Ruminations of an Agnostic


A couple of days ago, I posted a new page in the section to the right – Ruminations of a Young Agnostic.  It’s a link to a podcast called “Doc Jones.”   It’s the production of one of my sons, an Army doctor.

Though we “raised” him as a Christian for the 18 years he lived at home, about six or seven years ago he announced that he was an atheist.   Then he came to his senses and graduated to agnostic.  Even he recognizes that it’s somewhat arrogant and silly to state categorically that there is no God.

Give his podcast a listen.  He covers interesting topics, generally from a secular world view.  And you get to hear stories about me as I raised him.  And he explains why he rejects Christianity (I think that’s in one of the later ‘casts).  Give it a listen.  You get to see how those who reject the Bible think.  Plus, I think he’s pretty good.  Of course, I’m somewhat biased.  I’m his dad.

And pray that God would give him a heart of flesh and turn it to Him.

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