T Dexter At the Joint Circus

January 8, 2016

Sad to say, I wasn’t able to come close to seeing all of T. Dexter’s sermon.  I heard the beginning and some of the middle, the early middle.  And from what I could hear, he didn’t exactly disappoint.

T. Dexter spoke from Mark 8:22-26, the episode that involved the blind guy Jesus healed by spitting in his eyes.  Jesus then questioned him about what he saw.  Of course the man’s vision was completely restored.

The last thing I heard him talking about before the stream’s delay became intolerable, was the need for a CEO to have vision.  And he mentioned that without vision in an organization you can end up with division.  Did he chase that down further during the rest of his speech?  I don’t know.  One of you who may have heard it might want to let me know.  It may be available on DVD or CD but I’ll get hit in the head before I pay some money for a recording of the goings on.

As a side note, you should be aware of the fact that your boys Owen and Jenkins are welcoming and even honoring some rather questionable characters.

I assume you did see Bishop Grainger Browing from Ebenezer AME in Southern PG County.  You remember Grainger, right?  He’s the one who invited Calypso Louie Farrakhan to speak to his congregation and to pump up support for the Million Man March years ago.  He even let the Nation of Islam sell materials in the lobby.  This is the guy who sat there and said nothing as Calypso Louie, from the pulpit, denied the deity of Jesus Christ, reducing Him to nothing more than a prophet, and not even the main prophet at that.

Millicent Hunter, a pastor and, I believe, a bishop, was there too.  She was one of the last preachers I listened to before I left First Baptist Church of Glenarden on the Kettering.  She’s a full up Word of Faith sweetie.  When she was speaking to us she quoted Hebrews 11 where it says:

“By faith we understand that the universe was created by the word of God, so that what is seen was not made out of things that are visible”

She informed us that God created the universe by faith.  And of course she went on to state that we have to have that God kind of faith.

And of course, they had the flag wavers and dancers.

I’m not sure what was going on exactly, but one woman was singing while she was laying on the floor.  The guy next to her seems to be unconscious.

I didn’t get to hear much of the sermon and I didn’t get to hear most of what was going on, but just the stuff I could glean from what I could see and hear lets me know people should stay as far away from FBCGotK as possible.  And it lets me know that the leopard John Jenkins hasn’t changed his spots at all.

T. Dexter Strikes Again

January 8, 2016

In the last post, I made a mistake. I said T. Dexter was going to be speaking at First Baptist Church of Glenarden on the Kettering (FBCGotK) last Wednesday. Actually, he’s going to be speaking tonight. I have no idea what he will be speaking on, and I have no idea how long the “service” is going to last.

The last time I heard him speak live was when the $55 million monument/mausoleum/memorial was dedicated several years ago. When he spoke he said some nebulous stuff about buildings indicating the future of the nation. And of course, the $55 million FBCGotK building is an indication of the legacy FBCGotK is leaving the county and the church.

Of course when I attended the dedication of the building, I had to park over a quarter mile away on a street with no sidewalks. It was cold, dark and the street was dark. I had to crowd into the building, find a seat in the balcony, and listen to a lot of people singing a couple of repetitive songs over and over again. All told, it cost me a good four hours of my time.

Well, I can’t be gone from home for that long now. And fortunately I won’t have be. If nothing else, FBCGotK is tech savvy. To you people in Glenarden, that means his team knows how to use the Internet to lure in more people.

FBCGotK has a live broadcast application and I can actually use it from the comfort of my own home to watch as T. Dexter butchers and twists the Word of God. And I can watch as people bring up money to the “altar”, laying money at the feet of the speaker.

And we can see if tries to turn men into a bunch of women the way he did at the Verizon Ceter several years ago.  

I hope to have a report for you tomorrow. Stand by.

