Safe Havens

Each week, as I am able to get information in and post it out here, I will post the name and location of a church that appears to be a safe place, a haven as it were for you. As it says in the announcement, the objective is to present you with Reformed churches. But I am certainly willing to present churches that are not. Part of the process will involve talking to some of the pastors and elders from the churches.

The over-riding requirement is that they handle the word of God accurately and that they not attempt to pimp their members. They don’t have to be polished. They don’t have to have a bunch of letters after their names. But they must have no association with any of the pimps covered in this blog.

I haven’t quite worked out how far from Reformed theology they can wander, but we’ll see. The main thing will be the efforts the church structure makes to be an aid to the growth of the congregation, the spiritual growth of the congregation. The size of the congregation won’t be that important.

The opulence of the facilities does not play a role. In fact, the opulence of the facility will USUALLY be taken as an indicator that the place is not a haven. And I do say usually. A possible example of a church that may be good for the congregation is Woodstream at the corner of Route 202 and Woodmore in Prince Georges county. Yet their facilities are rather large and quite nice looking.

The articles will be children of this page. Check from time to time to see what I’ve been able to get out here.

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