Gimme, Gimme, Gimme!! All to the Glory of God

February 17, 2014



I was going to leave the young(?) woman alone, but Ms. Pullings seems to be getting further and further from living the life of a godly woman.  Of course, I will lead with the usual disclaimers:  I can’t say the woman is not saved.  I can’t say the woman doesn’t pray every day.  But I can be pretty sure she is showing none of the characteristics of a godly woman, of a woman dedicated to bringing glory to God at all times, or who prays to the God and creator of this universe and not the celestial bell hop of the Word of Faith crowd.  And I can say is the she has learned well the lessons of the other pimps set on separating the foolish sheep from their money, their time, and, ultimately, their opportunities to grow and develop as Christians. 

Take a look at the announcement Medina’s birthday party.  Again she (or some of her sycophantic followers) want us to celebrate her life.  But take a look at the picture again.  What do you see? 

  1.  Medina is at the center of the photo.  Yes, it’s her birthday, but why are we celebrating it?  The very appearance of her image at the center of the graphic is very telling.
  2. The background has nothing but images of the world.  Downtown, lots of bustle, lots of business and prosperity. 
  3. There is no mention, even on a token level, of Jesus Christ.  The event is, apparently, all about her, all about giving stuff to her, all about Medina.  Tell me again how this is dying to self and putting on Christ.

Now, have you listened to her preach?  If you have, you may begin to understand how a supposed woman of God can be so shallow and worldly (as in pursuing goals in no way related to Jesus Christ and His glory).  If you haven’t listened to her, I’ve included a sample below.  Take a listen.  It’s twenty minutes long so it will take a bit of patience and a bit of pain if you pay attention to Scripture at all.  But once you go through it, you will begin to understand.  Look especially around the following approximate times, some a little before some a little after:

  1. 0:35
  2. 0:51
  3. 2:09
  4. 4:02
  5. 4:39
  6. 4:44
  7. 4:52

Now you have heard some of the swill she preaches to the sheeple.  It goes something like this:

If anything you think of as bad happens to you, it’s only so God can make you prosper financially/physically/medically later on.  The wicked around you seem to be doing well?  God’s going to transfer that prosperity to you.  Are you “dead” in your struggles?  God is going to resurrect you to prosperity.  Unfortunately, most of the silliness she spouts has nothing to do with Christian growth and godly prosperity. 

Before salvation, a person is dead in his sins – period.  In salvation, the believer has died and has been buried in Christ (Romans 6:3-6) and HAS BEEN resurrected into life even as Christ was resurrected (Romans 6:10,11).  There is no resurrection into financial prosperity.  To say so is to cheapen salvation to the point of mockery.  We have been raised in Christ.  And no place in that raising is the expectation of prosperity as Mrs. Pullings defines prosperity. 

She is preaching to people’s greed and often to their desperation.  And instead of telling them about Jesus Christ, savior and resurrected Lord, she spends time filling their minds with the thought that pretty soon, their gravy train is coming in and they will be able to live life large and at ease. 

But hey, if any of them can get a gig like hers (babble nonsense from the pulpit and collect money from the sheeple) I suspect their train would come in.  But the scariest part is this:  Mrs. Pulling and people like her are going to have to face God for the damage they are doing to the sheeple under them.  And an awful lot of the sheeple are going to be very disappointed when they stay as poor and as desperate as they are right now.  

Mockery, Not Spirituality

December 19, 2013

Perry andT Dexter

The laying on of hands happened months ago, and most of you have probably forgotten about it.  But I haven’t.  It took me this long to really put to words my objection to watching Madea’s and T. Dexter’s antics, antics that displayed a complete disregard for God and His holiness.

It wasn’t presumptuous.  Well, it was presumptuous.  But it was much more, much worse than that.  Saul’s action after Samuel told him to wait until Samuel had offered a sacrifice before going into battle was presumptuous.   And that presumption cost Saul his kingdom.  (1 Samuel 13:7-14)  But again, this goes beyond presumption.

