See, I Told You So


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Not to quote one of my favorite conservative commentators, but: “See, I told you so.”

I told you Mr. Obama, our president, is anti-Christian. I told you that Mr. Obama, our president, is the most aggressively pro-abortion president we have ever had. I told you that Mr. Obama is the most aggressively pro-LGBT president we have ever had. But you sheeple out there, the ones who claim to be obedient and mature Christians pooh-poohed the idea. You said “No Melvin. Mr. Obama is a Christian. He’s a man of God. He is going to work for us (“us” being Black people)”. I’ll save the litany of his actions that have done just the opposite for a later article.

I warned you that Mr. Obama and his fellow progressives are going to make it very difficult for the Christian to exercise his or her conscience. You pooh-poohed that as well. But a week ago (21 January 2013), Mr. Obama, our president, on an international stage, put the force of the Presidency behind the idea that they way you choose to have sex is as immutable as skin color and gender. Homosexual practices, according to Mr. Obama, our president, should have the full protection of the law.

The citizens of Maryland (dumbed down by the education system and easily duped by the proponents of equating homosexual liaisons with marriage) have already placed homosexuality on the same footing as heterosexuality. It’s not going to be too long before parents will be accused of teaching bigotry and hate if the parents teach their children that homosexuality is a sin, just like adultery, stealing, and lying. Attempts to shame the parents and the children will increase. They will be treated like people who make racist comments.

Get ready for the pressure to start against orthodox churches. Your pastor preaches that homosexuality is a sin? Expect the government to pay them a visit and discuss their tax exempt standing. Your church gets funding from outside sources? Expect them to go away as homosexual activists protest against the companies contributing money. Remember, the Susan Kommen organization got hot oil poured on them just for contributing to a pro-life organization. And who could ignore the attempt at filleting Chick-Fil-A? You think your contributors will be any less a target to these ideological Terminators?

You professing Christians who have been exercising what at best could be called “easy believism” are about to experience at least a taste of what Christians have been experiencing outside the border of the United States. More and more often, you are going to have to decide which is more important: dull, boring doctrine and all that goes with it, or skin color, tradition, and cheap theatrics.

Our nation has, over the last forty years, killed fifty million (50,000,000) babies. That’s more than the populations of many countries. Currently, we are in the process of killing almost eight hundred thousand (800,000) babies a year. And, just as a note to you Afro-centric Christians, the ones who have pictures of Malcolm X, Mandella, and others on prominent display in your sanctuaries, almost half of those babies are Black. Let me put that in clearer terms – every year, Planned Parenthood facilitates the destruction of four hundred thousand (400,000) Black babies. Mr. Obama, our president, has made sure that Planned Parenthood, the folks who have facilitated the killing of 400,000 Black babies a year, continues to get funding from the federal government. Yet many of you Black Christians, enamored by the idea of a Black president, have voted a second time to put this man in office. Margaret Sanger would be pleased at how well the garden is being weeded by the weeds themselves.

Times are getting tough. They will continue to get tougher. And when the federal or state or local government comes knocking on your door to shut you down and shut you up, you will have only yourselves to blame. And you won’t even have Jesus Christ to comfort you. You kicked Him out of your church a long, long time ago

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  1. David Gough Says:

    Thanks for expressing what I, a white pastor in a multi-ethnic church, find at times difficult to say.

    (MN: Not a problem sir. The members aren’t always willing to hear what they need to hear. Drop race on top of that and you get even more muddling. )

  2. TONEE Says:

    This politics! Homosexuals were around long before Obama came into office. You can’t blame him for the entire Gay movement.Though his point of view is not christian ,that does not make him any less a Christian than one that comes to church and still engage in sinful practices of somme kind. He is just a man and the bible predict these times will come. So should we be shocked?

    (MN: Certainly homosexuals have been around long before Obama came into office. And I don’t blame him for the homosexual movement. But what I do accuse him of is putting the force of the Federal government behind a push to approve it as normal in American society. Practicing sinful behavior certainly does indicate that a person is not a Christian. to quote Romans, chapter 6 – how can we who have died to sin, still live in it. In other words, if you live in sin you have not died to sin and you are not saved. So yes, a man telling me that he believes there is no difference between to men expressing their lust sexually and a husband and wife expressing their love is a man who does not have the Spirit of God living in him.

    Finally, do I sound as if I am shocked? I have been telling folks to get ready for at least the last five years. And I’m usually directing it at folks like you, those who are so blind to the facts of Christianity that even at this point you are will to suggest that he is a Christian. And you still use the same excuse: Well, every body sins. That doesn’t mean they’re not Christians. )

  3. Lady Jaye Says:

    While I DON’T disagree, I have come to believe that the law of God is written in our hearts and not in the legislation. People who aren’t Christian are under no obligation to follow the word of God and will have to account to him for that someday (so will we all). I guess that is why issues surrounding gay marriage being legal or abortion never really bother me. Perhaps liberal education has done a number on me, but that is how I feel. Whether or not the legislation is put in place, the heart and minds of the nation have turned against the Lord. Putting it in writing only codifies what is being done.

    • Keith L. Tolbert Says:

      So then, why not throw out all the laws and just let God sort ’em out? God created government with the expectation that they would govern justly (ie according to His laws) and punish evil-doers. What you are espousing here is a direct dereliction of the government’s God-given responsibility.

      • Lady Jaye Says:

        Why exactly are you talking like you are referring to a group of people who give a damn about whatever God’s expectation is in anything? If you don’t believe in God, God’s expectation doesn’t mean anything to you. Not just in marriage, but in everything. For those who believe, we are behooved to do as the Lord directs. For everyone else…..not at all.

