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I am Melvin Jones. I have been a Christian since 1973. I got saved while a student at Tuskegee Institute in Alabama.

The first five years of my life as a Christian were more of a meander in the woods than a walk with Christ. I was convinced that every time I sinned (no matter the magnitude of the sin) I was unsaved and had to start all over again.  I was convinced that Christianity was a set of don’t do’s that would keep you out of hell if you were able to successfully obey them, or at least get your failures confessed before you died if you didn’t.

It was worse than being a Catholic.  At least within Catholicism you have a general list of things you can’t do and a quick way of at least making sure you only spend time in Purgatory as long as you didn’t commit the “Big Ten” sins, or didn’t miss Church on Sunday, or Saturday if you knew you were going to be too busy on Sunday.  But I digress.

Along the way, I discovered that Mother Armstrong, Elder Cannon, and a couple of other folks who took me under their wing, were wrong.  They insisted that “good” Christians didn’t try to think too much.  They didn’t use those words.  They said things like “Let go and let God” or “you shouldn’t try to figure out God.”

When I got back to the United States in 1979/1980 I discovered Francis Schaeffer, a Christian philosopher.  And with that discovery came the understanding that a Christian not only must think, he or she must learn to think better than the non-Christian.  Peter even said as much when he stated that we are to be able to give a reason for the hope that lies within us (1 Peter 3:15).

And we are warned that we have to be able to think in order to spot the wolves (or as I prefer to call them – the pimps) that are out there to devour the Christian who walks about unaware.

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  1. tee jay Says:

    Welcome back. check out this link 🙂

  2. Phil Says:

    Melvin a funny but sometimes crude site on Jim Bakker and his brand of pimping http://jimbakker666.blogspot.com/2011/09/jim-bakker-still-wearing-beard-disguise.html?m=1

  3. zombiesndachurch Says:

    To God be the Glory…….so glad we were introduced to this site from a friend of ours of the Churchfolk Revolution…..my partner and I are authors of Zombies In The Church and for us its such a blessing to see that there are others that see what we see going on inside so many of the institutionalized churches (IC)—there are so many ‘pimps’ and POOR REPRESENTATIVES of God that it is hard for so many to see that God needs no help from any ‘pimps’ to send you a blessing……thanks for the articles and after your readers check you out I appeal to them to check out http://www.pimpreacher.com and http://www.corruptpreachers.com because this ‘pimping’ of Gods people is so real and has lead so many to think that they have to “pay” for God s blessings when if you truely know Him for yourself you know that it only takes PRAYERS to change things…..God bless and continue the works of exposing the GREEDY and lead more people to thinking for themselves and stop the MCD (MAD CHURCH DISEASE) by helping the needy!

  4. walksbyf8h Says:

    I think you might want to hear this conversation:


    Listen ASAP because once its archived, you won’t be able to hear it and I think this is a treat for biblical Black Christians. Enjoy.

  5. Frank Says:

    Awesome blog, and thanks for having the courage to call out the pimps for what they are. I actually got one comment on my blog after calling out Creflo Dollar for one of his devotionals on angels. (Basically, he was saying angels are kind of our pets to help us get what we want, or some nonsense.) I focused more on his teaching rather than attacking him.

    Anyways, I’ll be adding you to my link list on my blog, dontaskthatinchurch.blogspot. and maybe doing a post about this topic. I have a feeling that Jesus would be overturning a lot of money changer’s tables.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    To live is Christ And to Die is Gain.

  7. Linda Says:

    Are you black or white. You focus mostly on black ministers.

    (MN: Interesting observation. Let’s assume I am white. Are the statements I make any less true? What is more important-my race or the truth? )

  8. logan Says:

    I can’t speak on the other pastors that you blast. Most of which I actually agree on. I can speak on one though. Most of the information that I read on your site about Jenkins is not that accurate. I can clearly tell that you’ve based the majority of what you write on snippets of information. (MN: Snippets from his own site.) I see you once were there for 7 years. I’m just trying to figure out what’s so bad about Jenkins. I don’t see the things that you are claiming on our site.

    (MN: Very interesting. You say most of the information I publish on John Jenkins is inaccrurate. Here, let me list some of the statements and you can tell me if they are accurate or not

    1. John Jenkins has T. D. Jakes as his mentor (True___ False___ )
    2. John Jenkins presented a conference on leadership that included a man (General Powell) who his pro-abortion and pro-gay “marriage” (True___ False___)
    3. John Jenkins partnered with another church to hold “worship services” that appeal to teens and young adults (True___ False___)
    4. John has stated that “you can not teach yourself. You have to be taught by those anointed to teach you. (True___ False___)
    5. John taught his congregation how to “hear God’s voice” and he claims that he is God’s mouthpiece to the congregation. (True___ False___)
    6. My friend (who still attends FBCG) is struggling to get his wife back to FBCG (True___ False___)

    I will be interested in seeing what you have to say about these very specific incidents. While you may not agree with the conclusions I reach, I would suggest that nothing I have said is inaccurate. As I said, I work very hard at using the man’s own words when writing about him. )

  9. Danny Says:

    Linda. There’s a lot of that around theses day! Folk have been socially engineered into the politically [accepted] correct mode: any accurate observation about any non white must be racism! It’s the crime/ sin/ misdemeanour/ ‘pimping’ that’s evil, REGARDLESS of skin color! Cop out methodology: play the ‘race’ card. Beware of “Staining out gnats, while camels pass through!”

