bring in the idea of persecution. )

    By the way in the word persecutors of His body are turned into disciples for Christ: (Ask Saul who Christ turned into Paul Acts 9:4) You need to be real careful and mindful of what you are saying about Gods business. The gifts are giving without repentance God can use whom He chooses, Oh and by the way? What congregation are you a member of so I can come criticize your pastor and the lack of worship in your church? (MN: Temple Hill Baptist Church, Temple Hill Maryland. Google the name and location. Go to the site, and listen to some of the sermons.<strong>) What congregation are you using your spiritual gifts to edify the body with? (MN: Ditto.) Who have you led to Christ? (MN: I have led no one to Christ. It is not for me to lead, but rather for God to draw, using me as a menas. I pray, I present the Gospel, I trust in God to work in the hearts of the men and women to whom I witnses; just like Scripture tells us to. How many have told me they came to Christ as a direct result of me talking to them? A few. <strong>)or the better question is once again, “How many have you turned away from Christ” with your persecution of the Church? Hum? (MN: None. I cannot turn away those who Christ is drawing. Add to that that I am actually warning believers away from men the Bible says are anathema. How many have you warned away from men how preach damnable heresies? How many have died without Christ as you sat there, saying nothing> Hmmm? )Oh yeah Mr. persecutor “only what’s done FOR Christ will last” not what’s done against Christ… if you don’t like church or who God chooses (MN: You are assuming God “shose” the person teaching heresies. I suggest the people chose him or her and that they are receiving exactly what they have chosen: Heresy and condemnation ) than stay your retarded ass (MN: And I’ll bet you call yourself a “Holy Ghost sanctified, spirit filled Christian.” No wonder you have so much trouble with what I say. You are very likely nothing more than a religious person who really has no meaningful relation with Christ. As a result, I will stop here and let you continue your rant alone. ) home and pray in your silk lined prayer closet where you can wave your sword the way you think it will scare satan and leave the body of Christ alone. I wish you would come to my church starting some crap. Mess with my pastor and i will clip your demonic wings you old Pharisaical geezer! Go Take a bath, put on some clean clothes and go to your psychiatrist to get you meds, the lady you sat beside said you smell like a pig sty… Take a seat clown and shut up before the Holy Spirit Shuts you down.

    (MN: Thank you. It was a wonderful, and totally nonsense rant. I haven’t been quite so entertained in quite a while. This is a Knee Jerk Reaction (KJR) on steriods. YOu are to be commended…and pitied from being so blind to the truth. )

  19. Grifton1964 Says:

    (MN: It’s always interesting to read responses from people like this. They tell you not to judge because that is acting like you are perfect, if not God. Then they proceed to…? That’s right? They then proceed to judge!!! You can’t make this kind of stuff up. )
    Is our Lord Jesus Christ not the biggest of big boys? Was he (Jesus) not also questioned for associating with individuals deemed sinners by they whom were whole and needed not a physician? (MN: Jesus was questioned and condemned for his association with sinners, sinners who welcomed the man who preached the Gospel. They were sick, they knew they were sick and they wanted to be made better. Those who condemned Jesus denied that they themselves were sick or blind. Thus Jesus told them that he came for the sick. But notice: John is not offering salvation to those who know they are sick. He is working with those who reject the truth of the Gospel and who, on a regular basis, take advantage of those who would, even in a distorted manner, follow Jesus. The two are not comparable. )
    All my life I have being waiting to meet the one without sin. Are you he? (MN: This is an irrelevant statement and question. I am not attempting stone these men [as the Old Testament says should be done with false prophets under the law]. I am being obedient to Jesus when he says we are to judge righteous judgment – that would be judgment based on the standards of Scripture. Paul says we are to be discerning [exercise judgment], Peter says we are to be discerning [exercise judgment]. When someone preaches a false gospel [such Jesus suffered in hell for your sins, God needs man, Jesus’ death on the cross didn’t pay for your sins, etc.] they are, according to Romans 16, to be called out, to be warned against. But perhaps you read that differently. I don’t see anything in Paul’s writings about him being perfect when he called out Peter for his hypocrisy (Galatians). Do you? )

