Pimpoliciousness On Display

Haddon and Babe v1

So I was looking through the items I had recorded on my DVR and lo and behold, the recorder was in the process of capturing “Preachers of LA.”  In an effort to get a leg up on my postings (I am woefully behind – I have only myself and those awful people who create materials for the television to blame) I watched some of the program.  I could only take a little.  I’ll watch the rest of it over the week end and report back to you.

The producers selected an excellent example of what will likely be a recurring theme in my complaints and objections.

Deitrick Haddon was the first “reality scene” I saw.  While doing the pastor stuff, he and his wife began divorce procedures.  Before the divorce was final (the divorce proceedings were bad enough), that is, while he was still married to his first wife, he hooked up with a younger honey and…wait for it…got her pregnant.  So unless she is a fertile as a rabbit, not only did he produce a child with this woman, he did it while he was married to the first wife.

Now he is divorced from his first wife and engaged to the younger honey.  And they have a two year old son.  And he still preaches.

While I can’t quite remember where it is, I thought Scripture said that a pastor/elder/bishop has be a man of good reputation.  I guess maybe I don’t understand what it means to have a good reputation.

Now obviously I’m not talking about living in sinless perfection.  We all sin.  We all fall short of the glory of God.  If we didn’t, there would have been no need for Jesus’ death on the cross.  But Paul was talking about public sin with respect to reputation.  Reputation goes to what is known about you publicly, not the private sins you may struggle mightily against.  Mr. Haddon does not have a good reputation.  He doesn’t have one now.  He won’t have one five years from now.  He won’t have one ten years from now.  According to Scripture he should be disqualified for further ministry as an elder/pastor/bishop.  Instead, he is promoted and we are encouraged to ignore the obvious.

But what we see is an acceptance of sinful behavior in the pulpit.  More importantly, we see a glorification of sinful behavior in the pulpit.  And more importantly than that, we are seeing the church presented as a “popularity whore” rather than the bride to be presented as spotless to Christ.

As I said in a previous post, I’m sadly confident that this show will be a source of some most magnificent pimpoliciousness.

Stand by.

33 Responses to “Pimpoliciousness On Display”

  1. Pearson Says:

    The definition of “good reputation” changes, Melvin. Sheesh! Get with the times

  2. stannj51 Says:

    It is no wonder that the pulpits are populated with adulterous ministers like this one. In my view, adultery by remarriage is the worst sin in the church because of how well it is accepted in the congregations as well as now in the pulpits. In a recent study that I did of this topic, I found, much to my surprise, that Jesus condemned remarriage of divorced persons as adultery in eight separate statements. I do not know of any other sin that Jesus spoke against as many times. That must be because God is speaking to an adulterous and sinful generation.


    • A Biblical Worldview Says:

      stannj5I, I have to disagree with you on one point. The Bible teaches us in 1 Corinthians 7:14-16 that if a believer is married to an unbeliever, and the unbeliever decides to dissolve the marriage, then the believer is to not only agree to the divorce, but they are to move on from the marriage, and they are free to re-marry because “…God has called them to peace…” God designed marriage and He loves it. He does not want those of us who may have been hood winked to live struggling in our flesh for the rest of our lives. He made marriage as a picture of the relationship between Christ and the church. If the enemy can come in and destroy marriages, then keep the innocent person in bondage because of that destroyed marriage, then the picture of Christ’s union with the church is also destroyed.

      I have a dear friend whose husband is a pastor…he began a relationship with a woman in the congregation. He deserted my girlfriend and her five children and moved in with his mistress. He divorced her, even though she fought tooth and nail to keep the marriage. He kidnapped their children and forbade her to see them. He manipulated the court system and got her in a lot of red tape over their home, their money, the church, etc. Long and short of that story is that there is no way that God would hold this woman of God in bondage over a marriage that she tried her best to save. My prayer for her is that, in God’s timing, He will send her a man who will love her “…as Christ loved the church and gave Himself for her…”

      (MN: I take it he stepped down from pastoring and that the congregation kicked his behind out. Of course there is the question of whether or not the fellow was actually saved in the first place.

