What Copeland Prayed When He Prayed for the Pope

Last week I told you Pope Francis contacted Ken Copeland, the de facto head of the Word of Faith heretics.  What I didn’t show you was the prayer Kenneth Copeland prayed for the pope.

Here it is.  I moved the recording near the start of Copeland’s tongues.  I had a problem with YouTube and could only get close.  You’ll have to listen to the Pope for a couple of minutes.

Hmm.  That prayer was in tongues.  I’ll bet you couldn’t understand it.  Well, I stumbled across a fellow who was gracious enough to provide us with a translation – that’s right, a translation of the prayer that Ken Copeland prayed!  And now you can figure out if you want to say “amen” to that prayer.

Here, with a slight introduction, is a representative of “Fighting for the Faith” presenting the interpretation of Copeland’s prayer in tongues.

Okay, okay.  That wasn’t really an interpretation.  But that’s okay because Copeland wasn’t really speaking in a language – heavenly or otherwise.

But think about it.  Why would a fellow who wants to be united “in faith” with the Roman Catholic Church be interested in obeying the instructions in 1 Corinthians?  And more importantly, why would you be interested in following him?

4 Responses to “What Copeland Prayed When He Prayed for the Pope”

  1. Chermone Says:

    What? I thought that was Latin…

  2. Danharr Says:

    Wow I need to check your site more had no ideal WOF and Rome were getting chummy. Shouldn’t be surprised this pope has been mighty populous. Now I can see the one world religion coming into being.

  3. GaryV Says:

    That interpretation was all wrong Melvin. I have the actual prayer……..and for a Seed Faith offering, YOU can have it too!

    (MN: Hey gary. Good to see you still around. )

  4. Keith Green Says:

    Hello Melvin ,I hope all is well with you and your family. I guess this is like any business opening up new markets ,finding a new sucker,er, customer base. They have fleeced their flock so now let’s get the big dogs flock. And he is on their side because he is more evil than the are.

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