Triple A – Now and Always

Minor league john

Sometimes it really does seem like I pick on poor old John Kenneth Jenkins Sr., the senior pastor of First Baptist Church of Glenarden on the Kettering (FBCGotK) more than I do the other pimps.  And maybe I do.  After all, he’s such a low hanging fruit.  And it’s actually kind of interesting to watch him as he tries to work himself out of the Pulpit Pimps Minor Leagues to the Pulpit Pimp Major Leagues.

What’s not so interesting is watching him compromise what few principles he may still have by bringing in men and women who want to devour the congregation and destroy it with their noxious stands.

FBCGotK signed up for a Leadership Conference coming up shortly.  So the plan is to bring in men and women who can help develop Christian leaders within the church.  With the right development, members of the church would be able to go out and establish more congregations where there pretty much are none.  That’s the kind of leadership we’re talking about, right?  Unfortunately, not.  That isn’t the kind of leadership we are talking about.

Here’s the line up.


With one exception (maybe), the speakers have, at best, a questionable connection to Christianity.  The planned speakers are:

  • Colin Powell
  • Bill Hybels
  • Mark Burnett
  • Andy Stanley

Okay, except for the fact that he is appearing with the current slate of speakers, I don’t have much to complain about Andy Stanley.

Most of you know Colin Powell.  And many of you may know he holds a pro-abortion stance .  And he endorses the idea of equating homosexual “marriage” to normal, or heterosexual marriage .  An example for godly men?  Really?

I understand that the Leadership Conference is packaged by Willow Creek.  And I understand that John Kenneth Jenkins didn’t actually invite Colin Powell to speak.  In essence, the roster is what it is.  But the question I have to ask is:  Why would he work with a “Christian” group (Willow Creek) that would present a man with such clearly anti-Christian values?  And why would he invite them to speak in his church, where he claims to be God’s mouthpiece to the members of FBCGotK?

Then there is Mr. Burnett.  While I am not a fan of reality shows (I really hate them, but I can’t seem to find Scripture to prove that God thinks they’re an abomination), I can say the man did a number on the Bible with the miniseries by the same name.  The Noah’s Ark leaked, Jesus (aka Surfer Dude) was confused about why he was here, Paul was so much less than apostolic, and Samson had dreads, and a British accent.

For a person who says he wants to be busy “Developing Dynamic Disciples”, John Kenneth Jenkins sure is piping some poor examples into that $55 million mausoleum and memorial.

On the other hand, by hosting these things, he establishes contacts that will do him well as he fights his way out of AAA to the Big Leagues.  While I cannot and will not say the man is not saved, I can say that his interest is mostly for himself and making himself as large as possible; usually to the detriment of the men around him.

John and a host of other pimps have nothing more in mind than making themselves look large even if it ends in the destruction of the men and women whose souls he and the rest of the leaders/elder keep watch over (Hebrews 13:17).

6 Responses to “Triple A – Now and Always”

  1. Tee Says:

    Thanks for the info Melvin…

    I had no idea that Colin Powell was pro-abortion. I was sure he was pro-life, since I understand that he is a registered Republican. (Our cousins at FBCGotK probably don’t know that.)

    I have not heard much about Andy Stanley, except that he left his dad’s church after his parents’ divorce, which his dad promised would not happen, and if it did, he would resign immediately…and to date, he is still in the pulpit. So I do applaud Mr. Stanley for taking a stand for marriage.

    Bill Hybels is questionable indeed, but I think he gives enough “truth” to confuse the immature into thinking that he is sound in doctrine. He’s one of the most dangerous.

    I was shocked to pieces when I found out that Mr. “Bible” himself, Mark Burnett is the creator/executive producer of one of the most popular reality shows on television! And three million people sat in front of the tube and watched his interpretation of God’s Word…I decided against it.

    Destruction of souls is an understatement when it comes to these guys. They are fierce. Praise God that He has them under His radar.

  2. Why?? Says:

    Actually they are not speaking in his church. It is a live broadcast that will be shown to the church. God Bless.

