What Next? Kenneth Popeland?

pope copeland

Around January 2014, Pope Francis sent a video to Kenneth Copeland, the leader of Believer’s Voice of Victory (BVOV) and the defacto leader of the Word of Faith (WOF) community. The purpose of the video was to appeal to the WOF community for unity. Just recently, Ken Copeland paid the pope a visit. The big topic? You guessed it – unity.
It’s fitting that the Roman Catholic Church (RCC)should appeal to BVOV and not to orthodox Christianity. What do these two organizations (RCC and BVOV)have in common? A very loose association with Biblical doctrine.

Copeland believes (or at least says) God is about 6 feet tall, weighs around 200 pounds and lives on a planet. He preaches that faith is a force, God used faith to create the universe and that we can use that same force to to speak things into existence. He preaches that Jesus went to Hell (not hades or the underworld) and was tortured by Satan for three days. He says Job suffered as he did because he was afraid. None of this is supported by Scripture, at least not by a contextual reading of Scripture.

“That’s crazy,” you say. “Why would anyone seek unity with a bunch of crazies like that?” Well, there is that old saying: “Birds of a feather flock together.” If you think all the stuff Copeland believes is crazy, take a look at some of what the Catholics buy into.

Mary never sinned. In fact, hers was an immaculate conception. According to one of the Catholic encyclopedias “Mary…in the first instance (at the moment) of her conception was preserved exempt from all stain of original sin.” She was born sinless and she stayed that way. And of course, she was also a virgin, an eternal, blessed virgin. After all, you can’t be sinless and engage in something as tawdry as sex…with your husband.

Mary’s body is no longer on the Earth. When she died her body was physically assumed into heaven. And now she is the Mediatrix between us and Jesus, according to  Pope Leo (1894) Pope Paul VI.

So as you can see, both sets of folks have a habit of pulling things out of thin air a pronouncing them as valid doctrine. Copeland has prophecies and visions, and really weird interpretations of Scripture. The RCC has the Magesterium and its endless supply of supposed traditions, visions, and apparitions. So tell me: if they unite, what has the greatest authority, Copeland’s prophecies or Francis’ traditions, visions, and apparitions?

Run away from both of these sets of people. They don’t use Scripture as their standard.  And as a result they don’t adhere to the Gospel.  Copeland says Jesus suffered in hell for our sins, that His death on the cross was physical and couldn’t pay for our sins.

The RCC says you have to be baptized…or not, and you have to believe that Mary is the mother of God, having participated in the redeeming sacrifice of her Son…or not.  And that you have to believe on the work Jesus accomplished on the cross…or not.

If this unity thing gains momentum, maybe Copeland will end up being the Pope. Does that mean we would address him as Kenneth Popeland?

3 Responses to “What Next? Kenneth Popeland?”

  1. stannj51 Says:

    I’d be surprised if there will be any more of these confabs between the 2. To me, it was all a show. When KC prayed for the pope who asked to be blessed by him, he starts out saying we don’t know how to pray as we ought, using Ro. 8:26 as cover, then he and the whole crowd start off their version of tongues with Copeland looking as holy as he could. Obviously, He didn’t want to alienate his non-catholic audience and supporters who keep him riding the high places of the earth in Gulfstreams by saying anything in English that could be used against him. But on the other hand, he couldn’t pass up the chance to be seen as a major mover and shaker in the “Church.”

    Start at about 36:30 here


  2. Appalled and Ashamed Says:

    My reply will be short and to the point and it may even seem un-Christ-like, but never the less, here it is: I can’t STAND Kenneth Copeland or his silly weepy-looking face wife.and most of the so-called “preachers” who’re so popular today, Benny Hinn, Joyce Meyers, Joel O’Steen, TD Jakes, and too many others to waste your web space to name them. So let them sue me because I don’t have anything of material value to make it worth being sued by these devils in dresses or suits or dungarees (for those under the age of 70, dungarees are what you now call “jeans” or denim).

    (MN: Appalled and Ashamed, you know, if you don’t learn how to say what you really think instead of holding back like this, you’re going to get ulcers. )

  3. Danharr Says:

    Copeland’s description of God sounds a lot like the Mormons to me.

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