And the Walls Come Tumbling Down

January 6, 2016

So, I decided to take Pretty Peggy to First Baptist Church of Glenarden on the Kettering (FBCGOTK) this past Sunday. We went to the 12 noon service and I must say I was impressed. A lot of times, people change, they flip flop, or they run through a lot of foolishness just because it’s good to be up on the latest gimmick.  But John Kenneth Jenkins Sr. (the pastor of FBCGOTK) has remained the same for the last fifteen years. Well, there have been some changes, but I’ll get to those a little later.

Sunday, John preached on Joshua 6:1-5 and 20. It’s the story of the defeat of the fortress city Jericho. You know the one. God told Joshua to walk around the city with his army six times in six days. And on the seventh day the priests were to blow the trumpets and the men were to shout. When they shouted, the walls would fall down and Jericho would be laid bare before them. The bottom line: walk around, blow the trumpets, shout, take the city of Jericho (and destroy pretty much everything in it except for Rahab).

Can ANYONE guess the direction John Kenneth Jenkins Senior, the pastor of FBCGOTK, went with this? Did he focus on God making sure the Israelites didn’t think they defeated the people of Jericho on their own? He mentioned it in passing, but that was it. Did he talk about the significance of the trumpets, the marching, or the shouting? Not at all. Did he explain to everyone that we all have our Jerichoes, things we want or want to be, and it just seems like we can’t get them? You bet.  And he did as fine and consistent a job of butchering that portion of God’s word as I have ever seen him do in the past.

In the thirty minute sermon he spent the first ten minutes talking about the march around the walls and twenty minutes talking about how we can knock down the walls of our personal Jericho.  Of course, none of those ways included seeking God’s will, praying, or submitting to God.

According to John Kenneth Jenkins, the lesson we get from the story of Jericho is that in order to get our victory at our Jericho we have to:

  1. See the vision God has for us. After all, when God was talking to Joshua, He said “See, I have given Jericho into your hands.” We have to see the vision.
  2. Have faith in or believe the vision. If we don’t have faith in the vision, then God can’t bring it about.
  3. Obey His instructions. If He tells us to do something and we don’t do it, then that just shows we don’t have faith.

He mentioned a fourth thing we are supposed to do but I forgot what it was. In fact he had the audience say the four things with him four or five times. Then he let them say it by themselves a couple of times.

And apparently shouting plays a part in receiving our Jericho victory. He spent the las five minutes shouting the word “shout” and belittling people who didn’t seem to go along with The shouting. Pretty Peggy suggested we leave while he was shouting so we could miss the traffic jam of people trying to get off the property.  I readily agreed.  But before we left, he did name a couple of Jerichoes we face.

Of course one of the Jerichoes people may have to defeat is a Generational Curse. Yes, after nearly fifteen years he’s still preaching generational curses. And the sheeple are still eating it up.

One of the things that did change is the flag waving. It would seem that if you bring in Liturgical Dancing the flags won’t be too far behind. And given that he does not seem to have grown a single iota with respect to the handling of the word, I guess you have to bring in a new thing or two just to keep the sheeple entertained and happy.

Of course he is bringing in the big guns of liturgical entertainment this week. FRodar, 8 January, T. Dexter (aka T. D. Jakes) is going to be speaking at FBCGOTK’s revival; the one they hold annually with the Pentecostal church from DC pastored by Bishop Owens and co-pastored by his wife. By the way, would any of you care to show me the concept of co-pastor/wife in the Bible? Or maybe “first lady” can be supported by Scripture.

And he still has everyone stand when he enters the sanctuary. I’m just not getting it. If he is supposed to be humble, why does he have the people stand when he comes in? Does he have some kind of special anointing? Is he somehow different and should be fussed over as the mand of Gawd? It’s very curious and downright scary. It goes along with one guy there telling me he wouldn’t have a problem if John K. Jenkins brought in a Jehovah’s Witness to preach because “the pastor knows what’s best for us.”  That’s Scary – both because the man believed it John K. Jenkins allows such an attitude to develop.