Consider who was involved in this much discussed event.   T. Dexter (a man who only recently “figured out” that God is triune in nature) and Tyler Perry, the creator of Madea and Mr. Deed, the main character who decides to travel across Africa with his mistress and her daughter.

Tyler Perry consistently turns out movies that either denigrate the Church or present a world view that is exactly opposed to even an approximation of holiness before God.  T. Dexter is, at best, disingenuous and at worst deceptive.

T. Dexter denies being a prosperity preacher, yet continues to preach word of faith doctrine.  He seems pretty determined to feminize men with such concepts as he-motions, dancing in the aisles (like a woman) and general feminization of the male characteristics.

Laying on of hands is a dead serious act.  It is used to appoint elders and deacons within the church.  In Acts 19:6, with the spreading of Christianity, it was used in Ephesus to demonstrate that Christianity is indeed to be preached to the Gentiles without the need to become a Christian first.  In Ephesus, it was performed by an Apostle and validated the idea that Christianity is to be preached to the uttermost parts of the world.  These are not trivialities.  At all times it is a solemn action.

At best, the behavior of these two men was nothing short of a mockery.

Here’s the event I am talking about starting at about 3:12 so you can avoid listening to Tyler Perry let us know how much money he’s giving to one of the project TPH has going.

When asked about the event, the best T. Dexter could come up with was saying that he didn’t know what had happened.  I suspect the falling out was nothing more than theatre for the benefit of the men and women (the sheeple) who are a part of the crowd there at The Potter’s House.   This seems a lot more likely if you notice some hefty men stand behind T. Dexter before Perry got there.   They wouldn’t want the Right Reverend to fall on his…um…derriere right in front of everybody, now would they?

So here we have a fornicator (remember, a while back Tyler Perry was in a panic because he thought his girlfriend might be pregnant).  Now, correct me if I am wrong, but for the most part, there ain’t but one way for a woman to get pregnant, and it’s not from sitting on a toilet seat.  So now, this guy gets up in front of the crowd and lets everyone know he’s giving TPH a million dollars.  He even starts speaking in “tongues” and speaking of hearing from God.  Then around 3:10 he makes the astounding statement that “in order for me to blessed, my haters have to be present.”  An interesting interpretation/application of Psalm 23.

But, as if to put icing on the cake, the praise lady starts screeching about Jakes pushing so he could have his baby.  Huh?!?!  Did I mention that Jakes seems set on feminizing men?  (See 3:54)

And all this time the crowd is going wild, jumping pews, dancing in the aisles and generally having a fit.

God does not like being mocked.   In the Old Testament God struck a couple of dudes dead because they offered up a strange fire.  (Lev 10:1-2)  And these two were sons of Aaron.  Definitely an indicator that God is not a respecter of persons.  Galatians, a little more gently, clearly indicates that God will not be mocked.  Galatians 6:7 states that whatever corruption you sow to, it is that corruption that you will reap from.

These two clowns, apparently more than willing to mock God for a tax write-off,  a little publicity, and some money have put themselves in the position of being opposed to God.  No, they’re not saying “I am opposed to God.”  Instead, they are doing the very things God tells us not to do, behaving as if they are being obedient to God.

Elders are to lay hands.  And elders are to have a good reputation.  They are to be able to defend the faith.  They are to turn people away from bad doctrine.  Neither Tyler P. nor Thomas D. is doing any of this.

I watch these men strut about, playing at Christianity and it saddens me to think of the damage they are doing to Christianity and the people whose faith they are wrecking.

Bottom line:  Stay away from these men.   They are religious.  They are not godly.  Stay away from these men.  They are pretenders, using the sheeple (as dumb as some of them may be) for their own purposes.   They are mockers .(2 Peter 3:3)   No, they are not denying the return of Christ, but watch some of the movies and plays he has produced.  They are definitely following after their own lusts.

