Mockery, Not Spirituality

Perry andT Dexter

The laying on of hands happened months ago, and most of you have probably forgotten about it.  But I haven’t.  It took me this long to really put to words my objection to watching Madea’s and T. Dexter’s antics, antics that displayed a complete disregard for God and His holiness.

It wasn’t presumptuous.  Well, it was presumptuous.  But it was much more, much worse than that.  Saul’s action after Samuel told him to wait until Samuel had offered a sacrifice before going into battle was presumptuous.   And that presumption cost Saul his kingdom.  (1 Samuel 13:7-14)  But again, this goes beyond presumption.

Consider who was involved in this much discussed event.   T. Dexter (a man who only recently “figured out” that God is triune in nature) and Tyler Perry, the creator of Madea and Mr. Deed, the main character who decides to travel across Africa with his mistress and her daughter.

Tyler Perry consistently turns out movies that either denigrate the Church or present a world view that is exactly opposed to even an approximation of holiness before God.  T. Dexter is, at best, disingenuous and at worst deceptive.

T. Dexter denies being a prosperity preacher, yet continues to preach word of faith doctrine.  He seems pretty determined to feminize men with such concepts as he-motions, dancing in the aisles (like a woman) and general feminization of the male characteristics.

Laying on of hands is a dead serious act.  It is used to appoint elders and deacons within the church.  In Acts 19:6, with the spreading of Christianity, it was used in Ephesus to demonstrate that Christianity is indeed to be preached to the Gentiles without the need to become a Christian first.  In Ephesus, it was performed by an Apostle and validated the idea that Christianity is to be preached to the uttermost parts of the world.  These are not trivialities.  At all times it is a solemn action.

At best, the behavior of these two men was nothing short of a mockery.

Here’s the event I am talking about starting at about 3:12 so you can avoid listening to Tyler Perry let us know how much money he’s giving to one of the project TPH has going.

When asked about the event, the best T. Dexter could come up with was saying that he didn’t know what had happened.  I suspect the falling out was nothing more than theatre for the benefit of the men and women (the sheeple) who are a part of the crowd there at The Potter’s House.   This seems a lot more likely if you notice some hefty men stand behind T. Dexter before Perry got there.   They wouldn’t want the Right Reverend to fall on his…um…derriere right in front of everybody, now would they?

So here we have a fornicator (remember, a while back Tyler Perry was in a panic because he thought his girlfriend might be pregnant).  Now, correct me if I am wrong, but for the most part, there ain’t but one way for a woman to get pregnant, and it’s not from sitting on a toilet seat.  So now, this guy gets up in front of the crowd and lets everyone know he’s giving TPH a million dollars.  He even starts speaking in “tongues” and speaking of hearing from God.  Then around 3:10 he makes the astounding statement that “in order for me to blessed, my haters have to be present.”  An interesting interpretation/application of Psalm 23.

But, as if to put icing on the cake, the praise lady starts screeching about Jakes pushing so he could have his baby.  Huh?!?!  Did I mention that Jakes seems set on feminizing men?  (See 3:54)

And all this time the crowd is going wild, jumping pews, dancing in the aisles and generally having a fit.

God does not like being mocked.   In the Old Testament God struck a couple of dudes dead because they offered up a strange fire.  (Lev 10:1-2)  And these two were sons of Aaron.  Definitely an indicator that God is not a respecter of persons.  Galatians, a little more gently, clearly indicates that God will not be mocked.  Galatians 6:7 states that whatever corruption you sow to, it is that corruption that you will reap from.

These two clowns, apparently more than willing to mock God for a tax write-off,  a little publicity, and some money have put themselves in the position of being opposed to God.  No, they’re not saying “I am opposed to God.”  Instead, they are doing the very things God tells us not to do, behaving as if they are being obedient to God.

Elders are to lay hands.  And elders are to have a good reputation.  They are to be able to defend the faith.  They are to turn people away from bad doctrine.  Neither Tyler P. nor Thomas D. is doing any of this.

I watch these men strut about, playing at Christianity and it saddens me to think of the damage they are doing to Christianity and the people whose faith they are wrecking.

Bottom line:  Stay away from these men.   They are religious.  They are not godly.  Stay away from these men.  They are pretenders, using the sheeple (as dumb as some of them may be) for their own purposes.   They are mockers .(2 Peter 3:3)   No, they are not denying the return of Christ, but watch some of the movies and plays he has produced.  They are definitely following after their own lusts.

6 Responses to “Mockery, Not Spirituality”

  1. Blacktheologian Says:


    Very well written and definitely true! However, I must say that while Perry’s “girlfriend” (that is very interesting indeed) was thought to be pregnant, I would be very surprised that Mr. Perry is interested in women!

