God Bless Abortion

So let’s see.  You religious Black people out there who insist Obama is a Christian need to help me understand something.  But before I try to get this measure of understanding, take a listen to this video  clip from Mr. Obama when he was addressing Planned Genocide…er…Parenthood. 

Now, it could be that he uses phrases without actually thinking about them. That would, at best, make him a man who gives no real thought to what he says. And that would be bad enough. There would be no indication that he believes that words mean things – even after he stole a speech in which the phrase “Just words?” was a central part. Check here for the speech.

Either he thinks words matter, or he was lying.  Of course we know the president has no problem lying to us.  He just doesn’t want to get caught doing it.  And thanks to a cooperative press, he doesn’t have to worry about getting caught. 

If he beleives that words do mean something, then the man just asked God to bless the goings on of abortion clinics.

No, Planned Parenthood is not an abortion clinic. Rather, Planned Parenthood provides access to abortions. During the 2011-2012 period, they “provided” 333,964 abortions.  And this is from their own annual report, here.  That’s almost 30,000 deaths a month. Almost a thousand dead babies a day.  A thousand people who are the very personification of innocent.  Murdered.

And to this our president says “God Bless Planned Parenthood.”

Tell me again, you religious Black people, how is it that you can sit here and say “Mr. Obama is a Christian man”? How is this man any different than Touree, that fount of wisdom who explained to us why he thanked God that abortion is legal?

The United States is definitely in a post-Christian era. Our president is helping to accelerate the loss of Christian, or just Godly, traditions and culture in our country. And as I told you before, the further we get from Christianity (and God) the more difficult it will become for the practicing Christian.

God bless Planned Parenthood? I think not.

12 Responses to “God Bless Abortion”

  1. David Gough Says:

    I felt the same revulsion as you, my friend. This is absolutely appalling. Apparently the President has no qualms about letting his true nature shine forth during his second term. He is showing himself to be the ultimate “pulpit pimp,” and unfortunately his pulpit is the largest in the land. Last Friday I viewed a screening of a documentary about Kermit Gosnell which revealed the utter lack of regard for human life held by those of the Planned Parenthood crowd. If your readers have not yet seen that video–“3801 Lancaster”– they need to. It may be viewed at 3801lancaster.com. It is a true horror flick!

  2. juanita2013 Says:

    @God Bless Abortion…you are ignorant….this isn’t that type of forum….

    (MN: I’m sorry. You’ll have to be more specific. What do you mean when you say “this is not that type of forum…”? What type of forum (by the way I don’t present this as a forum) do you think it is? What is the reason you think someone is ignorant? Who is it you think is ignorant? You’ll have to be a little more obvious in your statement. You know how ignorant people are. )

    • walksbyf8h Says:


      Uh, Juanita, there is no such thing as a female pastor. Further, there is NO ONE who is Reverend but the Lord Jesus Christ, be ye male or female. Your post was absolutely ungodly and rude. Now — I read your gravatar profile, and if you can write all of that nonsense up to explain just how wonderful you believe yourself to be, then you can surely post a response that better reflects a CHRISTIAN worldview which – by the way is not reflected in your profile. Not at all.

      I’m starting a new group for those Melanin-enhanced individuals who actually READ, BELIEVE, and strive to FOLLOW the WORD of the Living G0D. I don’t wanna be an AA no more! I don’t know what it will be but I’m getting out of this pot!

      Ok …. back to topic 🙂 Sorry Melvin but have mercy, I can’t take much more! LOL

  3. mhjones2001 Says:

    Sure you can. You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. You’ll just be really frustrated sometimes while you do it.

    You gotta stay in the game just so you can have an impact on the melanin enhanced sheeple.

  4. Jermaine Bradford Says:

    This President along with the pimps who he has in his pocket are gonna send many negros to hell. This guy nor the pimps who support him do not believe in God or faith. They consider themselves to be a god.

    • walksbyf8h Says:

      You know, I agree with your statement to a point. IMO, it is everyone’s responsibility to know what the Bible says, it’s tenets and precepts; especially when once claims the Name of Christ. Yeah, the jack-leg preachas are gonna have a lot to answer for but so will everyone who has a Bible in their possession. Negros need to cease with the social justice agenda and get on an “apply Scripture to your life” agenda. If folks did THAT, there would be much less need for social programs.

      Melvin, I still want another group.

  5. Tee Says:


    Thanks so much for posting this video. I am going to send the link to all my Bible illiterate relatives and neighbors who voted the Big Pimp into office. Unfortunately, I feel that it will do little good, because most of them are right there with him with that whole “woman’s right to choose” garbage. I am not talking about the world; no, no…these are people who claim to be Jesus-loving Christians who find it acceptable that a woman can go into a Planned Parenthood office and arrange to murder her baby.

