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God Bless Abortion

April 26, 2013

So let’s see.  You religious Black people out there who insist Obama is a Christian need to help me understand something.  But before I try to get this measure of understanding, take a listen to this video  clip from Mr. Obama when he was addressing Planned Genocide…er…Parenthood. 

Now, it could be that he uses phrases without actually thinking about them. That would, at best, make him a man who gives no real thought to what he says. And that would be bad enough. There would be no indication that he believes that words mean things – even after he stole a speech in which the phrase “Just words?” was a central part. Check here for the speech.

Either he thinks words matter, or he was lying.  Of course we know the president has no problem lying to us.  He just doesn’t want to get caught doing it.  And thanks to a cooperative press, he doesn’t have to worry about getting caught. 

If he beleives that words do mean something, then the man just asked God to bless the goings on of abortion clinics.

No, Planned Parenthood is not an abortion clinic. Rather, Planned Parenthood provides access to abortions. During the 2011-2012 period, they “provided” 333,964 abortions.  And this is from their own annual report, here.  That’s almost 30,000 deaths a month. Almost a thousand dead babies a day.  A thousand people who are the very personification of innocent.  Murdered.

And to this our president says “God Bless Planned Parenthood.”

Tell me again, you religious Black people, how is it that you can sit here and say “Mr. Obama is a Christian man”? How is this man any different than Touree, that fount of wisdom who explained to us why he thanked God that abortion is legal?

The United States is definitely in a post-Christian era. Our president is helping to accelerate the loss of Christian, or just Godly, traditions and culture in our country. And as I told you before, the further we get from Christianity (and God) the more difficult it will become for the practicing Christian.

God bless Planned Parenthood? I think not.

See, I Told You So

January 28, 2013


The Navy

Not to quote one of my favorite conservative commentators, but: “See, I told you so.”

I told you Mr. Obama, our president, is anti-Christian. I told you that Mr. Obama, our president, is the most aggressively pro-abortion president we have ever had. I told you that Mr. Obama is the most aggressively pro-LGBT president we have ever had. But you sheeple out there, the ones who claim to be obedient and mature Christians pooh-poohed the idea. You said “No Melvin. Mr. Obama is a Christian. He’s a man of God. He is going to work for us (“us” being Black people)”. I’ll save the litany of his actions that have done just the opposite for a later article.

I warned you that Mr. Obama and his fellow progressives are going to make it very difficult for the Christian to exercise his or her conscience. You pooh-poohed that as well. But a week ago (21 January 2013), Mr. Obama, our president, on an international stage, put the force of the Presidency behind the idea that they way you choose to have sex is as immutable as skin color and gender. Homosexual practices, according to Mr. Obama, our president, should have the full protection of the law.

The citizens of Maryland (dumbed down by the education system and easily duped by the proponents of equating homosexual liaisons with marriage) have already placed homosexuality on the same footing as heterosexuality. It’s not going to be too long before parents will be accused of teaching bigotry and hate if the parents teach their children that homosexuality is a sin, just like adultery, stealing, and lying. Attempts to shame the parents and the children will increase. They will be treated like people who make racist comments.

Get ready for the pressure to start against orthodox churches. Your pastor preaches that homosexuality is a sin? Expect the government to pay them a visit and discuss their tax exempt standing. Your church gets funding from outside sources? Expect them to go away as homosexual activists protest against the companies contributing money. Remember, the Susan Kommen organization got hot oil poured on them just for contributing to a pro-life organization. And who could ignore the attempt at filleting Chick-Fil-A? You think your contributors will be any less a target to these ideological Terminators?

You professing Christians who have been exercising what at best could be called “easy believism” are about to experience at least a taste of what Christians have been experiencing outside the border of the United States. More and more often, you are going to have to decide which is more important: dull, boring doctrine and all that goes with it, or skin color, tradition, and cheap theatrics.

Our nation has, over the last forty years, killed fifty million (50,000,000) babies. That’s more than the populations of many countries. Currently, we are in the process of killing almost eight hundred thousand (800,000) babies a year. And, just as a note to you Afro-centric Christians, the ones who have pictures of Malcolm X, Mandella, and others on prominent display in your sanctuaries, almost half of those babies are Black. Let me put that in clearer terms – every year, Planned Parenthood facilitates the destruction of four hundred thousand (400,000) Black babies. Mr. Obama, our president, has made sure that Planned Parenthood, the folks who have facilitated the killing of 400,000 Black babies a year, continues to get funding from the federal government. Yet many of you Black Christians, enamored by the idea of a Black president, have voted a second time to put this man in office. Margaret Sanger would be pleased at how well the garden is being weeded by the weeds themselves.

