Pretty Peggy Update – 3 October 2012


Since many of you have expressed an interest in Peggy’s progress since the fall, every once in a while I publish a PPU, or Pretty Peggy Update.  This is just such a update. 

As most of you know, Peggy fell down the stairs about two and a half years ago, during the snowstorms that are now referred to as Snowmageddon.  We’ve spent the last two years working our way back toward normal.  One of the barriers to that was a malady called Frozen Shoulder, or Adhesive Capsulitus.  Basically, because of inactivity, the joint (in this case the shoulder) freezes up more and more, exhibiting less and less range of motion. 

When she fell, the damage to her neck and just the overall stress on her body, exacerbated the Multiple Sclerosis (MS).  While her left side was already weak, the fall and the brush with Central Cord Syndrome (CCS) further reduced her use of the left arm.  As a result, the joint began freezing.  After a while, she was unable to lift her arm even to the point that it was straight out, or level with the should without experiencing excruciating pain. 

Her orthopedic surgeon, at Kaiser, recommended a “manipulation” of the shoulder.  We agreed, had the procedure done, and have been doing physical therapy since.  The photo shows the progress we have experienced since the surgery.  Notice she is able to move (the muscle are no longer strong enough to lift the are on its own) the arm well past horizontal with only discomfort.  She can raise it all the way above her head if she is willing to endure the previously mentioned excruciating pain. 

By the way, after the fall, when she was doing rehab on some of the equipment, the tech and PT specialists had to literally tie her hands to the handles because she didn’t have the strength to hold them. 

Notice she’s using a wheel chair.  Any time we are going to be walking any great distance, we use the wheelchair rather than the walker.

As a side note, we had ceased the diet (it’s very boring for her) and went back to normal eating.  She had a downturn in MS symptoms.  So we started using Avonex, another MS protocol.  It shut her body down completely and we had to spend six hours in the emergency room.  As a result, we have re-initiated the MS diet – this time with the same strictness we used in the first effort that did so well. 

As a favor, if you know Peggy, encourage her to stay on the diet and to do the exercises, agressively.

6 Responses to “Pretty Peggy Update – 3 October 2012”

  1. PPP Says:

    Please tell your wife never to give up. I have MS. Had to give up Pastoring but never on GOD. Preach Preacher Preach

  2. Luis De Jesus Says:

    Praying for your lovely Bride my Brother. I had a manipulation for frozen shoulder but then needed surgery.

  3. walksbyf8h Says:

    Hi Mel,

    I will pray for Peggy. I’ve been there with the frozen shoulder. It is no joke! When someone would simply bump into my shoulder, I thought I’d faint from the pain. I hope that the manipulation will work for her as it did for me. It took some time though.

    You’re both in my prayers and please, brother, pray for me. I’m in surgery November 12. Sigh. Halleluyah anyhow!


  4. renee Says:

    I will keep Pretty Peggy in my prayers! May God keep and continue to sustain you both as you regain you strength, and do maintain your diet Mrs Peggy. I know it is probably not the tastiest, but it will keep you healthy!!

  5. Independent Conservative Says:

    Melvin, brother, continue holding fast in the work the Lord has given you in your home. I cannot imagine how difficult is must be to manage these tasks, but God does have a reward for your faithfulness. A reward that far exceeds any stress you face today. And it’s better than the Bently the pimps drive too 😀 . I’ll be praying for your wife.

    Far as diet, I personally now hold to the Mediterranean Diet, which is basically a diet that even people with issues such as MS are recommended to do. It can get boring, and I recommend getting a Super Wave Oven if you don’t already have one. (Super Wave Oven, NuWave Oven, FlavorWave Oven are all the same if you have any of these.) With this, you can prepare healthy meals that taste good and do it quickly. Air Fried Chicken in the Super Wave Oven taste much the same as when it’s fried in fatty grease. (Only downside is that you still have to use white flour based coating for the best taste, as you would with grease frying. And spaying the exterior of the floured chieck with a little Pam helps it air fry over well. But still better for your health than the grease immersed stuff. Even better if you can find a spayer to spray virgin olive oil instead of Pam, still will taste good.) But here’s an example of things you can do with the Super Wave Oven. You can take a frozen fat free chicken breast fillet, coat it in some virgin olive oil (which is the good oil to use), sprinkle some Ms. Dash over that (sodium free) and put on the grill top rack at 400 degrees F for about 15 minutes. It will fully cook from frozen in that short time and be ready to eat. If your wife likes fried fish, air fried fish taste great, I eat it all the time. It’s great for grilling fish without the coating too, super healthy with some virgin olive oil and sodium free seasoning. Plenty more you can do. You can find their informercial material all over the web. But the Super Wave Oven is cheapeast if you buy it over at your local Sam’s Club store. Feel free to mail me if you’d like to discuss further, since this was initially a bit of effort for me, but I’ve got to the point with a change in diet where I don’t want to go back to the old “eat anything” style of living. The Super Wave oven making it easy has helped a whole lot in that transition.

  6. Danny Says:

    Melvin: hope and pray you and your wife are helped + healed asap!

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