And just so you know that nothing of importance has changed, the good pastor still encourages the audience to get worked up, to dance around, to run around, and to bring money up and lay it on the “altar.”  You almost feel sorry for the congregation…almost; especially when you consider that many of them, though they go to church every Sunday, they likely don’t have a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ or an understanding of just what they Bible is and says.

An Irreconcilabe Paula

September 9, 2015

With a faith undaunted by the task at hand, this mother, humanitarian and beloved mentor is also the Senior Pastor of New Destiny Christian Center in Apopka, Florida, a non-traditional church with a multi-cultural mission whose membership ranges in the thousands. A gifted exhorter and motivator, the core of Paula’s message is “delivering spiritual truths that transforms lives”.

As in secular  life, the vast majority of the pulpit pimps are men.  But there is an occassional woman among the ranks.  Paula White, excuse me, Paula Cain is one of those women.  

The parapgraph at the beginning of this essay is from her web site.  It says she has “faith undaunted”.  It says her message is, at the core, one of …”spiritual truths that transform lives.”  And it points out that New Destiny Christian Center (that’s the name of her church) is multicultural.    

I want to focus on “spiritual truths that transform lives.”

More than anyone, I know the marriage relationship is very difficult, even if you are totally dependent on the Sprit of God.  We have been married forty years.  I spent the first twenty-five (I was saved the whole time) stepping on every mine in the field and going back to check on a couple to make sure I covered them all.  The next ten were spent trying to repair the damage done during the first 25 years.  So yeah, marriage is difficult.  It was mostly Peggy’s willingness to be obedient to Christ that kept the whole thing from blowing up.

I said all of that to say this:  Paul’s “Ministry” is one that “…transforms lives.”  In a couple of other places on her site, she says:

Paula White Ministries operates under the premise that the solutions to all of the problems we face in Life are rooted in discovering, nurturing, and propagating a lifestyle of engagement with God through Jesus Christ.

Paula is now in her third marriage.  Her last one ended because of irreconcilable differences.  Her hsuband is now on number four.

Sheeple  are so gullible (I’ve been told I should say this rather than “stupid”.)  But I guess if you go with Word of Faith and a women pastors, it’s not that difficult to ignore Scripture in a lot of other ways.  

The woman preaches the power of God, but she lives like the unsaved.  

I say this not to condemn her but to warn you sheeple to get away from her.  For several reasons she is not qualified to shepherd a flock.   

The most obvious and probably least agreed on by various denominations, is the obvious fact that she is a woman.  Scripture says that a pastor/bishop/elder is to the hasband of one wife.   So unless we are going to go lesbian, this is talking about a man.  But even aside from this, Scripture lays out several additional standards.  

The elder should be of good reputation.  As I said, poor ol’ Paula is now working on her third marriage, with a fellow who is now working on his fourth.  And she is rumored to have have been…um…intimately involved with another Word of Faith televangelist by the name of Benny Hinn, another person who talks alot about a life changing ministry.  

But despite this, the sheeple continue to support her.  They continue to see her as an anointed woman of God rather than just a pimpette, telling people what they want to hear and promising them what they want to get.  They continue to send her a “seed”, be it $69 dollars based on her butchering of Psalm 69, or $20.15 becuase you want 2015 to be your year of Breakthrough.  

Walk away from her, run to Christ.  Walk away from her “ministry” and run to the Word of God.  

Soldier for the Lord or Friend of the World?

September 3, 2015

 Whether you like it or not, we are soldiers. We are told to put on the whole armor. We are told to use the weapons that are mighty through God for the pulling down of strongholds. We are told to fight the good fight.

 But every army, all soldiers need leaders who know the enemy, who know the objectives, and who are dedicated to victory using the strategy laid out by the commanding general. That commanding general is, of course, God. And His strategy is laid out in the BIble.  

 TD Jakes (hereafter referred to as T. Dexter) claims to be a leader within Christianity. But the difficulty is that he is not standing firm in such a way that the rest of the Christians are encouraged to stand firm against the onslaught of a secular society; a society explicitly hostile to Christianity.