      Life does have interesting problems. )

      • A Biblical Worldview Says:

        Unfortunately, not only did he not step down, but he justified his divorce by accusing his wife of not “supporting his ministry”. The church, or should I correctly refer to them as the social club, supported him and they continue to support him to this day. (This has been going on for more than three years.)

        You ask a valid question: was he actually saved in the first place? My answer is no, based on the endless string of demonic actions he has taken. Not only that, but two men from his “church”, (one of whom was the worship leader) have been arrested in the past year for sex crimes against young girls either at or associated with the church. He has not publicly denounced their actions. As a matter of fact, he claims that their arrests were “satanic attacks” against their congregation. If the story of this particular “church” were a movie, it would be rated “R”.

      • stannj51 Says:


        Please understand that site is not here to engage in debates over marriage and divorce. It is to make sure folks know about the antics and statements of the pimps. For instance, McClendon divorced his wife of many years in order to marry some babe-o-licious girl is noteworthy.

        Melvin Jones

      • Tanae Browne Says:

        Jesus ascribed to what Moses instructed in the OT about marriage and re-marriage. In the NT Paul’s instruction to the church concerning re-marriage coincides with God’s and his advice about it being “better to marry than to burn” is directed towards unmarried people engaging in premarital sex. The churches of Corinth, Galatia, etc. were all full of adulterous people because we must remember before they were converted, they were pagan worshippers and many pagan rituals involved sexual sacrifices as well as blood sacrifices… Thus explaining Jesus’ and the OT’s admonition of those who insist on remarrying while they have a living spouse.

        Marriage is A COVENANT RELATIONSHIP. It is not to be entered into selfishly {i.e. “lightly”} and therefore is unbreakable {i.e. ’til death do us part’}. In Old English Common Law re-wrote the marriage laws to accommodate the will of Henry the Eighth who kept beheading wives because the Catholic Church did not allow divorce.

        Throughout modern western generations, you’ll find the restructuring of these laws in order to protect inheritance and property rights. None of this has anything to do with GOD’s vision and purpose for marriage. We all need to pay attention to what God is saying and not what man is doing. It might help keep many out of hell!

    • Anonymous Says:

      Amen…. I have only seen a few episodes of Preachers in LA, and I was not impressed!

      Neither Deitrick Haddon nor his fiancee are good examples for Christians to watch. Both have issues walking in the flesh and ungodly values. During a recent episode, the fiancee went to a First Lady Tea Party…. After being approached by one of the first ladies, she made an attempt to justify “shacking”.

      Although I don’t know the reason for Deitrick’s divorce, there is a possibility that he committed adultery. This second marriage could cause his fiancee to commit adultery……..

      I don’t see the second marriage lasting….. Deitrick certainly has some issues. One of them is being a control freak. Ladies: Beware of guys that come off real nice and friendly….. Once they get you, they are often a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

      Re: Bishop Noel Jones’ Friendship
      That relationship is not going any where. His friend made herself look real foolish when she revealed they had been friends for 16 years. Friendship after 4 years with no marriage is often a bad sign…. She needs to move on IF she has any desire for marriage.

      Keepin’ It Real

  3. blackapologist Says:


    The word of God doesn’t “change with the times”, it is true in eternity past and it is true today! That is the problem with the American church, we think because people have left God and His way, that somehow we need to “get with the program”. My heart truly goes out to you!

    Melvin, thanks for posting this. My sweet wife and I actually saw a little of this and what we saw was heart-wrenching to say the least. Clarence McClendon is a false teacher. Period! Noel Jones is equally a joke and false teacher. I live in Los Angeles and know these men’s ministry VERY WELL.

    While I am concerned about Hutton as well, I was very pleased to hear him challenge Clarence McClendon and the others on their preaching when he declared “that’s what’s wrong with the church now, we are not preaching the Bible, we are not saying what God says!” I was amazed…and pleased too on that part because he is so right about it.

