Calling All Wolves

Not a long posting.  Just wanted to put a video (a kind of old video) out here for your viewing and listening pleasure.


4 Responses to “Calling All Wolves”

  1. Samuel Williams Says:

    So you see something wrong in the church with the money. You realize that many unscrupulous ministers are just using gimmicks and fear to swindle people out of their hard-earned finances. You want a resource that not only shows how they are doing it but also breaks down the root cause of what is happening in so many churches today. You want scriptural proof that exposes the mindset and ideology. You realize that there is a war being fought against these wolves in sheep’s clothing and you need ammunition to effectively defend your friends and loved ones. #TheTruthAboutTheTithe

  2. Walt Says:

    There are false apostles, false prophets, false teachers, false brethren, ministers of Satan etc. Thank God for the SPIRIT OF TRUTH that will guide us into all TRUTH, and those that will stand and speak the TRUTH. Regardless of who is speaking lies, we know that no lie is of the TRUTH (1 John2:21). Hereby know we the SPIRIT OF TRUTH and the spirit of error (1 John 4:6)

  3. grsem7 Says:

    This is my first time seeing this video. Very powerful. especially when we teach that walking with God requires no sacrifice, no sufferings, and little to no self examination. Just faith for getting things. what ever happened to the teaching of knowing how to be content in whatever state I am in… it that godliness with contentment is great gain. This is why we have so many Christians not even striving to overcome temptation. True holy living, even in groups that teach holy living is fast becoming a thing of the past. I talk about losing connection with God in my blog. Love your blog, have for years. Keep truth out there brother.

  4. Rosie Says:

    Wow, just found your video. What an on time word for today’s church. What I want to know is where in scripture does it tell us that we need to sow a seed for a healing, a miracle, a spiritual, financial or any other kind of breakthrough they come up with to keep their prosperity working for them?

    There isn’t a scripture. These false teachers piecemeal verses in the Bible to promote their greed & make lazy, desperate sheeple cave in to their pimpery. God does not need a $1000 seed for your miracle. So, let’s think about this: God can’t heal, deliver, bless or do a miracle for you if you don’t sow your seed or tithe?? Really. He is God & sent His only Son to pay the one & only price for our sin & healing – His life & precious shed blood. What more can mere man do above that – nothing, except obey His Word & be content in every situation.

    The problem today is that we have lazy Christians who want a quick fix & whose God has become the power & money driven preachers who promise all kinds of things by sowing a magical seed they determine ahead of time, w/some verse attached to the dollar amount. Again where is there any verse that promotes this heresy?

    The sad thing is, these professional con artists are all wealthy because of the guilt & false promises they place on the sheeple who gladly sow seed to get what they have. These con artist preachers have no faith. They beg, promote false teachings to get their money & money comes in. Ignorant sheep then think these con artists are blessed by God because people give them cars, money, watches etc. So in hopes of gaining their blessing and favor, they sow their seeds. Church – wake up!

    Get your lives in order & stop sowing seed toward the wrong thing. Give generously to someone in real need. Don’t sow to false teachers & prophets who promise magical things for sowing a seed that lines their pockets for million dollar studio sets, jets, million dollar ” parsonages”, excessive church buildings, excessive jewelry & clothes etc. Peddling the Word of God for such gain is an abomination.

    Oh taste & see that the Lord is good because He is God alone & doesn’t need your seed to shower you with His mercy, love, grace & blessings. If it is wealth you want, find another means to get it!

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