And the Walls Come Tumbling Down

So, I decided to take Pretty Peggy to First Baptist Church of Glenarden on the Kettering (FBCGOTK) this past Sunday. We went to the 12 noon service and I must say I was impressed. A lot of times, people change, they flip flop, or they run through a lot of foolishness just because it’s good to be up on the latest gimmick.  But John Kenneth Jenkins Sr. (the pastor of FBCGOTK) has remained the same for the last fifteen years. Well, there have been some changes, but I’ll get to those a little later.

Sunday, John preached on Joshua 6:1-5 and 20. It’s the story of the defeat of the fortress city Jericho. You know the one. God told Joshua to walk around the city with his army six times in six days. And on the seventh day the priests were to blow the trumpets and the men were to shout. When they shouted, the walls would fall down and Jericho would be laid bare before them. The bottom line: walk around, blow the trumpets, shout, take the city of Jericho (and destroy pretty much everything in it except for Rahab).

Can ANYONE guess the direction John Kenneth Jenkins Senior, the pastor of FBCGOTK, went with this? Did he focus on God making sure the Israelites didn’t think they defeated the people of Jericho on their own? He mentioned it in passing, but that was it. Did he talk about the significance of the trumpets, the marching, or the shouting? Not at all. Did he explain to everyone that we all have our Jerichoes, things we want or want to be, and it just seems like we can’t get them? You bet.  And he did as fine and consistent a job of butchering that portion of God’s word as I have ever seen him do in the past.

In the thirty minute sermon he spent the first ten minutes talking about the march around the walls and twenty minutes talking about how we can knock down the walls of our personal Jericho.  Of course, none of those ways included seeking God’s will, praying, or submitting to God.

According to John Kenneth Jenkins, the lesson we get from the story of Jericho is that in order to get our victory at our Jericho we have to:

  1. See the vision God has for us. After all, when God was talking to Joshua, He said “See, I have given Jericho into your hands.” We have to see the vision.
  2. Have faith in or believe the vision. If we don’t have faith in the vision, then God can’t bring it about.
  3. Obey His instructions. If He tells us to do something and we don’t do it, then that just shows we don’t have faith.

He mentioned a fourth thing we are supposed to do but I forgot what it was. In fact he had the audience say the four things with him four or five times. Then he let them say it by themselves a couple of times.

And apparently shouting plays a part in receiving our Jericho victory. He spent the las five minutes shouting the word “shout” and belittling people who didn’t seem to go along with The shouting. Pretty Peggy suggested we leave while he was shouting so we could miss the traffic jam of people trying to get off the property.  I readily agreed.  But before we left, he did name a couple of Jerichoes we face.

Of course one of the Jerichoes people may have to defeat is a Generational Curse. Yes, after nearly fifteen years he’s still preaching generational curses. And the sheeple are still eating it up.

One of the things that did change is the flag waving. It would seem that if you bring in Liturgical Dancing the flags won’t be too far behind. And given that he does not seem to have grown a single iota with respect to the handling of the word, I guess you have to bring in a new thing or two just to keep the sheeple entertained and happy.

Of course he is bringing in the big guns of liturgical entertainment this week. FRodar, 8 January, T. Dexter (aka T. D. Jakes) is going to be speaking at FBCGOTK’s revival; the one they hold annually with the Pentecostal church from DC pastored by Bishop Owens and co-pastored by his wife. By the way, would any of you care to show me the concept of co-pastor/wife in the Bible? Or maybe “first lady” can be supported by Scripture.

And he still has everyone stand when he enters the sanctuary. I’m just not getting it. If he is supposed to be humble, why does he have the people stand when he comes in? Does he have some kind of special anointing? Is he somehow different and should be fussed over as the mand of Gawd? It’s very curious and downright scary. It goes along with one guy there telling me he wouldn’t have a problem if John K. Jenkins brought in a Jehovah’s Witness to preach because “the pastor knows what’s best for us.”  That’s Scary – both because the man believed it John K. Jenkins allows such an attitude to develop.

And just so you know that nothing of importance has changed, the good pastor still encourages the audience to get worked up, to dance around, to run around, and to bring money up and lay it on the “altar.”  You almost feel sorry for the congregation…almost; especially when you consider that many of them, though they go to church every Sunday, they likely don’t have a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ or an understanding of just what they Bible is and says.

