A Former Safe Haven

(MN:  Unfortunately, I have to remove this church from the Safe Haven category.  Perhaps as they figure out what they want to do and if they want to be reformed, I can put them back on the list.  But at this point in their existence, they are out.  )

I hope this page is the first of many pages identifying churches that are safe havens for Christians who want to serve and worship God in spirit and in truth. And in a shameless fit of self-promotion, the first church in the series will be…wait for it…wait for it…Reformation Alive Baptist Church (RABC), the church where I serve as an elder.   Should be no surprise there.

RABC is approximately three years old and meets in the great hall of “Our Savior Lutheran Church” on St. Barnabas Road. The pastor is Eric Redmond.

As the name implies, the church adheres to a Reformed theology.  Another way of phrasing this is to say that a hold to the Doctrines of Grace.  In other words, we are Monergists ( and seek to be so as consistently as possible.)

We are governed by elders (Billy Womack being the teaching elder).  The other one is Melvin Jones, who is rather camera shy. Their photos follow.  Neither of these men preach feel-good sermons.  Most days we walk away fully aware of what God requires of us and where we fall short.

In order to become a member, each person is required to go through a four part new members presentation that covers our covenant, the history of the visible church (not just the history of RABC), membership, and our beliefs or doctrine. And get this – these people have ME teaching the new members’ class. Once that is completed, potential new members are interviewed by the pastor and the rest of the elders, looking for a credible confession of Jesus Christ.

The church does not insist you tithe. Instead, they depend on your obedience to God in your heart. They don’t attempt to guilt you into giving.

We don’t try to get you “excited” in worship.  And the congregation is learning that worship is not something we do on Sundays in church.  Rather, worship is something we do 24/7 (Romans 12:1-2).

Give us a visit.  You may not agree with our entire doctrinal statement, but I guarantee you will find a safe haven from the wolves who want to pimp you.  You may even become pimp proof even if you don’t decide to make Reformation Alive Baptist Church your home.   Besides, if you stay long enough and if you are interested in growing, you will at least be encouraged to defend your position from Scripture.   Who can object to that?

More information:  Reformation Alive Baptist Church

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