You Know You’re Being Pimped – An Addendum

Earlier, I posted an article on how to tell if you are being pimped by your pastor.  Cop has provided an update to that list in light of the events with Mr. Gilyard. 

If any of these things happen, pay attention:

When the only person they can find to teach the word is a convicted child molester, you’re probably being pimped. 

If your pastor’s picture appears on the church bulletin & America’s Most Wanted in the same week, you’re probably being pimped.

If your youth pastor has to teach Sunday school by way of skype – oh wait!  I’m sure he isn’t allowed to contact children on the internet either.  Never mind. 

If the guest speaker at your church has to leave early so he can get to his mandatory sex counseling session as a condition of his parole, you might be getting pimped.

12 Responses to “You Know You’re Being Pimped – An Addendum”

  1. Pearson Says:

    But Melvin (with tears and sobbing) are we not suppose to be FORGIVING?! Jesus says we are to not judge one another. How can you be so mean toward the man of God? (Did I cover the basic response?)

    (MN: Effectively and efficiently. I feel sufficiently rebuked. )

  2. Cop Says:

    I was wondering what were the church leaders looking for when they received this man resume among others.

    ” We could hire the married father of 2 with a degree in theology,


    the young man who grew up in our church and cares for the people in the body.



    Tough choice. SMH

  3. zombiesnthechurch Says:

    It is sad but so true…..and as long as the “men of God” are allowed to operate by different standands than the women and men of God then you will always have ZOMBIES allowing ‘pimping’ preachers to teach them and lead them…and actually they aren t being ‘lead’ as much as they are being DICTATED to…..and yes there is a difference but so many don t pay that any attention…and if this America becomes a communist country it wil BEGIN right inside so many of todays institutionalized churches……

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Please do not call these people men of God.

    • mhjones2001 Says:

      Don’t worry. He doesn’t consider them to be men of God. He’s referring to the view the foolish hold that the supposed man of God is measured by a different, much looser standard than the average man running for dog catcher.

  5. blackapologist Says:

    So are we to believe that a child molester and registered sex offender is a “Man of God?” Wow! Black people are amazing and we wonder why other ethnic groups question our intellectual acumen!

  6. Ebony Says:

    If your pastor has to end church early so he can turn himself into the police for refusal to pay his child support. You are being pimped! – Sad thing is that this a true story! No lie the judge has allowed this Pastor in a small town to pastor his church on Sunday and to return to jail afterwards every week!!!

  7. flamingsword60 Says:

    May I ask? What do you think of a pastor who asks two of his congregants who are extremely poor, (one is a college student and the other is on disability) to let him sell them both insurance policies and in the event of their demise, the church would receive money from the policies?
    This pastor is also the insurance agent, doesn’t this sounds like a pimping pimp daddy (pr) eacher to you?

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