        • Keith L. Tolbert Says:

          People who aren’t Christian ARE under an absolute obligation to follow the Word of God, just as we are. That is precisely why they will be called to account before Him someday. And we who are Christians are obligated to exhort our government to righteousness. Their response is out of our control; but we certainly should not be indifferent.

          The watchman on the wall is obligated to sound the alarm.

    • Keith L. Tolbert Says:

      See Romans 13 . . .

    • Thomas Georgetown Says:

      Lady Jayne, abortion does not bother you? I understand we will never get it overturned, at least I don’t think so, but to see a holocaust happening ought to bother all of us and effect how we vote. There is no scripture to back this up but I can’t help but believe God would rather we vote like abortion bothers us more than our economical well-being and what the government does for us in other ways. Otherwise we are no better than the Germans who did see the smoke coming from over the hill and knew not to ask what it was from lest it be confirmed.

      (MN: “the smoke coming from over the hill…” An outstanding image. And so appropriate. )

  4. tee jay Says:

    Why do some women have abortions? Is the presence of Planned Parenthood in the vicinity of where they live an enticement? Or does Planned Parenthood make some women get abortions?

    Tee Jay

    (MN: A better question might be: Why does Planned Parenthood establish clinics in or near minority areas? Why do they only provide counseling on abortions and not adoptions? No one makes a woman have an abortion. But they can work hard to make sure the women don’t consider alternatives. And to do so in Black neighborhoods just seems so obvious.

    Prostitutes don’t make the John engage in sex. But she does hang around areas where she is a lot more likely to find clients.

    But remember, the issue in this post is not does Obama make women have abortions. It’s why would you consider a pro-abortion, pro-homosexual man to be a Christian? )

  5. CAAD Says:

    And we who classify ourselves as African Americans wonder why our children are dying at a much higher rate than others in our nation. 20 children die in a horrible incident in Conn, but how many inner city children died in US cities last year? And not a peep from this Obama friendly media, because it’s expected! When are we going to wake up and see this is the very worst President we’ve ever had. Not to mention he’s the very first President who did not reference GOD, Christ or any diety in his inauguration speech!

    • tee jay Says:


      I live in Chicago in an area that has gunfire every day. The killings are not only in the local media, but it also reaches national media.

      Are you suggesting that Obama is the worst President we’ve had because black people are being killed in cities (including a 15 year old girl this week blocks from Obama’s home)?

      (MN: Try to follow the point. He is the worst president in terms of the promotion of ungodly behavior and in terms of doing things that don’t help Blacks at all. No president before him, not even the worst of the Progressives, have done what he is doing to the moral fiber of our society. Though you could argue that what progressives did before him made it possible for him to do what he is doing. And yes, you could argue that neither Roosevelt nor Wilson did anything to help, and lots of things to hurt, Blacks. But even they didn’t openly promote what has amounted to genocide. )

      Also, I just skimmed over the inauguration speech, and I counted five instances where President Obama mentioned God. Can you explain what you meant by him being the first president who didn’t reference God, Christ or any diety? What context are you talking about?

      (MN: I listened to it when he gave it. And you are right, he did speak of God. Then he went on to promote the very things God is opposed to, saying such things as a man choosing to have sex with another man is equally acceptable to God as a man choosing to have sex with his wife. Sorry. You don’t get to call yourself a Christian with that kind of rhetoric. And you’re not being homophobic (just obedient to Christ) if you object to it. )

      Peace and blessings

      (MN: I’ve been fairly patient. But this is your last off topic comment. Staty on topic or…no more postings for you! )

  6. cryloudsparenot Says:

    This type of rhetoric mr jones can get you lynched……by black folk! We cry over spilled milk while the cow is being slaughtered. That is when a person of color is killed by a white person the race pimps appear like hoards.but let the same man lynch a black person in the womb and the race pimps disappear. How good it must be for klanned parenthood…lynch a negroe and get paid!!!

    (MN: With your permission, I would like to start using that. Klanned Parenthood. Too funny and, sadly, too true. )

    • Concerned Says:

      Well said ‘Cryloudsparenot’! Ironically ‘Klanned Parenthood’ is the perfect moniker. I’m not sure how to ‘globalize’ that expression since ‘KP’ is an equal non opportunity destroyer. They don’t discriminate. Hmm, I wonder if a confused woman would come into KP say,’Hmm, what if I was to raise it as a homosexual.’ I wonder if they’d pause.

    • tee jay Says:


      The original KKK was used not for the purpose of genocide, but to keep black folks in their place for economical reasons after the Emancipation Proclamation and Reconstruction.

      (MN: And PP was founded to get rid of black folk before you had to put a noose around their necks. Let’s see: The KKK killed maybe, maybe 2000 people, Black and white. Ms. Sanger’s organization has killed over 20 million Blacks. You really want to compare the two? It’s even worse that Blacks don’t have to be forced to enable the destruction. They have been dumbed down and willingly walk into the destruction. Same thing with Whites, Hispanics, and others. )

      “kp” is an organization that counsels women with unwanted pregnancies–giving them the option to raise the child, give the child up for adoption, or abort the child.

      The KKK forced the noose around black folks neck.

      “kp” is not forcing any one to get an abortion.

      The KKK actually went and gathered up black people to lynch.

      “kp” doesn’t drag pregnant mothers to the surgical table.