 Recently. T. Dexer gave an interview, addressing the topic of homosexuality and the “Black” church. In it, he stated that the homosexual has to find a church where he or she feels welcome…in their homosexuality. Additionally, he says, in that same interview, churches have their opinion and homosexuals have their opinions. Do churches also have their own opinions about adultery, fornication, lying and stealing? Or do they stand by God’s view of these things no matter the cost?

 He went on to say that his own views on homosexuality have evolved and are evolving.

 This is, at best, limp-wristed leadership (no pun intended). Men who lead in this fashion will not be able to equip the saints to withstand the Politically Correct Tsunami that is poised to wipe out all the churches “playing church.”  

 To be fair, he did try to walk the evolving comment back. But you have to wonder how someone so smart (okay, I’m being sarcastic) could say something so dumb. And truth be told, his excuse didn’t work too well when you consider the question he had been asked by Lamont-Hill.

 As society changes its view of homosexuality (along with living together and a host of other examples of the lowering of standards), will the church goer have anything besides a bunch of shouting and feel-good performances to help them stand? Will they have men who stand on the truth of the word, exhorting the Christian to stand, to present ourselves as men who will stand for Christ. 

 T. Dexter tells you to “Get ready! Get Ready! Get Ready!” because your breakthrough is about to come to you. He tells you “Get Ready!” for a blessing. But what he doesn’t do is equip you to stand up to the choice of rejecting that which God says is wrong, not matter the cost.

 Think about it. How can a man who is admired by the likes of Oprah Winfrey be a soldier in the army of the Lord? He’s way too busy trying to be liked and way too careful to avoid offending anyone. And he’s willing to work with those who are openly and virulently hostile to the Gospel. 

 Do you want to grow as a Christian? Dump the social clubs, the shouting-fests, the “churches” that major in making you feel good instead of guiding you in the development of holiness, integrity, and discipline. And of course I’m not talking about being perfect, just having a desire to grow in Christ, being willing to take up your cross daily.

 Run from the pimps and their churches. Christian: run to Christ…and all that he calls you to.

 And you folks at First Baptist Church of Glenarden on the Kettering need to remember: T. Dexter is John K. Jenkins’ mentor.   John Kenneth Jenkins, the Senior Pastor at FBTGotK  wants to be like T. Dexter when John grows up.

You have to wonder.

Tongues and Interpretation of Tongue ala Cashflow Dollar

August 30, 2015

 You know I can speak in tongues, right? And I can interpret tongues as well.  
 Unfortunately, I can only speak and interpret one language: Pulpit-pimp, the unofficial language spoken by those men and women who stand behind the pulpit Sunday after Sunday, telling you that if you give them your hard earned dollars, God will bless you with riches unimagined.  

 As you know, recently, Creflo Dollar (aka Cashflow Dollar) let the world know he wants a brand new jet. But not just any jet. He wants a G650, the top of the line, I would sell my grandmama to get it, business jet. And he wanted to get it paid from through a group funding website. After the firestorm of outrage, he retracted to request and waited for things to quiet down.

Later, the World Changers came out with a statement letting the world know that they are still going to get the jet, the G650 that is now going for almost $70 million.

To show you how my gift of interpretation of tongues works, I’m going to interpret what World Changers said in in their native pulpit-pimp into English.

The board came out with a statement addressing the intent to purchase the jet. They said, in P-P tongues:

“It is our belief that this ministry is called to serve people globally — to literally change the world according to the Great Commission — and our infrastructure and operational plan reflect the worldwide nature of that assignment. Our pastors share the gospel of Jesus more than 300 times per year — in churches, arenas, venues, convention centers, stadiums and other facilities across the entire planet — and are committed to aggressive travel schedules that cannot be fulfilled via any means other than private aircraft,”

Here is the interpretation of tongues:

“We do a whole lot of traveling to make sure the suckers that follow us are always willing to give us more money. Our plan to work this scam requires we be able to travel all over the world…a lot. Going through commercial airlines just takes too long and would keep us from getting from cash cow to cash cow as quickly as we want to.”