  10. logan Says:

    1. He does have him as a covering pastor. True. Does he model his ministry after his no.

    (MN: Two things: First: What is a “Covering Pastor”? Could you show that to me in scripture? Are we comparing T. Dexter to Paul in his relationship with Timothy? If, do you really want to do that given that Jakes, for a very long time, denied the Trinity? This is just the bedrock of Christian Doctrine. Bible points out that we should stay away from those who preach another Gospel, not have them as a mentor. Second: What does it matter if he “models” his ministry after his? And what do you mean by “model”? )
    2. He did not organize the conference but he does support the overall goal of teaching leadership. True. He is definately not pro-abortion nor pro-gay “marriage” ( I agree with your quotes. It’s a shame what they are trying to do) in any way. He openly speaks against it on a regular basis.

    (MN: He speaks against it on a regular basis and then presents a man who is for both as an example of a leader. So it’s okay to expose the congregation to men who claim to be Christians yet hold to values that are totally contrary to Christianity? What’s more important – finding high-powered ungodly men to draw folks or finding a truly Godly man to teach leadership? Again, the Bible says we are to pay attention to who we follow and who we expose the congregation to. Are you saying there are no effective leaders who are also Godly? I would disagree.)

    3. True. Merge is an appeal to the youth. Providing them with a Christian alternative on a friday night thus allowing them to have fun in a Christian environment instead of being tempted to go elsewhere to some unsavory place. Would you rather the kids be in an environment where the music is uplifting, the presentations are Christ centered and afterwards they break up into small groups to discuss issues and learn Christ-centered principles; or would you prefer that they do as the majority of teens do whether in a Christian hosusehold or not?

    (MN: This is a false choice. I would prefer they have the Gospel preached to them. Because it’s the Gospel that has the power, not “up-lifting” music and words to music. We are told to preach the Gospel, not attempt to make it attractive to people. For the unsave, nothing will make the Gospel attractive other than the move of God on their hearts. As far as teaching life-principle, we are not there to teach life principals – whatever those may be. We are told to: Preach the Gospel, preach and teach on holiness, preach and teach on the importance of Scripture, and preach and teach on the doctrines of Christianity. We are not called to teach life principles. )

    4. and 5 True. and True Taken out of context though. He does not claim to be the only person people should listen to.

    (MN: Actually he does say exactly this. He starts off talking about the new Christians giving attention to the teachings of the Apostles. He ends up talking about “honoring what our leaders have taught.” Given that he has taught that Jesus suffered in hell to pay for our sins because his death on the cross only paid for our physical illness. When I was there and he taught this, was I supposed to just “honor what our leaders taught”?

    He goes on to state that he (John Jenkins) speaks truth into our lives. Then he makes an interesting statement when he said “If you reject it (the truth he has spoken in my life), then I should get the heck out and sit under someone else whose truth-speaking” I can accept. I wasn’t aware that two different preachers are going to be speaking different truths. How does that work? Can you have two truths? )

    He states that when trying to learn the ways of God we cannot be left up to learning things on our own. If we try to interpret the Bible on our own we can read into things the wrong way(like the lady in Texas who believed that God told her to Murder her 4 kids! This was due to her interpretation and the pastor she was under) He was trying to point out we need to be under the teaching of a bible beliving church, that way we have more than one source of interpretaion.

    (MN: An extreme example at best. The woman was crazy to think she should kill her child. I doubt she was even a Christian (since Jesus said that HIS sheep know HIS voice. And I’m sure God didn’t tell her to do that.) You are using the standard approach taken by Rome, teaching myself by myself while sitting under a tree. You are setting up a strawman when you say that. )

    Proverbs talks much about fools who see things right in their own eyes as being right… What he does not say either is that he is everyones pastor. He firmly believes in being a member of a local church and supporting that church with tihes and offerings. (That’s a big point where he differs from Jakes)…. As far as the hearing God’s voice point, what he is talking about is being able to recognize when God is trying to speak to us. If you are trying to say that God does not speak to us, then you are trying to tell me that all the different ways that God speaks in the Bible are incorrect? Does God not give people in the Bible things to say to others. Jenkins is not claiming to be some High and Mighty mouthpiece for God. He prays at the beginning of his sermons and asks that God gives him the right things to say to be able to plant seeds of God’s Word into people.

    (MN: He actually did claim a High and Mighty position as God’s mouthpiece. While I was a member, he actually said “I am God’s mothpiece to you. And if you can’t accept me as God’s mouthpiece, then you need to go someplace else where you can accept that person as God’s mouthpiece.” If you accept the premise of his statement (him being God’s mouthpiece) how do you listen to anyone else or anything else without believing you are calling into doubt God’s truth; which came through John Jenkins (God’s mouthpiece to you). )

    6. I can only comment on your friends situation. I may know him if I see him? Depends on how active he is in the church.

    (MN: He’s very active. )

    But from the story I read about his wife leaving because she couldn’t become a minister the way she wanted, sounded like she just wanted to do as she felt. Does it require a license to minister to family members, friends, co-workers, senior citizens homes, hospice, restaurants, Metro, etc… No it does not. What’s with people seeking titles to do what God has “called” them to do? Did she seek God as she made all her decisions? Did he seek God on how he handles these decisions? I have no way of knowing. But what does that have to do with Jenkins being a pulpit pimp.