      And would you consider a person who has been born who is lynched by a white man “spilled milk”, while an aborted baby is the slaughtering of the cow? Very questionable analogy my friend 🙂

      Peace and blessings

  7. tee jay Says:

    (MN: A better question might be: Why does Planned Parenthood establish clinics in or near minority areas? Why do they only provide counseling on abortions and not adoptions? No one makes a woman have an abortion. But they can work hard to make sure the women don’t consider alternatives. And to do so in Black neighborhoods just seems so obvious.

    tee jay: The original question is still worth considering even if abortion and adoption were options that are/were presented (never been in a planned parenthood facility, but I checked their website and it appears that they list adoption as one of the options for unplanned pregnancy; they don’t advertise themselves as an adoption agency, but they have resources on adoption). (MN: Actually, the question is not worth considering in this posting. See the bottom of the posting for more information. ) Again, what would make someone not want to have a child that is in their womb? And how did you determine that Planned Parenthood is more of a presence in black areas than white areas?

    Prostitutes don’t make the John engage in sex. But she does hang around areas where she is a lot more likely to find clients.

    tee jay: Besides a eunuch’s colony, what area will a prostitute NOT likely find clients? Clients come from different areas often to hook up with prostitutes. Of course they don’t make Johns engage, but there is a level of enticement from a prostitute because of sexual lust within men. I get that. There is the motivation of pleasure (sex). Are you implying that Planned Parenthood in the vicinity of minority communities is an enticement? And if so, why is it an enticement to have an abortion? What is the motivation? Are minorities tempted to abort because they don’t like the pain of child birth? Is it because they hate their particular race and wanna do the civic duty of population control? Are black women down with the genocide of black people?

    But remember, the issue in this post is not does Obama make women have abortions. It’s why would you consider a pro-abortion, pro-homosexual man to be a Christian? )

    tee jay: So homophobia and prolife are the two Christian pillars? I know the (mostly White) Right Wing Evangelical Conservative Republican Christians ascribe to this particular “gospel”, but who actually laid down this law as the ultimate Christian litmus test? (MN: Jesus Christ. But I suspect from your comments and accusations, you are, at best a very liberal brand of Christianity. )

    (MN: Sorry Tee Jay. You’re not going to be able to hijack the discussion. As I said earlier, the question is: Why would Black people who consider themselves Christians promote a man who stands squarely against those things they, by their profession, stand for. If you want to discuss the other (including accusations of fear of homosexuality) either start your own website or wait until we are examining a topic that better lends itself to your desired discussion. )

    • tee jay Says:

      tj:…who actually laid down this law as the ultimate Christian litmus test?

      (MN: Jesus Christ. But I suspect from your comments and accusations, you are, at best a very liberal brand of Christianity. )

      tj: I know the State sponsored “Jesus Christ” co-opted by and made into the image of the republican party ascribes to this for imperial purposes, a la Constantine (and the Roman Empire who crucified Jesus) co-opting Christianity for his (Rome’s) imperial purposes. Nothing like trying to define black people and Christianity through the narrow prism of the one-size-fits-all republican politics 🙂

      (MN: Not the “state sponsored Jesus”. The Jesus of the Bible who defined marriage as being between a man and a woman, who pointed out that we were created male and female, and who pointed out that a male and a female were to cleave to each other. That’s not political, it’s not right wing, it’s not state sponsored. The state sponsored Jesus, at least in Maryland, New York State and according to Mr. Obama, says homosexual unions are morally equal to marriages. )

      Mel Man: the question is: Why would Black people who consider themselves Christians promote a man who stands squarely against those things they, by their profession, stand for.

      tj: A more interesting question is why would a man who identifies as black and Christian vote for Bush twice. Does that make you (and white Christians) more Christ-like and righteous than Black people voting for Obama?

      Mel Man: If you want to discuss the other (including accusations of fear of homosexuality)…

      tj: You are more concerned with the lgbt movement than I am. Gays don’t have a history of enslaving, lynching and oppressing black people; White men (who now embrace the same conservative idealogy) who wore/wear (but never carried) the cross did and still do directly and/or indirectly. Until their movement involves raping people in order to convert them, I will not be homophobic, just like I’m not forniphobic regarding adulterers.

      Peace and blessings 🙂

      (MN: Ah yes. I’d forgotten why TJ generally doesn’t get to comment for very long. He (or was it she?) tends to wander far afield and not really stick to the topic. And TJ tends to have a habit of ascribing political motivations to much of what Christians do. Sorry folks. As I said, I’d forgotten. It happens when you stay away far too long. He/she gets a couple of more pretty much Lib-Christic responses that don’t really address anything said to him/her. )

  8. strawgert Says:

    The president has been accused of being a Christian, and at other times of being a Muslim. However, it appears that he is neither Christian nor Muslim (judging by his frequently expressed personal views on homosexuality).

    • John L Says:

      @strawgert: Good point, for it’s my understanding that all (3) mono-theistic religions view homosexuality as “sin” (disobedience to GOD’s instruction/law/word). -JL

  9. AJ Says:

    I am very disappointed with President Obama. I realize now that I made a mistake in voting for him. I understand that he is the President and not the Pastor of The United States. He is sworn to lead this nation by The Constitution and not The Bible. However, as a so called Christian, how can he stand in direct opposition to The Word of God. Homosexuals in the boy scouts! Are we telling our little boys that the homosexual lifestyle is acceptable? Enough is enough! Willfull unrepentant sinners have a great cheerleader in President Obama. Fifty million babies killed in the last forty years! A woman’s right to choose? America is a mess. Even so, come Lord Jesus.

  10. cushie Says:

    I was severely criticised by a number of folk during the run up to the presidential election…why? Because I felt he is one of the worst if not the worst president (or thing) to happen to the ol’ USA. I say it again he is one of the worst….(you get the drift.) But was the criticism of me from my fellow black Christians due to my putting down a moral man? No, the criticism was that I was NOT rejoicing in the fact that America had it’s first black president (who actually is half white) and even though we say well, we are Christians and we don’t see skin colour, and even though we shoot that white man who dares to go for somebody, well because he is white, yet I, a child of God should be so happy that America has a president who is overtly against the law of God. Doesn’t add up.

