Christianity Has Lost the Current Culture War


Christianity has lost the culture war.  But for the sake of the Church,  perhaps that is a good thing.

Now that we are an increasing minority in the culture, I suspect the Pulpit Pimps will begin to lose their sparkle with those who are genuinely saved but a little on the carnal side.

As the culture becomes more hostile to Christianity, those who would profess to be Christians will have to do one of two things.  They will either conform to the culture around us and accept whatever the world says is acceptable or they will have to stand on the Word of God (the Bible) and be willing to suffer the consequences of that stand.

Supposed Christians (especially Black ones) have refused to speak up on issue after issue.  Worse than that, we have supported for political office, men and women who flagrantly and aggressively violate those standards we say we hold.

Case in point:  Obama is the most aggressively pro-homosexual president we have ever had.  But you Black Christians keep supporting him, saying he’s a great Christian man.

Mr. Obama threatens Uganda and Nigeria when they pass laws that condemn homosexuality.  He seeks to embarrass them on the White House website. (link here)  But he says say almost nothing about countries whose governments are based on Sharia Law and require the stoning of women.  He promotes homosexuality as an international human right, but says nothing about the failure of Germany to recognize the basic rights of parents to raise their children in their faith, without interference from the state.

Mr. Obama is the most aggressively pro-abortion president in history.  As a state senator, he voted against a bill that would prevent infanticide.  His excuse?  The bill was simply an attempt to weaken a woman’s right to have her child killed while it is still in the womb.  Read his defense, in his own words, here.  He makes such ludicrous statements as “God bless Planned Parenthood”.  And it’s clear Planned Parenthood is nothing more than a conduit to abortions, usually operating in Black and poor communities.  But according to you Blacks out there, he’s a good Christian man.

This “Christian man” has put us in a position of having to either cave to the culture (in violation of Romans 12:1-2 and other sections), or being punished by the culture and the government.  Remember, Colorado just ruled that a cake maker DOES have to help homosexuals celebrate a homosexual wedding (I still refuse to call it a marriage) or suffer penalties under the law.  (Link here.  )

But as I said at the beginning of this article:  This could all be a good thing.  More and more Pimps like Joel Osteen and T. Dexter will be forced to take a stand for or against homosexual practices and abortions on demand.  They will reveal themselves as opportunists rather than pastors.  Consequently, more and more of the visible church will be composed of men and women who are more interested in pursuing holiness than in pursuing big name Word of Faith “pastors”.

So maybe I should thank Mr. Obama for laying the groundwork for the purification of the Church.

2 Responses to “Christianity Has Lost the Current Culture War”

  1. A Biblical Worldview Says:


    These are the very issues against which I have been crying out in my concentric circle, and everyone looks at me like I have a hook in my nose! Oh my goodness! This is good stuff that you have written here. Do you mind if I quote you?


    (MN: Quote, link to the page, tell people about it. You are free to use the material. Just let people know where you got it – even as I tend to share my sources. )

  2. strawgert Says:

    Politicians = Disgrace! All of them, especially our “Commander-in-Chief.” I would write more but it would seem too harsh and I am a Christian, a VERY disgusted one so I’ll just say this, “I don’t agree with Obumma and I’m tired of all the ungodliness that he approves of. Why do so many people still want to identify him with Christianity. This man were to ever be brought up on charges of being a Christian, he would never be convicted in a court of law. The case with ALL charges, would immediately be dropped. If the trial would be by a jury, the jury wouldn’t even need to retire to the jury room, never even have to leave the jury box to deliberate but would rightly just go ahead and say to the judge, “Your honor, on all counts of the charges brought before us of this man who is being charged with being a Christian, we find the defendant “NOT GUILTY!”

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