Pimpoliciousness On Display

October 11, 2013

Haddon and Babe v1

So I was looking through the items I had recorded on my DVR and lo and behold, the recorder was in the process of capturing “Preachers of LA.”  In an effort to get a leg up on my postings (I am woefully behind – I have only myself and those awful people who create materials for the television to blame) I watched some of the program.  I could only take a little.  I’ll watch the rest of it over the week end and report back to you.

The producers selected an excellent example of what will likely be a recurring theme in my complaints and objections.

Deitrick Haddon was the first “reality scene” I saw.  While doing the pastor stuff, he and his wife began divorce procedures.  Before the divorce was final (the divorce proceedings were bad enough), that is, while he was still married to his first wife, he hooked up with a younger honey and…wait for it…got her pregnant.  So unless she is a fertile as a rabbit, not only did he produce a child with this woman, he did it while he was married to the first wife.

Now he is divorced from his first wife and engaged to the younger honey.  And they have a two year old son.  And he still preaches.

While I can’t quite remember where it is, I thought Scripture said that a pastor/elder/bishop has be a man of good reputation.  I guess maybe I don’t understand what it means to have a good reputation.

Now obviously I’m not talking about living in sinless perfection.  We all sin.  We all fall short of the glory of God.  If we didn’t, there would have been no need for Jesus’ death on the cross.  But Paul was talking about public sin with respect to reputation.  Reputation goes to what is known about you publicly, not the private sins you may struggle mightily against.  Mr. Haddon does not have a good reputation.  He doesn’t have one now.  He won’t have one five years from now.  He won’t have one ten years from now.  According to Scripture he should be disqualified for further ministry as an elder/pastor/bishop.  Instead, he is promoted and we are encouraged to ignore the obvious.

But what we see is an acceptance of sinful behavior in the pulpit.  More importantly, we see a glorification of sinful behavior in the pulpit.  And more importantly than that, we are seeing the church presented as a “popularity whore” rather than the bride to be presented as spotless to Christ.

As I said in a previous post, I’m sadly confident that this show will be a source of some most magnificent pimpoliciousness.

Stand by.

My Friend Died Yesterday

August 24, 2013

I hate to admit it, but this Christian maturity thing is hard.  Knowing that death is out there is one thing.  Losing a friend to death is quite another.  As with most things, the general knowledge of a thing is just not the same as a personal knowledge.

A friend died yesterday; a man I had been disicipling and encouraging to grow in Christian maturity.  And I could actually see the growth.

Like many of us, he was a refugee from Hillcrest Baptist Church.  He, like the rest of us, was feeling insecure and hurt spiritually.

But about a year and a half ago he just seemed to ignite.  We had been going over a couple of  Lewis S. Chafer books, “Major Bible Themes” and “True Evangelism” and he had ignited with respect to Evangelism.  Wednesday, we held a training session in preparation for going to Iverson Mall this past Saturday (24 August 2013).  He died Friday, 23 August 2013.

I won’t try to pass off the usual bromides.  I am certain he was, as Jesus called it, born again.  So yes, his sins were washed by the blood of Jesus and he had the righteousness of Christ.  And yes, the Bible promises that when we are absent from the body, we are present with the Lord (2 Corinthians 5:6-8).  But a personal experience with death helps us, helps me, to understand that those who are left behind will miss the one who is now present with the Lord.

The knowledge of salvation gives those left behind a reason to both mourn (however long we need to mourn) the loss of a loved one and to rejoice in knowing, with the assurance of the Bible, that the one we love has “gone to be with the Lord.”

That phrase, gone to be with the Lord, is not simply a euphemism for “died.”  It is, when used with any understanding on the part of the Christian, an affirmation of faith for the Christian.  It is an affirmation of the statements the Bible makes about the result of death for the Christian.  It is an affirmation of our faith in the truth of the Gospel and in the faithfulness of God.    It is an affirmation of our faith in the ultimate destination of the Christian.

If we believe Jesus died on the cross, if we believeHe was raised from the dead, if we believe He ascended into heaven nds sits at the right hand of God, then we can be comforted with the Bible’s assurance that when we are absent from the body, we are present with the Lord.

