No Showboating – No Joke

Hi, I am very happy that I found this blog. I’ve been a member of FBCG for just over a year now, and I am disappointed in the Sunday sermons by Pastor Jenkins.

I feel like my spiritual growth isn’t being fueled the way I would like, often times I am distracted by what I would describe as ‘showboating’ jumping around, him veering off and spending too much time on things that have nothing to do with the message or even Christ.

I am personally not going to church to be entertained or to have a laugh when you say “i feel the cussin’ spirit coming on” at this morning’s message he basically complained that someone wrote a letter to express concern about a word he said in his last message that they didn’t like, he spent a whole minute whining that they missed the whole point and just wanted to point out that one word that offended them, so therefore, that must have been the devil, then proceeded to say the word devil more times in the sermon than anything positive or up-lifting.

What am I supposed to learn from a message presented in that manner?
I have been feeling disconnected from his sermons for a while now, hence I decided to do a search online to see if I were the only one who felt that something was not right with this Pastor Jenkins, or maybe I was just asking for too much, It felt good to come across this blog. Thank you.

Ever since the wife fell down the steps and her Multiple Sclerosis started really kicking in, I haven’t had a lot of time for I have even flirted with the idea of shutting it down. The ubiquitous nature of the internet and the plentitude of postings on Facebook had almost convinced me that I may not be providing all that useful a service any longer.

I thought “If others are performing the same task as me, why not just let them do it? I can always go do something else.”

Then I got the comment comment at the top of the page today.

The writer became a member of First Baptist Church of Glenarden on the Kettering (FBCGotK), but was aware enough to recognize that something was wrong.

Apparently, the articles I have written about FBCGotK and John Jenkins provided the nudge the commenter needed to get out of FBCGotK. I commend the writer and I encourage him (or her) to act on their decision as quickly as possible.

In fact, not only do I urge the brother or sister to get out of FBCGotK as quickly as possible, I have a recommendation for them.

You want a pastor that doesn’t showboat. You want a church (and the leaders) who seek to be true to the Word, no matter where it might lead.

The preaching is expository and usually goes through a book verse by verse. We just spent the better part of a year going through Hebrews – line by line. That means the preachers don’t get to ride their favorite hobby horse or fuss at people from the pulpit.

The Bible Studies are intended to help the participant understand the relationship between the Bible and living a Christian life.

The church government is a plurality of Elders. The elders are responsible for a majority of preaching and teaching, church discipline (taking the issues before the church members), and overall care for the members. A transition to that model is still progressing.

One of the things you will not see in a lot of churches is a standard Confession of Faith. While there is the London Baptist Confession of 1689 (my personal favorite), Temple Hills Baptist Church conforms to the shorter New Hampshire Confession. Take a look at it here.

They stand on the infallibility of scripture, the sovereignty of God, the importance of the Trinity, and the requirement to live a holy life through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Are they perfect? No. But Christ doesn’t require we be perfect, only that we obedient and take up our crosses daily. The leadership is willing to do this. As a result, the congregation (most of them) seek to live the same way.

There are several things I like about THBC’s Sunday service.

  1. They don’t have a lot of fluff. The service is songs of praise to God, preaching of the word, and prayer.
  2. They don’t try to get you worked up and emotional. They don’t have to. Focussing on God’s word in preaching, praying, and singing has enough of an effect all by themselves. I hate to say it, but I have had to surreptitiously wipe away a tear or two while singing. (But don’t tell anyone I said that)
  3. The preachers never need a sweat rag. They work hard before Sunday morning. As a result, the Word itself does the heavy lifting.
  4. We don’t have flag waving, liturgical dancers, or performances by the choir.

We have three Elders: Dave Gough, Omar Johnson, and Chris Lawrence. All three are committed to rightly dividing the word, caring for the flock, and honoring the position they have been called to.

If you want to be fed milk (for you new Christians) and meat and not pabulum, then visit this address at 11 o’clock on Sunday morning; 9:30 if you want to check out Sunday School. And Wednesdays at 7:00 for Sunday School.