Times are getting tough. They will continue to get tougher. And when the federal or state or local government comes knocking on your door to shut you down and shut you up, you will have only yourselves to blame. And you won’t even have Jesus Christ to comfort you. You kicked Him out of your church a long, long time ago

Thank You Pulpit Pimps – You Helped Elect Obama

February 13, 2012

I don’t normally comment on politics. It can be very subjective, and often there are not clear-cut sides to take. But every once in a while, the confluence of piety and politics has such a devastating effect on our freedoms as Americans, that I am forced to say something. Such is the case with Obama and the pulpit pimps.

Pulpit pimps weaken the Christian culture. Another bit of damage the pulpit pimps have done is to make religious Black people so spiritually stupid they actually think Obama is helping them.

Why do I say this? Follow along.

When compared to ANY Republican candidate, the Blacks surveyed went anywhere from 93 percent to 95 percent for Obama. And as of October of 2011, the Pew Research center says:

In a recent Pew Research Center poll, Black voters preferred Mr. Obama 95 percent to 3 percent over Mitt Romney, “which is at least the margin he got in 2008,” said Michael Dimock, associate director for research at Pew. “There’s no erosion at all.” And according to a February 2 2012 Pew Report, 88 percent of Blacks are either Democrat or lean toward Democrat affiliation.

But let’s take a look at the facts:

Obama and the Democrats just finished making a full-scale assault on religious (not just Catholic) freedoms. He tried to force Protestant AND Catholic hospitals, Christian schools, and other religious-based organization to violate their conscience by forcing those organizations to pay for insurance that would provide abortions for their workers (and yes, I counting abortion inducing chemicals as abortions since the net result is a dead baby). And now he’s backing off to say insurance companies have to pay for these things, which means we all will pay for them since the insurance companies will simply raise their prices to pay for the increased costs of the services.

Obama has repeatedly been a promoter of homosexuality as being no different from heterosexuality. He has pushed for the redefinition of marriage. He has accused those who disagree with him of bigotry. He has made it a point to appoint openly homosexual individuals to high offices for no apparent reason other than their homosexuality.

Obama and the democrats have done more to support the deaths of literally millions of Black babies through abortions. Margaret Sanger would be proud of him. And so would Herr Himmler.

He has set the precedence for the assassination of American citizens without the exercise of due process. Yes, the fellow killed was a really bad guy, but that doesn’t give us the right to simply kill him.

But my point in all of this is that if you ask the average Black who attends the church of one of the pimps, that Black will argue you into the ground that Obama is a Christian.

And no, I’m not saying he’s a Muslim. I’m saying the average religious Christian, one “trained” in a pulpit pimp’s church or even a liberal church, has not been introduced to the idea of a holy and righteous God. They have not been exposed to the idea that one is a Christian 24/7 and not just on Sundays. They have no real clue with respect to the idea that my life should be a living sacrifice (Roman 12:1-2) and sacrificed according to God’s standards not my own.

Thanks to the pimps, religious Blacks view Obama as a savior. Thanks to Obama, Blacks are perishing financially. Yes, yes. I know. It’s Bush’s fault.

I considered Bush, at best, to be a faux conservative. He has his own set of difficulties. But the current push to normalize perversion is not one of them. The current intensive effort to make us even more dependent on the government is Obama’s and Obama’s alone. The attempt to force us into a guaranteed to fail medical system is Obama’s and Obama’s alone. Taking a crap on the rule of law is Obama’s and Obama’s alone. And the fomenting of open hostility to things Christian belongs solely to Obama.

Little or nothing Obama promotes as policy is consistent with Christian doctrine. And when he does try to cloak his actions in Scripture, he twists and distorts it, making it obvious that he has not a clue. He demonstrates over and over again that when it comes to Christianity he has no understanding of Christianity and has not been significantly influenced by Christianity. As an example, he is the most pro-abortion president in our history.

Let’s face it. The man sat for 20 years under Jeremiah Wright, a socialist (use the force of government to take from one group of people and give to the group I think it should go to) and a staunch promoter of Liberation Theology. You can’t get any further from life-changing Christianity than that.

Obama is not a Christian. He has too many consistently anti-Christian aspects to his life for me to even begin to claim he is. But I can guarantee you there are folks out there, especially the religious Blacks who will swear before God that the man is born again.

Thank you pulpit pimps.