I don’t know what that presence looks like.  I don’t know what that presence feels like.  But I do know that we are promised that presence.  And given that God is faithful even when we are unfaithful (2 Tim 2:13), we can have the assurance that the unsaved lack.

My friend died yesterday.   I will miss him.  But I know, based on the word of my Lord and Savior, that my friend has gone to be with the Lord.

Calling All Men – Sort Of

August 1, 2013

Okay, I’ve decided to up my game yet again.  I got the P.I.M.P Temple going, but now I’m trying to get more men into the building.  I instituted the dance ministry with “Boom Boom “ Parker, the former exotic dancer, years ago.  On Sundays when she’s ministering, male attendance goes through the roof.  And all the wives show up too.   And offerings?  They are huge!  A couple of times, I was able to replace my Bentley with a newer one, paying in cash using the offering from one Sunday service.   All I have to do now is figure out how to keep the guys attending on the other Sundays and throughout the week.

Someone suggested I preach sermons that challenge them to be strong, aggressive Christian men.  You know, men who know who they are in Christ; men who are willing to take the challenge of giving themselves for their wives (Ephesians 5:25, 26), who know what they believe and are eager to teach it to their children, who are out in society making a rational and thoughtful stand for Jesus Christ no matter the cost; who are able to engage the culture, presenting a reason for the hope that lies within.

On the other hand, a couple of my close buddies suggested I fill my sermons with easy to remember phrases and soporific sayings.  You know the form.  I start a sentence by saying “God is good…” and get them trained to finish it with “…all the time.”  Or “When the praises go up…” they respond “…the blessing come down.”  It keeps them from thinking about the results of sin in the world, God’s sovereignty, or the purpose of suffering in the Christian’s life.

I’m kind of going with the second option.  If I do that, the men feel like they’re participating.  And they stay stupid.  If they stay stupid, the wives won’t feel intimidated by men who actually want to lead their families in stuff like devotion, bible study, disciplining the children, and who expect their wives to look to them for godly, spirit-filled leadership.  Right now, the wives look to me, and that means a good collection each and every Sunday – and sometimes for Wednesday night Bible Study.

If I go the other way, and actually take them through Scripture, several things happen.  First – I have to actually read the Bible and see what it says.  And who has time for that?  If I teach them what Scripture actually says, I wouldn’t be able to do and say the things I do and say.  I’d probably have to get rid of the dance ministry, or at least cut Boom Boom from the payroll.  I’d have to stop insisting that they tithe and give me a love offering.  And then I wouldn’t be able to dress in nice clothes, drive a neat car or stay in a house that not only is in a gated community but has its own gate and fence as well.

Yeah.  The more I think about it, the better the second option sounds.  I’ve been in It for the money for the last six years.  There’s really no reason to change now.  Besides, I have bills to pay.

Danny Canasta

July 30, 2013

danny Canasta

I guess everyone, even the pulpit pimps, have to start small and work their way up.  I’m sure at one time, Ken Copeland’s protégé Leroy Thompson was just a grammatically challenged Black preacher who wanted to make it big at the expense of the saints.  And Jesse Duplantis was just a big toothed joker out of Louisiana.  Cashflow Dollar?  I think he ran a church out of his house.  So I probably shouldn’t be too hard on Danny Davis, a relatively unknown seller of oils, waters, prayer cloths and other miraculous materials.  I wouldn’t be too surprised if he is selling Bibles autographed by the Apostle Paul.  They’d be King James translations of course – same translation Paul used.

When I went out to the pimp’s site, he had the obligatory serious looking picture of himself, as shown above.  At first I thought he looked like Mike Murdoch, a scary enough prospect all by itself.  And that’s when it struck me.  He doesn’t look like Mike Murdoch.  He looks like…well, he looks like the cowboy that went up against Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny.

He looks like Nasty Canasta.  Never heard of him?  Here’s a photo of one of my favorite Looney Tunes bad guys.