    What was your experience like the 7 years you were there.. I’m interested in hearing about that so I can understand t your point of view towards him and FBCG.

    (MN: My experience was pretty much what I have outlined in previous articles. John consistently made scripture say what he wanted it to say, got “the Greek or Hebrew” wrong, and provided little in the way of real live, practical teaching. At one point, I discovered on of his sources for a series of sermons. He lifted them almost word for word from a Marily Hickey book on Revelation. )

  11. Danny Says:

    Melvin. If we follow the 10 commandments as many Christians do: shouldn’t we observe the 7th day Sabbath? Not Constantine enforced Sunday?

    (MN: Short answer: No we should not observe the 7th day Sabbath. We are not obligated to observe any day Sabbath since we are no longer under the law. The law told the Israelites what they could try to do in the strength of their flesh. The New Testament (after the cross) tells us what we are to do in the strength and influence of the Holy Spirit (we can start with Galatians 5:22-23). As we are filled with the Spirit, we will not do the things of the flesh.

    As far as a Constantine enforced recognition of Sunday as the Sabbath, I would disagree. The Sabbath was on Saturday and nothing has happened, or been stated in Scripture that moves it to Sunday. However, we should also remember that the Sabbath, as laid out in the law, was merely a prefigure, or a type of our True Sabbath, Jesus Christ. Hebrews (4:3; 4:9). The law doesn’t make us holy. Rather, God’s Spirit working in us brings about holiness.

    If you look in Acts 20:7, what day of the week did they gather together to break bread? Had Constantine been in power yet? Or did he still have a couple or three hundred years before he came on the scene.

    Again, we are not under the law but under grace and we don’t have to make one day more important than another. Conversely, if you want to make one day more important (custom or whatever) that’s fine. But don’t try to pass it of as a mandate from God. )

  12. logan Says:

    1 & 2. “model” means to structure, imitate, copy…etc. So does that mean that RABC need not have you as an elder because of who you follow on twitter? Some of the people I see there surely don’t uphold Christian principles…. And I reiterate He is not presenting anyone. He is one speaker at a conference (that Jenkins is not organizing) where people can choose not to attend his session.
    (MN: Please!! Following someone on Twitter does not in anyway indicate or imply approval of a person’s moral position nor a “modeling” of my activities after theirs. I’m not even going to spend time responding to that line of thinking. But for the rest – So it would have been okay to have Hugh Hefner as a speaker on leadership? Or maybe it would have been okay to have Larry Flynt, the publisher of “Hustler” as a speaker on perseverence. After all, Flynt has pushed past his injuries and continued in the publishing business. And John isn’t “presenting” either of them, right? So it doesn’t matter who you may allow to speak (through whatever media) in the church on the topic you want covered. After all, you’re not “presenting” them. Who you allow to speak in the church, or who you allow to be transmitted and broadcast within the church just doesn’t matter. As long as you not “presenting” them. Oh, by the way, do you think the Satellite transmission was free? Or do you suppose John had to pay for it? And do you think the speakers spoke for free – of did they get paid through the organization that presented the Satellite transmission, and who charged FBCGotK for the transmission? So even though John didn’t “present” them, he paid money in order to have the supporter of homosexual unions and abortion speak to the congregation. Does the Bible say ANYTHING about helping those who would promote unrighteousness, about blessing them and helping them to prosper? I’m just curious.

    3. “As far as teaching life-principle, we are not there to teach life principals – whatever those may be.We are told to: Preach the Gospel, preach and teach on holiness, preach and teach on the importance of Scripture, and preach and teach on the doctrines of Christianity. We are not called to teach life principles.” … Where in my response did I say that…. I said Christ centered principles (i.e. Lessons from the Bible)… If they don’t apply to our lives, then what are we doing? What is Christianity if not principles to live our life by?… Also you mean to tell me that you don’t agree with your church’s own philosophy? Quote from RABC website: “Our philosophy of youth ministry involves the study of God’s Word and a lot of parental involvement, as well as exciting fellowship.”.. What you are pointing out with Merge is the “exciting fellowship”. Merge is not the crux of the youth ministry. There is “study of God’s Word” with the youth services they have on Sun as well as on Tues.
    (MN: Agreed – you did say Christ centered principles. The trouble is, I’m not seeing those principle being taught in the music shows. And what is the purpose of the music shows? To attract and entertain the unsaved? Entertaining them isn’t going to make their adherence to Christianity any more likely. They’re unsaved. IF you’re going to present the Gospel, do it without all the “we look just like the world” entertainment and calling it evangelism. Do the classes and discussions, without the secular appeal.