    (MN: Yes, I said that. The satellite broadcast is being piped in. Does the fact that the men won’t be there physically make it any better? )

  3. Gia Says:

    I must say that having watched Andy Stanley a few times he may not be pimping but his message is devoid of much Gospel.
    He seems to be more of the Joel Osteen type

  4. eutawangel Says:

    @Gia…thanks for sharing that. I felt bothered that something was not right with Charles Stnaley son…this is very wrong what he shared. Basically he affirmed homosexaulity as ok in ‘church’ & implies that only reason man rebuked in ministry is b/c he was still married to his wife, not b/c he is with a dude! No talk of attempts to reconcille bad marriages anymore? Also ‘Gay’ Christians…where is that in Holy Scripture. Also, that President Obama creepy comment. Also Charles Stanley although basically sound does uphold tithing teaching for NT church. So if he supports his son in this mess…I’m not watching him anymore.

  5. Danny Says:

    As non American, have socialised with Americans and church attended with them. Most I liked; always impressed by your/ their patriotism, sadly lacking in my nation.
    However media and internet education about America, coupled with the massive cultural image receved about, from and by America. Doesn’t encourage me that USA will be around much longer IN IT’S PRESENT POSITION OF POWER IN THE WORLD! The moral decadence, drug addiction, crime, LARGEST DEBTOR NATION IN HISTORY factors. Coupled with homosexual/ abortion suporting President/ governance and chosen world “Policeman’ role. Have ‘reaped’ what was sown! USA is financially broke and morally bankrupt! TV, video, DVDs, internet sites etc spew out pornography, violence, sadism, anti God and anti nuclear family ‘junk food’ most by far MADE IN AMERICA! Yet Americans call themselves a [mostly] Christian nation, ‘IN God We Trust’ on coins?! A perusal of American TV, inflicted upon us shows the staus quo or mindset[s] presented to us. Springer, Oprah, Ellen G, Dr Phil and Judge Judy adinfinitum. US TV programs abound on religion, ‘religion’ and BIG C Christianity are of course very different! The plethora and content of mindless, ANTI nuclear family/marriage and drug/homosexual PROMOTING social engineering American sitcoms is truly satanic! WAKE UP AMERICA and GOD BLESS YOU!

  6. M. Says:

    @Danny: I cannot say that I do not see your point as valid. My question to America is “how do we find our way back from here?” We have definately become and ate constantly becoming desensitized. For decades we have let the enemy into our lives without a second thought; considering basic values to be old fashioned. Then finally the next generation that exhibits the “most probably outcome”, they are considered to have “gone too far”. The problem is that their predecessors led them there, and are either not willing to take responsibility for that or have decided to be completely clueless. This is why we must do out best to wear our “full armor”. You never now what you dont know; which, if you’re walking in God’s grace and protection, is a good thing.

    On another note, I am quite disappointed by some of the personally judgemental quotes here. Everyone finds God through the same “way” (Jesus), but maybe not through the same path. How individuals get to and through their path can vary.

    (MN: Sure it can vary. However, if it is not bounds of Scripture, that’s called error and sometimes just plain old heresy. If you can blithely deal in heresy once you have been told the truth, you are not fit to pastor. And if you are going to shepherd God’s flock, you should be there before you start the shepherding. The idea is to mature past the error, not wallow in it and use it to make a bunch of money. )

    What they do with the knowledge they gain afterwards varies. The one standard is that they will all be judged by God. Each of us will even be judged for our comments here. Sometimes, just sometimes, God blesses a man and uplifts him for all to see. He allow this man to be visible so that another man who has been uplifted in another way would feel comfortable communicating with this person and coming to God through a path that he can relate to. Maybe … just maybe.

    (MN: I have no idea what you just said. The comments in this paragraph seem disjointed and unrelated. But maybe it’s just me. )

    I agree with some of what has been said on this siteand it is helpful to anyone who is thinking to follow any of those mentioned/criticized here. However, as Christians, let’s give God praise for our differences (lest we be clones). (MN: None of the stuff covered in the site is about differences. It’s about error and apparent willingness to take advantage of the sheeple. ) Let’s also try our best to be optimistic, and trust that His divine final judgement will be the one that counts therefore he may not need ours.

    (MN: Again, do we just sit by while a multiple philanderer hits on the luscious bit of womanhood in the church while he supposedly preaches the Gospel? Would you sit around and wait for God to take care of a child molestor? Does Scripture even support sitting around and saying nothing about the pimps? )

    Also, we may be wrongfully discouraging others who are looking for Him and have found this site instead (I hope not).

    (MN: The unsaved are not looking for Him. They don’t want to have anything to do with him. )

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