Then the “board” goes on to say:

“A long-range, high-speed, intercontinental jet aircraft is a tool that is necessary in order to fulfill the mission of the ministry. In light of an unfortunate accident that recently resulted in the ministry’s aircraft being declared a total loss, it is our intention to purchase another airplane at a time, place and price of our choosing,”


“Bite me.”

Then they said:

“We plan to acquire a Gulfstream G650 because it is the best, and it is a reflection of the level of excellence at which this organization chooses to operate. We, the World Changers family, so value the lives, the safety and the well-being of our pastors and leaders that we wish to provide to them the best air travel experience possible,”


“We’ve convinced people that flash and bling are evidence of God’d blessing. There ain’t nothing blingier than a G650. So get out of our faces before we sick our mindless followers on you.”

Finally, World Changers said the following:

“We understand that others may interpret biblical truths differently — the freedom to worship as one chooses is a fundamental hallmark of a free society — but we wish to assert our God-given right to practice what we believe. This is our faith, the very basis for what we believe, and it is not necessary that we justify it.”

Which of course translates to:

“We know the sheeple who follow us are too stupid to see how grossly we twist the Scriptures to our own benefit. So shut up already, because the more we talk about it, the more likely it becomes that some of the Creflo Captives (or as we call them “the Craptives) might actually start thinking. Then we would be totally screwed. And Pastor wouldn’t have an airplane.”

Please! Don’t bother to thank me. It was a pleasure to be able to help you through the use of my gift of interpretation of tongues. I just wish I had more of an opportunity to help the Body of Christ in this manner.

Be a Liberal, Wallow in Inconsistency

August 29, 2015


I love liberals. They are so entertaining. At least, they’re entertaining when they are not in charge. When they are in charge, they do nothing but destroy and show their incredible inconsistencies. Let’s consider just a few of those inconsistencies.

After the killing of several church goers in South Carolina, Liberals began a crusade to get rid of all Confederacy-related monuments, building names, and other stuff.

An actress out of California is pushing to have J.E.B. Stuart High School, is trying to get the name of the school changed. After all, J.E.B. Stuart was a general for the Confederate army. And we all know the confederacy was all about racism.

A confederate monument in front of some courthouse has been covered up (God forbid our children should see the man with a Confederate flag) until the city can figure out what they can do to get that shameful image removed.

And ostensibly, all of this is being done so the darker members of society (aka Negroes) won’t have their sensibilities offended.

But if we are going to do these things, why stop there? There are a whole host of monuments, street names, and building names the Liberals should be upset about. At least they should be if they were to be consistent, a quality not closely associated with Liberalism.

If the Liberals were consistent they would want to erase the presence of Woodrow Wilson, Theodore Roosevelt, Margaret Sanger, and even W.E.B Dubois.

Pull up a chair and let me tell you why.

You’re all familiar with Woody Wilson, right? He was a progressive; what we now call Liberals.

President Wilson was an interesting fellow. You could say, without being the least bit hyperbolic or incendiary, that he was a racist. Why would I say that?

Have you ever heard of a movie entitled “Birth of a Nation”? Produced by D. W. Griffith and debuted back in 1913. It extolled the South, the Confederacy, and the Southern enmity toward Blacks. It did a great deal to actually incite some of the dumber Southern types to do violence against Blacks. It represented Blacks as a bunch of chicken chompin’, White woman chasing, bunch of animals.

Guess who thought the movie was a work of art? Wait! Wait! Guess who held a viewing in the Whitehouse (I hope that wasn’t too big a clue)? And guess who had D.W. over as a result of the movie?

Yep. Woodrow Wilson.

He thought the Klan was right on target. He thought Blacks (Federal employees) should be separate from the whites federal employees. He re-segregated Federal services insisting that Blacks would be much better off if they weren’t around Whites.