He even has the same facial hair arrangement as Danny Boy.  What more could you ask for?

We know Mr. Canasta is something of a start-up.  And we know he’s a pimp, a big dog wannabe.  He’s running all the beginner’s scams and he’s running them at beginner’s prices.

As you can see, he’s got four ways for you to bless him.   You can make a Breakthrough Seed offering of $333.  Or you can give a Prophetic Seed offering of $430.  Or, if you’re feeling particularly Biblical, you give a Genesis 26:12 offering of $26.12.  And finally, he gives you the open ended option of sending him a tithe.  He doesn’t even put a price…um…amount on that one.

four ways to take your money

But I guess he must not be doing too well at the moment.  It doesn’t look like he’s had much time or resources to keep the site updated.  The only announcement talks about an event in Dallas on April 28th of this year.

Late Announcement

I kind of suspect you people need to support this man so he can begin to make his way to full-fledged pimpdom.  At the moment, he’s just knocking around the edges, appearing on TWN.

But seriously, why do you tolerate the appearance of such men on stations that claim to be presenting the Word of God?

Triple A – Now and Always

July 21, 2013

Minor league john

Sometimes it really does seem like I pick on poor old John Kenneth Jenkins Sr., the senior pastor of First Baptist Church of Glenarden on the Kettering (FBCGotK) more than I do the other pimps.  And maybe I do.  After all, he’s such a low hanging fruit.  And it’s actually kind of interesting to watch him as he tries to work himself out of the Pulpit Pimps Minor Leagues to the Pulpit Pimp Major Leagues.

What’s not so interesting is watching him compromise what few principles he may still have by bringing in men and women who want to devour the congregation and destroy it with their noxious stands.

FBCGotK signed up for a Leadership Conference coming up shortly.  So the plan is to bring in men and women who can help develop Christian leaders within the church.  With the right development, members of the church would be able to go out and establish more congregations where there pretty much are none.  That’s the kind of leadership we’re talking about, right?  Unfortunately, not.  That isn’t the kind of leadership we are talking about.

Here’s the line up.


With one exception (maybe), the speakers have, at best, a questionable connection to Christianity.  The planned speakers are:

  • Colin Powell
  • Bill Hybels
  • Mark Burnett
  • Andy Stanley

Okay, except for the fact that he is appearing with the current slate of speakers, I don’t have much to complain about Andy Stanley.

Most of you know Colin Powell.  And many of you may know he holds a pro-abortion stance .  And he endorses the idea of equating homosexual “marriage” to normal, or heterosexual marriage .  An example for godly men?  Really?

I understand that the Leadership Conference is packaged by Willow Creek.  And I understand that John Kenneth Jenkins didn’t actually invite Colin Powell to speak.  In essence, the roster is what it is.  But the question I have to ask is:  Why would he work with a “Christian” group (Willow Creek) that would present a man with such clearly anti-Christian values?  And why would he invite them to speak in his church, where he claims to be God’s mouthpiece to the members of FBCGotK?

Then there is Mr. Burnett.  While I am not a fan of reality shows (I really hate them, but I can’t seem to find Scripture to prove that God thinks they’re an abomination), I can say the man did a number on the Bible with the miniseries by the same name.  The Noah’s Ark leaked, Jesus (aka Surfer Dude) was confused about why he was here, Paul was so much less than apostolic, and Samson had dreads, and a British accent.

For a person who says he wants to be busy “Developing Dynamic Disciples”, John Kenneth Jenkins sure is piping some poor examples into that $55 million mausoleum and memorial.

On the other hand, by hosting these things, he establishes contacts that will do him well as he fights his way out of AAA to the Big Leagues.  While I cannot and will not say the man is not saved, I can say that his interest is mostly for himself and making himself as large as possible; usually to the detriment of the men around him.

John and a host of other pimps have nothing more in mind than making themselves look large even if it ends in the destruction of the men and women whose souls he and the rest of the leaders/elder keep watch over (Hebrews 13:17).

