Why Do I Call Them Pulpit Pimps?

Some words are by nature ugly words.  Rape has no good connotations.  Neither do “murder”, “incest” or “bestiality.”  Another word of the same nature is “pimp.”  It’s an ugly word that speaks of abuse, sexual destruction, and a complete denial of human dignity.  It represents the complete distortion of sex, that great gift of God to man and turns that gift into a tawdry activity that should best be hidden in the night.

So, why do I refer to the supposed men (and women) of God who grace the pages of this website as Pulpit Pimps?  And of course the follow-on question is:  should I make my complaints against these men and women public?  Or is that some how against the teachings of scripture?  You know, the usual knee-jerk reaction of “Touch not God’s anointed” or “Don’t put your mouth on the man of God.” Am Ibeing judgmental to rail against them? Am Ibeing disobedient if I post information about them?

First things first:  Why do I call them pimps?

Consider the definition and tactics of a pimp.  A pimp is a man who lives off of the efforts of others, almost always women.  And he does this through the use of a specific tool-set.  An article on a site maintained by Prostitution Research and Education (PRE) does a good job of describing that tool-set.  Here’s a paragraph from the site:

An examination of the power dynamics between pimp and prostitute clearly illustrates how the tactics of power and control used to recruit and keep a woman trapped in prostitution closely parallels those used by batterers to ensure the compliance of their wives or intimate partners. The batterer uses tactics of power and control to dominate his partner within the context of an intimate relationship. The pimp uses similar strategies to exploit the prostitute economically. These tactics include isolation of the woman; minimization and denial of her abuse; the exertion of male privilege; threats and intimidation; and emotional, sexual, and physical abuse. 

Several things stand out in the paragraph:

  1. Isolation of the women (or men, for that matter) – The pulpit pimps pretty much separates the person from any other non-pimping source.  They tell the congregant that he or she is God’s mouthpiece, that you should listen to them and only them.
  2. They exert a privilege.  But instead of a male privilege, it’s the privilege of the “anointed”.  The oft abused and twisted phrase “touch not God’s anointed” is regularly applied to them and by them with the implied threat of spiritual destruction if you dare to disagree with them.  You’re seen as one who is against the very program of God if you disagree.  And you are in danger of hell fire if you dare speak out against the doctrines and practices of the “anointed” men and women (or as I prefer to call them “pimps and pimpettes”).
  3. The pulpit pimp consistently appeals to the congregant’s fear and desire for security.  Their favorite phrase?  Bless the man of God and God will bless you.
  4. Pulpit pimps play down their scriptural and spiritual abuse of the congregants.  When I approached one to warn him that he is teaching error as if it was actually contained in Scripture, he pointed out that the congregants could read the Bible on their own, knowing full well they were not going to check on what he said.  When I pressed him to turn from the teaching, he said it’s just a matter of us interpreting Scripture differently.  And of course, he had been ministering for 25 years.

I told you about a fellow who attends First Baptist Church of Glenarden on the Kettering (FBCBotK) pastored by John Kenneth Jenkins Sr.  Not only did he and his wife fall prey to the “ministry” at FBCGotK, he has also fallen prey to a second pimp who calls himself a prophet.  His wife, hoping to become a licensed minister left FBCGotK and became a part of the second church.  And she tithes there.

Despite my friend’s efforts to get his wife to leave the prophet’s church and re-join him at FBCGotK, the “prophet” has refused to counsel my friend’s wife to leave.  And I don’t blame him.  The woman represents free money.  All he has to do is stand at the pulpit and make religious sounding noises.  The people at the church then give him lots and lots of money.  They’ll probably even wash his car and clean his house if he promises to make them armor bearers.

Of course, if they refuse to give him their hard-earned money, he threatens them.  You know the threat:  If you don’t tithe, you are robbing God.  If you rob God, the devourer will come and take away all you have.  You just got a flat tire?  It’s because you are robbing God.  Got an unexpected bill?  You shouldn’t rob God.  You should give to the church so the pastor can accomplish his vision – a bigger church building with more people and more money coming in.

Unlike the street pimp, the relation between the Pulpit Pimp and the congregant doesn’t include sex or physical abuse.  But I would be lying to you if I said it never happened.  Ask some of the folks from the Church of God in Christ (COGIC) what they think of some of their pastors and bishops, a couple of phrases I apply to their leaders with some liberality.

But, you ask, isn’t calling them pimps and pimpettes needlessly disrespectful?  To answer that I have to go to Scripture.  What does God say about the men and women who fleece the flock, who devour them instead of feeding them?