    And folk, stop these silly red herring arguments about he is not saved and therefore not under the law of God blah, blah blah. Face it black people, most of you, including many of you who name Christ as Saviour, put him in because he is black. Nothing else. This is a reflection of the Christianity of many.

    A time of sifting is coming people…over here in the UK tonight, we’ve just legalised Gay marriage…sifting people. Time to drop all the fancy reasoning that is really cowardice in the guise of rationale. Time to get back to the Word and live it. Time to get real.

  11. Black Theologian Says:

    My friend, Melvin:

    You are absolutely correct in your assessment of Obama, and I want to echo those sentiments: he is the WORST thing that has happened to America in terms of being elected president. Let me go further, Obama’s goal is to bring America to her knees, financially, morally, and militarily. He is Satan’s tool without a doubt, to destroy our nation…all the while clamining to be a “Christian”.

    I have lost friendships and fellowship with a few people that I sincerely loved and respected, but they could not reciprocate those characteristics to me, so we have parted ways, and this includes other pastors.

    I have made up my mind that I couldn’t give a darn about what they think. How in the world can ministers that claim to believe the Word of God support the dirty perversion of homosexuality and the so-called “gay marriage?” How can anyone that claims to know the Lord be willing to vote against the clear expressed will of God on homosexuality, abortion, and perverted unions??

    I am still amazed. Let me get this off of my heart: Obama doesn’t mean that much to me that I would be willing to forget my common sense and values just to support his evil agenda. Black people sometimes sickens me with our stupidity and illiteracy.

    Instead of voting on a man’s color and race, why not vote on values and biblical principles and truths? We don’t owe Obama our support and votes because he is black! Thanks for allowing me to vent and get this “stuff” off of my chest.



  12. James Says:

    ughh–good to see you speaking out on this. Not sure I like this Obama guy in office. More importantly, I dont like his powerful pastor friends spreading his venom from the pulpit.

    TD Jakes is an avid support of Obama. They are apparently friends.
    Pastor Jenkins’ nephew works for Obama.

    The ties are there.

    • CAAD Says:

      And not only TD Jakes either! But a number of churches want to go along, to get along. I currently live in Baltimore,Md. Honestly, you would think as many store front and huge churches we have here, the church should be the loudest voice of opposition to sodomite and perverted marriages.

  13. Catty Says:

    (MN: Nice listing of facts and numbers. And nice attempt at blowing smoke around the questions and issues. You are almost as good as Tee Jay, who doesn’t ever answer the question or address the issue. Instead, you, like him, throw up a lot of dust and smoke and attempt to move the discussion in a different direction. However, the question remains: Why would a supposed Christian be such an unabashed proponent of abortion, the killing of unborn babies? And an excellent misdirection at the end of you listing. I don’t have the numbers, but if you do a search, you will see tons of Christian Adoption Agencies who service, you know, Christians who want to adopt babies (Black, white, Hispanic…any babies). I, for one, support Bethany here in Maryland. And no, it’s not about Black kids. It’s about a supposedly Black president who backs the destruction of almost half the Black kids conceived. And it about a supposedly Christian president who aggressively holds to a set of moral values that in no way match his profession of faith. If you are going to claim to be a Christian, then you better have the behavior to match it. And if you are going to claim Blackness as a reason to vote for you, then you had better do something to improve the lives of Blacks (besides making it easier for them to get on food stamps.) You know, things like getting his foot off the neck of industry so it can create jobs. )

    Is it really about black kids?

    Check out these numbers:

    313,914,040 people in the U.S. Blacks make up roughly 13%. The U.S. population has increased steadily by anywhere from 1.5 million to close to 3 million steadily since 1900. Black population in the U.S. increased steadily from 10.5 million and 9.9 percent of the population in 1920 to 40 million and 13.3 percent of the population today.

    46.2 million people live in poverty. Children in poverty: Non-Hispanic White 14% Black or African American 39% American Indian 37% Asian and Pacific Islander 14% Hispanic or Latino 34% Total 23%

    There are 145,000,000 orphans worldwide, 1,600,000 orphans in North America, the Mid East, and Australia; 136,001 adoptions by Americans

    From 1979 thru 2007 the income of the top 1% of the our country increased by 275%, while the income of the 60% middle class increased by 40%; the average pretaxed income of the bottom 90% decreased by $900, while that of the top 1% increased by over $700,000. The wealth gap between whites and blacks has quadrupled from 1984 through 2007. Financial assets, excluding home equity, among white families grew from a median value of $22,000 to $100,000, while African-Americans had a median wealth of $5,000 in 2007. Reagan was president from 1980-1992; Clinton from 1992-2000; and then Bush from 2000-2008.

    Between 2.3 and 3.5 million people experience homelessness in the US.

    One out of 50—or about 1.5 million—American children are homeless each year.

    The U.S. spends 901.4 billion on the military, which accounts for 44% of the spending of the whole world. The U.S. spends 136.1 billion on education.

    There are 1.8 million casualties of the Iraq war.

    The U.S. is 5% of the worlds population, but has 25% of the world’s prisons. In a span of 3 decades (from 1982) the prison population exploded from 300,000 to more than two million. There are more blacks in the prison system than were enslaved. As of 2009 black males accounted for 841,000, white males 693,800, and hispanics 442,000 of inmates in custody. 1 in 3 black males are under the control of the correction system.

    How many orphans in the world and the U.S. have you pro-life true Christians adopted?

