Twirling Spaghetti


Every once in a while, it becomes obvious that life isn’t made up of a bunch of really big, exciting events. Sometimes we are actually able to recognize that it’s the apparently little things, little victories that mark real progress through life.

As many of you know, Peggy fell down the steps about three years ago, right in the middle of Snowmegeddon. I’ve kept you loosely posted on how she’s doing, put out an occasional Tweet when we do something exciting (well, exciting for us because it represents some measure of progress), and posted the occasional article on Puplit Pimps – like this one.

If you remember, when she began rehabilitation, she couldn’t do much of anything. She couldn’t hold her fork or spoon, she couldn’t sit up by herself, she couldn’t brush her teeth or perform a variety of other activities one would normally do for themselves. During rehab she fairly quickly got to the point of being able to hold a spoon (as long as it had a big fat handle attachment). And though it took ten to fifteen minutes, she was able to brush her teeth by herself. Once we got home, she got to the point she could sit up by herself. Eating was still a little messy and exhausting, but she could do it.

At the beginning of this adventure I predicted we would make rapid progress and then get to the point of steady, but grinding progress where little things might go unnoticed if we’re not looking for them.

As I said, earlier, Peggy had trouble just holding a fork. And keeping the food on it until it got to her mouth was a whole additional issue. A couple of days ago we were having dinner and lo and behold, without even thinking about it, she twirled her fork to get hash browns onto her fork! Check out the video starting at about 0:29 to see what I’m talking about. That’s not her, but it’s exactly what she did, easily.

The progress is slow. But the progress is there. Between the incredibly boring diet to address the Multiple Sclerosis symptoms, and the deceptively simple exercises to help her redevelop her muscles and coordination, she can see progress. Heck, I can see progress.

And while we still have a couple or three friends who will call and blaspheme God by rebuking Satan, and encouraging her to claim her healing, we are learning to depend on Christ and His strength. I am still learning to be patient, and she is learning to like my cooking, or at least to hold it down once she has swallowed it. And even though I know exactly where the friends live, I have almost completely gotten over the urge to key their cars and flatten all the tires.

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5 Responses to “Twirling Spaghetti”

  1. Keith L. Tolbert Says:

    Praise God! Every victory counts, my brother! So glad to read this. I pray the victories keep on coming!

  2. Tee Says:

    Praise the Lord for your wife’s progress. I will continue to pray for the two of you. Thanks for the update.

  3. Gia Says:

    God bless your family.

  4. Cop Says:

    I work in the rehab industry (occupational therapy) so I know first hand how monumental something as simple as twirling a fork, sitting up in bed or writing your name can be.

    I will continue to pray for her recovery & your support for her.

  5. walksbyf8h Says:

    Congrats to Peggy and you!!

    Uh. Hmm. You know – you could learn to be a really good cook :-). It’s usually a matter of learning the terms (i.e. dice vs chop vs mince), mastering simple techniques, and measuring. There are websites where you can learn, in your home for FREE. Hint HINT. LOL

    Since you and Peggy are my siblings, here’s a site that may help with your skills and her tummy:

    For wholesome good eats, check out:

    You can do this Melvin! MELVIN MELVIN MELVIN WHOOO WHOO WHOO!!!

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