Special Deal on Pulpit Pimping for Dummies



That’s right!  You can now get the monster best seller for a mere $19.95.

PPFD will teach you the important aspects of being an Alpha Pimp

  • Learn how to double your income every three years.  And learn how to make sure the sheeple don’t realize it.
  • Learn how to sell the idea of an “Armor Bearer” and convince people that giving you free service is something they should want to do
  • Learn the twelve top responses to men in the church who question your sermons.  Three of them include turning their wives against them
  • Learn how to make the church think almost as much of your wife as First Lady as they do of you and how to prepare them to accept her as co-pastor.  Double your income with no effort on your part.

Currently, our less than useless webmaster is having some difficulty setting up our back end for sales.  As such, you are going to have to mail your payment.   And please make the payment cash or money order.  Remember our other motto:  In God we trust.  Everybody else pays cash or money order.

Please send cash or money order to:

PIMP Temple

13456 Anathema Lane

Bowie, MD 29958



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