It Gets Worse

July 16, 2013

TD and Oprah

I’ve been more or less out of circulation for a couple of years. You know, trying to take care of my wife after her fall. While sounding the alarm about the sheeple is really important, my first responsibility is to my wife and her physical and spiritual well-being. As she improves (and she does, slowly, each day) I get more and more of my time back. And as long as I can avoid addict behavior toward the television, I have more time than I have had in the last three years to expose the pimps and pimpettes.

I had hoped that during my self-imposed time out, the pulpit pimps would stop pimping and that the sheeple would stop supporting them. But that was an unrealistic hope. As the Bible says: Can a leopard change its spots (Jer 13:23)? Can a thing do anything other than what its nature demands? Can a pulpit pimp be anything more than a pulpit pimps? Without a move of God in his or her heart, no. Recent information once again gives truth to the Bible.

T. Dexter, the man who only just now kind of, sort of figured out that God is Trinitarian in nature, is holding another MegaFest (here after known as MegaMess). This time he’s holding it in Dallas Texas.

But it gets worse. Guess who one of his primo speakers is? That’s right – Oprah Winfrey.
If you recall, Oprah has made it very clear that she rejects Jesus Christ both as Savior and as the only way to God the Father. Take a look here so you can hear her for yourself. She’s going to be speaking on…well, let me quote a press release of hers.

“[Winfrey] will be joined by Bishop Jakes and together they will continue the important work of reaching out to the many fatherless sons and daughters who are struggling and in need of healing,”

Let me make sure I understand this. T. Dexter is holding an event that is, given the majority of the subjects and the profession of the speakers, a Christian event. And he invites a woman who is clearly an enemy of the Gospel. If it’s just “spiritual” he should say so. Then Christians would know to stay away and Oprah could be right at home.

Don’t misunderstand. I don’t have a problem with Oprah acting in a manner consistent with her own testimony. She denies Jesus Christ and she promotes idolatry and lies. That’s fine. She’s unsaved. Why would I expect anything else?

But it gets worse. Guess what other luminary will be speaking at the festival.


Creflo (aka Cashflow) Dollar will be there. This is the man who gave a sermon that insisted that Jesus became God. He wasn’t always God, says Cashflow. He’s also one of the many high visibility preachers who claims that Jesus suffered in hell for our sins. His death on the cross only made it possible for us to have supernatural health. And even then, it only made it possible.

So far, we have a man who recently, maybe, figured out that God is triune in nature, a Godless promoter of New Age lies, and a preacher who not only denies the absolute deity of Jesus Christ but denies the efficacy of the cross in making payment for sin.

But it gets worse. Guess who else is going to be there? Yeah. Joel “Willow Boy” Osteen and his wife Victoria. He likely is going to teach us how to have our best lives now, or make every day a Saturday, or something.


But it gets worse. Guess who’s promoting the event and helping to arrange travel to Dallas to take part in the event. Yeah – John Kenneth Jenkins Senior, the senior pastor at First Baptist Church of Glenarden on the Kettering (FBCGotK).


The man people keep saying is a godly man is promoting an event that features a straight up Christ denying heathen (yes, it’s an ugly word, but it accurately describes the unsaved). He’s promoting an event that features a heretic and a man who wouldn’t know sin if it bit him on the butt.

You folks out there who attend FBCGotK, do me and you a favor. Contact your pastor and ask him why he is sending people to an event that features Oprah and why he is promoting an event that is featuring a man who denies the efficacy of the cross for our sins.

Oh wait. I forgot. You likely won’t be able to contact him to ask him about it. His armor bearers would probably tackle you and put your behind in a full nelson.

Well, maybe you can talk to a couple of the deacons and see what they say. Maybe you can contact Stan Featherstone. I think he’s still the church administrator. Or maybe one of the other deacons. Maybe they can explain why John K. Jenkins Sr. is associating with and supporting such men and women as these. Maybe he can explain why he is helping to give them the appearance of legitimacy and sacrificing those for whom his is responsible for his own fame.