    Sorry, but it sounds like a lot of politically manufactured rage rather than righteous indignation.


    • Thomas Georgetown Says:

      So, Catty, meows aside, if someone doesn’t want to help an unwanted person that means it is okay to murder them? Just wondering, we could maybe get rid of a lot of homeless under your rule, if so. If a Christian doesn’t feed all homeless, fair game to be murdered. ??? I would not like your values becoming commonplace.

  14. Catty Says:

    Nice to meet you Pot; I’m Black Catty.

    After you played dodge ball with MY question, I determined that your answer is “NONE ADOPTED”. What about the rest of the pro-life true Christians?

    If you voted in this recent election or in the past 30 years worth (and judging by your political talking points and rhetoric, you are a backer of Conservatives), you have the blood of innocent victims on your hands as well. The only way you get a pass on tossing rocks is if you have NOT voted in the past 32 years.

    I don’t even think you have the inclination to look in the mirror to try to remove the log from your eye, and you appear to have such an insatiable thirst for camels that you don’t care if you choke on them.

    Whether you are at best ignorant or at worst a liar, it’s no excuse for being a hypocrite par excellence.

    By the way, unless you think Michelle Obama is a transvestite (which is possible with the way you uncritically think), the President is behaving like a “Christian” by being a man married to a woman.

    And if I’m like teejay, then you are as deep and insightful as sarah palin.

  15. Cushie Says:

    Hi Catty
    I wasn’t sure by your statement if you are a professed Christian:
    “How many orphans in the world and the U.S. have you pro-life true Christians adopted?”
    My assumption would be that any true child of God would or should be pro-life. I only ask this because it will heavily influence the way you evaluate the whole matter.
    I do NOT believe that your statistics should be ignored. But would agree with Mel that in this context; even though they are statistics that are somewhat disheartening, they are secondary issues and they veil the real issues. For a true Christian the glory and honour of God is the primary issue. I accept, for many , my last statement would stick in their throats. Does it mean that we ignore the issues? No, my wife and I tried to adopt. I also started a drop in club of my own initiative for disaffected, primarily black youth in the inner city. I know of a number of church led programmes over here and in the States that try to help in the situation.
    That said, I could help somebody keep out of prison or off drugs, but the best I believe that I could do for anybody, black or white, is to show them just how real and beautiful the Lord Jesus really is and what it is to know Him as Saviour.
    Yes maybe the wealth gap between black and white has widened, but I look at these things in an eternal context. You can’t drive your new Mercs in heaven (or hell). Jesus made it clear (Luke 6:24).
    My criticism of Obama is purely based on how I perceive him spiritually. If he were white I would have the same view. I just have issues with black people – particularly black Christians who voted for him solely on the basis of his skin colour. This by the way, doesn’t make me a Republican by default. I do however see Obama in the same mould as the British ex prime minister Tony Blair. Both are people pleasers with no real moral backbone. They would make a Chameleon proud.
    I think you should still dialogue. You clearly care. My friendly challenge to you is maybe to see the even bigger picture of our eternal destiny.

    • Catty Says:

      Just as the Devil knows how to imitate an angel of light, evil–and in this case racial animosity and racism–knows how to masquerade as Christianity.

      (MN: Although you are making some rather startlin assumptions, your discussion is good. More than that, it’s interesting. I, as the P-P Benevolent Dictator, hereby give you permission to make several more comments. Congratulations. Having said that and reading the rest of your comment, I find I must comment on your comments. )

      “True Christians” was used sarcastically to mock the pharisaical way in which some have used a couple of biblical laws to determine the legitimacy and strength of another Christian’s faith based on what worldly leader they voted for. There have been 43 presidents in the 219 years of presidential elections, and all of them prior to Obama have been white. Those depressing statistics on population, poverty, wealth disparity, orphans, homelessness, military spending, war casualties, and the prison population aren’t a result of the 5 years Obama has been in office. There were only two choices (unless you decided not to vote). President Obama was the more appealing choice to most people (not just black people).

      (MN: You shouldn’t assume a person if being pharisaical if they hold to the same standard Jesus Christ holds to. And stating that a person is very likely not a Christian if they can hold certain values and experience no conviction at all. Romans, Chapter six says “How can you who have died to sin still live in it?” That is, how can a person who has been granted freedom from the slavery of sin, still present themselves to sin as a slave? John, in one of the epistles, points out that a person who practices sin (“wallows” in it, so to speak) does not have the spirit of God – that person isn’t saved. This isn’t a matter of being pharisaical. It’s a matter of being consistent with what Scripture says. If the President claims to be a child of God (John 1:12, and others), then he has to hold to the standards laid out by God. And equating homsexual activities to those God has pronounced as godly, doesn’t really cut it.

      With respect to a moniker such as “True Christian” you need not toss if off as being sarcastic. James talks about “true religion.” Paul talks about real Christianity. There is a difference between being a Christian and mouthing platitudes.

      By the way, who in the world said all of this is Obama’s fault? My assertion in th eposting is that Blacks who profess to be Christians, or others who profess to be Christians and voted for Obama because he mouthed some platitudes about Jesus, are really quite foolish with a world view that has little or nothing to do with God or the Bible. )

      Sometimes we mistake our “attack” DOGmas for God and make them our idols. We know what we believe, but do we really know why we believe it and apply it the way we do?

      (MN: And sometimes we take our preferences as idols. Why do you believe what you believe? Is it based on Scripture or is it based on preferences, religious and social?<strong>)

      A question that needs to be asked: are black people exceptional and should be held to higher standards than others, or are black folks just like any other folks, or are black folks inferior to other races, which has been the dogma in this country?