    Is it really you God, striking these keys from the other side? Or is (M-a-N) like Micheal Jackson, “just wanna be starting something”? Your statements are a kind to those made by conservative talk show host when they are reminded of the fact that most of if not all, founders of the Constitution owned slaves.
    (MN: The following is an excellent redirect, ladies and gentlemen. But don’t fall for it. The issue here is not whether some of the founding fathers owned slaves or if the author of the comment thinks I sound like a conservative talk show host. The question is – do these men preach heresies and do they take advantage of the sheeple. Anything else is lazy thinking and a failure to address the issues at hand. I’ll leave it in, but only so you can see what a corrupt theological argument looks like. )
    They then answer by saying, slave owning should not define these great men. Their contributions to society and our Country by far out way their slave ownership. With that said, I don’t know pastor Jenkins personally and I am not in his congregation, but I have heard him speak and find him to be a bible teaching preacher. Now, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams (each by the way were professed “Authentic Christians” and as a fact, slave owners) and the boys are all gone on to judgment.
    Who then is so fit to associate with the men who you have deemed unworthy of association? Is it not Pastor Jenkins’ calling to minister to those who are not whole? Is it impossible for Pastor Jenkins to reach these men that you obviously have a disdain. Who told you that Pastor Jenkins’ agreed with these men’s behavior or accusations? (MN: He told me, both by his actions [appearing with them] and by his words [he teaches some of the same things. ] And let’s try to be consistent here.<strong>)

    How do you know that he did not offer them a good bible thumping sermon before he accepted the offer, during the play or after the play? (MN: And now you are just being desperate.<strong> )

    I will go you one further, I’ve heard that Pastor Jenkins has actually gone in to prison camps and ministered to crooks, thieves, rapists and murderers. (MN: And this is good. He should do that. But going to the prisons to preach the Gospel to the lost, or to encourage those who have come to Christ, is simply not the same as “ministering” with heretics and pimps. Surely even you can see the difference between the two. ) And some say that his congregation is made up of some, not totally, but some of the same. (MN: I am assuming you are not really as dense as your “examples would indicate. )
    His website boasts of a congregation that number in the thousands, each sermon every week. I bet with that many devoted followers there’s bound to be a whore or two, their pimp, gangsters, liars; cheats, homosexuals and all kinds of low live scum trying to get into heaven. At least they’re trying to save their souls. What you were trying to do? (MN: Again, your obtuseness seems to have no bounds. Your example would be applicable only if he had a known whore of thief working as an assistant pastor or an elder or a deacon. Do you see the difference? I hope so. )

    If God, who has known Satan from the start and from time to time speaks to him without animosity (Job 1: 8) where then is your place in all of your words? (MN: Romans 16:17 – draw attention to those who would preach another gospel )

    MN, let the pastor be and let God be God and you, you be a Man not the man.
    (MN:I would suggest that I call out the “pastor” when he goes against scripture in obedience to God and that you learn what it means to be a man of God and not just a ring in the nose follower of someone who claims to be a preacher of the Gospel. By the way: MN stands for Melvin’s Note. My name is Melvin Jones. )
    ____ God bless and peace be with you

  20. Renee Seegers Says:

    I am so happy that these so called self appointed Bishops, Pastors, Ministers, Prophets and etc. are being exposed. They have been teaching false doctrine for a very long time and it is now time for the people of God to help enlighten others in the body of Christ and to tell Christians to read their bibles and stop making the devil’s people rich by giving money and purchasing their demonic products..

    Jenkins works for satan and the people he hang around do as well. I have been to First Baptist Church of Glenarden several times and can attest to the fact that there is a lot of pride and false teaching.

    I recall one time when I attended a concert at the church where the guest singer made several devil hand signs as he sang and told the congregation to do the same, which I did not do, Jenkins was there and his wife.

  21. Blessed Woman Says:

    Please tell me where in the Bible does it say to belittle, demonize and put a microscope on people’s faults. (MN: I don’t demean, belittle, demonize, or put a microscope on people’s faults. Well, I do belittle a little – Just like Elijah [1 Kings 18:27] ) . It says to LOVE them (MN: Actually, it does not say to love them in their sin. It says to correct them, to judge righteous judgment.) and there is no love in your posts at all. You are coming from a place of superiority as if you have never a made a mistake and are somehow given the duty to speak poorly of others because they are in the public eye (MN: You mean like Paul did when Peter played the hypocrite? ). You have taken one verse to stop wayward shepherds and you are running with it . But how many times does the Bible say to love one anothers? God clearly says you will know my people by their love (MN: It also says you will know them by teir fruit, their teaching. These pimps do not have good fruit. They teach heresies and fleece the sheep.), how are you demonstrating it (MN: What I am demonstrating is a love for the sheep, not the wolves who would devour them.)? Just so we are clear, love is patient, kind and has no agenda and is supppsed to be for all. Where is your love in these posts? Did the Holy Spirit instruct you to do this? Please tell me where is the love, kindness, patience and humility that we are charged to demonstrate as Christians? Please show me where you exemplify this in your posts (MN: Throughout the postings. I love the sheep and don’t wish to see them devoured. I love the true teachers of the Gospel and not those who would use it to their gain or lead others to their destruction. Certainly I love the wolves. But not in the same manner that I love the Christians. )? I look forward to your response.

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