But then again, a lot of you sheeple see absolutely nothing wrong with what he is doing. Or if you do think it’s wrong, you claim it’s not your job to do or say anything about it. After all, we shouldn’t touch God’s anointed.

But then there are those of you who know what John is doing is wrong and know he should be corrected. But you don’t say anything and instead keep silent and remain there, supporting this man with your time, your talent and your treasure. Of you I can only say “May God have mercy on your souls.” You have failed to sound the alarm and instead have remained silent while the sheeple are destroyed (Ezek 33:1-6). You who sit there silently are the watchmen who will have, as Ezekiel points out, the blood of the slaughtered on your hands.

Oh yeah – for schlubs out there who respond to any observations with “Well, I never heard him say that, or promote this, or do that”, here is the promotion from the FBCGotK website. Take a look at it. Hit Contol + if you have to magnify it slightly. Look at it. Understand that your pastor, the man who is to watch over your souls, is sending you to sit under heathen, heretics, and motivational speakers.

Megamess announcement from FBCG Site

The Mother Lode of Pimpolicious Materials

July 10, 2013

One reader notified me that Oxygen TV has given me the Mother Lode of pimp material (for you people in San Francisco – it means a lot of material) for the site. Coming soon to a cable channel near you: “Preachers of LA”!

Take a look at the YouTube video. See if you recognize any of the pimps. You should. There’s everybody from Noel (the Weasel) Jones, to McClendon (who seems to have gained a new congregation after leaving his wife for a much younger honey) to a couple of no names. One of whom is apparently living with his main squeeze).

According to Noel “The Weasel”, he’s doing the series in order to show that pastors are only human.

Don’t ask me to explain it. I just report on the stuff and develop high blood pressure getting upset about it. And because I care about you, even though I can’t stand reality shows, I’m going to watch this series and report back to you.

A tip of the hat to R4C.

Twirling Spaghetti

July 10, 2013


Every once in a while, it becomes obvious that life isn’t made up of a bunch of really big, exciting events. Sometimes we are actually able to recognize that it’s the apparently little things, little victories that mark real progress through life.

As many of you know, Peggy fell down the steps about three years ago, right in the middle of Snowmegeddon. I’ve kept you loosely posted on how she’s doing, put out an occasional Tweet when we do something exciting (well, exciting for us because it represents some measure of progress), and posted the occasional article on Puplit Pimps – like this one.

If you remember, when she began rehabilitation, she couldn’t do much of anything. She couldn’t hold her fork or spoon, she couldn’t sit up by herself, she couldn’t brush her teeth or perform a variety of other activities one would normally do for themselves. During rehab she fairly quickly got to the point of being able to hold a spoon (as long as it had a big fat handle attachment). And though it took ten to fifteen minutes, she was able to brush her teeth by herself. Once we got home, she got to the point she could sit up by herself. Eating was still a little messy and exhausting, but she could do it.

At the beginning of this adventure I predicted we would make rapid progress and then get to the point of steady, but grinding progress where little things might go unnoticed if we’re not looking for them.

As I said, earlier, Peggy had trouble just holding a fork. And keeping the food on it until it got to her mouth was a whole additional issue. A couple of days ago we were having dinner and lo and behold, without even thinking about it, she twirled her fork to get hash browns onto her fork! Check out the video starting at about 0:29 to see what I’m talking about. That’s not her, but it’s exactly what she did, easily.

The progress is slow. But the progress is there. Between the incredibly boring diet to address the Multiple Sclerosis symptoms, and the deceptively simple exercises to help her redevelop her muscles and coordination, she can see progress. Heck, I can see progress.

And while we still have a couple or three friends who will call and blaspheme God by rebuking Satan, and encouraging her to claim her healing, we are learning to depend on Christ and His strength. I am still learning to be patient, and she is learning to like my cooking, or at least to hold it down once she has swallowed it. And even though I know exactly where the friends live, I have almost completely gotten over the urge to key their cars and flatten all the tires.


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