    4 &5. According to Heb 13:17 we are supposed to have confidence in our leaders and submit to their authority…. What you are saying he teaches is untrue. He regularly states that Jesus died on the cross for all of our sins… The Bible is the truth is it not? If I speak from the Bible am I not speaking truth? For it is not coming from me, but from the Bible. So then what is the problem with the statement of speaking truth. Some people don’t like to hear or want to accept everything from the Bible, but want to bend it to how they see fit. He states that if you don’t like what he has to say, then go to someone else and listen to them. For instance the homosexual person who hears the Word but doesn’t want to change their lifestyle leaves and goes to the “church” where they believe the truth is being gay is in God’s “will”. There is really only one truth…. As I reiterate again anyone who God gives a Word to give to others is considered a mouthpiece for God. God desires any who follows Him to be His mouthpiece.

    (MN: Nice try, but John wasn’t talking about anything like homosexuality being acceptable to God. We’re talking about things like John signing on with T. Dexter (while T. Dexter was still a Oneness fellow and a continuing Word of Faith person, and aggressively Pentecostal). Was the congregation to simply “have confidence” in what he was doing? I know one fellow who saw it exactly the way you are suggesting. I was visiting the church and saw a couple of old friends while I was there. I asked one of them if he would be okay if John brought in a KNOWN Jehovah’s Witness to preach from the pulpit. He said “Yes, that would be okay because the pastor knows what’s best for us.” Really?!?! This is an example of the discernment being taught at FBCGotK? No. People should have objected from the start to having any thing to do with T. Dexter, Creflo Dollar, and a host of other pimps. But they don’t. They sit and twist the verses you just referred to. )

    (MN: If there is only one truth [and I believe there is] then he should not encourage folks to leave so they can hear a truth they can agree with. )

    6. In that case I probably know the person you’re referring to. That aside, what does his situation have to do with Jenkins? (MN: John did not counsel the man’s wife. John held out for her the idea that she can/should be a minister. He has done such a poor job of teaching, and the “leadership” has been so far separated from the congregation that nothing has been (as far as I know to date) to help the couple out. John’s take when I mentioned something like this to him was “I’d be talking to people all the time about sin if I was to do that!” Apparently he doesn’t understand the difference between counseling (Johnny Parker is even paid to do exactly that) and being a sin detective. )

    He regularly says that he uses what someone says in his teachings. Are we not supposed to all be working together as one body?

    (MN: Using someone’s material [word for word, by the way] is not the same as attributing a quote to someone. He lifted the materials completely and never said where he got them from . But not attributing them is not the point. The point here is that he would use materials from Marily Hickey to begin with. The woman is a Word of Faith nutjob.)

    I am by no means saying that he is perfect. No one but Jesus was. What I am saying is that the statements that are being made are inaccurate and for the most part hugely misunderstood. Jesus states in Matt 7:15-20 that you know a tree by its fruit. Is Jenkins and FBCG producing bad fruit. If so, what is it? I’m still waiting for you to show me the pimpery that you’re claiming he is doing. Because as I have stated before I don’t see these things.

    (MN: I understand that you don’t see these things. Most of the folks there don’t see these things. You also don’t see much of the fruit from his ministry. The people are not growing in maturity; only in numbers.

    Perhaps John has moved away from teaching that Jesus suffered in hell for our sins. But before I left [in fact, one of the primary reasons I left], he and I spent three months talking about Jesus’ suffering in hell. He made it clear that he was saying exactly that. His ministers, working in the overflow room said exactly the same thing.

    I finally figured out that John was either not interested in the truth or so Biblically illeterate as to be frightening, when I asked the question “If Jesus spent three days in hell, why did he say to the thief beside him “This day (not a couple of days hence) you will be with me in paradise.”

    John’s aswer? “It depends on what “paradise” means. At that point, I wrote him off and began preparations for departing.

    When I asked several people if they agreed with what he said, there response was “I never heard him say that.” When I asked if people had a problem with a Oneness proponent being their pastor’s mentor they said “I never heard him say that.”

    John often does not preach the truth. But the members often pay no attention to what he is saying.

    Does he still preach Jesus suffering in Hell for our sins? I don’t know. Has he recanted? Don’t think so. Did anyone there even pay enough attention to what he says? Not that I can see.

    I challenge you to listen to what he says – when he says things like “When the praises go up, the blessings come down.” Or when he tells you that you can’t teach yourself. Even now you are trying to explain away a very clear statement. But at least you heard it. Most of the drones there don’t even think about it. )

  13. Danny Says:

    Melvin. “Taa.” “Breaking bread”: simply means having a meal, we, they have had meals daily! There are dozens of scriptures however, wherein the apostles preached on the Sabbath. Sabbath was observed for about 300 years post Christ’s death,by Christians. Constantine DID enforce the change of weekly worship/assembly day from Sabbath to Sunday.

    (MN: Let me try again. For the Christian, there is no Sabbath day. Jesus is our sabbath, our rest from our works. There are a bunch of references talking about the Apostles visiting the synagogues. When did the Jews meet? On the Sabbath. This is not an argument for Saturday as the proper day of worship for the Christian.)

  14. Tracy Says:

    Just found your site researching Preachers of LA. Love what I have read thus far and have bookmarked it.