    I have made a holy vow to God that I would never ever see another Madea movie again! I do not get a laugh in seeing a 6’5″ 270 pounds man pretending to be a woman. I realize that that character has made him a multi-millionaire, but he won’t ever see a nickel of mine as long as that stupid role is continued.

    Thanks for Sharing!


  2. Danny Says:

    Melvin. How’s things, how are you + yours?…
    Pentecostal churches have behaved thus for ages; hype + theatrics are their ‘tools’ to achieve money/ power. There’s a ‘spirit’ there alright! ‘Fruits, fruits fruits’: examples to avoid like the plague!…

    (MN: Thanks for asking about me for the last couple of months. Things are fine. I just got a little pressed with other responsibilities. )

  3. Appalled Says:

    What a circus! What a wild stage show! Live “entertainment” at its worst! I’ve seen this video before and each time it has disgusted me. Through the years, from the very first time I saw this man, TD Jakes, I’ve never trusted nor cared for his greed and his pulpit style of so-called preaching, cannot even begin to fathom what is it about these kinds of preachers that can fill a church from the back of the building to the front and all the way up to the rafters, because he is about money, possessions and fame. I don’t go to church for entertainment and foolishness so could never be a part of Potters House.

    There is a “church” group here in my city, calls their “church” Potters House and the people are almost just as bad. The pastor is a thuggish, worldly man with a bunch of body guards and likewise for his rude, thuggish wife. The members of his (yes, “his”) “church” are more into their pastor and his wife than they are into Jesus Christ.

    As for the very effeminate Tyler Perry, there is nothing about his so-called acting that has ever caused me to watch his shows or his movies. And like Blacktheologian, I have very similar thoughts on Mr Perry —would be very surprised if he has ever had or ever would have any interest in a woman.

    And since when has Tyler Perry “taken up” preaching? What makes this thoroughly ungodly man feel as though he should be in anybody’s pulpit? How long has he been preaching, or was this his “trial sermon?”

    (MN: I think it was his trial sermon. And he was found guilty. )

  4. Appalled Says:

    I forgot to thank you Melvin, for posting your insightful comments along with the video. One thing I’ll say is, you always know what you’re talking about and I enjoy reading your articles here. Thank You

    (MN: Thank you (he said, blushing so profusely you could see it through his beard). )

    • Danny Says:

      Melvin: Pentecostals, those I’ve worked/ socialised with, have proven to be highly emotional folk. Doesn’t mean all are; my experience includes. A woman claiming to be healed of a club foot: STILL suffering same?!…Other Pentecostal women, I SELF employed, work for, believe that unless a person speaks in “tongues,” they’re NOT saved…I worked outdoors, decades ago with a Pentecostal man, early am, dark, windy + cold. He suddenly told me we were surrounded by demons, I admit : goosebumps!…As a group, my experience has shown them highly suggestible folk. Subject to verbiage + behavior that suggests [unfortunately] unsoundness and or, gullibility of mind. There are doubtless, fine and mentally balanced Pentecostals, I’m sharing my experiences…Their religious ‘performances’ are, my opinion: emotional rants, coupled with mindless babble. Latter presented as “tongues”. Bible Christian “tongues” were bona fide LANGUAGES, NOT babble + were translated by human[s]. Always, I ask Pentecostals when they’re on a ‘roll’ : do they have translators present + so doing? So far I’ve received no confirmation thereof. When I explain viewpoint that Bible Christian “tongues” were languages. Some Pentecostals claim to speak in a quote “heavenly language” unquote, that isn’t dechiperable by Human Christians…I’m convinced that many Pentecostals go along for the ‘show/ performance’ and without their ‘actors’/ preachers’ deliberate arousal of emotionalism + fake examples of, or SATANIC power. Pews would rapidly+ greatly empty, what say you?…

  5. Appalled Says:

    I’ve sent this video to everybody I can think of. I can’t stand that ungodly man and I really feel sorry for his followers. I wish they could become followers as diligently and trustingly of Jesus Christ. He has thousands of members of his organization (I won’t say church) and it would be so nice if they could be so loyal to Jesus Christ.

    What are these people reading when, or if, they pick up their Bibles? It has to be the table of contents only, rather than the Books of the Bible, because whatever it is that they are reading, it sure isn’t the true Word of God. Or maybe Jakes has and prints his own Bible version and this is what his sheeple are reading. It’s certainly not the Authorized Version and that’s for sure.

    New, ungodly versions are coming out ninety going north almost every day. I guess that this ungodly man, Jakes has been printing his own version. Wouldn’t be surprised if his printed Bible wouldn’t be called “His Royal Greediness -The Jakes’ Authorized Easy-To-Read TD Jakes Bible.”

    Shame on people who won’t study for themselves preferring to just listen to, and take the word of people like this PIMP.

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