A Queer Thing Just Happened to America

The Supreme Court has decided that dignity is a right granted by the Constitution of the United States of America. They also decided that denying homosexual “marriage” the same standing as marriage is an affront to all the homosexuals who want the rest of the world to view their unions as a marriage. And denying them the recognition they believe they deserve denies them the dignity they have a right to under the Constitution (as of June 27, 2015). Of course we are not deserving of any dignity at all as our president turns the whitehouse into a symbol of homosexual pride. 

So, as my favorite pulpit pimp, T. Dexter Jakes says: Get reddy! Get ready! Get ready!

Let me remind you that the militant homosexuals do not simply want to be allowed to live their lives as they please. They could have done that before June 27th. They don’t just want us to accept their life style. Many people have done that over recent years. They want us to celebrate it…literally. If you thought the attacks against the pizzeria in Indiana, the Photo studio in New Mexico or the Cake shop in Colorado were pretty bad, wait until the homosexual activists get ramped up with the new club handed to them by Kennedy, Ginsburg, Sotamayor, Kagan, and Breyer, the five justices who found this previously well-hidden right to dignity.

Does your church perform weddings for or rent the facilities to people who are not members of your church? Stand by: a homosexual couple is on their way there to insist you perform their marriage, in your building. And if you don’t? That’s going to be as bad as some bigot refusing to serve Black people at the lunch counter, or refusing medical service to a Black automobile accident victim. It will prove beyond a doubt that you are a bigoted homophobe. Then, given the support homosexuals are getting from the Federal government, the full force of Obama’s trolls will come crashing down on your church.

You want to keep your tax-free status? You better marry them when they show up at your doorstep. You want to not be accused of discrimination because you don’t hire homosexuals as a part of your staff? You better hire them or get ready for a discrimination case that will have your congregation tithing overtime. You want to continue to receive Federal dollars to subsidize your day care center? Dude, you better hire them!
Or you Christian colleges out there: You say you refuse to rent married student apartments to homosexual couples? How deep are your pockets? Will you be able to continue once the the Feds withdraw your subsidies? What’s that you say? They wouldn’t be admitted to the college to begin with? Better think again. You can’t discriminate like that.

I have not been a fan of any kind of Federal involvement in churches, schools, or any other strictly local activities. My opinion is that the state (the Feds) are increasingly secular (anti-Christian for you people at First Baptist Church of Glenarden on the Kettering (FBCGotK)). And the Feds will work as hard as they can to shape churches into an image THEY can accept (which means no standards, no Bible-based holiness, no absolutes, and certainly no discrimination based on the way a person may choose to have sex.

Is Obama willing to push this as far as he can? I should think so. Take a look at how he defaced our house (the White House) when news of the decision came out. (Picture follows). Do you really think he, or any of the people he has working for him give a rat’s tail about your Christian beliefs?

He has even begun saying “You Christians should start rethinking your view toward homosexuality.” Do you really think that such a man as Obama, a man who has demonstrated he is willing to do just about anything to have his way and to make those who disagree with him look really bad, who has demonstrated himslef to be clueless when comes to real live Christianity, is going to hesitate to bring pressure to bear the first chance he gets?  Remeber, according to him, we should accept same sex unions just like marriage because of the Golden Rule.  This is some really deep theology.

I know many of you Black sheeple out there still believe Mr. Obama is a fine, upstanding Christian. Many of you still have not been able to separate his alleged Blackness with his inability or unwillingness to govern or lead this great country. However, I suspect once he starts sending his jack-booted thugs in to go over your sermons, to see what charities you support, to look at your “ministries” (and they had best not find anything that professes to help an individual walk away from the homosexual lifestyle) your view of him may change a trifle. Either that or you will, in effect, walk away from Christianity.

As I’ve said before, the Church invisible in the United States is about to figure out what’s important. That now taxable $55 million church building? It’ll be gone unless you change the way you preach and preach to draw a crowd and not get those who practice the love that used to not name itself upset.  People getting fired from their jobs or refusing to attend re-education classes? We’ll get to see what’s important.

While no one is likely to throw you to the lions, it is likely you will be thrown to the mad and ravenous, and totally unthinking crowd.

Get ready! Get ready! Get ready! I hope Joel Osteen and T. Dexter have prepared you for the troubles to come. And I pray I will be able to stand up to it as well.