  15. Danny Says:

    MN…”Let me try again”…Seems supercilious, hopefully that’s not the image you you seek! Yes, Jews met/meet on Sabbath Saturday. However Paul taught/ preached to GENTILES on the Sabbath. Jesus said He’s Lord of the Sabbath, not the 8thday! The Commandments of God mentioned in Revelationas an ID factor of His true Church, would therefore include the [7th day] Sabbath. Off to work; return soon!

    (MN: Better to be supercillious than to simply ignore what is being said. )

  16. Danny Says:

    Melvin..You’ve mentioned that if one breaks Sabath today they should be “stoned” IF they really believe in observing it. That’s ‘old school’ + exactly what the Pharisees/ Scribes did. Christ “Lord of the Sabbath,” taught it’s ok to do good on the Sabbath, ergo He healed thereon. Emergencies can be dealt with on Sabbath; Christ’s actions, eg husking corn on the Sabbath incensed the Pharisees. He showed us that Sabbath observance isn’t as Pharisees, Jews today and some cults observe[d] it! Christ said the Sabbath was “Made” for humankind NOT humans for the Sabbath: Mk.2: 27+28. Heb.4:9 Stresses need to observe Sabbath in a NEW COVENANT context. The Anchor Bible Dictionary concludes that ‘sabbatismos’ therein, means keeeping the 7th day Sabbath.

    (MN: Sir, the reference in Hebrews is not arguing for keeping or observing a sabbath day. It isn’t trying to argue whether man was made for the sabbath or the sabbath for man. It is a part of the overall thrust of Hebrews, arguing for the superiority of Jesus over all things Jewish and repeatedly demonstrating that all of those things (including the sabbath) are simply shadows of the things fullfilled in Christ. The reference is to a rest, a sabbath, not a particular day. Let’s look at the verses around 4:9:

    8 For if 1Joshua had given them rest, He would not have spoken of another day after that.

    9 So there remains a Sabbath rest for the people of God.

    10 For the one who has entered His rest has himself also rested from his works, as God did from His.

    11 Therefore let us be diligent to enter that rest, so that no one will fall, through following the same aexample of bdisobedience.

    Joshua brought the Israelites into the promised land. But God made it clear that that entry is not the REST [the sabbath]that He was speaking of.

    The rest being spoken of in verse 9 is a rest from our works. It points to Christ as our sabbath. I think you would be hard-pressed to make verse 9 a command to observe the 7th day of the week as a sabbath. But I imagine you are going to ignore what I just said and try. )

  17. Danny Says:

    MN. Taa. “Try” I’m tempted. Instead refer you to Revelation where God’s Church identified as paraphrased “Keeping the COMMANDMENTS of GOD.”…These “Commandments” seem to be THE 10 COMMANDMENTS. Ergo,they’re identifiers of God’s Church….Right?…Mate, save time, try to stop each reply to me with the slight touch of sarcasm/ superciliousness.

    (MN: Mate, if you don’t like what you perceive as a supercilious approach – don’t comment. Or at best, don’t continue the discussion. I don’t build doctrine on “seems to be”. There is nothing in the context of the text [especially given that the Gospels and the epistles point to commandments that are not the Ten commandments, and given that the 10 Cs were given not to make men righteous but to prove to us beyond a shadow of a doubt that we can’t obey even a simple set of rules to literally save our souls]. You need more than the use of the word “commandment” to “prove” that we have to observe the Sabbath as referred to in the 10 Cs. )

    I’m not intimidated or impressed thereby (MN: I don’t expect you to be.), so it must be for your audience + or self satisfaction…I don’t expect a reply from you after this latter comment!

    (MN: Mate, you obviously have not been reading this blog for very long. I don’t reject comments just because I don’t like them. And I don’t post them just because some yahoo “challenges” me to do so. If you are on topic and not repeating yourself, more than likely you will get posted. If you are insulting, ranting, or otherwise wasting electron, you won’t. So far, you have not done the latter, so you get posted. )

    … Seriously, I only texted that to respond thus to you!.. Forget the sarcasm: JUST EDUCATE with what you believe GOD GIVEN KNOWLEDGE!…Or don’t respond EVER! (MN: Again, if you want a blog to adhere to your set of standards, start the blog and run it by your set of standards. )..Challenge you to SWIFTLY ‘unmoderate’this text for general viewing: go for it! I’ve always wondered why ANY religious group/ church/ sect/ cult folk would have a problem with the GOD GIVEN 10 COMMANDMENTS? Nothing evil therein, only helpful to human society + IN FACT was/is the Law USA/UK + other nations successfully founded /actuated /on.

    (MN: Agreed. The 10 C’s give us insight into the holiness of God. If you attempt to live by them, set up laws according to them, you can’t go wrong. No one disagrees with that. The disagreement comes in the Christian life. I don’t obtain salvation by adhering to the 10 C. Jesus’ sermon on the mount made it clear that my salvation is a matter of the heart, not a matter of obeying 10 rules. The only thing the rules prove is that I need Jesus Christ.