 Jeremiah, in chapter 23, verses 1 and 2 rails against the  “shepherds that destroy and scatter his flock”.  When you consider what the false doctrines being presented by the people does to marriages, families, and faith, they are a set of men and women, not only to be exposed, but to be spoken against in the strongest of terms.

1 Timothy 6, verses 3 though 5 calls them depraved men.  Jesus calls them ravenous wolves (Matt 7:15).   In Acts 20:29-30 Paul refers to them as savage wolves

Should you pray for people like Creflo Dollar, Ken Copeland, and Joel Osteen?  Certainly, just like you should pray for the street pimp named BigMo and Brown Sugar, his prostitute.  Like the street pimp, the pulpit pimp is seeking money and power (1 Tim 6:5).  And just like the street pimp, the pulpit pimp is doomed to fail in finding the power or riches promised the average obedient Christian (Acts 1:8;  Romans 1:16; Ephesians 1:7).  Worse than that, the pulpit pimp, like Big Mo (if he dies in his sins) will open his eyes in hell, separated from the love of God forever.  But at least Big Mo had an idea of what was going to happen to him before he closed his eyes in death.

15 Responses to “Why Do I Call Them Pulpit Pimps?”

  1. TONEE Says:

    Are all successful men of God pimps?

    (MN: No. But of course it depends on what you mean by “successful.” Is a mega-church pastor automatically a pimp? No. Is a mega-church pastor who uses pimp tactics to get you there and keep you thee a pimp? Yes. Is a man or woman who preaches another gospel to attract you a pulpit pimp? Yes. )

    What is that to say about the sincere ones that are poor and living mouth to mouth every Sunday,working three jobs and a Church?

    (MN: What is to be said is that these men don’t see the Gospel as a source of gain. They are looking after the sheep, not fleecing the sheeple. And I think you mean “hand to mouth”. )

    For once and for all, is not God rich in blessing and abundant or is he a poor, weak talking God that has begging children? Judge a man by his works not by his wealth.

    (MN: Judging them by their works is exactly what I am doing. The men who preach heresies and ear-tickling fables have awful works. And they use those works to build wealth, not to edify the congregation. Their works: Greed, avarice, anger, lying, heresies, immorality, pride, etc. By your own standard we should warn the sheeple away from these men and women. A big church does not a holy man make. And the pastor of a little church may just be a pimp in the making. Look at their fruit – the lives, the doctrine the preach, the maturity of the congregation. )

    We have made wealth a bad word in our Black churches and kept our people,poor,faithless, unbelievers!I would rather be sold Hope than poverty any day.

    (MN: Okay, let me try to help you understand. But I need you to be quiet and listen. You only have to listen for a moment, but you do need to listen.

    There is nothing intrinsically wrong with being wealthy. Jesus doesn’t condemn it. The old testament doesn’t condemn it and the new testament doesn’t condemn it. However, seeking wealth by way of preaching the Gospel is condemned. Treating preaching and pastoring like a business is a recipe for spiritual disaster. Should I seek to become wealthy by building a big church with a lot of people? No. If the church is growing, should I keep all the people in one place so I can live comfortably off of them? No. Split the church up and get rid of a bunch of folks by sending them out into the community. Should I live hand to mouth as a preacher? Probably not. I also need to provide for my family.

    The issue isn’t wealth. The issue is wealth at the expense of the sheeple, bringing in sheeple in order to feed the coffers. )

    Maybe real preacher as some have the ability to call out, should learn to “pimp preach” so the their members will grow in grace and faith. Not off chicken dinners and women Day programs! (MN: Dude, that last paragraph made no sense. )

  2. Henry Says:

  3. Anonymous Says:

    It’s like a disease. The citizens of this country are stricken with this sense of entitlement to all the best and none of the bad. What’s worse is that men and women professing to follow the King make claims (that people take as gold) that they are supposed to be rich because their “god” is rich and abundant in blessings. The Scriptures in no way teach that believers will certainly be rich in this life. And understand something T, by biblical standards, americans are rich.

    Paul actutually speaks of seeking after wealth as being “suicidal”. No he doesn’t actually say the word “suicidal” but the language used in that passage in 1 Tim. is that strong.

    Oh that people would wake up to the glory that is forever God’s! Believers are not called to a life of comfortable living, ease, and stress-less days, but one of sacrifice, selflessness, service, and a willingness to be least of all. (check anyone of the gospels if you want some kind of reference for that last line)

    My prayer as of late has been that God would increase my capacity to serve and live a life that is full of Gospel-driven compassion that serves the body, and agressively pursues those outside the body. I lack them both (compassion and service) but God is rich and faithful with blessing us with these gifts.