25 Responses to “A Queer Thing Just Happened to America”

  1. Del Hill Says:

    Great article. We as believers have known that this was coming and more besides. It is high time that we awake out of our slumber. Nothing can come upon us that it would catch us by surprise. Not to seem controversial. The world is and has been for decades in the “kill zone” described in the prophetic portions of the holy scriptures. Let us put on the armor of light. I love all of your articles.

  2. EF Says:

    Nothing that comes under the heading of ungodliness that this son of Satan in the Rainbow House does ever surprises me. I’d purposely decided to refrain from watching the news last Friday, June 26, as I already KNEW what the outcome would be; but when something I was half-way watching went off, the news came on, and that ungodly mess was the FIRST thing they started showing. By the time I could get the remote button’s “off” button pressed in order to turn the TV off, I accidentally saw two sodomites deep-throat kissing each other’s mouth. I became immediately ill. I had been under the weather for the past 3 weeks or so, sick, but when I saw this, it sickened me in a way Ive never experienced, it nauseated me, gave me stomach pains, and I became so ill until I took to my bed. Today is the first time I’ve gotten out of bed and into the living room; and yesterday was the first time I was able to eat anything. This has really stressed me in spite of the fact I KNEW it was going to happen. What next, Lord?

  3. EF Says:

    We know the following but in the event “one of them” comes here to try to justify their acts, they can see this.

    Definition of “gay”: lighthearted, carefree, jovial or happy, good-spirited

    Definition of sodomy: anal or oral copulation with a member of the same sex.

    Definition of sodomite: a person who engages in sodomy.

    The “powers that be,” as usual, have decided to coin a name for people who speak against sodomites. and that is the word, “homophobes.” Now, we all know that a phobia is a psychiatric term which is defined as “an extreme or irrational fear of, or an aversion to something;” and I don’t think any of us have any unnatural fears or aversions toward sodomites.

    They prefer a “prettier” sounding terminology, “gay.” as they feel it’s much nicer being thought of that way, than being correctly defined as sodomy and sodomite.

    If my post offends anyone other than a sodomite, I apologize.

  4. EF Says:

    And I never voted for the person in Washington, DC, either time. I had a “write-in” Candidate and I voted for Him, JESUS CHRIST!!!

  5. EF Says:

    VERY GOOD article by the way.

  6. GDawg Says:

    The SCOTUS ruling came six days after a family member “married” her lesbian lover. Your piece reminds me that this is more than personal, however. I fear that it has further contributed to “the fundamental transformation of America” so brazenly promised by our fearless leader 6 1/2 years ago.

  7. Tonee Says:

    This all true and the Church knows it! We have been pretending and dressing up too long.Now there is coming a real challenge to our faith that will separate the true believers from those that profit from the service.Some Preachers will give in.Others are already talking about Gay rights.We need a separation from the trues seekers and the truth talkers!

  8. A Biblical Worldview Says:


    Great post. I’ve missed your insight.

    My conviction is this: the church is at fault. If, for so many years, we had not turned our heads when the “minister” of music, who, by the way, was a flaming homosexual, showed his true colors, then we would not be here now. If we had stood on God’s Word, and done what Isaiah said, which is to “cry aloud and spare not”, then we would not be here now. If black America would just OPEN the Bible and learn some of what is in it, we would not be here now. We have invited the demons to come in, not only to the church, but we have elected them into our government, and we elected people who would appoint rogue justices to the highest bench in the land so they could spew their atrocites all over our country. We are now the United States of Anarchy, and our only hope is the coming of the LORD Jesus Christ, and soon.


  9. blackapologist Says:

    Blackapologist, I am treating these types of postings with the same standards as the posting on church pimps. I can’t post something without indisputable evidence. What you say may, and probably is, true. But without the proof–no can do. Melvin

  10. Daniel Harris Says:

    Well the states are fighting it at least here in Texas a clerk doesn’t have to process a gay marriage license or a church doesn’t have to perform a gay wedding.