    A Christian isn’t bound by the 10 Cs. Galatians 5:22 and 23 at least begin to address this. It says: For the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.” In other words, a person lives the Christian life not with a set of “Don’t Dos” shouting in their ear, but with the Spirit of God conforming them to the image of His Son. But if I make the 10 C’s my path to righteousness, I am doomed to fail. If, as I said earlier, I fail to recognize Jesus Christ as my Sabbath, as my rest from works [trying to obey the 10Cs to attain righteousness], then I fail. Christians are no longer bound by the 10 Cs. Instead, we are commanded to develop the fruit of the Spirit (through the work of Christ in our hearts [Phi 2:12-13]. We are commanded to be filled with the Spirit [Eph 5:18], to be Spirit controlled. My righteous isn’t established by me adhering to a stack of don’t dos. It is established by God’s work in my heart and mind.

    Add to that the admonition of allowing people to tell you you have to observe certain days, Sabbaths, and the such and the slavish call to the Sabbath as laid out in the 10 Cs is, at best questionable. )

    SO what’s the problem with observing the 10 Commandments? Face it mate, it’s really the Sabbath. Nine Commandments, you/ most of us, ok with . Bring the 4th Commandment in + the religious bovine fertilizer “hits the fan!!”…MN: Let’s see you publish, swiftly, moderation cleared this text!.. Qu:”Hmmm, let me try again” unq…

  18. Logan Says:

    Well as I’ve delved a little deeper into the way you see things I have come to the conclusion that your Opinion is your Opinion. I could continue on for many more responses but to do so would have no real point because after reading some of the things you’ve put on other websites I see that you stick to whatever you make up your mind on. I just wanted to hear why you felt the way you do and I think I’ve gotten enough info. That said… I can say that there is definitely more than one way to go about a disagreement with someone. Good luck on future endeavors my man.

  19. Danny Says:

    Logan? You’re commenting to me I guess? You’ve ‘suddenly’ commented to me, yet didn’t actually address my statements ? Your message was slightly nonsensical, to me: try being explanatory + specific……….MN.I agree. 10C’s don’t save anyone, nor does the Sabbath +ditto: fruits of God’s Spirit. We’re saved by grace + faith in God/Christ; our faith must however have ‘works’ or it’s a dead faith. If you check for example ‘Commandments’: 1 Jn. 5:2+3, Rev.22:14 + Rev.14: 12, using Bible Concordance + Bible Dictionary you may understand the 10 C’s are referred to. For the record: I believe the 2 Great Commandments, God’s royal law: “Love God with all one’s spirit, mind, brain + body + love neighbor as oneself” sum up Christian living.

    (MN: You still have not demonstrated that the commandments in Revelation are the 10 Cs. The only thing you establish with a concordance is where the word is used. A concordance doesn’t in an of itself establish context. As an example, the word “all” shows up in a bunch of different places. But it doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing in each occurrence. A bible dictionary is no different than a regular dictionary. Again, context matters. Otherwise you may have to conclude that Pilot was a small furry animal with a pointy nose and big ears (since Jesus called him a fox) My question is this: Does not holding worship service on Saturday and not observing all the rules established for the worship of God on the Sabbath mean that I am sinning? And if I am sinning and feel no conviction from the Holy Spirit in that Sin, does that mean I am not saved? Does that mean my conscience is seared and that I will be cut off from the covenant? Does it mean that I should be stoned (even as the Law requires)? If not, why not? )

    The 10 C’s are possibly better understood if we focus on them in the light of God’s Word [para] “If we love God, we’ll keep His Commandments.” With this scripture in mind, please focus on the 10 C’s this way, the 1st 4: if/ when observed demonstrate loving God + the remaining 6 are living “love thy neighbor.”…..
    Regarding Heb.4:9 Using Bible concordance? dictionary + scripture, it’s apparent that both the millenial ‘rest’ is referred to + the keeping of a Sabbath.

    (MN: It’s not dictionary + Scripture. It’s Scripture + Hermeneutics [which includes dictionaries, commentaries, lexicons, history [secular and Church] and as much other information you can gather together], prayer, and a dependence on the Holy Spirit for illumination. )

    (MN: No, that’s not really apparent. That is a part of the difficulty here. You assume that the way you are interpreting it is “apparent.” Someone else could come in and say “It’s apparent that Hebrews 6:6 and following means you can “lose” your salvation, or that it’s apparent that baptism is required in order to be saved, based on Peter’s speech in Acts. No, it’s not really apparent. In fact, that is the crux of our discussion. )

    (MN: If you are going to insist on following the Law, then you have to follow all of the Law, not just some of it. You don’t get to say “We have to obey the 10 Cs and then ignore the other 830+ commandments. <strong>)

    Yep mate, I’m a ‘newbie’ to your website; enjoying it too.
    Where I come from, being called a “yahoo” could result in being told “I hope your chooks turn into emus and kick your dunny down!”……

    (MN: Australia. Welcome to the read. I hope you are enjoying the onset of Spring andI hope you enjoy the site and find it at least somewhat challenging. )

  20. Danny Says:

    LOGAN…In other words “What’re you on about mate?

  21. Danny Says:

    G’day MN; spring here ‘rough.’ Website: great + challenging. Mate:”Interpretation” spot on: we’re ALL subject to that, M.N included! Nor have you demonstrated that Revelation’s Commandments ARE NOT the 10!….

