Loyalty or Holiness? Clowning the Word of God

jamal clown

I see why some people are afraid of clowns.  Jamal Harrison Bryant is a man who apparently has no respect for the Word of God and is willing to clown around, saying what the people want to hear.  The Bible says it is God breathed (inspired), good for training in righteousness (2 Tim 3:16), a light unto our path (Ps 119:105).  The preacher, the elder, the man with the responsibility to a flock as an under-shepherd, is warned to handle that Word carefully and with regard for the Author. (2 Peter 3:16)  This guy stands before the congregation throwing around words like ‘ho and other “gritty”words.

I listened to the rest of the speech.  If you think you have the stomach for it, here’s the link.  And here is the loyalty comment.  After listening, I refuse to call this abomination a sermon.  It was, at best, a pathetic set of religious imaginings.  The fact that he “wrote” this thing and actually fed it to the congregation demonstrates what has to be is total disregard for the people.

He began the speech talking about what men are looking for in church and that he believes we are urging men to be sanctified sissies.  (Truth be told, I can’t say I really disagree with this statement).

To give you an idea of his lack of respect for the Word, Jamal takes us to Matthew 27:19 and weaves it into a twisted fantasy.  That single verse reads:

While he was sitting on the judgment seat, his wife sent him a message,saying, “Have nothing to do with that righteous Man; for last night I suffered greatly in a dream because of Him.”

Jamal the begins to tell us that Pilate should have listened to his wife, a woman of God.  Remember, Pilate’s wife was not a Christian, religious Jew, or a person in any way similar to Cornelius, the Roman Centurion who we see being baptized into the Body of Christ.  She was not a Lydia.  She was a pagan, a worshiper of false gods.

According to Jamal, if Pilate had listened to his wife, the idea of individual rights, women’s suffrage, voting, and a host of other rights would have been brought into reality a lot sooner.  According to Jamal, if Pilate had listened to his wife, he wouldn’t have been fired as the governor of Palestine, he wouldn’t have been shuffled off into obscurity, he wouldn’t have ended up with nothing.  Of course, neither the Bible nor history tells us what happened to Pilate.  There are traditions, but nothing I would be willing to build a theology on.  But he does.

For instance, according to Jamal, did you know that any man with no wife is running on grace?  It doesn’t matter if this statement cheapens the entire concept and the character and infinite value of grace.  Did you know that a man doesn’t get favor until the woman arrives?  Do you even know what the heck that statement means with respect to Christianity?   Or how about this – an anointed woman doesn’t just dream about a man, she dreams for her man.  When you listen to your wife, you are listening to the voice of God.  He says that when she is connected to you, she dreams about what she sees you accomplishing.  Would you care to tell me where any of this is located within Scripture?

Of course, in all of this he addresses the men who are not faithful to their women, men who are running around with some other woman.  He refers to those women, the other women, as a whores who have no loyalty to their man.  But why would Jamal see the need to tell the men there at the Temple of Doom that the women they are fornicating with are not loyal?  Is the lack of loyalty of the whores really the primary issue?  Is having your wife “dream about what she sees you accomplishing” the goal here?

Once again Jamal pimps the women with imaginings that they can visualize success for their men, visualize faithfulness, persistence, and godliness.  Once again he provides tainted food, guaranteed to do much more damage than good to the women.  But I suspect an awful lot of the women there at the Empowerment Temple of Doom would have risen up in rebellion if he had focused on telling them to submit to their husband as their head, even as Christ is the head of the Church.

(A tip of the hat to Sidney W.)

8 Responses to “Loyalty or Holiness? Clowning the Word of God”

  1. Eric C. Redmond Says:


  2. David jenkins Says:


  3. Anthony L. Taylor Says:


  4. Famine in the land Says:

    Correction. Please if you decide to post my comment, post this one instead of the first one.

    Wow! It’s getting worse and worse and I don’t see things getting any better. There definitely is a (Word) famine in the land just as was predicted, not only in the Old Testament, but in the New Testament as well. This is the “New Norm” it seems, that is so prevalent in so many “churches” now. No more pulpits for people like this as, they are more like stages (Apollo Theater and Comedy Zone styles) being used for presenting their “live entertainment” and I do not know how anyone, even an UNSAVED person listening to this man could even stand putting up with what he’s spouting, and I don’t know why so many of these kinds of people are able to keep on “preaching” these kinds of “messages and the congregation is lapping it up and going along with this ungodly mess being spewed (vomited) in the average “church” today. It’s sickening and disgusting–scary, too-a bunch of unholy false teachings-an ungodly abomination, and among other things, a total lack of respect for the true Word of God!

  5. Joh Says:

    The Elders should have shut him down after two minutes, what are these Elders doing?

    (MN: There are no Elders. Just him. It’s kind of like First Baptist Church of Glenarden on the Kettering – The “pastor” is the primary elder. Everybody else who may even have the title “Elder” are yes-men, not a part of a Plurality of Elders. In other words, he’s on his own to do as he pleases.

    “Fast Eddie” Long from Club Newbirth is the same way in terms of respecting the qualifications of an elder.. He even appointed his wife as an elder. You see why the London Baptist Confession and the Westminster Confession, and really any orthodox confessions are so important. They help protect the Christians who are trying to do something with their lives. /em>)

  6. Famine in the land Says:

    The congregation obviously are ignorant of the true Word of God or they would’ve given him his “walking papers” long ago if this particular “sermon” is any indication of what he is “preaching” regularly. I couldn’t last ONE day in a place like that. Had I been a first-time visitor on the day he “preached” this mess, it would’ve been my first AND my LAST visit!

    (MN: One of the primary purposes of the site is to warn people AWAY from pimps like this one. He distorts and twists the Word, he preaches what at best is foolishness and at worse decptive heresies. He, and those like him are poisoning the very people they are supposed to be feeding.

    One of the neat things is every once in a while, after giving me an initial knee jerk reaction, people actually leave places like this. There aren’t a lot. But one or two, here and there are all I need to keep me going. Besides, that’s a whole lot more than Jeremiah ever had responding to his message. )

  7. Alicia Says:

    Mockery and tomfoolery. Why do these clowns have so much support? I can not imagine me staying in service, let alone applauding if my pastor “preached” this kind of nonsense.

    (MN: They support him because generally, they haven’t been taught any better. Their spirituality is wrapped up in “getting your prayze on” and not living for Christ. That which is being said is so much more exciting than “take up your cross and follow me” or “die to self” or “if they persecuted me, they will persecute you. For the disciple is not above the teacher.” )

  8. A Biblical Worldview Says:

    “… in all of this he addresses the men who are not faithful to their women, men who are running around with some other woman…”

    How can he talk to anyone else about running around with other women?

    (MN: Now see, I wasn’t going to go there. I had already done a set of articles on him and his wife and his…um…his…”associates” and their children. Why you want to drag that back up? It’s just one more reason why he shouldn’t even be a preacher, much less a pastor of a church. But hey, we shouldn’t be judgmental, and we should remember that God is the God of second chances. Got one woman pregnant? No problem. Be forgiven and carry on…so to speak. )

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