Soldier for the Lord or Friend of the World?

 Whether you like it or not, we are soldiers. We are told to put on the whole armor. We are told to use the weapons that are mighty through God for the pulling down of strongholds. We are told to fight the good fight.

 But every army, all soldiers need leaders who know the enemy, who know the objectives, and who are dedicated to victory using the strategy laid out by the commanding general. That commanding general is, of course, God. And His strategy is laid out in the BIble.  

 TD Jakes (hereafter referred to as T. Dexter) claims to be a leader within Christianity. But the difficulty is that he is not standing firm in such a way that the rest of the Christians are encouraged to stand firm against the onslaught of a secular society; a society explicitly hostile to Christianity.

 Recently. T. Dexer gave an interview, addressing the topic of homosexuality and the “Black” church. In it, he stated that the homosexual has to find a church where he or she feels welcome…in their homosexuality. Additionally, he says, in that same interview, churches have their opinion and homosexuals have their opinions. Do churches also have their own opinions about adultery, fornication, lying and stealing? Or do they stand by God’s view of these things no matter the cost?

 He went on to say that his own views on homosexuality have evolved and are evolving.

 This is, at best, limp-wristed leadership (no pun intended). Men who lead in this fashion will not be able to equip the saints to withstand the Politically Correct Tsunami that is poised to wipe out all the churches “playing church.”  

 To be fair, he did try to walk the evolving comment back. But you have to wonder how someone so smart (okay, I’m being sarcastic) could say something so dumb. And truth be told, his excuse didn’t work too well when you consider the question he had been asked by Lamont-Hill.

 As society changes its view of homosexuality (along with living together and a host of other examples of the lowering of standards), will the church goer have anything besides a bunch of shouting and feel-good performances to help them stand? Will they have men who stand on the truth of the word, exhorting the Christian to stand, to present ourselves as men who will stand for Christ. 

 T. Dexter tells you to “Get ready! Get Ready! Get Ready!” because your breakthrough is about to come to you. He tells you “Get Ready!” for a blessing. But what he doesn’t do is equip you to stand up to the choice of rejecting that which God says is wrong, not matter the cost.

 Think about it. How can a man who is admired by the likes of Oprah Winfrey be a soldier in the army of the Lord? He’s way too busy trying to be liked and way too careful to avoid offending anyone. And he’s willing to work with those who are openly and virulently hostile to the Gospel. 

 Do you want to grow as a Christian? Dump the social clubs, the shouting-fests, the “churches” that major in making you feel good instead of guiding you in the development of holiness, integrity, and discipline. And of course I’m not talking about being perfect, just having a desire to grow in Christ, being willing to take up your cross daily.

 Run from the pimps and their churches. Christian: run to Christ…and all that he calls you to.

 And you folks at First Baptist Church of Glenarden on the Kettering need to remember: T. Dexter is John K. Jenkins’ mentor.   John Kenneth Jenkins, the Senior Pastor at FBTGotK  wants to be like T. Dexter when John grows up.

You have to wonder.

11 Responses to “Soldier for the Lord or Friend of the World?”

  1. Fed UP Says:

    This false “prophet” needs to go sit his fat bald-headed rump down somewhere! Greedy, profane, prosperity liar. I’m not surprised he is entering the camp of sodomites or allowing them to enter his camp. Many sodomites have the kind of money and the silliness to fall easy, willing prey to this false prosperity preacher, the kind of silly people he’s constantly seeking. He’d take money from the devil himself.

  2. Susan Says:

    A new low from TD’s buddy Paula White Cain, and her new husband Jonathan Cain who recently told the congregation to use porn-here is a link to a video someone produced of the deed.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Ohhh goodie! Another cherry picker of scripture. Now everyone can choose the part of scripture that best suits them! Isn’t that special? I think that’s special. Yes in deedie! That’s been the problem all along in my opinion. FIRST of all, T Dexter, doesn’t even subscribe to loose Christian theology. Yes, he is a modalist – one who believes that the G-D of the Bible is like H2O: liquid/vapor/ice. Just manifesting all over the place. Not One G-D in three Persons. Nope. One god shape shifting.

    At this point, I, personally, do not trust ANY of these people standing up front. I trust my Bible: note that I had to research THAT to the ‘nth degree, too because of missing verses and chapters in most bibles!

    So, to all y’all out there. Here’s what I think … expect scripture-twisting, feminists, homosexual attacks, and more. The Church accepted adultery, unbiblical divorce, pre-marital sex, watered down bibles, and now has a jacked-up leg to stand on. It’s like that game Jenga … you keep pulling out biblical law and at some point that tower falls over.

    Me? I’m with The Jew Who died for my sins. EVERY word is true, righteous, and beautiful. G-D helping me, I’ll OBEY to my dying breath! Though NONE go with me … still I will follow.

    P.S. @ Fedup … Tell it! He needs a woodshed experience. … send his rump to Missouri where he can get adjusted real quick!

    Ok … closing vent.

  4. Len Ward Says:

    Outstanding post as usual. Biblical truth is getting scarce (Amos 8:11-12). Keep up your much needed work

  5. Larru Wallace Says:

    What does the comment mean, “send his rump to MIssouri where he can get adjusted real quick! Is this a Christian speaking in reference to what happened to Michael Brown, is this person advocating that because T. D. Jakes is black he should be disciplined by murder? That’s a scary comment even if left open and does not appear to be Christian in nature at all.

    • mhjones2001 Says:

      I think it’s something of a stretch to come to that conclusion. Why would the writer be making a reference to Brown? It doesn’t follow from anything I’ve read.

    • ih82bl8 Says:

      @Larru Wallace – What in the grits are you talking about? You know what? With all due respect, you need to stop seeing the world through the color of your skin. My comment had absolutely nothing to do with murder, Ferguson, or anything of that nature. Too many times I see this ‘reading between the lines’, ‘jumping to conclusions’ behavior and really, it needs to stop. Go find out what a ‘woodshed’ experience is instead of just reading the part that you’d like to hop on.

      You cannot make this stuff up. smh

  6. Anonymous Says:

    wow pastors are losing their focus.

  7. Tee Says:

    Here is another thing that I figured out about T. Dexter a long time ago: if he taught the truth of scripture, then the folks who follow him would be freed from their ignorance. He has to keep teaching the felt-needs gospel so that people will keep coming back. He is just like a drug dealer. He’s got the steeple hooked on the crack of “Get ready”, and they “feel” like they need that to survive. I feel sorry for his followers, but then again, I don’t because if they would just open God’s Word for themselves and allow the Spirit of God to teach them, then they would see his teaching for the foolishness that it is.
    I mean, the fact that he is buddies with Oprah speaks volumes in and of itself!

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