    Wayne Chaney is very young at 36 or 37 years of age and he is generally respected in the Long Beach/Los Angeles Metropolis….however, LA being what it is has the potential to corrupt that young man, so I hope that somehow he will see the danger and error of allowing himself to be a vessel for Satan’s purpose. I can tell you guys this: before this series is over (I don’t plan on watching the series either), you will both hear and see ugly things going on as we already saw that McClendon and Hutton was nearly to a point of a physical altercation. It is going to get ugly because of foolish pride, and wherever pride is, the Devil is at the root of it…and God is nowhere to be found in it!

  4. stannj51 Says:

    I’m sure Pearson was being facetious.

  5. mhjones2001 Says:

    Me too. Though it was a nice statement of the truth. I’m just glad Pearson didn’t get stoned before Blackapologist figured it out (as I knew he would).

  6. Rudy Says:

    Melvin; you post made us pull up the episode and watch the whole thing. I couldn’t believe what these men can stoop to in order to do some extra pimpery.

    I agree with other comments that the Deitrick Haddon statement about what’s wrong with the church. The positives end there for me though.

    The danger in this show is much more than the buffoons that are parading as men of God. It is the ‘sheeple’ that follow them around like zombies that fall for this nonsense. Sadly; that is being played out across the country – at least in the Black Church.

    So sad…

  7. stannj51 Says:

    Rudy, there are actually two kinds of people that follow these false teachers: the unsuspecting and those who lust against God. The unsuspecting are those who don’t know any better and will repent upon learning the truth, but, those who lust against God are wolves in training and support them in the hopes of striking it rich. This second category make up the larger part of those that follow these false teachers. The reason for this is told to us by Paul in 2 Timothy chapter 4, that they no longer endure sound doctrine but heap to themselves teachers because their ears itch to hear false promises.

    As long as these lusting people are around, the false teachers will abound. There is simply no way of getting rid of them. It is up to individual pastors to teach their people right doctrine and to warn them against false ministers by name, giving them scriptural proof why they are false. There are pastors who do this, but I do not think there are many of them, or at least their names are not famous like the modern mega-church pastors are, (excepting people like John MacArthur). They’re simply doing their job in their humble corner of the world faithfully serving the Lord and his word and keeping their people alert and out of danger.


    • mhjones2001 Says:

      Pretty much. And think of this site as being here to prime the pump and give the sheeple a chance to hear the truth.

      • stannj51 Says:

        True, if it was not for the Internet, I would not have learned as much as I did about the false teachers that I was in general ignorance of back in my old church eight or nine years ago.

        In that church, as in most churches, there were no warnings made to the congregation about whom to avoid or why. In fact, we had a very professionally run library that had hundreds of titles. It did not occur to me for many years that people were being exposed to all manner of false doctrine through this so-called ministry. When I tried to do something about it, I realize that the task was simply too enormous to undertake. 99% of the authors I was unfamiliar with and in order to do a proper job in reviewing and dissecting their works would’ve taken a team of grounded people years to accomplish. I’m sure some of the titles were very edifying but how many babies there were in that bathwater who could tell? It was better not to have the library, in my opinion. In fact, that goes for most Christian book stores. They sell what is popular not what is edifying.

        As I began to scan the Internet sites for information about these various celebrity ministers I came across many discernment ministries that were a big help. This one included.

        But it is really up to the local church leaders to protect their flock. The problem is the pastors themselves are just as unable to understand what they are surrounded with as their congregations are. The pastors are really trained to be CEOs rather than defenders of the faith and protectors of the flock.

  8. Cushie Says:

    I was going to ask, how come you have a posting where folk on the other side of the pond are unable to comment because they don’t have this ‘fabulous’ show broadcasted, Then I thought, actually, we’ve probably been spared!

  9. Church Sista Says:

    These men are truly unsaved and need the gospel

    (MN: It’s pretty obvious they are not living the gospel. However, I am unwilling to say “None of these blokes are saved.” Some of them clearly are not. But some of them… )

    • Tanae Browne Says:

      Amen, Church Sista – you’ve got the right idea!