    How’s the book Melvin?

    • TONEE Says:

      Religion and Preaching without results are empty words. You can preach to me every Sunday about going to Heaven and my life is in Hell and poverty then I would do better to stay home!

      (MN: What is the purpose of preaching? Take a look at Romans 10:

      14 How then will they call on Him in whom they have not believed? How will they believe in Him awhom they have not heard? And how will they hear without ba preacher?
      15 How will they preach unless they are sent? Just as it is written, “aHow beautiful are the feet of those who 1bbring good news of good things!”
      16 However, they adid not all heed the 1good news; for Isaiah says, “bLord, who has believed our report?”
      17 So faith comes from ahearing, and hearing by bthe word 1of Christ.
      18 But I say, surely they have never heard, have they? Indeed they have;
      “Their voice has gone out into all the earth,
      And their words to the ends of the 1world.”

      Once a person is saved, what is the purpose of preaching? It is for the edification of the saints (1 Cor 14:12). Are you supposed become physically rich as a result? Hardly. Otherwise, the Apostles and every persecuted saint thoughout history really got it wrong.

      Preaching is one of the means God uses to bring people into the body of Christ. Preaching is one of the primary means God uses to aid the believer in growing as a Christian.

      Does the preacher preach to help people become rich? IF so, why would a preacher preach in a country in which Christians are persecuted? The only thing that will happen there is the people’s lives will be miserable. )

      God’s people are rich in blessing and the Light to the world! You can’t be a light without being an example. No one smart enough wants a leader that preaches prosperity and blessing and lives a run-down life. The black Church has failed to inspire people to get up and do better and contribute and get a part of the life that is so richly enjoyed by sinners! The sinners has stolen the wealth ,hope and dreams of the Saints! Such close minded thinking about wealth has kept us poor until we get to heaven!

      (MN: Your thinking is incredibly confused. God doesn’t want us to be an example in physical riches. He wants us to be examples of Christ. He wants us to be the sweet aroma of the Gospel. He wants us to be living epistles to the unsaved by our holy living, not an example to the unsaved on physical prosperity. We should live quiet lives, frugal lives, and lives that give glory to the HOLINESS Of God. The pimps [and you apparently] sell God as the source of physical riches, basically a cosmic Automatic Teller Machine. )

  4. zombiesnthechurch Says:

    There is no other word that can give a more accurate description for so many of todays so called pastors but PIMPS IN THE PULPITS…people seem to not acknowledge the fact that ALL men/women of God that call themselves pastors are NOT called men/women of God..the old saying some WERE sent by God but others just went!..in todays institutionized church (IC) the focus has been removed from the Master and has turned into infatuation with the pastors….when you have a pastor to stand up ‘flat-footed’ and tell his congregation your purpose for being here is to support the ministry of me and wife and IF you get God while doing so then that all right–I say WHAT THE H***? And wonder why those people did not get up and RUN to the nearest exit? And as long as there are ZOMBIES that continue to support the pimping from the pulpits they are giving the go-ahead for other awaiting/in the making pimps that are being ‘groomed’ to step right up and continue on!

  5. Trey Harris Says:

    Sorry Melvin, I didn’t identify myself. I’m Trey Harris, the guy who suggested the book: The Decline of African American Theology by Thabiti Anyabwile. I was just wondering how your reading was coming along, if you’ve even had a chance to begin reading it at all.

    (MN: it’s in the queue and I am hustling to get to it. The very title offended one of my friends. It was fun to watch. )

    In response to Tonee:

    You are convinced that God wants and desires you to be wealthy. I challenge you to do a study on church history and look at all the saints that came before us (those that preach Christ, and Him crucified, not those that preach man, and him glorified). There are so many periods in the 2000 year history of the new testament church where belivers proclaimed the Risen Messiah unto death and endless hardships!! So that those that came after them would be encouraged to stand strong in the promises of Jesus that His disciples will be hated for His namesake!! You really think Jesus took the cross so you could ride bentleys and maybachs? Or that the fruit of the cross is material excess? May it never be!!!!

    The foxes have holes, the birds have nests, but even the Son of Man…………………….

  6. JC Says:

    Melvin, I agree that the purpose of following Christ is not for the presents. So many people allow the pimps to manipulate them into thinking that God owes you the right to be rich. I do believe that God will bless his people…..but when God blesses you, you are to be a blessing to others.(when was the last time you seen any pimp give back to his congregation?) He promised to supply our every need, and at times he gives us our hearts desires, but those desires won’t cause us to stop serving God who blessed us with it.