Woodrow Wilson was hostile to Blacks. He was a racist. He promoted the Klan. He promoted a movie that was incredibly hostile to Blacks. He re-segregated the Federal service.

Yet, we have a major street in Alexandria Virginia named after him: Wilson Blvd. The Wilson Bridge is a structure that connects Washington DC and Maryland.

Some folks were talking about removing the bodies of a confederate general and his wife. Yet no one is calling for the removal of Wilson’s body from the National Cathedral.

But it gets a little better. When Wilson was president and re-segregated the Federal Service, moving Black in the Departments into separate buildings, guess who signed the order? Yes, it was Theodore Roosevelt himself.

Guess who maintained the separation of men in the military? Yep. FDR.

If the Libs are going to be consistent, shouldn’t they rename the Roosevelt Bridge? And shouldn’t they get rid of the monument he got just a few years ago? Wouldn’t the Libs want to do that?

Do you think someone who views your race as weeds in a garden is friend of your race? I certainly wouldn’t.

I’d be frightened of someone who wanted to use rather drastic measures to get rid of Blacks before they have a chance to be born. And yet Margaret Sanger is viewed as one of the patron saints of Feminists and Liberals in general.

She was very much in favor of using abortion to get rid of Blacks and other people of color. She was the creator of Planned Parenthood, an organization that has killed multiple millions of Black babies, something every Klan member would have given his eye-tooth to accomplish.

So why are we trying to put this woman’s image on the five dollar bill?

And Dubois? He thought what the Nazis were doing was just fine. Just fine.

But again, Liberals are not consistent. Or perhaps, just perhaps, they know you don’t pay enough attention to see that they are not consistent.

They even provide you with “pastors” who help you not see the realities of Liberalism. Jesse (Having My Baby) Jackson has practically pledged his soul to Planned Parenthood. Ditto for Al (Don’t Mention Tawana Brawley) Sharpton.

These men, and men like them are pimps who want nothing more than to make money off of you. If they can get extra money by being a shill for the Liberals, hey, they’ll do that too.

Get off the plantation. Think for yourselves. If you profess to be a Christian, then make decisions like a Christian.  Don’t listen to those pulpit pimps who are more interested in getting your money than teaching you a Christian world view.

A Queer Thing Just Happened to America

June 30, 2015

The Supreme Court has decided that dignity is a right granted by the Constitution of the United States of America. They also decided that denying homosexual “marriage” the same standing as marriage is an affront to all the homosexuals who want the rest of the world to view their unions as a marriage. And denying them the recognition they believe they deserve denies them the dignity they have a right to under the Constitution (as of June 27, 2015). Of course we are not deserving of any dignity at all as our president turns the whitehouse into a symbol of homosexual pride. 

So, as my favorite pulpit pimp, T. Dexter Jakes says: Get reddy! Get ready! Get ready!

Let me remind you that the militant homosexuals do not simply want to be allowed to live their lives as they please. They could have done that before June 27th. They don’t just want us to accept their life style. Many people have done that over recent years. They want us to celebrate it…literally. If you thought the attacks against the pizzeria in Indiana, the Photo studio in New Mexico or the Cake shop in Colorado were pretty bad, wait until the homosexual activists get ramped up with the new club handed to them by Kennedy, Ginsburg, Sotamayor, Kagan, and Breyer, the five justices who found this previously well-hidden right to dignity.

Does your church perform weddings for or rent the facilities to people who are not members of your church? Stand by: a homosexual couple is on their way there to insist you perform their marriage, in your building. And if you don’t? That’s going to be as bad as some bigot refusing to serve Black people at the lunch counter, or refusing medical service to a Black automobile accident victim. It will prove beyond a doubt that you are a bigoted homophobe. Then, given the support homosexuals are getting from the Federal government, the full force of Obama’s trolls will come crashing down on your church.