      They may have at once accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior, but that is where they stopped. Once we become Saved, our goal is to be delivered from whatever compelled us to seek Christ’s salvation to begin with. Then, we graduate from salvation to deliverance [from sins and the pitfalls of temptations, addictions and other iniquities], This causes us to DESIRE to live a righteous life, obedient to the laws and commandments of God and seek HIS will, not our own. That requires sanctification, humility and full submission to God.

      As long as these men are polluted with violence, lust, perverse living, greed, arrogance and pride, they will never reach the level of sanctification that Christ exemplified and Paul encouraged. These extremely poor excuses for men and human beings seek only to fulfill their flesh and surround themselves with superficial glory. They are bloodsucking vultures more deadly than vampires; and, the sycophants that follow them and/or aspire to be like them will reap the same fate they are destined reap!

      (MN: But you do pray for them, right? Be careful that you don’t think more highly of yourself than you ought by comparing yourself to these reprobates. )

  10. mchtower Says:

    If you didn’t watch the show it can be summed up this way from the mouth of Deitrick Haddon. Upon learning that his extramarital affair had resulted in a pregnancy his first concern (by his own account) was for his career, not that he messed up with God or that he had hurt people who had trusted him. That’s the level of selfishness and complete lack of awareness you’re dealing with here. Whether or not he or McClendon was right or wrong is a bit beside the point, they all have lost focus on what ministry is really supposed to be about.

  11. sweettina2 Says:

    Following after their greedy flesh and running after Baal for a reward….
    (MN: Tina – generally, I will not post items that are not backed up with demonstrable evidence. I’m afraid you crossed that line. No problem. But I can’t post this comments. )

  12. Tee Says:


    When I first saw the commercial for this show, my jaw dropped. I thought that we had endured all that false teachers could dish out. I thought that Eddie Wrong taking young mens’ innocence and TD Fakes doing a talk show was the bottom of the barrel. Now this…I have been praying that Jesus will come soon and relieve us from all of this travesty.

    What is even more sad is that the people of God will continue to tune in, making this show successful. My prayer is that not one of the people of God will watch another episode, and that the network will decide to cancel it before it airs all its episodes. This kind of garbage is lethal to the unbelievers, because they view this as the real church, and if they were even thinking about getting saved, they will be turned off by this garbage and turn their backs on the Lord.

    • Renee Says:

      Your last sentence says it all as to the damage done by this show. Those who have been in churches with pastors who are truly seeking to do God’s will can discern what is and is not of God when viewing this show. Unfortunately those who have not had that experience will look at how some of these pastors are living and become completely turned off, and who could blame them. This over emphasis on accumulation of and the desire for ‘things’ ( expensive cars, homes etc) is extremely distasteful and not, in my opinion of God.

  13. Tanae Browne Says:

    These ‘PIMPOLOGISTS’ and scam-artists are running over with sordid and lascivious behavior, much like sap runs down a maple tree. They are all low-class hypocrites & uncivilized heathens! One or two who once had reasonably positive images have long since lost their credibility among the “righteous” faction of the Christian community and certainly within the realm of the Kingdom of God.

    None of these people are heaven bound and probably do not believe there is a hell big enough for them to burn in. That is how arrogant and ignorant they are. They all are equally & disgustingly appallin! Hence, the trifling females [bimbats, skanks and skeezers] in their lives are too busy enjoying the fruits of greed and idolatry to correct the sinful and scandalous behavior. Extinct are the days when a “virtuous woman” is at hand to correct an errant husband.

    Too bad they didn’t marry a few women like Elaine Warnos and Lorena Bobbit! There wouldn’t be a reason for multiple wives, concubines and/or philandering. None of these men are fit to be called Bishops because there is a distinct definition [in the Bible] of who is qualified to be ordained and serve in that capacity.

    All Christians must remember that Lucifer/Satan was the #1 archangel in heaven until he plotted rebellion against God. He is described in the Bible as having been ‘glorious and beautiful’ and of course, we all know he was a master musician. There was no one higher than him, except God. Remember: Be not deceived by teachers of false doctrines.

    I doubt this show will last more than a season or two if that long. By then they will have beaten each other to death, swapped or discarded their women three or four times; and, shanghaied a couple of armored bank trucks to feed their lust for material things!

