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God Bless Abortion

April 26, 2013

So let’s see.  You religious Black people out there who insist Obama is a Christian need to help me understand something.  But before I try to get this measure of understanding, take a listen to this video  clip from Mr. Obama when he was addressing Planned Genocide…er…Parenthood. 

Now, it could be that he uses phrases without actually thinking about them. That would, at best, make him a man who gives no real thought to what he says. And that would be bad enough. There would be no indication that he believes that words mean things – even after he stole a speech in which the phrase “Just words?” was a central part. Check here for the speech.

Either he thinks words matter, or he was lying.  Of course we know the president has no problem lying to us.  He just doesn’t want to get caught doing it.  And thanks to a cooperative press, he doesn’t have to worry about getting caught. 

If he beleives that words do mean something, then the man just asked God to bless the goings on of abortion clinics.

No, Planned Parenthood is not an abortion clinic. Rather, Planned Parenthood provides access to abortions. During the 2011-2012 period, they “provided” 333,964 abortions.  And this is from their own annual report, here.  That’s almost 30,000 deaths a month. Almost a thousand dead babies a day.  A thousand people who are the very personification of innocent.  Murdered.

And to this our president says “God Bless Planned Parenthood.”

Tell me again, you religious Black people, how is it that you can sit here and say “Mr. Obama is a Christian man”? How is this man any different than Touree, that fount of wisdom who explained to us why he thanked God that abortion is legal?

The United States is definitely in a post-Christian era. Our president is helping to accelerate the loss of Christian, or just Godly, traditions and culture in our country. And as I told you before, the further we get from Christianity (and God) the more difficult it will become for the practicing Christian.

God bless Planned Parenthood? I think not.