Temple Hills Baptist Church

4821 St Barnabas Rd, Temple Hills, MD 20748

(301) 894-3358

Tell them Melvin sent you.

8 Responses to “No Showboating – No Joke”

  1. Rachman Says:

    I have been an avid reader of p.p. for a while now and knew your absence was due to family responsibilities.
    If I might suggest, scale back but please don’t shut down completely. I recently moved to the DMV area and knew immediately to stay away from FBCG due in large part to the invaluable information you have gathered here. I have settled on a church in the metro area, New Bethel Baptist Church, that I believe met the criteria you mentioned above.

    Thank you for being the Watchman you are. Praying in faith for you and your family


  2. mhjones2001 Says:

    Thank you. Thank you very much. I am greatly encouraged when I read comments like this one.

  3. Tee Says:


    How your absence from the internet has been felt! I know that you have responsibilities to your wife and I applaud you for putting your wife first, which is rare in marriage today. I hope, however, that you can find a few minutes out of the week to keep the blog going. There are plenty of brothers and sisters in Christ who appreciate your ministry. You are a blessing, and we really don’t want to see you go.

    Praying for you and the Mrs…


  4. dolores Says:

    So very glad you are back….I almost quit checking, but this blog has been very valuable to our ministry over the years in making us aware of false teachings and teachers we may not have been familiar with. My husband pastors a little Bible Church in a rural area, and you have been our “go-to” site to keep up with the various winds of doctrine blowing about Christendom! Never thought our small, geographically isolated church could be so affected by the prosperity gospel, and yet, there it is. Every so often, a summer visitor to our chuch here in our resort village tries to instruct us EMPHATICALLY in how our church should be more like Copeland’s, Keith Moore’s, Hinn’s, etc. as we just don’t cut it, faith-wise, or my husband wouldn’t be driving a used, non-status bestowing auto! I pray the Lord’s blessings on your ministry and family.
    Thank you so much…..welcome back!!!

  5. NJ Says:

    Ditto to all the above comments, when I need a good dose of the truth, I just re-read the old posts, they still work and there is plenty meat on those bones. Thanks for all you’ve done, you are appreciated for the time and sacrifices you’ve made to keep this going. Many co tinted blessings to you and your family.

  6. mhjones2001 Says:

    Thank you all. I REALLY appreciate your encouragement, and your testimonies.

  7. Mike j. Says:

    Clearly u must not like pastor Jenkins. (MN: I don’t dislike him. He’s actually a quite likeable fellow when you aren’t dealing with him as a “reverend”.)Throughout the whole message u just sounded someone who has personally issues him and his church. (MN: Go back and read the posting again. The front end of the message is from a reader, not from me. Apparently, it’s a reader who has begun to mature enough to see that Jenkins turns out mostly pabulum and cotton candy. Not something a Christian can use to promote growth. ) Nobody is perfect excluding (MN: the usual canard. It’s not about being perfect. It’s about doing a competent job of feeding the sheep. And John, unfortunately does not.) you or PASTOR JENKINS!! For real part of me wants to bash u and let you know how retarded you genuinely sound. (MN: And for real, part of me wants to pray for you (just like I do for John) so you can see that you are not progressing and maturing as much as you think you should. ) But pastor Jenkins word last week was about love and displaying it towards people even when they don’t deserve it. God is Love, so stop being a hater and just relocate to Catholic Church or something since Baptist is too much for u. (MN: And you end your speech on the usual note. Apparently God is love so we should never offer any kind of discernment at all. Sad really. )

    • Mary jones Says:

      I agree with your reply it sounds tooo personal and not helping the flock as you claim. It seems that the bigger problem you have is with TD.
      If you are the Christian that you say you are, then your duty is to pray that they will be exposed. (MN: So let me understand. We are supposed to pray that they be exposed, but when we have the opportunity to expose them, we should be silent? So, are there certain people who are a part of an “Exposure Ministry”? Did Paul say call attention to such…if you are a part of the Exposure Ministry”? ) They will have to answer and you will have to answer for what you do and say. I am really glad that you have found a church that you can agree with, for now. Be blessed!!!

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