27 Responses to “And the Walls Come Tumbling Down”

  1. Appalled Says:

    So utterly sad, biblically ignorant, and profane.

    Amos 8:11-12 is being fulfilled as prophesied


    • Del Hill Says:

      I’ve been feeling the effects of this famine of the preaching of the Word of God for years. I am weary with searching, weary of holding my peace, weary of literally passing hundreds fellowships that are as dead as the Jewish religion. I feel like Paul the apostle in Acts having for years gone to the synagogue to proclaim Christ. Then finally decided, “I’m going to the Gentiles”. Romans chapters 9-11

      • mhjones2001 Says:

        Don’t forget, God instructed Paul to preach the gospel to the Gentiles.

        • Del Hill Says:

          Oh! Absolutely Paul the apostle was so instructed. But, his practice always was… “to the Jew first and also to the Greek”. Thus it was in all his travels. My point was that Paul in his dealings with the defunct, obsolete Jewish religious system , disputed with them, had vigorous dialogues with them… argued, contradicted them, faced attempts on his life, was beaten and maligned, etc. This was the only way to deal with these wayward people. Thus it is today. If we hold forth the truth of the gospel of the grace of God like Paul did. We will do so in contradistinction to the the current wayward religious system. We can only wage war. 2 Thessalonians 1

        • mhjones2001 Says:

          True. Just making sure we are accurate.

      • Appalled Says:


  2. Del Hill Says:

    My brother, I have many personal regrets that I must live with. One of them will not be my decision to disassociate myself with the commercialized, institutionalized, world stylized “churches. Besides this I believe in the sovereignty of Yahweh, the marvelous Grace of God demonstrated in his only begotten son, Jesus Christ. This also separates me from every “church” in the Detroit area. I’m alone. Alone must I stand.

    • mhjones2001 Says:

      Don’t believe that. YOu may have to jump racial lines, but I can almost guarantee you that there is a Reformed Baptist or Presbyterian church in the area.

    • Tee Says:

      Del Hill, you will FOR SURE have to jump racial lines if you want any REAL teaching of God’s Word. I learned that after searching my city for 20 years for a black church that would stand on God’s Word. I finally got tired, so now I am in a predominantly white church, not only being fed a steady diet of the truth of scripture, but I am being embraced by some of the most loving, humble, God-honoring (did I mention humble?) people that I have ever met. I have come to the conclusion that the black church has left their first love, and they are as much a part of the world as the world itself.

      (MN: I would note that the Word of God rightly preached, through the Spirit of God brings conviction to each Christian that there is neither Black nor White within the church. There is only truth. Slavery, the Klan, etc? Perfect examples of men failing to preach expositionally and congregations failing to insist on expositional preaching. )

      • Appalled Says:

        I agree with you Tee in all you said. This is what I did back in the late 80s and I have no regrets! Absolutely NO regrets and definitely no apologies for doing so.

      • Del Hill Says:

        Alas! Dear brother this too is not a viable option for me in this location. I fear brother, that this would be true in most areas in the country. For I am a Strict and Particular Baptist.
        I offer no personal animosity to anyone or group. But I am compelled at all costs and hazards to stand on the grace teachings of the holy scriptures. I would only feast at the table that serves this hearty fare.
        I feel alone. But I trust that Yahweh has men that have not succumbed to the error and doctrines of Balaam. Nevertheless I rejoice that you are nourished with the meat of God’s Word.

        • Appalled Says:

          I’m an elderly Christian-can no longer drive and although there are about 10 or so “congregations” meeting in nice buildings in my immediate neighborhood, alas, they are the new age, emergent groups of people of the lukewarm Laodicean “flavor” so I won’t/can’t/refuse to attend. Sometimes I can get a few others of us (less than 5) and we get together in His name in a home and have home church together. I also have found great sermons online with preachers who’ve not compromised and I watch their sermons and church services from my computer, I have audio Bibles that I listen to as well. This all is just sooooooo sad! Let’s pray for each other and all who’re going through this sad, ungodly dilemma.

        • mhjones2001 Says:

          Just out of curiosity, what are the irreconcilable differences between Reformed Baptists and Particular Baptists?

