You Know You’re Going In the Right Direction

Too much not enough

You know you’re going in the right direction when one of your sheeple  makes a comment on the site and references one of the very men on whom you have based your philosophy of ministry:  R. A. Vernon.

 By the way, did I tell you my vastly over priced webmaster is developing a web site just for me and my pimping ways?  It’s called “Pimping4Dummies.”  The tag line:  You see a flock – I see a new car.   You’ll be able to learn about pulpit pimping without have to read past those articles that actually include stuff from the Bible.  I’ll announce the unveiling in a couple of weeks.

Anyway, one of my sheeple wrote to tell me about R. A. Vernon, a pastor out of Cleveland.  I think this poor sheeple of mine thought I didn’t know about him.  I thanked him for his troubles, hung up the phone and went back to the streamed movie I was watching in my multi-million dollar man-cave.

What my sheeple didn’t know is that  R. A is the primary template I have been using to get to where I am.  I’m still using some of his ideas to up my income and my influence as an “anointed Mand of Gawd.”

Watch the video.  And pay close attention.  He views the “services” the same way I do.  It’s show time.  It’s theatre.  It’s a time of marketing and getting people excited about what I present as God.   It’s centered around him, not the congregation.  Amazingly, even when he’s not actually speaking, it’s about him.

And that is how it should be.  You can’t make a decent living if you’re worried about the spiritual (or financial, for that matter) well-being of the congregation.  They should never think it’s about them.  But again, watch the video.  It’s loaded with wisdom.

This dude, my hero, has done an outstanding job of self-promotion.  More importantly, he has convinced the crowd that the anointing is demonstrated by the size of the church, by the cut of his clothes, and by the speed and range of his aircraft.   Oh yes, he owns a really nice turbo-prop.  He even got a reality show episode of his daughter flying in it to her birthday party at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  It was shown on MTV.  Think of it:  using a secular outlet to convince his sheeple he is rolling in the anointment because he’s rolling in dough.

Stand by.  I’ll be breaking the lessons down for you and give you the opportunity to make it big and learn to live large like me.  I’ll also be offering more or less free counseling when you feel maybe a twinge or so of guilt at the massive amounts of money you are making against the fact that some of the sheeple don’t even have heat in the winter.  I’ll help you resist the urge to share your blessings with them and inconvenience your first lady.  Because remember:  if First Lady ain’t happy, nobody’s happy.  And there is no house is big enough to make it better.  (Prov 21:9, 19)


10 Responses to “You Know You’re Going In the Right Direction”

  1. Appalled & Saddened Says:

    There is only ONE first lady and that was Eve, So sick of hearing pastors’ wives being called the “First” Lady. Some of them aren’t even a LADY!

  2. David Gough Says:

    How could I have gotten it so wrong all these years? (I have to admit, I could not watch the entire video!).

    (MN: not a problem. I watched it for you and I’ll tell you what it said. )

  3. Tee Says:

    I knew Vernon was a pimp when I saw the opening theme to his broadcast, and he was standing with his back to the camera with a Lebron James jersey on…I bet he cried when Bron Bron went to Miami, but he is dusting off that jersey now that he made his “decision” to go back!!!

  4. Reggie H Says:

    It’s good to see you still at at.

    I haven’t been home to Cleveland in a while. I don’t even have words. Police escorts? 6 campuses? “Business service”? In a city where the economy has been hit so hard it’s shameful to see him living so lavish.

    (MN: Hey Reg! )

  5. Cop Says:

    Church garage?

    A barber name T- MONEY?

    Give a good “Hot” word? (what ever that means)

    Police escorts (notice, he wasn’t wearing a seatbelt, SINNER)

    Watching a video of “HIMSELF” preaching. That’s some next level type ego stroking.

    He calls SIX SERVICES in less than 24 hours MADNESS.
    I assume the thought of training up other people to lead and help share the load and spread the gospel has NEVER occurred to him.
    Besides, that would mean taking a pay cut.

    (MN: These guys generally don’t seem to think in terms of real live church planting [training up a team and send them out to the East and West to set up churches that are only supported by, but separate from the main church]. The dead guy (TIm Zachary) had a helicopter to get him from one place to another. Which do you think is more fun to the flesh – flying in a helicopter and drawing a bunch of attention when you land or taking the time to carefully train men to preach the Gospel? Oh wait – most of these men generally don’t preach the Gospel. Never mind. )

  6. renee Says:

    This is so amazingly sickening!! Did u hear him refer to the main church as his ‘bread and butter?’ The ego on this man is really huge. It’s about self-elevation not Christ elevation.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    This is disappointing.

  8. Ambassador Everett Robinson Says:

    I don’t know all the facts and I don’t need to know all the facts. (MN: But what if one of the facts is: He is treating this like a business and using it to make a great deal of money? Don’t you think you should know that? )However, what I saw was enough. He documented via video himself about himself. With that said, there is a vast number of video footage of the number of good things he has done (MN: The fact is, it’s all about him and not the Lord Jesus Christ.<strong>).

    V.A. Vernon is obviously a very busy man. (MN: But we’re not called to be “busy”. We are called to present Jesus Christ, and Him crucified. ) I believe it would definitely be good to see other men of God who are trained and grounded in Christ and in committed to teaching sound doctrine help bear some of the heavy load that he is carrying.
    He is doing a “heck of alot” of running from place to place every weekend to preach. Would it not be wise to let other spiritually qualified men take on some of that ministry load?

    Moses’ father-in-law [Jethro] gave Moses some very sound and very helpful advice. He told Moses that the work is too great for you to bear alone. He told Moses to place qualified Elders who can help bear the load and assume responsibilty. He let Moses know that you will wear yourself out. Moses was humble enough to accept and appropriate such sound counsel. (MN: So are you saying Vernon is NOT humble enough? What do you suppose may be driving that? )

    Pastor Vernon is no doubt a very strong and well able young man. I pray that God would grant unto him the spirit of wisdom and revelation in appointing spiritually qualified men to help him. (MN: What is a Spirit of Revelation? Is he going to start writing more text to the Bible? )

    I don’t believe that he is a devil, a false teacher, or a false prophet. He is a young strong man who is giving his best. (MN: I do beleive he is a false prophet, offering a false profit. )

    He has said and made some very inappropiate statements over the years. He has taught some things that I heard for myself that was not contexually sound. (MN: Thus he is a false prophet. ) However, he has really helped a vast number of people in the community and in his church. He has and is doing a whole lot of good. He may have gotten off track here and there. But he seems to be a loving and caring husband, father, and Pastor. He needs to allow for balance. His wife appears to support him very much so.

    Now there were some things that he did that I thought weren’t wise. For example: The party that he gave for his 16 year old daughter at the time. I don’t know his personal view. But he is a Pastor who is representing Christ or should be doing so. I personally didn’t think that it was wise to have such an unnecessarily elaborate party for a 16 year old girl and show the world. Our responsiblity as children of God is to avoid becoming conformed to this world.
    Let us pray for him. Until then grace, peace, and blessings be upon you all. May the will of God be done and Christ be glorified.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    How can you teach a religion that was use to enslave you people?

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