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Danny Canasta

July 30, 2013

danny Canasta

I guess everyone, even the pulpit pimps, have to start small and work their way up.  I’m sure at one time, Ken Copeland’s protégé Leroy Thompson was just a grammatically challenged Black preacher who wanted to make it big at the expense of the saints.  And Jesse Duplantis was just a big toothed joker out of Louisiana.  Cashflow Dollar?  I think he ran a church out of his house.  So I probably shouldn’t be too hard on Danny Davis, a relatively unknown seller of oils, waters, prayer cloths and other miraculous materials.  I wouldn’t be too surprised if he is selling Bibles autographed by the Apostle Paul.  They’d be King James translations of course – same translation Paul used.

When I went out to the pimp’s site, he had the obligatory serious looking picture of himself, as shown above.  At first I thought he looked like Mike Murdoch, a scary enough prospect all by itself.  And that’s when it struck me.  He doesn’t look like Mike Murdoch.  He looks like…well, he looks like the cowboy that went up against Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny.

He looks like Nasty Canasta.  Never heard of him?  Here’s a photo of one of my favorite Looney Tunes bad guys.


He even has the same facial hair arrangement as Danny Boy.  What more could you ask for?

We know Mr. Canasta is something of a start-up.  And we know he’s a pimp, a big dog wannabe.  He’s running all the beginner’s scams and he’s running them at beginner’s prices.

As you can see, he’s got four ways for you to bless him.   You can make a Breakthrough Seed offering of $333.  Or you can give a Prophetic Seed offering of $430.  Or, if you’re feeling particularly Biblical, you give a Genesis 26:12 offering of $26.12.  And finally, he gives you the open ended option of sending him a tithe.  He doesn’t even put a price…um…amount on that one.

four ways to take your money

But I guess he must not be doing too well at the moment.  It doesn’t look like he’s had much time or resources to keep the site updated.  The only announcement talks about an event in Dallas on April 28th of this year.

Late Announcement

I kind of suspect you people need to support this man so he can begin to make his way to full-fledged pimpdom.  At the moment, he’s just knocking around the edges, appearing on TWN.

But seriously, why do you tolerate the appearance of such men on stations that claim to be presenting the Word of God?