      (MN: No, religious Black people are just as stupid as religious white one. Other wise, how would Joel Osteen be able to fill his stadium each and everh Sunday, twice a day? )

      The point isn’t adoption, but it’s not abortion either. There is uproar from a religious segment in our society about babies who don’t make it here, but how are they handling the people and children who are already here? (MN: Christian organizations are setting up adoptions [unless the Obama administration makes the give the babies to homosexual couples], women and their children are being taken care of in crisis homes, etc. )The Pharisees were good at setting the bar for righteousness with certain pieces of law while missing the spiritual point. (MN: And what is the spiritual point of killing babies? I believe I’ve demonstrated that Christians who are paying attention do indeed work to take care of the unplanned babies. But here we are not talking about the traumatic unplanned baby. We are talking about the babies the state pays to kill for those who use abortion as a form of birth control Ask Starr Parker about that. It’s exactly what she did before she came to her senses and recognized PP as nothing short of a genocidal organization. ) How can you be pro-life but not change the cursed condition of the life that a child would be born in first? Would you say God bless you without fighting for or providing what is needed to be blessed? (MN: I htink I’ve already addressed this. A couple of times. )

      Matthew 23:23 “Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You give a tenth of your spices—mint, dill and cumin. But you have neglected the more important matters of the law—justice, mercy and faithfulness. You should have practiced the latter, without neglecting the former.

      Every child of God doesn’t see abortion the same way. (MN: IF they are a child of God, they should. Let’s see – there is a living human being in the womb. I end it’s life for convenience. Tell me again how any old CHristian can do that with no problem/ Or at least tell me how a Christian can continuously deny that that is exactly what is happening. Even NARAL and others admit to that and they aren’t Christians. ) It’s very debatable. I personally have the “conservative” view that life begins in the womb (my husband jokes that life begins in his loins–Genesis 35:11 and secrets–Deut 25:11) while some of my Christian siblings don’t, but I’m not in favor of a Christian President turning a Democracy into a Christian Theocracy. With or without laws or Planned Parenthood, abortions happen at high and dangerous rates. Of the 44 million performed, almost half are performed unsafely.

      What if a Hindu came into power and put an end to hamburgers? (MN: Then he would be violating the constitutions and should be resisted. ) Or how about a Muslim (which some still think President Obama is) or Orthodox Jew became ruler and outlawed pork chops? Is that democracy? I’m sure the red blooded gluttons wouldn’t stand for that. They made a fuss when the first lady suggested a healthy diet. (MN: Actually, this entire riff has nothing to do with what we were discussing. )

      You want a Christian in charge to use the law to discriminate against a group of people (gays) who don’t agree with Christ in the name of Christ, but you don’t make noise about the laws denying justice to a group of people (black men in the correction system)?

      (MN: Not sure where you got that from. But I guess it stirs the pot up. )

      Again: “Woe to you Pharisees, because you give God a tenth of your mint, rue and all other kinds of garden herbs, but you neglect justice and the love of God. You should have practiced the latter without leaving the former undone.”–Luke 11:42.

      (MN: IF you are going to quote scripture quote it consistently, not selectively. )

      Is there justice and love in oppressing and discriminating against homosexuals by withholding laws that would protect or give them rights? If so, do you stop here or include whores, (unbiblical) divorcees who remarry, drunkards, atheists, agnostics, Buddhists, Jehovah’s Witnesses? Would that be the mark of a true Christian President? Is that even his place to do so? (MN: Not recognizing how you choose to have sex as a “right” is not oppresing homosexuals any more than not recognizing your desire to engage in sex with young boys is a right. But be careful, it just may become a right once the first is recognized. )

      I am always open to dialogue Cushie.

      • Catty Says:

        (MN: Ladies and gentlemen, unless Catty improves in her ability to actually discuss the issues, and unless she can ease up on the tendency to model herself after Tee Jay, this will be the last of her comments I post. If I’m understanding her correctly, I THINK she professes to be a Christian. But her abuse of Scripture and her moral standards seem far removed from Christianity. And unfortunately, she seems to think she has a right to direct the discussion.

        As I have said to others on other occasions, if you want to make sure one of your non-response comments gets posted, start your own blog and say what you want. You can rail as much a you like; you can accuse people of whatever you want, and you can call them self-hating all you want [see the end of the comment]. But don’t expect me to punish my readers with your pointless and tiresome drivel.

        So Catty, as I said, unless your next offering is much improved over this one, don’t count on the next one seeing the light of day. )

        Are you equating two consenting adults engaging in sex (victimless act) with an adult (perpetrator) engaging in sex with a child (victim) who doesn’t have the mental or legal capacities to make that decision? That’s lame, dumb, detached from rationale and typical of some ignorant white Conservative Christian men where sex is concerned. You might as well charge an unsuspecting woman with adultery because some dude sees her and imagines going to bed with her. Why don’t you convict a prostitute of rape when a John pays her for sex?

        The fruit of the Spirit is on display in your responses: presumption, discord, dissensions, and factions. I’m sorry, those last three are acts of the flesh. In declaring yourself to be holding to the standard of Jesus you are basically saying “I’m right because you’re wrong” or “I’m factual while you have opinions” or “I’m on the right side because I’m on God’s side and God is on my side because I’m on the right side.” You have to be a lot more knowledgeable to the point of being void of any ignorance to imply that you hold to the standard of Jesus while other professing believers don’t. Jesus was certainly the Truth. As your logic and reasoning goes, you (and your estemed leaders who you follow or those who agree with you) are the only one who reads the Bible with a correct understanding and if someone disagrees with you they are either not real Children of God or at the very least on God’s short bus.