You want to keep your tax-free status? You better marry them when they show up at your doorstep. You want to not be accused of discrimination because you don’t hire homosexuals as a part of your staff? You better hire them or get ready for a discrimination case that will have your congregation tithing overtime. You want to continue to receive Federal dollars to subsidize your day care center? Dude, you better hire them!
Or you Christian colleges out there: You say you refuse to rent married student apartments to homosexual couples? How deep are your pockets? Will you be able to continue once the the Feds withdraw your subsidies? What’s that you say? They wouldn’t be admitted to the college to begin with? Better think again. You can’t discriminate like that.

I have not been a fan of any kind of Federal involvement in churches, schools, or any other strictly local activities. My opinion is that the state (the Feds) are increasingly secular (anti-Christian for you people at First Baptist Church of Glenarden on the Kettering (FBCGotK)). And the Feds will work as hard as they can to shape churches into an image THEY can accept (which means no standards, no Bible-based holiness, no absolutes, and certainly no discrimination based on the way a person may choose to have sex.

Is Obama willing to push this as far as he can? I should think so. Take a look at how he defaced our house (the White House) when news of the decision came out. (Picture follows). Do you really think he, or any of the people he has working for him give a rat’s tail about your Christian beliefs?

He has even begun saying “You Christians should start rethinking your view toward homosexuality.” Do you really think that such a man as Obama, a man who has demonstrated he is willing to do just about anything to have his way and to make those who disagree with him look really bad, who has demonstrated himslef to be clueless when comes to real live Christianity, is going to hesitate to bring pressure to bear the first chance he gets?  Remeber, according to him, we should accept same sex unions just like marriage because of the Golden Rule.  This is some really deep theology.

I know many of you Black sheeple out there still believe Mr. Obama is a fine, upstanding Christian. Many of you still have not been able to separate his alleged Blackness with his inability or unwillingness to govern or lead this great country. However, I suspect once he starts sending his jack-booted thugs in to go over your sermons, to see what charities you support, to look at your “ministries” (and they had best not find anything that professes to help an individual walk away from the homosexual lifestyle) your view of him may change a trifle. Either that or you will, in effect, walk away from Christianity.

As I’ve said before, the Church invisible in the United States is about to figure out what’s important. That now taxable $55 million church building? It’ll be gone unless you change the way you preach and preach to draw a crowd and not get those who practice the love that used to not name itself upset.  People getting fired from their jobs or refusing to attend re-education classes? We’ll get to see what’s important.

While no one is likely to throw you to the lions, it is likely you will be thrown to the mad and ravenous, and totally unthinking crowd.

Get ready! Get ready! Get ready! I hope Joel Osteen and T. Dexter have prepared you for the troubles to come. And I pray I will be able to stand up to it as well.









No Showboating – No Joke

June 2, 2015

Hi, I am very happy that I found this blog. I’ve been a member of FBCG for just over a year now, and I am disappointed in the Sunday sermons by Pastor Jenkins.

I feel like my spiritual growth isn’t being fueled the way I would like, often times I am distracted by what I would describe as ‘showboating’ jumping around, him veering off and spending too much time on things that have nothing to do with the message or even Christ.

I am personally not going to church to be entertained or to have a laugh when you say “i feel the cussin’ spirit coming on” at this morning’s message he basically complained that someone wrote a letter to express concern about a word he said in his last message that they didn’t like, he spent a whole minute whining that they missed the whole point and just wanted to point out that one word that offended them, so therefore, that must have been the devil, then proceeded to say the word devil more times in the sermon than anything positive or up-lifting.

What am I supposed to learn from a message presented in that manner?
I have been feeling disconnected from his sermons for a while now, hence I decided to do a search online to see if I were the only one who felt that something was not right with this Pastor Jenkins, or maybe I was just asking for too much, It felt good to come across this blog. Thank you.

Ever since the wife fell down the steps and her Multiple Sclerosis started really kicking in, I haven’t had a lot of time for Pulpit-Pimps.org. I have even flirted with the idea of shutting it down. The ubiquitous nature of the internet and the plentitude of postings on Facebook had almost convinced me that I may not be providing all that useful a service any longer.