        • Del Hill Says:

          This is a brief quote from my former pastor, Mr Andre L Pickens. It in general expresses my view on the question. “Why I Am Not A Reformed Baptist
          Let me began by saying that I am a Calvinist in my theology, and a Baptist in my ecclesiology. That being said, I have a growing concern that a use of terms outside of their historical contexts is adding unnecessary confusion to the Church. I decline to use the term Reformed Baptist because I believe that it is neither Reformed nor Baptist to do so. Historically Baptists who held to the “doctrines of grace” referred to themselves as Calvinists and not Reformed. They understood the term Reformed to refer to a particular form of church government, i.e, Presbyterian. Reformed Christians believe that the church consists of believers and their seed, while Baptists have always insisted that the church consists of baptized believers only.
          I understand the Reformed view of the relationship between the Covenant of Grace and infant baptism, and I don’t care to fight about it. I respectfully disagree with my brothers, but my real issue is with the Baptists who are using the term Reformed and don’t realize what they are saying. Historically Reformed was used to refer to John Calvin’s and the Swiss reformers views of church government, the sacraments, and theology, while Calvinism was used to distinguish the theological system of the Geneva reformer from his doctrine of the church. This is why the Presbyterian churches on the Continent refer to themselves as Reformed to distinguish themselves from the Lutheran, and Anabaptist traditions. This is why Spurgeon, John Gill, Patrick Hues Mell, A. W. Pink, and other Baptists who were all Calvinists in their theology never used the term Reformed.”
          A fellow believer on Jesus Christ, who happens to be Presbyterian, one Kim Riddlebarger once on a blog reminded the Baptist of this very same truism. My favorite theologian Herman Hoeksema in his magnum opus work Reformed Dogmatics has spoken in the same vain… one cannot call himself REFORMED unless he holds to the entire covenant theology principles described by Mr. Pickens above.

        • mhjones2001 Says:

          If I understand correctly, you are saying the reason you can’t attend a Reformed Baptist church is because they call themselves “Reformed”? Is that an accurate summary of what you said?


        • Del Hill Says:

          Hello Melvin. Our brethren of the reformed persuasion, as recent as Kim Riddlebarger and a few years ago my favorite theologian Herman Hoeksema. Reminded the “Reformed” Baptists that the moniker “Reformed” has a specific or standard definition which must be adhered to in order to wear that title. Basically it involves Covenant theology. In which, the children (babies) of the believer are made participants of the covenant by the sign of “baptism”. This event they say replaces the covenant sign of circumcision. They hold that the”baptiism” of infants in this dispensation is as essential as circumcision in the old dispensation. Baptists of course have never held this as scriptural. Therefore. Early Baptists never called themselves, “Reformed”. Excuse my verbosity. Further, the ecclesiology or congregational government greatly differ. Baptist have a leadership chosen by its members and in the Reformed congregation, the leadership is appointed by a “committee” of various forms and names. These “committees” of various forms and names, sometimes called General Assemblies usually also govern these congregations. Baptist hold scripturally that all congregations are “Independent”, believing there should be no state, episcopal authority or authority by “conventional” congregations, but that each congregation should be self-governing. Also historically Baptist held that there are only two scriptural offices in the New Testament congregation that of the pastor and deacons. The office of pastor, elder and bishop are three descriptive functions of one office. When the teaching elder is distinguished from the ruling elder you have Reformed ecclesiology. The moment that the teaching elder and the ruling elder are said to be equal, you have Presbyterianism.

        • Del Hill Says:

          Indeed sir. I am totally helpless though not hopeless. I can do nothing else but pray. Yes, let’s support one another in prayer. I will remember you in my prayers. We are living in the latter days as was the apostles of Christ. Our plight, though not as perilous requiring our death, nevertheless we stand ready to lay down our lives for the truth of the Gospel… and having done all, to stand, stand therefore. I pledge my love in Christ.

    • Casandra Rainey Says:

      You are not alone in Detroit Metro. I’ve given up seeking a place of worship. On the upside, my relationship with the Lord and my total trust in Him has grown tremendously. I love Him more and me!