        Speaking of the Truth, you did not quote the President. I suggest that you youtube the inauguration speech or google the transcripts, because what you said he said and what he actually said are not the same.

        Your belief about abortion being murder that you insist is based on scripture is not biblical, just as the Emperor is not sporting some magnificent new clothes. You’ve been hoodwinked, and I’m the little girl observing that the Emperor is naked and that your belief is not clothed in scripture.

        I was in the midst of methodically combing through the Pentateuch before I came to your posting, and I recently finished. It took a minute. But in all the laws about murder with very specific examples of acceptable and unacceptable killings, there is no mention about ending a pregnancy (abortion) equating to murder.

        There is a passage in Numbers 5:11-31 that talks about how a pregnancy would be terminated by miscarriage (aborted) according to the law of Moses in the case of an unfaithful wife. The law of Moses also states that children will not pay for the sins of the parents. Would you suggest God contradicted Himself?

        Ironically in Exodus 21:22-25, in the case of a woman who miscarriages because some fighting men hurt her, the main concern is not the fetus, but the mother. There is no punishment for the fetus being lost. Why no murder or involuntary manslaughter charge?

        My memory sometimes fails me, but I don’t recall in the Prophets, Gospels or Epistles where abortion (terminating a pregnancy) is forbidden or considered murder.

        All of that said, why is the Bible silent on the issue? Could it be pro-choice? Will you use the alibi that people didn’t terminate pregnancies back in the Old and New Testament days (I double dare you use this excuse)? I know Christian Conservatives say that the Bible is pro-life and against abortions, but what does the Bible have to say about abortion? I call the Bible to the witness stand, because too many ignorant men have been bearing false witness against it. How does your DOGma stand up to GODzilla? How did you come to the conclusion that abortion is murder? I’ve heard bits and pieces of the rationale, but I wont be presumptuous in assuming you have the same reasoning. Come correct though. I know I’m not the sharpest knife in the cutting board, but I do have a sword and some nasty claws that are capable slaying your psuedo pro-life sacred cow.

        Paul said “Beware of DOGmaS” in Philippians 3:2. This Hebrew isn’t talking about canines; this Jew is talking about religious Jews who push beliefs and works that sound God ordained and inspired, but are not. Galatians 5 indicates that Paul wanted these dogs to zealously apply their DOGma to themselves and emasculate themselves. I hope all blowhard pro-life Christians open up orphanages around the world and take care of all those parentless children.

        I’m not afraid of DOGmas. I had a few of my own growing up and even dabbled in breeding. Some I had neutered, a couple had to go to obedience school, one ran away, and still others had to be put down because they were old, useless and suffering.

        To be honest, I don’t know who’s worse: The American religious Right wing that wants forced pregnancy to be mandated by law or Communist China that wants forced abortion to be mandated by law.

        Your abortion DOGma is old, blind, toothless, incontinent, stanky, flea-infested, deformed, over-inbred, disobedient and rabid. You need to shoot it and burn the carcass, and then get therapy and medicine to help deal with your self hate that you mask with religion.

  16. Says:

    Shalom Melvin,
    AJ brought up a point I never hear spoken which we need to talk about. Do Christians have a place in Office? Our Constitution that they have to uphold can’t establish a law with respect to any religion but these man made traditions. Look at The Jefferson Bible, it’s man made and edited to fit his version of “God”.
    I do think its a contradiction in oath though, because these politicians swear their hands on The Holy Bible instead of The Constitution. They “..preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States(Article 2. 1.8)” not The Bible(Exodus 20). Are Conservatives lying when they swear to uphold The Constitution but actually The Holy Bible? What about Presidents who engage in war over oil but claim they’re freedom fighters?

  17. agabus7 Says:

    Great comments. Unfortunately even the Republicans are supporting “gay marriage” in the interests of gathering votes, I imagine.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Righter says Hey Melvin and you are right(er)-:-)

  19. Darla Says:


    You are soooo right in your statement. I myself am pretty exhausted with black folk defending Obama. It’s a shame that our race of people can put “race” over the truth. Alot of folks are going to get a rude awakening on judgement day. I’ve witnessed alot of prejudice Christians. How and why is that? Prejudice is definately in “all” races. However, I’ve seen alot of Christian blacks continue to make racial comments about whites. Yet they will defend Obama till the end! It’s clear (and should be clear to any true believer) that Obama is NOT A CHRISTIAN! How do I know? Well, the bible says we will know them by their fruit. Just like any other professed christian. If your lifestyle doesn’t line up with the Word, then you don’t belong to Him. Let’s also get something else straight………. Obama is bi-racial. So for all those celebrating the 1st black president, you might wanna wait on that a little while longer.

    • walksbyf8h Says:

      He is the first Black president. I’m tri-“racial” but I’m an African American. The problem is that my dad, brothers, nephews, or son cannot become president as African Americans. President Obama is Black, he is not, however, an African American. Secondly, he is absolutely not a Christian by any stretch of the imagination and the folks who claim Jesus Christ, yet set the color of this man’s skin over The Holy One and His Word, are nothing but rank idolators. It reminds me of a scripture (It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living G-D) and a saying, “G-D is dangerous”.

      • mhjones2001 Says:

        I think you have it somewhat backwards. He is African American – He’s an American citizen and and his dad was an African. And he was born in the united States. Strictly speaking, the child of an Egyptian, if the Egyptian is an American citizen, is an African-American. So is the son of a person with roots in Madagascar born in the United States. So is the American born daughter of an Afrikaaner who was naturalized. They are African American. But they aren’t Black.