I thought “If others are performing the same task as me, why not just let them do it? I can always go do something else.”

Then I got the comment comment at the top of the page today.

The writer became a member of First Baptist Church of Glenarden on the Kettering (FBCGotK), but was aware enough to recognize that something was wrong.

Apparently, the articles I have written about FBCGotK and John Jenkins provided the nudge the commenter needed to get out of FBCGotK. I commend the writer and I encourage him (or her) to act on their decision as quickly as possible.

In fact, not only do I urge the brother or sister to get out of FBCGotK as quickly as possible, I have a recommendation for them.

You want a pastor that doesn’t showboat. You want a church (and the leaders) who seek to be true to the Word, no matter where it might lead.

The preaching is expository and usually goes through a book verse by verse. We just spent the better part of a year going through Hebrews – line by line. That means the preachers don’t get to ride their favorite hobby horse or fuss at people from the pulpit.

The Bible Studies are intended to help the participant understand the relationship between the Bible and living a Christian life.

The church government is a plurality of Elders. The elders are responsible for a majority of preaching and teaching, church discipline (taking the issues before the church members), and overall care for the members. A transition to that model is still progressing.

One of the things you will not see in a lot of churches is a standard Confession of Faith. While there is the London Baptist Confession of 1689 (my personal favorite), Temple Hills Baptist Church conforms to the shorter New Hampshire Confession. Take a look at it here.

They stand on the infallibility of scripture, the sovereignty of God, the importance of the Trinity, and the requirement to live a holy life through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Are they perfect? No. But Christ doesn’t require we be perfect, only that we obedient and take up our crosses daily. The leadership is willing to do this. As a result, the congregation (most of them) seek to live the same way.

There are several things I like about THBC’s Sunday service.

  1. They don’t have a lot of fluff. The service is songs of praise to God, preaching of the word, and prayer.
  2. They don’t try to get you worked up and emotional. They don’t have to. Focussing on God’s word in preaching, praying, and singing has enough of an effect all by themselves. I hate to say it, but I have had to surreptitiously wipe away a tear or two while singing. (But don’t tell anyone I said that)
  3. The preachers never need a sweat rag. They work hard before Sunday morning. As a result, the Word itself does the heavy lifting.
  4. We don’t have flag waving, liturgical dancers, or performances by the choir.

We have three Elders: Dave Gough, Omar Johnson, and Chris Lawrence. All three are committed to rightly dividing the word, caring for the flock, and honoring the position they have been called to.

If you want to be fed milk (for you new Christians) and meat and not pabulum, then visit this address at 11 o’clock on Sunday morning; 9:30 if you want to check out Sunday School. And Wednesdays at 7:00 for Sunday School.

Temple Hills Baptist Church

4821 St Barnabas Rd, Temple Hills, MD 20748

(301) 894-3358

Tell them Melvin sent you.

Where Credit is Due

August 14, 2014

The owner of one of the phtographs I “acquired” through Google actually saw the photograph and left a comment on the site.

Here’s the picture I used in talking about starving and abused church members:

emaciated dog

Here’s how he is doing now:

Shot 2 of Tad

And here’s the comment she left on P-P.org

 I was excited to see that you have used my photo in your post. He’s usually used in animal related things (the one that led me to you is a petition for dog-fighting), but I can see why he was used here. He’s actually a fairly famous guy. His story and his photos have been in a few magazines and featured on tons of websites. Someone used the photo, and used you as the photo credit (even though you don’t own the photo and have used it just as they did, likely from a Google search) and thus I came across your page. If you’re interested, his name is Tad. He has nearly 9k fans on Facebook and even has his own charity/foundation.

And here is where you get more pictures of Tad.  You can even ask the owner about contributing to the charity he (Tad) runs.



I love it when a story ends well.  I can only hope the poor creatures trapped in abusive churces end up as well off.