    The ritual laws include: circumcision, washing etc adinfnitum. They’re OBVIOUSLY not the 10 Commandments! Christ told the ‘would be’ asking for guidance : follow the 10C’s, even mentioning some thereof! That joker couldn’t handle the ‘minus wealth/ materialism factor + folded….You recently mentioned not being told by “men” to do [my translation] this + thus. It therefore follows that…
    Ergo, Christians should disregard input from men to observe Christmas/ Xmas, easter, Lent etc?! Ditto: Sunday observance/ worship + infant baptism. All of which are human directed/ enforced + or socially engineered : not Biblically instituted by God!
    Cheers mate….

  22. Danny Says:

    MN. G’day. The 10 C’s: written by God. The rituals laws 100’s! Written by man.The 10 Commandments, moral Law: Jam.2:8 God’s Royal Law….Spoken/ written by God : Deut 4: 12-13 Ex.31:18 + Ex.24:12….Placed in ark: Ex. 40:20, 1 Kings 8:9 + Heb. 9:4….Is PERFECT + lasts FOREVER + EVER: Ps.19:7 + Ps. 111: 7-8….NOT destroyed by Christ:Mat 5:17-18….MAGNIFIED by Christ: Isa. 42:21….Gives knowledge of sin:Rom.3:21+ 7:7. Whereas the ceremonial/ ritual or ordinances law: Law contained in ordinances: Eph.2:1-5….Spoken by Moses: Lev.1: 1-3….Handwitten ‘ordinances’:Col. 2:14….Written by Moses, in book: 2Chr. 35:12….Placed in the side of the ark: Deut. 31: 24-26….Made nothing perfect: Heb7:19….Nailed to stake+ removed by Christ: Col. 2:14… Abolished by Christ:Eph.2:15…. Instituted because of sin: Lev.3:7….

    (MN: Interesting. To make sure I understand, are you saying that the 10 C’s hold more authority than the rest of the laws? Or are you saying the 10 C’s are applicable now because they were written in stone by God himself? )

    M.N. Incidentally, in case you’re interested: Lk. 23:43 And Jesus said unto him, Verily I say unto you Today, you shall be with me in paradise. The comma is placed erroneously after “you” or “thee” in KJV + others; accurate/ correctly placed comma is above: AFTER the word “today.” Gives the correct + total different message than with the misplaced comma!….Cheers!

  23. Danny Says:

    M.N, Saying the rituals laws were done away, not the 10 Commanndmennts. There’s no your quote “More important catergoiry” unq, to compare rituals with 10C’s: as ritual laws observance not required.
    Keeping rituals law: doves, sheep, goats, circumcision, adinfinitum, as you’ve correctly pointed out: NOT required by God.

    Interesting: the difference ONE correctly placed COMMA makes in LK. 23: 43 isn’t it?

    (MN: It’s interesting in that it makes you sound like a Jehovah’s Witness or a follow of Kenyon (who generated almost all the WoF pariah infesting the Body of Christ. The use of the term “stake” makes me go with the Jehovah’s Witness approach. )

  24. Danny Says:

    Melvin : MN. 10 Commandments in Revelation 14:12 + 22: 14.Try this….[1] 1 Cor. 10: 1-4 Christ was the God of Old Testament, the “spirutual Rock.”

    (MN: Sorry Danny, but that verse doesn’t really have anything to do with Commandment #2. Paul is refering to the Israelite’s unwillingness to enter the promised land [a form of rest and a reference to Jesus Christ as our Sabbath]. I’m not going to go to each of the verses you reference [usually out of context]. The idea here isn’t to present as much scripture as you can and drown the other fellow’s position in pure volume. The idea is to present Scripture that is relevant to your argument. You didn’t do that with 1 Cor 1:1-4, as you would be able to see if you looked at the rest of the section. Again, the reference here is the Jews’ refusal to trust God in entering the prmoised land and as a result, no one who was over 20 years old at the time would be able to enter His promise. Are we seeing a similarity between this and that reference I spoke about in Hebrews?The rest of your work is Bible based gibberish totally lacking in anything approaching consistency. For instance, the characteristic you attribute to the 10 C’s (Jesus created them), is the same thing you can say about all of the rest of the commandments, cermonial and dietary. If you are going to keep one set based on Christ’s identiry, then you have to keep the rest of them.

    Danny, unless you do better than you have been and unless you avoid just dumping out shotgun blasts of Scripture, I’m going to have to shut you down for this thread. You have engaged in a great deal of circular logic and assumptions. Not much in the way of exegesis. That is, you present a verse but don’t really do a decent job of presenting what the scripture is actually saying. )

    He, Christ gave the 10 Commandments twice [Sinai] to humans; Paul speaking to gentile Corinthians + post Christ’s death, warns them against breaking the 2nd Commandment….[2] Jn. 1:1-4 All things made by Word=Christ [Jn 1:14 + Phil. 2: 6-8.] including 10 Commandments….[3] JN: chapters 14, 15 + 16 Christ refers specifically to “My Commandments” and clearly explains by keeping His Commandments,we show love of + to God!….[4] Remembering that God isn’t the “author of confusion + changes not”: which “Commandments” do you believe He referred to in Revelation verses above?….[5] Rev. 22: 15 Specifically, refers to 2nd, 6th + 9th of the 10 Commandments! This verse clearly states that emphasis mine: Commandment breakers won’t inherit God’s Kingdom….[6] Rev. 22: 19. “Take away” + God’s warning against so doing, is also a warning against removing His 10 Commandments from our lives, schools, public buildings, Christian beliefs + specifically from actually LIVING them….
    Ample evidence exists today wherein the largest worldwide christian church has “taken away” + altered the 10 Commandments: suits their religious philosophy! Other Protestant churches have thus followed their ‘mother.’ Although left the idolatry Command in; changed Sabbath to 8th day! Then there’s other churches/ groups/ sects / cults/ religions claiming that no actual,bonafide weekly Sabbath, 8th day is required by God. This latter group do however, usually assemble on the 8th day: Sunday. Thus falling in line with the mother church + her Protestant “daughters.” Vale..