  11. Sister Sharon Says:

    A very sad time for America and the world. Just think about it. Gay and lesbians make up less than 5% of the US population. Can you imagine if they made up 25% or 50% of our society? We would have no society and our world grow old very quickly with no youth to replace it. What bothers me most is that they try to use our fight for civil rights to justify and validate their fight. I don’t believe any of my ancestors would approve of their legacy being hijacked and used for agendas they absolutely did not approve of. As for transgender, I don’t see how a true believer in God can support this because basically it’s implying that God made a mistake and can’t tell the difference between man and woman. Upon judgment day as spoken in Revelation what will these people do when they stand before God? Do they tell God to His face that He the Creator of our universe made a mistake? This is the work of Satan the father of confusion. I refuse to go along.

    • TONEE Says:

      You are 100% right! Too bad that this kind of infestious behavior is now spreading heavily into the black community with Gays and Lesbians.This is a critical challenge to the black race since our culture is losing its family and fatherhood.These things must be as the bible predicted they would be so we need to pray and press on!

      • EF Says:

        Tonee…Yes and this is just as sad as can be. Such a shame and a disappointment because of the truthfulness of it.

    • EF Says:

      I totally agree with all you said, except I very strongly feel that there are far more than 5% of these sodomites. This is a very sad time in all of the history of America and we can thank the Idiot in Charge (POTUS) and his cohorts, the SCOTUS, along with the silly, idiotic, go-along to get along mainstream news media who so boldly aid and abet the president and the crooked courts. And look who else is jumping on the bandwagon: for example, the Catholics, Episcopalians and even the Evangelicals. But more to my shame, even some Baptist churches are also accepting, embracing, and aiding and abetting sodomites in this shameful mess.

      When the sodomites had the good sense to stay “in the closet” is when it was reported and “thought” that this sick group of vermin were only 1% of the population; however I’m more inclined to believe, since the president and the Supremes have torn down those closets and let them all come out and feel important, more important than anybody else, and with NO SHAME, that there are many, many, many more of them that I ever imagined, although I have NEVER FELT nor thought that their sick population was just 1% as was perpetually reported in the past decades, NOR even do I feel that their sick, pitiful, shameful, devilish, nasty, obnoxious, belligerent, rude, bullying, in-your-face, bold, arrogant, nasty butt population is as low as 5% as is seemingly being reported now.

      They are everywhere now and have absolutely no shame. TV stations keep replacing normal people with them. News reporters, weather persons, many commercials, all these new so-called comedy shows coming out now, most of them filled with them, so much so that now I only find old movies on youtube to watch and I very rarely watch TV either except for old cowboy movies, and movies from the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and a few made in the 60s.

      Sorry to have been so lengthy in my comments.

      (MN: Though I may disagree with the lifestyle they present, and I believe they are in direct, consistent rebellion against God, profaning marriage and often trying to force those who would disagree with them to join them in their profanation, I must remind everyone that they are created in the image of God. It’s a scarred, distorted image, but the image none the less. And though they are not willing to respect us and our beliefs, we must treat them as those who are creaated in the image of God. They are no worse than the prostitute, the drug addict, or the drunkard. The only difference is that unlike the drunk, the prostitute or the addict, they demand that we celebrate their rebellion with them. )

  12. walksbyf8h Says:

    I agree with your point, Melvin; the problem is that homosexuals demand that their SIN be celebrated. We do not celebrate liars, thieves, wife-beaters, adulterers. It is not a civil right. G-D alone gives Man rights. If the G-D of Abraham condemns the behavior, then it is not a right – a right cannot be set aside because it is given by G-D Himself.

    I agree with Tee … we have the leaders we deserve.

    • EF Says:

      Yes, they dooooooooo!

      They even try to claim that their “self-inflictions”, for lack of a better definition, cannot be determined as any difference for them as the Civil Rights movement.

      Thanks for your feedback Brother Melvin.

  13. walksbyf8h Says:

    Hi Melvin, I hope all is well with you and Peggy. I thought, considering the topic of this post, that you’d like to see and perhaps post the following. It will clear up the fog about why we are where we are:

  14. Craig Says:

    It seems like on June 26th, all the closets in the nation were set on fire and folks came running up out of there. People on my facebook page posted all sorts of 6 color rainbow flags. I was actually surprised at some of the people that support that stuff that I am friends with.

    • EF Says:

      Look at the money spent for rainbow colored lights to be fitted and set up to shine up against the “whitehouse” the night the SCOTUS made their decision to approve this atrocious and rebellious act just to please the POTUS.

  15. Tory Says:

    If the Lord don’t care and He chooses to ignore ya, tell it to the people of Sodom and Gomorrah!

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