      (MN: Neither of you should give up finding a place to worship with

        other saints. It’s unscriptural and spiritually dangerous. If yo9u are a minority, forget about it and see if you can find a faithful Reformed church; something like this.

        There is no perfect church organization, not as long as they are led and populated by men. But Scripture doesn’t allow us to just listen to sermons on the internet. We are to be a part of a local body, a local body that is there to be ministered to and to minister to you.


      • Del Hill Says:

        Hello my brother in Christ. Thank you for the exhortation and encouragement.
        May I suggest that we explore where Christendom is right now according to
        2 Thessalonians 2, the apostasy and the man of sin. Also Revelation 17 and 18 which speak of the two Babylons. I am normally a unassertive fellow…but there is rot in Christendom that must be aggressively dealt with. Also there are Paul’s warnings in his letters to Timothy, 1 Timothy Chapter 4 and
        2 Timothy Chapter 3. Oh! Brother would to God that it were true that there were peace in Israel… but we are at war.

      • mhjones2001 Says:

        Christianity a where it should be. Religion masquerading as Christianity is doing what it has always done.

        • Del Hill Says:

          The Apostles themselves were dealing with corrupting influences from within and outside of the assemblies. Paul warned the elders of Ephesus, the assemblies of Galatia of this corruption, thus in light of the emergency certifying the Gospel of the Grace of God to them…and us in his letters. He warned the Thessalonians the the mystery of iniquity was already at work. But we have a more virulent form of that disease if you will. Exacerbated by Constantine and the subsequent formation and domination of the (RCC) Roman Catholic Church. Which necessitates our vigilance in this warfare and self-watching.

  3. Sabrina Says:

    I just came across a video of Pastor RA Vernon at FBC Glenarden spewing political agenda and quoting MLK. Good times… ugh.

    (MN: You wouldn’t happen to have a link, would you?)

  4. Appalled Says:

    In love: Much or most of the doctrines of Calvinism are not biblically sound so be careful

    • mhjones2001 Says:

      So why do you say Calvinism is in error? And please give me something other than “You’re following a man named Calvin.” If you do, I will have to assume you know little of Reformed doctrine.

      • Appalled Says:

        It matters not to me if you agree or disagree. Please do your own unbiased research from a biblical standpoint and don’t be afraid in your searches, should you do so (if you should do so) to have your views changed. Please prayerfully allow the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you rather than chastise me for what I myself have researched since 1985. I know you’re very knowledgeable in the Word of God, above many, many people I “know.” I love this website and have learned a great deal of worthy, useful and true Bible knowledge and Christian information and have spent (literally) HOURS here just reading articles and questions and answers that have truly blessed me.

        Also, I apologize and ask your forgiveness for offending you, but I stand on my convictions and if you want to do so, please go ahead and ban me from your website; but in the meantime PLEASE look into Calvinism, TULIP, and the doctrines of this heresy. In Jesus name. Thank you for YEARS of a “safe haven” on your website which is so full of wisdom. Goodbye and God bless you. Please remember that God does not allow just one person access to His truths. Peace-out!

      • Appalled Says:

        Feel free to try to belittle me by saying I know “little” of reformed doctrine. Check yourself since you feel you’re the ONLY man or person to whom God and the Holy Spirit have given His Word while remembering that the Word of God is not given to YOU ALONE. I expect to be banned for leaving this comment but I stick by what I believe. It’s okay as I have many other websites that have people whom ALSO, like you, have been blessed by the Holy Spirit with knowledge. I am going to let this be my last comment. God bless you and all that come here. Good bye but thanks for all the knowledge that I have gained by using your site.

      • Del Hill Says:

        Having been born an Arminian, and having come to God the father though Christ an Arminian, in Christ I have become the servant of the most high God. Although I never refer to myself as either Reformed or Calvinist, I hold to the T.U.L.I.P. acrostic formed at the Synod of Dort as expressive of the truth of God’s Word. After years of prayer, study and refinement, I still find myself only desiring to behold and rejoice in the majesty of the Sovereign God those name is Yahweh. I am un-alterably “Calvinistic”. Not up for debate, only Yahweh himself can reveal to me other wise. more”Calvinistic” than John Calvin. Funny John Calvin could have and should have been called an “Augustinian” like Luther, you feel me.

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