    What the Black community does not know about Planned Parenthood is that this organization has single-handedly manifested the stunted growth of the Black community. I know this because I have two friends who sit on boards of pregnancy centers in the city where I live, and I get to witness up close and personal the astounding numbers of abortions within our community. Did you know that Black Americans (I don’t call us african american because most of us have no ‘recent’ link to Africa; the last five generations were born on American soil) are the only ethnicity in the U.S. that is NOT GROWING? Around 50% of the babies aborted in our country are Black babies, which means that all the other ethnicities combined make up the other half. And, by the way, their communities are growing!

    Not only that, but do you know that abortion is still taboo within the “Black” church? We do not cry out against abortion because that would mean that we are “dipping into other folks’ business”. Well. I believe that is what our Lord called us to do when He said “…if a man be overtaken in a fault, ye which are spiritual, restore such a one in the spirit of meekness…” (Galatians 6:1). How can we restore each other unless we are “in each other’s business”?

    The bottom line is that “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…” (Hosea 4:6). We do not know God’s Word or His standard for holiness, so we think that the world’s way is just okay. But God does not want us murdering our children. He said in Deuteronomy 18:10, “There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire…” I believe that abortion is part of the witchcraft of which He spoke in this passage. We really need to wake up and smell the scriptures.

    I didn’t even mean to get into all of this, but helpless children are one of those areas where I am very sensitive. I have two adopted children that the Lord rescued from the mouth of the lion, and I thank God all the time that their birth mother did not choose abortion, or I would not have my youngest daughter and my son. I believe that these two children are going to be instrumental in my care when I am too old to care for myself. How many children would have cared for their mothers in their old age if they had only been allowed the opportunity to be born?

    Thanks again for the post and the blog. Btw, how are things at church?


  6. Danny Says:

    Parent[s] and anyone practicing, actuating, voting for, supporting ABORTION in any way under any guise at all. You’re murdering unborn humans + denying their potential. Many women + their ‘partners’ are sacrificing their babies on the altar of materialism! Bible records the Israelittes sacrificing babies/ children, to Molech and or burning them alive worshipping idols! We’ve not learned much really and ignored the lessons of Biblical history. Ergo, we’ll reap the same Biblically recorded punisments……Many nations allow abortion as a ‘right’: MURDER of an innocent, yet won’t allow convicted murderers to be put to death?! Oh, how far from God have we “Christians” wandered.

  7. Fed Up Says:

    I didn’t vote for Obumma. I voted for Jesus Christ. In any election where there is no “lesser of the evil,” there are no choices. I was told that I’d wasted my vote by not voting for either of the candidates on the ballot, but when both candidates are just as evil or bad, what can one do?

    (MN: BE prepared to live with the results. Not voting for an individual because he is not a Christian is a losing proposition. Virtually all of the men who have run for the presidency have been unsaved. I don’t think God requires the candidate to be a Christian before a Christian is allowed to vote for him. )

  8. Michael J Says:

    I would say that President Obama is not one of your “pimps.” I voted for him twice and I am a Christian. I don’t believe that abortion is morally right. So why did I vote for him? Abortion is not the only issue I am concerned about. I believed that President Obama was the better of the two candidates in both the first and second elections. It is also sad that we denigrate the name of presidents when we don’t agree with their policies. I hope that this site would do more to shine the light on those leaders who are doing a good job rather than fault finding. Even some of the leaders you “expose” on your site have done a lot of good in their communities yet you only paint them in a bad light. I hope this comment is not read with the wrong tone. I’m just presenting my disappointment with this site.

  9. Meka Says:

    Michael J,
    You wrote your post stating that you are a Christian and voted for Mr. Obama twice? Do you ever examine your decisions? Do you ever listen to the policies and tenets that Mr. Obama holds dear? I will surmise that you did not because this man is so contrary to God and his beliefs have brought judgment upon our nation.

    Please just be honest with yourself and admit that you enjoy seeing a black man in the office as does most blacks who make statements similar to yours. Any person who believes that we do not shine a light of everything is a person who is still in darkness. Yes! Still in darkness.

    Truth is transforming. Truth allows a person to walk in the light. Truth causes a person to see things the way the Lord wants us to see. As a person of faith truth is my only guide. This article exposes truth. If Mr. Obama did something positive or Godly then that article would have been reported BUT I cannot recall much good. This man is an enemy of the true and living God. Even if he did something that the world would call good, that act would still be as filthy rags in the sight of God. Why? Because he does nothing to glorify God.

    Editor/Contributors: I really have been enjoying every article read thus far. I am also pleased to hear that the majority of those who post have a fixed and accurate knowledge of our Lord Jesus. I yearn to meet more people who know God and have the boldness to speak truth.

    Ephesians 5:11 And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.

    Christians reprove sin and glorify our Lord!

    Please take a moment to read your Bible. Stop listening to those who would keep you in darkness. Read your Bible, and pray that the Lord will call you into His kingdom. Only then will you see that your decisions were in keeping with God’s will.

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