  7. renee Says:

    Hello, I read your website from time to time and enjoy it often. I must say however you seem to have somewhat of a unnatural infactuation with this Rev Jenkins character. I understand u don’t agree with his theological views but there seems to be a hatefulness and an obsession with this man and his ministry on your part that is a bit much. While you sometimes state the offending action or comment uttered by Jenkins, you don’t always do that which makes it appear u just dislike the man for some other reason. U may want to really be prayful about whether your actions are truly the will of God in regards to Jenkins.

    (MN: Actually, I don’t question his character any more than I do the others. I know more about him since I was there for about seven years. And, hey, let’s face it, I am experiencing effects of the pimps through him. But and obsession with him? Hardly.

    As far as quoting them? Sometimes it is the action and not words. For instance, if he brings T. Dexter in to speak, I won’t necessarily quote John on anything. After all, he didn’t say anything.

    But gosh, you actually sound kind of like a fan of his. Are you? You should check on that and see if it’s God’s will for you to be a part of that church and contribute to one who preaches doctrine contrary to that which was delivered once and for all to the saints. )

    • TONEE Says:

      I am beginnning to see a pattern from the comments written here that anyone that disagrees with this Editor or her Editorial get cut down and nearly accused and insulted.

      (MN: So where have I cut you down? I have asked you questions such as “You understand that you just went through a series of doctrinal issues, right?” And I said you seem like the kind of person who prefers religion to Christianity. In all of your talking, you rarely, if ever refer to Scripture. Most of your statements relate to how you feel, and what you think is right – not what Scripture says. You made it sound as if we should be united in some feeling of service to the community and don’t seem to recognize that we are to be united in the Truth. How was this accusative or insulting? Can you show me where you have referred to Scripture in context? )

      Sound like typical religious behavior and name calling that has been going on in the Black Churches more in the past ten years.

      (MN: So where have I called you names? I have certainly disagreed with you but names? Or are you talking about me calling you religious but not being able to stand a strong Bible based church? )

      If I don’t agree with you then my behavior or comment is not Christian or in the teaching of Christ.

      (MN: At least be honest. I have not made much of any statement about your comments. I have, however, presented from Scripture why I disagree with your comment. That is called contending for the faith once delivered to the saints. It’s what Paul tells us we are supposed to do. )

      Oh ,I wonder how many times Jesus was accused of being a devil, anti-establishment,radical and the names go on and on. The more we appear to be holy,the further we are from it. No Thanks to traditional Sunday Service!

      (MN: And how many times did Jesus accuse the leaders of being hypocrites, foul graves and cups that were clean on the outside and dirty on the inside. How many times did he tell them they were being religion and missing the real issues. It’s the same thing I’m doing. It seems to me you have a problem with standing on the Bible based doctrine. Be specific – what have I said to you that could be classified as name calling? And you are quite right: I want nothing to do with traditional church. It was the members of the traditional temple who got Jesus killed. )

  8. ZionFreak (@ZionFreak77) Says:

    Except, You SHOULD NOT PRAY FOR THEM! Such a prayer would be a stench and abomination in the nostrils of a HOLY GOD!

  9. SidneyW Says:

    Not sure if it went through the first time but Melvin, Did you hear Creflo Dollar was arrested for choking his daughter?

    (MN: Several people have mentioned this. However, until the legal system is done with him, I’m not going to say much. I don’t like the things he does to those who profess to follow Christ. But I can’t say more about him until the justice system has completed it machinations. His doctrine and stupid sayings – no problem. His personal life? The same standard I set for Fast Eddie. )

  10. strawgert Says:

    They don’t deserve respect, They are a bunch of no good, sinful, deceitful people; and in my opinion, no different from Satan himself! They OUGHT to be revealed!

    • Anonymous Says:

      Everybody deserve Respect! I wonder where we would be had God label us and reveal But we forget to fogive others and not be too judgmental!ed our sins.But thank God while we were yet sinners Christ died for us!

  11. Anonymous Says:

    You must not remember the scripture where God struck Miriam with leprosy because she spoke against Moses even in his wrong. The word of God says, ‘Touch not my anointed, do my prophet no harm.” So, you really ought to watch what you say about the man of God. If he is guilty of any wrong doing then God will take care of him.

    Also, you are very wrong about Pastor John & Trina. I know them both personally and I know them to be very caring, giving and thoughtful people. You speak only of hearsay or what your friend’s friend’s sister’s aunt told you. It will come back to bite you on the tail eventually. You are 100% wrong.

    I hope you have a great day.

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