        I have long rejected the moniker “African-American.” I will start using it as soon as folks call themselves European American instead of Italian American, Greek American, or German American. President Franklin D. Roosevelt wasn’t Dutch American, he was European American. Right? By the way, is the child of a Nigerian, born in London an African Englander?

        What he isn’t is Black. Not culturally anyway. He grew up in Indonesia and Hawaii. Hawaii has a total black population of three (okay, I’m exaggerating…a littel). And Indonesia is Muslim, not Black American. HE had to join Rev. Wright’s church just so he could get some Black credibility when he became a community organizer (further proof he isn’t Black). Until it became clear he was going to win, even Jesse (she’s having my baby)Jackson and and Rev. Al (don’t mention Tawana Brawley) Sharpton said he wasn’t down for the struggle.

        Obama is, first and foremost, a Liberal, and a very dangerous Liberal.

  20. walksbyf8h Says:

    No, my brotha! I think you have it skewed. LOL African Americans, historically, are the descendants of slaves. The president is not. And the American parent that he does have is not a descendant of slaves. So, he has no contextual understanding of being an African American. He is simply salve to the American conscience without having to elect an African American. See? Sort of like the folks who hire a Hispanic-surnamed, African-American, woman. Understand my point?

    • mhjones2001 Says:

      I have seen the light!!! You are right, my african-(Fill in the Blank) queen/sistah. And all of the folks who voted for him are actually racists since they didn’t vote for an African-American. I do thank you for clearing that up for me. I can sleep easy tonight.

      Melvin (African-British-Welch-American) Jones

  21. Danny Says:


  22. Kurt Says:

    Pastor G. Craig Lewis called out the president many years ago when he was still a senator on the campaign trail. I am very happy to see you did it too. Congratulations on your courageous stance. May I ask if you have a party affiliation? And if so what is that affiliation?

    (MN: I am a registered Republican. However, philosophically, I consider myself to be a conservative, neither Republican nor Democrat, and tend to vote or be active with that in mind. Just as I am a part of a Reformed Baptist Church but foremost consider myself a Christian.

    I hope that helps. )

  23. Danny Says:

    WAKE UP AMERICA! You’ve a president preaching/enforcing legal abortion + homosexuality! He encourages homosexuality in your armed forces via legislation!..USA: LARGEST DEBTOR: human history!…Largest manufacter/ exporter of pornography in the world! Yet “In God we trust.” On your coins!..MAY GOD HELP YOU AND MY NATION TO WAKE UP!..Your TV shows/Cds/ Videos/ mags, are mostly: BOVINE FERTILIZER: ANTI GOD, ANTI NUCLEAR FAMILY+ MARRIAGE, pro sex NOT LOVE, ANTI TRUE MASCULINITY + PRO HOMOSEXUALITY! America’s WORSHIP of celebrities + the $ are examples of where USA is at. .. Yet STILL USA sees itself as the “World Policeman”, wondering why you’re HATED by your enemies: especially muslim nations!.. UNFORTUNATELY: America, you’re stuffed!.. Unless you’re President calls for a national fast + demands your nation deals with the WORSHIP of materialism, above problems, realizes nationally: hypocrisy major problem. Returns to BIBLE + thus living. Your days + my nation’s, are numbered!..Imagine how nations forced to ‘suffer’ American culture, contrary to their religious/cultural reality, JUDGE USA!..EVEN WW2 nations forced to be occupied by you, hated the American culture. SADLY, LIKE MY NATION, YOU’LL [we] WILL probably CONTINUE on the same road to punishment from God!

    (MN: By the way Danny, as much as you are comfortable with it, where are you (the country)? I’m thinking France or South Africa.)

  24. Danny Says:

    MN. Neither….Realize, my remarks here, apply almost equally to my own western, 1st world nation. There have been MANY aspects of American attitudes, help + actual physical deliverance by USA which have been outstanding! America’s international benevolence has been + is legendary. The formation of your nation, using the Bible as foundational principles, was I believe, God driven. Many American Presidents were God fearing, Christian men + their governance often reflected relevant principles/values. America’s drive, passion, industry and will ‘to get the job done’ has always impressed me….However…
    Many nations are antagonized by America’s spiritual + political hypocrisy, especially nations with a religious culture. America staggers throughout the world like a drunken ‘Santa Claus’ throwing BORROWED money at international problems + her enemies! All with good intentions. Remember “The road to hell,is paved with good intentions!” At home, America: BROKE, riddled with the ‘diseases’ of crime, illegal drugs, abortion, removing God from her schools, public buildings, banning prayer, promoting evolution + abortion. America’s leaders mindsets [not all] are so anti God + unpatriotic that they regard a great step forward: encouraging + promoting a homosexual military force! America’s enemies + many in my nation: loyal ally for decades, see your nation as above. Sadly + obviously: your ‘excuse’ for a President + his cronies have ‘scales’ on their eyes. He/they are under the mistaken premise that the USA, although broke + hated worldwide, is desired as the ‘world policeman.’ Newsflash Obama: Captain America was/ is ficticional, your nation’s days, UNFORTUNATELY as a real power/ force for freedom + democracy are nearly over! The reason, my opinion: a national + even leader led TURNING AWAY FROM GOD….
    In my lifetime [relevantly long] I’ve noticed America’s practice of becoming involved in non worldwide wars. The USA has often supplied money, technology, weapons, transport, aircraft + personnel ALL AT AMERICAN TAXPAYER EXPENSE, often to nations that hated them! Nations that when expedient, swiftly turned their USA supplied weapons on America + her allies. This practice continues.
    It surprises me that America still continues as a major player internationally; can only be because God allows you + my nation to continue; hoping we’ll repent, live by His Laws + rely on Him instead of $’s, weaponry, politicians + anti God education systems!

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