    (MN: As I said, this is pretty much your last contribution to this thread. Try again on a later thread. )

  25. Danny Says:

    M.N. NOT JW!.. I’m unaware of Kenyon joker ? You’ve not addressed Rev: 10 C’s.
    Do you regard observing Xmas, easter, infant baptism, L ent+ Sunday worship observance as following man’s NOT GOD’s directives?

    • mhjones2001 Says:

      The reasons I say what I did is because of your statement about the comma and the reference to a stake rather than a cross. The fuss about the holidays just adds to the doubt. So tell me, what happened to Jesus while he was in the tomb?

      But really, your answer to this Melvin’s Note (MN) is going to be your last post on this thread. Really. )

  26. cmptrwhiz Says:

    It’s been years since I have traversed your site. I went to a screening and thought of your site and how it might tie into this film. http://www.slavesermons.com/

  27. Orlando Says:

    Bro Melvin hope all is well with you and Mrs Jones. When you get a chance, prepare a blog on instinct vs The Spirit pertaining to the motivational best selling book called Instinct.

    (MN: I’d love to. Right now I’m trying to make myself write an article on the relation between The Oprah and T. Dexter. I hope it will at least be entertaining. )

  28. Annonymous Says:

    Hi, I am very happy that I found this blog. I’ve been a member of FBCG for just over a year now, and I am disappointed in the Sunday sermons by Pastor Jenkins. I feel like my spiritual growth isn’t being fueled the way I would like, often times I am distracted by what I would describe as ‘showboating’ jumping around, him veering off and spending too much time on things that have nothing to do with the message or even Christ. I am personally not going to church to be entertained or to have a laugh when you say “i feel the cussin’ spirit coming on” at this morning’s message he basically complained that someone wrote a letter to express concern about a word he said in his last message that they didn’t like, he spent a whole minute whining that they missed the whole point and just wanted to point out that one word that offended them, so therefore, that must have been the devil, then proceeded to say the word devil more times in the sermon than anything positive or uplifting. What am I supposed to learn from a message presented in that manner? I have been feeling disconnected from his sermons for a while now, hence I decided to do a search online to see if I were the only one who felt that something was not right with this Pastor Jenkins, or maybe I was just asking for too much, It felt good to come across this blog. Thank you.

  29. Bill neyland Says:

    Love your Spirit – keep proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ – not – Churchianity !!!

  30. Dana Says:

    If you bare the title Christian first of all you are not unaware. Some way the gospel, the Word, and who you were inviting into your heart was made clear to you to have accepted the Lord Jesus Christ into your life. The tares are sewn with the wheat…as a Christian we are to bear Christ Character as well. I don’t think he has lost his job of being the Judge of people’s hearts! That was not a job given to us!!! Love was the main command he mentioned to us in the New Testament.

    (MN: Your humor would at least be entertaining if you didn’t so badly mangle Scripture and misrepresent what I say on this site. Many times, starting with the Steve Harvey post, I say that I cannot judge a person’s heart. Only the Lord can do that. When the tare, by its fruit (bad doctrine, etc) shows itself to be a tare, we are to judge righteous judgment – based on that fruit. Didn’t Jesus say that you would know them by their fruit? Didn’t he say we are to judge righteous judgment (based on their fruit)?

    By the way, Love is not a command. “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all you soul and with all your mind. And you shall love your neighbor as you love yourself” is. Can we love God if we say nothing when lies and heresies are preached? )

  31. Paul Timothy Says:

    Hey as far as FBCG goes brother your only scratching the surface on really minor things . How about the fact that the church is a 501c3 its in bed with the government owned and controlled by the state . The church took hush money they won’t preach sound doctrine motto mention them teaming up with the world TD snakes other media outlets controlled by the elite illuminati. The church is slowly returning to Rome there into this interfaith economical mess leading to a one world religion just like the Bible said . Keep digging I left that church because of the deception keep exposing the lies . It’s about money with them at FBCG they’ve had lots of mega tv osiers singers false prophets teachers and sell out illuminati gospel artist please brother keep exposing it

    (MN: I understand that many other things are going on at FBCG. However, my practice on this site is to present only the things I can demonstrate from what I can see. HIs doctrine, some of his practices, and the people he has speak to the congregation are incontrovertible. His ties to T. Dexter and other heretics is demonstrable. Full disclosure: I object to churches having a tax exempt status with the Government. The reasons for such a relationship have, I believe, passed.)

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