    The IRS, FBI and other agencies are certain be “up their behinds with microscopes” [a line borrowed from W. Goldberg] gathering enough evidence to keep all of them incarcerated until “The Judgment”!!!

    Good riddance to bad rubbish!

    (MN: Ma’am, be careful not to get so upset with them that you take what they do and say personally. Even though I don’t like what they do, I have not only an obligation to expose them, but also to pray for them. )

    • Tanae Browne Says:

      Thanks for the advice MN, but I’m hardly upset over this vulgar riff-raff, merely disgusted and stating the facts. Once the wrath of God is set into motion, neither my hand nor theirs can stop it. I do pray for all heathens and hypocrites and thank God that they haven’t the power to ‘shut down heaven’!!!

      Mostly, I pray for their feeble-minded followers to become hungry enough for the true word of God to {in the words of a popular gospel song}: to “…O’ Lord, get me out Jesus, get me out today”! Yes–stay out of dens of iniquity as Prince sang a few years ago: “there are thieves in the temple…” And their souls are being burglarized by the thousands every Sunday morning. They are so numb from deception they don’t even feel the empty whole or the puddle of blood they are left wallowing in. So, SAD!!!!

  14. MoscoDre Says:

    Let he who is without sin cast the 1st stone

    (MN: And if we were talking about stoning someone, that would be a fine quote. But given that we are refering to and practicing righteous judgment, I suspect your comment is pretty much misdirected. Do you really think we should keep our mouths shut when dealing with men and women who apparently have only a casual acquaintence with the truth. IF you’re going to quote scripture, at least quote it in context. )

    • walksbyf8h Says:

      1 Corinthians 5
      It is actually reported that there is sexual immorality among you, and of a kind that is not tolerated even among pagans, for a man has his father’s wife. 2 And you are arrogant! Ought you not rather to mourn? Let him who has done this be removed from among you.

      3 For though absent in body, I am present in spirit; and as if present, I have already pronounced judgment on the one who did such a thing. 4 When you are assembled in the name of the Lord Jesus and my spirit is present, with the power of our Lord Jesus, 5 you are to deliver this man to Satan for the destruction of the flesh, so that his spirit may be saved ein the day of the Lord.

      6 Your boasting is not good. Do you not know that ga little leaven leavens the whole lump? 7 Cleanse out the old leaven that you may be a new lump, as you really are unleavened. For Christ, our Passover lamb, has been sacrificed. 8 Let us therefore celebrate the festival, hnot with the old leaven, ithe leaven of malice and evil, but with the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth.

      9 I wrote to you in my letter jnot to associate with sexually immoral people—10 not at all meaning lthe sexually immoral of this world, or the greedy and swindlers, or idolaters, since then you would need to go out of the world. 11 But now I am writing to you not to associate with anyone who bears the name of brother if he is guilty of sexual immorality or greed, or is an idolater, reviler, drunkard, or swindler—not even to eat with such a one. 12 For what have I to do with judging outsiders? Is it not those inside the church whom you are to judge? 13 God judges those outside. “Purge the evil person from among you.”

  15. sweettina2 Says:

    (MN: Tina – generally, I will not post items that are not backed up with demonstrable evidence. I’m afraid you crossed that line. No problem. But I can’t post this comments. )
    DO WHAT???? That is the Bible…..and thats contrary why? It is obvious they serve their flesh and greed……

    (MN: I’m referring to the comments you made about McClendon and company and the personal lives of some of the others. )

  16. Cry loud Says:

    There is a 3rd point in addition to the embarrassment , exposure of the obiviousl lack of biblical knowledge to Even have a disqualified pastor. Now many who disappointed and disenchanted with their pastor will compare them to these scoundrels and suddenly there. Mini pimp doesn’t look bad at all. Then they decide to stay put and continue to be defiled

  17. Renee Says:

    I believe God is allowing them to expose themselves and they are so blinded by fame, they don’t even see it.

  18. Ms E Says:

    These kinds of men, seemingly happens to be what the majority of “church-goers” want now.

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